Photo Tricks for Nikon. Part 15.

In this part of the photo tricks, I want to share my thoughts on the convenience of some functions of modern Nikon cameras.

Photo Tricks for Nikon. Part 15.

Photo Tricks for Nikon. Part 15.

Advanced Nikon CZKs have a very convenient feature quick format memory card... This feature is very useful for me. I usually dump photos to my computer via a card reader, then I make a backup, insert the card into the camera and format it. To format, just hold down two buttons marked on the camera body with red marks for a few seconds. The display should show the message 'Format'. Before shooting, I always know that my cards are formatted and ready for battle. Since I have to dump material to the computer every day, I format the cards every day and I really like this two-button quick method.

Combination for pressing and holding.

Combination for pressing and holding. The photo shows the camera Nikon D90.

Also, almost all Nikon cameras have the ability quick reset. When resetting the camera, the camera resets almost all the settings, putting the camera in a state with factory default settings. Some settings may not be resete.g. custom shooting mode settings. To perform a quick two-button reset, you need to find on the camera two buttons marked green dot and hold them at the same time for a few seconds. Sometimes this function is very useful, for example, when you accidentally add something to the menu, and the camera refuses to shoot, or does it in an incomprehensible way. This is usually useful in emergency situations where you need to quickly get the camera to 'wake up'.

Two-button quick reset

Two-button quick reset. The photo shows the Nikon D700 camera

I also want to talk about one nuance when working with a flashlight. When using the flash in poor lighting conditions, the exposure meter in the optical viewfinders, or the camera’s display will be show underexposure of a picture (they say this scale is driven to the left). This is normal, as the exposure meter displays deviation from normal exposure for current settings excerpts, aperture, ISO, but with the flash turned off. Roughly speaking, by the deviation of the scale exposure you can find out what share in the total exposure the flash will take over (what compensation exposure will give a flash).

In Nikon cameras last generationSuch as Nikon D4, D800,D800E, D600, D7100, D3100, D7000, D5200, D5100, D3200 organized the possibility of shooting in Live View without lowering the mirror. On these cameras, only shutter fires in live view. On other cameras that have Live View, such as Nikon D3, D3s, D3x, D700, D300, D300s, D90, D5000, make sure the camera lowers the mirror before taking a picture. This is due to the specific mechanism structurethat controls the mirror, aperture and the specifics of the shutter. In new cameras, when shooting in Live View mode, the noise level decreases, the life of the mirror mechanism increases, this method of operation is very pleasant for shooting in HDR, when the camera needs to shoot several pictures very quickly in a row.

These are the subtleties of Nikon cameras. Help to the project. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Artyom

    On the D7000, the FORMAT buttons must be pressed (clamped) twice. The article does not have this ((

    • Syoma

      And on d700 too, twice. The first time for a couple of seconds, hold until the for inscription appears, then release and press these two buttons again, but you do not need to hold it down and hold it.

  • Vladimir

    Good day! Buttons on my Nikon d7000 suddenly stopped working: the menu, info and viewing the captured image, the screen was working. What could it be?

    • Dmitriy

      Vladimir, I have the same problem with the D7100 ... Did you find out what happened to the camera?

  • Igor

    Thanks to Arkady for his work.
    How to format both memory cards on Nikon D7100?
    Formatting with two buttons marked with red marks on the camera body (red couple) of both memory cards:
    1. Click on the “red pair” until “For” lights up in the JVI and on the Control Panel;
    2. By turning the main disk, select [1] (it is by default);
    3. The second click on the “red pair” formats the card in Gn-1;
    3. Third click on the “red pair” until “For” lights up in the OVI and on the Control Panel;
    4. The main disk select [2];
    5. The fourth click on the “red pair” formats the card in Gn-2.

    I have two memory cards installed, RAW-GN-1 / JPG-GN-2.
    For a long time I could not understand why after formatting with two buttons in the view mode, the images that I just killed are visible. It turned out that I was formatting only one card with RAW, and JPG remained on the second, and they were visible.

  • Someone who

    The article is useless, for people buying things that they do not know how to use - HELLO! Take "pseudo-DSLRs". MY PERSONAL OPINION Those who have never developed the film ITSELF (BLACK AND WHITE) cannot evaluate the D700 !!! Inspired by ...

    • Anatoly

      Stupid post
      Following your logic, a person has no right to use anything if he did not live in caves in the Stone Age ..

    • Anatoly

      And why black and white?
      Because you only showed black and white?

      In continuation of your post, you can add - that a person does not have the right to sit down for a digital photo at all if he has not developed either color film or reversible film.

  • anonym

    That's exactly the reset is not up to factory settings, since custom ones are not reset. And then we are talking about them!

  • Albert

    Thank you all for the “bazaars” about the photo. I’m not stupid in this business, I have been doing photography all my life, there were different shifts, fed, zenith, viliya. But this is a miracle !!! my wife gave nikon d7000. I don’t click on the brilliant green, only SAM , sometimes R. thanks to the authors who write about these devices !!!
    I understood one thing :-) there the film was different. And here is a matrix with ISO, long Lat everyone !!!

    • Anatoly

      “. I don’t click on brilliant green, only SAM, sometimes P” (c)
      Oh, show-off ... show-off ....
      I am truly sorry for you .. (

  • Helena

    how to reset all settings on the Nikon 3200 camera

  • Helena

    Good evening, I have a new camera Nikon D 3200 - on the 1st day the monitor suddenly stopped showing. what to do? T e the camera is working but the screen is not, there is no image, the camera did not work, it worked and suddenly stopped ....

  • Evgeny_d60

    Dear, tell me, can live view mode help with exposure on a manual lens? That is, from the picture on the screen, is it possible to set the necessary shutter speed?

  • Gennady

    Hello everyone! Question on Nikon 200. When shooting at all modes, the pictures are obtained in different densities, the spread is not big, but it's not nice. I’m shooting the same on Nikon 3100, all in one. Does flashing help? I ask for advice.

    • Sanderro

      Will help. My d300 suffered from the same nonsense. He gave it to the specialist on the Nikon website and found new firmware. The problem disappeared. I do not advise you to reflash yourself - one wrong press and a fotik from a carcass will turn into a "corpse".)))

  • Misha

    Good afternoon, say be a caress de Nikoni D 7200 can take off the manual settings and the factory settings

    • Michael

      Section of the menu with a nut bug, there is the necessary item "Reset to factory", if I understood the question correctly

  • Dmitriy

    I have a Nikon D200. When photographing and a fully infected battery, the battery’s discharge suddenly appears on the display, and the camera stops working. I have to turn off the camera and turn it on again. The camera starts to shoot normally again. But over time, it all starts over. Tell me, please, what is the reason for this behavior of the camera?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Usually the problem is in the Chinese battery or in the charger for the original battery. It is checked by the presence of a second battery.

  • anonym

    Thank you, the information turned out to be useful at the time!

  • anonym

    Thank you !!! The information which is absolutely necessary for me.

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    my Nikon d7100 is completely crazy, the frame is sharp, the next one is not, a specific miss, I have to do 4-5 frames so that at least one is sharp. I have already reset the settings through the menu, I adjusted the lens in different ways, and + 1, and -10, 10 and -, nifiga does not work, I tried different focus options, up to 0d, the same story, I replaced the lens, also ... How can you to reflash completely the brains?

  • Svetlana

    Hey. Can not understand. why nikon 610 does not obey user settings. I tried to postpone the descent for 10 seconds and tried to remove information about the picture from the display. Nothing succeeded.

  • Jury

    Please tell me- Nikon D2Xs are not adjustable shutter speed. Everything on the exposure meter and on all displays is normal, but during shutter release the shutter speed is long and there are no changes in any direction. What can be wrong ?

    • Michael

      Unclear. Are the parameters correct in the exif? There is no difference in the picture, at different shutter speeds? Then maybe it's a shutter

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