What to do with a cool camera

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What to do?

What to do with a cool SLR?

Today, the availability of good cameras is simply scary. Amateur tricked-in super camera can practically afford every schoolboy. For a couple of hundred cu You can get just the exorbitant quality of the photo.

A person often does not know why he needs a camera and what to do with it. Often, a very expensive camera is bought with the hope that a good shot make the camera itself without human intervention. This is not true. The camera does nothing by itself, and a good shot requires sweat, blood, ideas, a shooting plan, time and skill. Moreover, you need to be able to realize the potential of a 'cool' camera, but in order to be with the camera on you you need a lot of practice.

Nowadays a lot of people are 'learning' to photograph by sitting their pants on the pages of websites on the Internet, my Radozhiva is no exception. I see a tendency on my website that after buying a camera, the first question is' what lens / trinket / flash / rattle 'to buy for the camera, instead of the question'how to learn to take pictures well'. This is due to the fact that people manic convincedthat it is precisely technique that is the most important decisive factor in creating a good photograph - and they are right, but to be able to handle such a technique takes mountains of experience. And experience can only be obtained in one way - study, go and take pictures. Taking pictures and taking pictures again, this is not the time of the film, you can learn very quickly on unsuccessful bumpy photos.

An example from my personal life: if I buy myself a cool racing car now, I will crash at the first corner. The same applies to photographic equipment, if a novice photographer or an ordinary amateur photographer buys a super-fancy camera, then the very first pictures can be sent to the basket, because fancy cameras do not have fully automatic modes'Me and my pet'.

For more or less decent camera control, an understanding of the principles and fundamentals of photography and photographic equipment, for general development in general, I recommend invest in photo courses, or a printed version of a book from a photograph... I do not advertise any photography school or books, I absolutely do not care what you read or where you study - the only question is what to do with your own education necessary. I emphasize that the book should be in the printed version, for the printed version you will have to give your "hard-earned" money, this will be a good reason to read it. Free photo books in electronic form are suitable only for really interested photo enthusiasts. The same goes for courses. You have to pay for the acquisition of skills, whether it's your own time spent on thoughtful study of some issue, whether it's listening to a lecture in a photography school.

A 'cool' camera needs a 'cool' photographer. And there are no cool ones, there are trained ones :)


Believe me, good photographic equipment comes only to those who know how to use it. You need to be ready to work with a 'cool' camera, otherwise there will be too few good shots. It is foolish to spend precious time thinking about buying another high-aperture fix - it is better to invest all free energy in personal skillsown development. Instead of buying an expensive camera, it’s better to buy a cheaper camera, and with the money you save, do any kind of development in your photo.

Do not forget to press the buttons social networks Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • care

    Our people buy SUVs the size of a bus to travel to work and to supermarkets on the asphalt within the city limits, while paying out an unbearable car loan, and with the remaining funds they intensively sponsor gas stations and car services. Striving for huge cameras from the same opera. Today is our mentality. And you mean the right tool for specific tasks ...

  • Igor

    Why did you buy a DSLR, because you will not use all its features!
    Why did you buy this phone? You do not use all its features!
    Why did you buy a computer, because you do not use all its features!
    What nonsense! Buy people! Support the manufacturer. The more cameras you buy, the cheaper they will be, the more resources will be devoted to new developments. This is on the one hand.
    On the other hand, less affluent people will be able to purchase photo equipment from you on a cheap basis. For example, I took all my lenses from my hands ;-)

    If this money is not spent on a DSLR, it will be spent on a cool phone, new acoustics, a TV, eating and drinking, etc. at their discretion. Note that the money spent on the DSLR is not such a bad option.
    And if a person wants to study, then yes, training is a good and necessary thing. But there’s nothing wrong with buying a DSLR either.

    • Andrei

      Yes, I completely agree with you that you need to take this interesting technique, you can study it for a long time, and when you change the lenses of filters, etc., you get a different result and learn of course.

      • Jury

        Hello! Take a test of pictures with a digital SLR and a film SLR. The result is interesting. I haven’t seen a snapshot test on the network.

        • Yur @} ------->

          Well. Looking for a review? (tsikavo,).
          Well, you yourself can seize for the reality of these two spirituality.

          (as hands are from that miscy, so treba - play in the game in a way

    • Ilya

      "The more cameras you buy, the cheaper they will be ..."
      It's a delusion. The basic law of the market: demand forms the price. The more they buy, the higher the price.

    • Yur @} ------->

      Everything is good, That jeep at the great place is up to the dzhopi.

      Jeep is ... - well, you are very fond. I, from the deloorien (sport car of the 85th rock) in the world, tried the bi .. Tsikavo, I didn’t say anything to the 6th rank of any great place. Buga-ha (іsterichny smіkh)

  • Valerijs

    A person wants to buy a Porshik, but he has no rights yet, to study ..., but he is offered to buy a Zaporozhets and learn to ride on it, then he needs to buy a Zhiguli because they will be faster .... So by retirement, a person, by the general agreement of motorists, will acquire his Porshik. It's the same with the camera. Buy what you want and learn from this technique. At first it is crooked - obliquely, but then it turns out. Moreover, photographic equipment is not auto and you cannot drive into the back of another camera. A good word is “tolerance” - Tolerance of other people's opinions, beliefs. Best regards to the entire community.

    • Andrei

      I fully support you by buying your first SLR camera, I was afraid to get a camera a little more expensive and thought I couldn’t cope harder, but in vain I would have mastered everything to learn and study much more pleasantly when you like a thing and like it very much.

    • Vladimir

      I cannot agree that even without skill and understanding, you can immediately take expensive equipment. Let me give you a simple example: a person has the first entry “Minister” in his labor book (by the way, this was possible in our country). It's not okay. Which one is the Minister? Where are the years of work of a simple clerk? FROM WHERE CAN I COME PROFESSIONALISM, etc.? Maybe professionalism comes from reading a lot of articles and reviews “How to Become a Good Minister” ????

    • Sergei

      I completely agree! Prior to the acquisition, the CZK rummaged through a bunch of forums, but, as there was an initial desire to acquire something worthwhile, so, in the end, it remained ..! And he bought, in the end, an "advanced CZK", and not an entry-level one. I chose the Canon system for subjective reasons. But, reading on the forums, that first take D100, D1200, etc., and then, if you understand that you want a more advanced one, take an older model, I somehow felt it ... Why should I take "constipation" if I want ride a "nine" ??? I think this is something else, to understand whether you need to do this at all, take a photo !? A couple of successful shots is not yet an indicator ... I shot for a long time on a digital camera, I heard a lot of pleasant reviews about my shots, but I doubted. And when I made up my mind, I practically “fell in love” with the D70! Well, I didn't want to hold anything in my hands! FF does not count, because a little expensive)) I went shopping, D100, 1200, 600, 650, 700 ... Well, it does not lie in the hand !!! And the D70 is like a fairy tale, I don't want to let go of it, right in the store, looking around, I saw 3-4 expositions that I wanted to capture! Nothing unusual, but I wanted to! This was not the case with other cameras! Subjective opinion, take what you like, if, of course, wealth allows! By the way, from glasses only kit 18-55, and manuals Helios 50, Jupiter 8, Jupiter 37a. With a "whale" only for everyday life and "for a start" ... And I get pleasure from the "advanced" CPC, and not from the entry level, realizing that many things at the initial level would not be available to me!

  • Oksana

    Two examples. 1. My cousin used to make gorgeous pictures with one of the simplest 3,2MP soap dishes “Olympus”. He saw the frame! Now he has a more expensive camera, and he also takes pictures with it, although he is not even fond of photography. 2. very often I see people in stores stopping near large cameras such as Nikon D800, etc. They are looking for a bigger camera. Consultants who are not particularly versed in photographic equipment (large household appliances stores) immediately try to shake off the goods (once I had to put such a consultant in place: he flogged people with all kinds of nonsense about the camera and about the whale unsuitable for shooting). Somehow, passing by such a conversation, I could not bear it: “What are you going to shoot?” "Yes, children, feast at home" and something like that. "Why do you need such a huge machine?" - I ask. "And to look good." And this criterion voiced is the main one for the majority. And look at the result - the fear of God. And here I absolutely agree that it is more useful to read a book on photography, there is plenty of such literature. And then already think whether you need a cool camera or you can get by with some compact option.

    • Basil

      it happens that a person does not see what he’s taking off even after 3-4 years is simply not given. a large camera will not save =)
      books need and should be read without them and without the practice of growth there will be no

  • establishment

    In most cases, a whale is the best choice for photographing children and feasts. Zarkalka in any case will give better pictures than a soap box. And the argument “And so that it looks good” is IMHO very weighty, if there is money for it. It is much worse when people buy an expensive camera in the expectation that for this money it will take off masterpieces in fully automatic mode.
    The advantages of a DSLR over any soap boxes are fast focusing, which is especially important when photographing children. While the soap dish is focused, the child often falls out of the frame).
    - Much less noise at high ISO, you can take pictures without using a flash in conditions in which you can no longer take pictures on a soap box without a flash.

    • Alexey

      Tell you how to make a soap box faster than a DSLR? Very simple. Most soap dishes have a very shallow matrix and have a large depth of sharply depicted space. Set to manual focus mode (meter 2) and it will shoot instantly.

    • Victor

      Exactly. I will also add that DSLRs (especially old entry-level models that have not yet been overloaded with additional functions such as video shooting) are distinguished by very simple and intuitive controls: even an interested schoolchild can easily study and master them simply by "typing", a priori not a damn thing not thinking in photography. And soon to issue quite tolerable cards. Unlike even very expensive compact f / a with non-replaceable optics aka "digital cameras", in which sometimes the devil himself will break his leg! Obviously, the engineers and designers of the interfaces of SLR cameras, in the pursuit of profit, just hit the blackboard: - and issued a still good, suitable product, on which it is easy to "hook" the masses. This is understandable: someone needs to sell off "assorted elks" and other nikkors with Zeiss at insane prices! ;)

  • care

    What photo masterpieces is everyone talking about? Name at least one. Enlighten to equal. I have two cropped Nikon cameras, plus a service Kenon, DSLRs are still an order of magnitude faster than other systems (not to be confused with the rate of fire). I can buy an FX without stress, but I cannot understand what it is for. Especially, on different sites, I ask this question (often in a provocative form). And in response, like Chekhov's “To Moscow, to Moscow” “On FX, on FX, on FF, on FF”. "What for ?" "Is it better there?" I observe and notice where the “full” frame is used (paradox, but if the matrix is ​​even larger, then “average”) 1. As I wrote earlier (review d7100), photographers who work with clients adore it, their craft begins with the ability to present oneself (Nikon dominates) , 2. Reporters for sports and other events where accreditation is required. The stewards are impressed by a large apparatus with a lens similar to a cast leg (Kenon dominates). Here they are there, not stopping, beating in series, obviously the editors then choose something from this waterfall, 3. Amateur wretches. These never really know why, why, and in general what to photograph. And it raced: cats and dogs blinded by the flash, some benches in parks, monuments from beaten points, brick walls, and so on ...
    These are the observations. But I want to hear substantive arguments in essence

    • establishment

      What actually valid arguments can essentially be? Photography for an amateur photo is the same hobby as picking up stamps or picking up model models. If you don’t like taking pictures, then no good arguments will essentially change your point of view, and if you like it, then no arguments are needed.
      You can’t understand why FX is, many can’t understand why it’s enough for them to have a mirror and a soap box, for some it’s enough a smartphone camera, for each his own.

    • Vk

      Switching to full is relevant only when you want more pixels without changing the size of the pixel itself, so as not to create noise, for example, from 16 to 24, switching to full is more relevant than ever, from 24 to 24 from crop to full it’s game!!!

  • Valerijs

    What auto masterpieces are we talking about? Everyone says, but you name at least one. Enlighten to level up. I have two Zhigulis, plus an official Moskvich, they are still faster than the Oka and other similar cars (not to be confused from 0-100 km / h at a speed of 200 km / h). I can buy "MersEdes 500" without stress, but I cannot understand what it is for. The stewards are impressed by a large apparatus similar to a cast leg (MersEdes dominates). And it raced: knocked down and blinded by a flash of joy, cats and dogs, some benches in parks, monuments from beaten points, brick walls, and so on ...
    These are the observations. But I want to hear substantive arguments in essence!

    • care

      To Moscow, to Moscow !!! All the same, only aggressively and away from meaning.

  • Jury

    A photo masterpiece for everyone. For someone, a soap dish takes photoshoots. I have friends taking pictures on the D7000, D300, they shoot only in the machine and do not bother with subsequent processing and everything looks very good to them, although in the pictures (eyes are red, cropping does not have a clue, I really like the background, etc.). Although I believe that post. Processing is also an important factor, because what is supposed to be there does not always fall into the frame. I bought my first DSLR nikon d300s with whale 18-105 and learned only from my experience and mistakes. There was no one to tell (although there are Drugan pros in the wedding photo). After a year of trial and error, I realized what I needed and what quality of the picture I want to see (print at home). Having tried glass 24-70, 70-200 on my D300s, I realized that the glass was on FX and I changed my D300s on D3s, and then on D4. Children go in for ballroom dancing and focus speed is needed. Plus BB is more correct. And also ISO in the premises of 12800 working.
    And the difference between pros and enthusiasts is that someone takes money and cannot withdraw, while someone simply does not.
    With respect.

    • care

      Yuri, really the nikon d300s couldn't cope with ballroom dancing? Although in the greenhouse conditions of the halls, weight and dimensions are not critical and the FX is quite justified here. Moreover, you have top-end "reportages". But the d600, for example, does not have the indicated advantages. Using the d5200 as an example, it can be seen that the best autofocus can be installed in almost any camera (and it turns out to be inexpensive), but manufacturers (two manufacturers) are strenuously pulling us to a “FULL” frame.

      • Jury

        D300s Of course coped, but having such glasses, I decided to switch to FX. Everything always goes on increasing, first whale 18-105. Then I decided to buy a better lens (24-70), etc.

    • Oleg

      >> post. processing is also an important factor
      If this is not just cropping, then the price of a calibrated monitor is comparable to the camera itself. You can’t process a lot on a cheap monitor, and you need to know the programs.

      • Jury

        Totally agree with you. BUT today I increasingly come across “photographers” who, after a photo session, give a disk with a photo at least two weeks later, and during this time only the number of photos for which money needs to be collected was counted. AND EVERYTHING. And there, at a good 40 percent, there is no horizon at all, it is not clear in what orientation the photo was taken. Some kind of crap hangs over the bride. Therefore, I mean at least a slight correction.
        I rule in Aperture.
        With respect.

  • Valerijs

    I looked at the list of recommended lenses for the D800 and did not understand how such a lens as (Nikon AF Zoom Nikkor 28-200mm f / 3.5-5.6G IF-ED / 300 / 17. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 28-300mm f / 3.5- 5.6G ED VR / 1050/17) with such a difference in price and points could you have entered the list?…. Not to mention other cheap firms. Is the transparency of glass and other quality components the same? It's like putting a bus engine on a sporty Mears and expecting decent speed and comfort from this set…. Then I turned on the filter that is there. With 50 megapixels, and then with 24MP. passed more. Elegant apparatus - graceful glass!

  • Konstantin

    Very interesting article, I just could not pass by. In my opinion, in addition to courses and books, you need to start with the simplest, by studying the manual (yes, that little book that comes with the camera). There are so many answers to many questions. Although for this it is necessary that these questions arise. I bought my DSLR (Boot 500) when I clearly understood what I was missing in ultrazoom, although I squeezed everything out of it to the maximum that I could (both he and me). I do not want to say that everyone has to go from small to large, I want to say that before buying a DSLR, you must clearly understand "why?" what does not suit the current soap box / phone, or who is filming what. I also want to support the author's idea that the main thing is never to stop wanting to take pictures and try, try to delete and go to shoot again, and then you will get good shots (maybe mine too :))
    As trolling: "Masterpiece" mode is turned on by turning the wheel on the green triangle inside the rectangle;)

    • anonym

      You should not buy the whole line of cameras (from small to ..) it will be more expensive. I bought Pro, I learned, I didn’t sell it. IMHO

  • Alexey

    good day everyone, I'm the same amateur who is interested in lenses, I know what I need from them, while I use the Nikon D90 and kit 18-55, I do not need a fix, I need a telephoto camera with macro capability, I don’t know if I need a lens stabilizer (I never used it twice as much), I have to try to shoot them myself, I shoot mainly in manual modes, children and sorties out of town, I experiment with shutter speed and aperture, before that I bought soap dishes for 10000 rubles, now I bought this one for 20 I like that he quickly takes pictures for eynogo album in an Internet exhibition of rarely, only Mr social networks and on the car site, but forgot as a child came from the change 8m to the zenith. Then he abandoned it, he took it again, I don’t do masterpieces either, I just take pictures of what I like, I drove Russia behind the wheel from Vladivostok to Abkhazia, I had something to shoot, and my favorite picture is cranberries at an altitude of 3200 meters in Dombay.

  • alexey

    what to do what to do - you need to shoot it

  • Jury

    Hello! Take a test of pictures with a digital SLR and a film SLR. The result is interesting. I haven’t seen a snapshot test on the network.

    • Konstantin

      The test, of course, is very interesting, but I think it will be slightly synthetic due to the fact that, for comparison, you will either need to scan a film or print a digit, and then again scan both (well, what would the world show, and not see for yourself). Thus, the comparison includes at least 1 extra device - a scanner, and this is no longer a pure experiment

      • Vladislav

        this is understandable, but nevertheless it would be interesting to compare the film and the digital on the same lens, the same subjects ...

  • Olga

    I absolutely agree with Arkady and fully support his point of view. As I gained experience in photography, I began to be annoyed by the owners of cool cameras who take pictures on the machine. I started with FED and Zenit-ET cameras, now I have a Canon DSLR. The device is not expensive, but it has everything I need now. I bought only a carcass, I select lenses according to my needs. I shoot in aperture priority or shutter speed modes. It's not difficult at all, I start trying to shoot in completely manual mode. And I don't want to buy more expensive equipment now,. When I have fully mastered the available technique, then I will buy a 60D or 7D DSLR. And for an amateur, more is not necessary.

    • Alexander B.

      But imagine how you can annoy those who shoot with a manual Japanese or Soviet lens with aperture and aperture, when it is difficult to sharpen sharpness?

      I have no such misunderstanding. A person can afford to buy, if not better, then at least above average. Many people live by the principle: I am not so rich to buy cheap things.

  • Oleg

    Good article, but aimed at a narrow circle of readers! Offended “photographers” will be found, the article will hook such people. And she will push enthusiasts back on the road with the camera that they have. Personally, I started with Olympus, then d3000, d90, and d600. I did not finish the courses, but I read books, both electronic and printed, constantly and with pleasure. I do not consider myself a professional, but lately I have been often invited to photograph weddings or other events, which means that someone likes what I do. And I should, in turn, strive for growth in my chosen hobby.

  • Irina

    Maybe someone has video tutorials or articles on how to work with a “cool” camera?

    • alpex

      Look for the OLYMPUS E-520 Users Guide on the root tracker - they explain the capital basics quite sensibly (exposure, aperture, F, depth of field, etc .; and most importantly - how to use it all) using the example of Olympus. I like it.

      It is possible to take a used SLR (for example, Canon EOS 20D, Nikon D70, Canon 350D). Prices are in the range of $ 250 (with whales).
      How much less will I feel compared to new cameras (for example, the Canon 1100d)?
      Should the “run” of 20k frames be embarrassing?
      Or do you save up for a new one?

      • Vladimir

        As the first SLR, you can safely buy a used camera. A run of 20k should not confuse you. the resource is usually up to 100k. But really, now Nikon D3100 costs 400 with a whale, in my opinion, paying 150, you get a new, non-usable warranty camera, which is pleasant to hold in your hands as the first owner. At the same time, you will get a newer processor, a better sensor that you can shoot at without high noise at high ISOs, a new, more accurate focus sensor, which is also important. This will generally give a better and faster result. On the other hand, the human essence is such that from any first chamber, you quickly grow or quickly throw it. And when moving to the next, hard earned are lost. In this case, you need to decide what the camera is for. If you are thinking of growing, then the first would be better used to understand the process, which you then throw off for the same money and believe me, this idea will come to your mind soon)). And if for yourself, for family, travel, then a new SLR, entry-level will be more justified and will stay longer with you.

    • The Hedgehog

      what you need is called - instruction manual, for the lazy or unreadable - video on YouTube.

  • Alexander

    I have Nikon D90 and CanonG9 dreaming about Nikon D800, or at least Nikon D600. I know what to do with them ... If you have a Zaporozhets, you still won't give up on a Mercedes ... Why Nikon? Only because he tied himself to Nikon's glasses.

    • Yur @} ------->

      dyaku, take d700. - we overpay for the video in d800 (as deserved to be seen by the commercial kenon, which is there and played, that program is in ergonomics)

      (d600 maє problems from the filing of the matrix, how to twist - nasutna d601 - won)

      dorechі d90 - twist vibіr (the most optimal Mercedes =). I think that it’s all about it, but the difference between it, and it, you want it (purely practical) to deprive MUCH more working workers іso (hilariously, you know, OUR good things ^ _ ^). All reshta = LITERALLY the same.

      there are thoughts here http://www.club-nikon.ru/forum/topic/60770-%D0%B4700-%D0%B8%D0%BB%D0%B8-%D0%B4800/ about rozmіri files for postobrobki =))

      (I want, I think, TI іvzhe svіy vibіr zrobiv. Інfa for quiet, but think є ..

    • Alexey

      I have a hybrid Prius and I do not need any Mercedes.

  • Yur @} ------->

    after another paragraph, asking for comment.
    : Take # zenith and go take a photo (only y photos and ask for an Yandex.print and all photos WITHOUT zhodnogo sampling) ALL!

    * zenith = be a camera of that class = D

  • Eugene

    Many people spend so much nerves, already horror. Take a camera that you like and can afford. Do not know which one, ask the pros (yes, at least the same A. Shapoval))). Take it and enjoy the process. Like fishing (if you love, of course, this business. There would be a rod, line, float, sinker and hook (bait for an amateur))). And while fishing, it happens that a "masterpiece" is torn off the hook, and every "not so hot" comes across. And here it doesn't depend on how cool your equipment is. Well, and if you don't like this business, then it is better to turn to the services of a pro, and do not bother with the camera. The main thing is the process. And if you love this business, then your skills will grow and knowledge will be acquired))) Enjoy the process.

  • Prafisianal

    I bought Fataparat Nikan 4d. Tell me which button to press?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I suppose you got divorced in the store, selling old trash instead of the top 4s, go, return the purchase back.

      • BB

        Arkady, it's a troll ...

        • Alexey

          He answered like a troll ...

        • Arkady Shapoval

          K.O. here too :)

  • Shark

    The screen is just a gem! Its dimensions remain the same, but the resolution is the same as on the D800, which is very cool. It is a pleasure to view photos on such a wonderful screen. In my opinion, this is one of the few significant and very important changes compared to the previous model. With such a gorgeous screen, you can easily select photos right on the camera screen, which is what I usually do when I travel.

  • Vasya

    I look here in the "guru-advisors" some weddings danyushniki. They talk about "great about great." They advise their “friends” masters to take courses. And they themselves are trying to draw more “beauty” out of a damp half-day. And photography is an art !!!. And you gentlemen are mostly artisans and are trying to teach the same. The photo is obtained after the “click” of the shutter. Immediately and ready - and you, like “singing cowards” on television, dump digital garbage on the mountain (like mp3 in music created in studios, not in the hall by living people). Who are you without a computer? Take a closer look at sports journalists or military men for a start. and only then teach who needs to buy what kind of soap dish!

    • anonym

      A cool shot consists of:
      1. Photographic equipment - 20%
      2. Luck - 30%
      3. Photographer - 10%
      4. Development - 20%
      5. Photoshop - 20%

    • Pavel Alexandrovich

      And here is my option:
      1.Phototechnics (equipment, development and photoshop) - 5%
      2.Photographer + Luck (Literature, Philosophy and Art History) - 95%

  • Alexey

    The article requires thought. And very deep. I have been photographing since I was 11. Already 45 years of photo experience. Started with a sharp-sighted 5 with a folding industrial. First photo circle and flash trial. Loading the film into a cassette under the covers so as not to touch the emulsion ... Papa's Zenith c. He gave it to me because I realized that I was better at photographing. Refined portrait lens from a projector lens. Grain ... grain ... was the birthplace of Mikrat 200. Metol developer. Sharpening with an ultra-poor developer. Zenith ttl. Here it is the coveted semi-automatic. The whole film is exactly exposed! … Kiev 19. Miracle, not a camera. Jupiter 9 was refined to Nikon bayonet ... Boke. Witchcraft room with a red lantern. A bowl of wet photos. Respect for comrades and girls ... Shooting on slides. And here is the first "digit" of the Samsung Didzhimax 360. 3 megamihari ... color. And "automatic" ... And here is the Samung as a cigarette case i5. Cool 5MP !!! Oh what is this? Fu !!! Noise !!! And away we go ... cameras improved and I went with them. I agree with the author about the fact that you can get a masterpiece result from any camera phone of a tin can with a film of glass film and chemicals. You need to thoroughly know your technique, its strengths and weaknesses, and be able to use it all. Of the DSLRs, I had a Sony 350 (14 megapixels. I didn't like the image and the matrix shifted to the edge and got stuck there). Nikon d70s. Controversial camera. The colors are not bad but noisy and slow ... and now Nikon d3200, which suits me completely. With 18-105 lens. The beauty of this camera is that it fits my favorite compact in terms of battery and charging (the Nikon p7700 is a very interesting tool with unprecedented functionality, for example, a slide-in gray filter or auto-zoom when shooting). The beauty of modern SLR cameras is that they have an uncommon potential on ISO aperture focusing and range of shutter speeds, fend off the mistakes of the photographer's ineptitude. And therefore they are loved by many. I believe that searching and enumerating a person's photographic equipment also teaches. So buy, sell and buy again, regret it and learn….

    • zengarden

      Alexey, at the time of the film it was almost magic ... moreover, almost everyone could access it. I also shot more on film than on digital now. There was something indescribable about it. Although, earlier the grass was greener, and everything else :)
      Now the digital mirrors have passed, switched to mirrorless mirrors; but all the same, that enthusiasm is gone ...

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