Review Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8

For the opportunity Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8 lens review Many thanks to Andrei Mikhailovsky.

Review of Nikon Nikkor 135 2.8 K, AI

Review of Nikon Nikkor 135 2.8 K, AI

Based this plate, by lens number 747009 we can say that this K version, it is also AI compatible. There were 2 K-versions - old and new, the new version was produced from 1976 to 1977. Consequently, in 2013, my copy is already about 36 years old. In general, there were quite a few versions of 135-current, I already have a review of this Nikon 135mm f / 2.8 Nikkor-Q Auto Non-Ai.

Lens view Nikon 135mm F2.8 K, AI

Lens view Nikon 135mm F2.8 K, AI

The lens has smooth focusing, the focusing ring rotates 270 degrees, the focusing ring is rubberized. The lens has a scale of depth of field, focusing distance and aperture. The minimum focusing distance is 1.3 meters. When focusing, the front lens does not rotate, the lens trunk is lengthened by 2cm. The standard front lens diameter is 52mm. The lens weighs a little, about 430 grams.

Strange, but the front cover is screwed into the thread from the light filter, it is rather inconvenient, while the efficiency of working with the lens is lost. The optical design consists of 5 elements in 4 groups. The lens aperture can take positions from f / 2.8-f / 32, the number of aperture blades is 7 pieces. It's nice that Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8 has a built-in lens hood, the hood is installed rather tightly and does not dangle on the lens.

Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8

Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8 rear view, aperture view

Sample photos on Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8 (K, AI)

Examples of photos without processing. Reduced size to 3 MP, imprinted data from EXIF... How to use your old Nikkor lenses can be found in the article about AI-S.


My lens is rather shabby, but nevertheless gives a good picture. It’s a pity that Nikon does not have an autofocus version of the 135 / 2,8 lens.

Enlightenment Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8

Enlightenment Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8

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Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8 is a good old Japanese lens. Can be used for portraiture, creative photography. Fans of manual focus lenses will love it.

The material was prepared by Arkady Shapoval. My Youtube channeland Radozhiva's group on Facebook и VK.

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Comments: 30, on the topic: Review of Nikon Nikkor 135mm 1: 2.8

  • newmaster

    and how old is this old man?)))

    • anonym

      found for 2000 UAH, I think you can find cheaper

  • Ampelos

    Thanks for the review, but I didn’t understand one thing - you tested the AI ​​lens, but the link provided by you is a non-AI with a later number. Somewhere awkward)))

    • Arkady Shapoval

      In this review “K 135 / 2.8 New”, it is AI compatible. In the review link Is just another 135 / 2,8 grade lens.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        And although the devil knows, maybe it's simple AI

        • Andrei

          this is ai

          exposure metering works with both AI and AI-s versions

          the only difference is that, in the Ai-s version, a cut was added at the end of the mount, which allows the camera to obtain the focal length of the lens.

          • Arkady Shapoval

            This is self-evident, we are discussing that according to the lens number it is the K version, and the K version is a little different (without the second row of aperture values)

          • Ampelos

            It appears that the aperture ring on this lens has been changing from newer versions of AI-s

          • Arkady Shapoval

            Maybe the hood is not native (and the number). I can not say exactly.

  • Gene jb

    1.Optical design.
    3.Clearness (lin / mm)

  • Alexey

    2013-1977 = 36 years.

  • Borja

    "It's a shame Nikon doesn't have a 135 / 2,8 autofocus lens option." But there is such a Nikon 135mm f / 2D AF DC-Nikkor It won't be worse, I think.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Look at the price tag, but it would be 135 / 2,8, its price would be much cheaper. Most likely the lack of 135 currents is caused by the desire to sell more more expensive zooms like 80-200 2.8

  • Oleg

    Thanks for the review. I am the proud owner of such a wonderful lens. The picture from him is excellent. But I would like to see a photo of Arkady from this lens, only from a cropped camera.

  • Edward

    Look at the price tag, but it would be 135 / 2,8, its price would be much cheaper. Once in a joint get-together of photographers, models and makeup artists, a young novice photographer asked me. “And why did you buy such an expensive filter (Rodenstock) for the lens from me for 400r. and I'm happy as an elephant. ”At that time, I had in my hands: Nikon D3S, Nikkor AF-S 85 mm F / 1.4 G. To that I smiled and answered him. Now, if I had in my hands a camera not with one number 3, but with three zeros to it, then I would buy a whale lens for it, not a top one, and the same filter as yours. ps. When purchasing equipment that meets your requirements, supplement it accordingly.

    • afbezgin

      We always have show-offs more expensive than money ...

  • SergeyF

    But what is this “sight” on the diaphragm ring for?

  • Andrew

    will it work with Lushnikov’s dandelion?

  • anonym

    Will Pentacon 2.8 / 135 be inferior in quality to this Nikor?

  • Doctor vich

    There is another version (a little newer from 1976-2005)
    Nikon 135mm f / 2.8 AI-S

  • Alexey

    There is still such a Nikon 135 f2,8 series E, Arkady, how do you think it is better than the two that are in your reviews, and another question, how do you think it makes sense to buy Nikon 135 f2,8 series E, if I already have 100 f2,8 , 37 series E, will it be better as a portrait lens, in your opinion, than Jupiter XNUMXA?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • Gordey

    Glass is just great! Yesterday I worked with him, along with d600

    • Sergey T.

      I have been shooting Nikkor 20 / 135 MF AIS for 2,8 years, now I bought the E - MF series, what is the difference between them?

  • anonym

    “In this review“ K 135 / 2.8 New ”, it is AI compatible. In the review link Is just another 135 / 2,8 grade lens. ” - K version lathers less?

  • Sergei

    Good luck Arkady. I often refer to you, a lot of useful things. The pro himself ...

  • Katherine

    I bought from a friend for 2k. A good toy for creativity.
    It's a pity you can't shoot a reportage too much - there is no autofocus

  • Vladimr

    AI - Automatic Indexing - lenses released after 1977 that support automatic aperture input into the camera's built-in TTL exposure meter

  • Georgy

    To be honest, the photos were not impressive. Compared with 70-210 / 4, the latter is much more. Of course, as "for me", but he is also an old man.

  • Vladimir

    Compared to Jupiter 37, which is preferable?

    • Rodion

      I would prefer Jupiter for price, compactness, aperture design, and optical quality.

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