Review Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2/50

For the opportunity to review Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2/50 lens many thanks to Alexander Balabak.

Review Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2 50

Review Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2 50

In my review, the Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2/50 lens converted to Nikon F mount is used. The converted lens focuses on infinity without any problems when used on Nikon cameras. How to use old lenses read here.

Lens view Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2 50

View of the lens Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2 50 and its aperture

The Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2/50 lens was removed from the Praktina IIA camera, the camera was produced from 1952 to 1960. The lens originally had a Praktina mount. As far as I know, the Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f2.0 Flexon was only used on Praktina IIA cameras. If you have additional information about the lens - leave it at the bottom of the review, in the comments.

Lens view Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2 50

Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2 50 lens enlightenment view

Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2/50 replaced Biotar 2/58, and then it was renamed Pancolar (as far as I know). Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2/50 and Pancolar 2/50 are actually the same lens, please don't confuse Flexon 2/50 with this one. Carl Zeiss Jena MC Pancolar 1.8 / 50 DDR or Pancolar 1.8 / 50 ausJena.

Lens view Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2 50

View of my converted Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2 50 lens. I wonder how much he has seen in his life.

My copy is housed in an unpainted white metal case. The focusing ring rotates 270 degrees, the front lens does not rotate when focusing, and the lens trunk is lengthened by a centimeter. The minimum focusing distance is 50cm. The focusing distance scale is plotted in meters and feet, the DOF scale is indicated for all possible F-numbers, which are indicated on the aperture control ring - from F / 2.0 to F / 22.0. Most likely, the lens originally had automatic aperture control, so sometimes you can find the name Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f2.0 Cars Flexon. The number of diaphragm blades is 6 pieces. Optical design of the Planar type with 6 elements in 4 groups.

Lens view Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2 50

View of the Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2 50 lens on a modern camera

When used on cropped cameras, Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2/50 can serve as a simple portrait lens. Actually, I love fifty dollars.

So he will look at the lens on his own camera

So he will look at the lens on his own camera

Sample photos:

All photos were shot on Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2/50 and Nikon D700. All photos without processing. I shot in RAW 14-bit lossless compressionwhile using the mode Picture Control 'NL' with enhanced sharpness '+9', Active D-Lighting in the 'Enhanced' mode. Photos were then converted to JPEG at 100% quality using native ViewNX 2 software, with WB Calculate Automaticaly set to White Balance) After that I reduced the size of the photos to 2048px by 1363px (approximately 3MP) using free software FastStone Photo Resizer 3.0, while at the bottom of the photos the data from EXIF JPEG file module. When reducing the size of photos, I use quality equal to 80% of the original, usually in EXIF strip in the photographs I record this as Q = 80% (Quality = 80% of the maximum). This percentage of quality is more than enough to transfer all the details in the photo without overweight JPG file. With 3 MP, you can easily print A4 photos. The light weight of the photos allows you to quickly view examples of photos for a general familiarization with the capabilities of the lens and allows you to save time downloading photos and disk space of my site. If the photos were subjected not only to conversion from RAW and to a change in its size, but also to corrections in other program editors (retouching, color correction, crop, etc.), then EXIF I add the edit prefix to the strip (edited). I wrote this long explanation in order to answer the readers of my blog 'Radozhiv' to the question of how and what I use to publish photos on Radozhiv. When viewing photos on a monitor, the site adjusts their size to the size of each individual monitor. To view a pixel-by-pixel photo, you just need to open it in a new browser tab, do it as easy as possible by clicking on the thumbnail of the photo with the middle mouse button (using the scroll roller).

Catalog of modern Carl Zeiss lenses can look at this link.

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Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2/50 is a good fifty dollars, for use on modern CZK requires alteration.

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Comments: 16, on the topic: Review of Carl Zeiss Jena Flexon 2/50

  • Mikhail Rybak

    Thank you, and I'll add right away ...
    Adapter “Pentacon six 6 - Nikon F”: F, FG, F65, F80, F100, F3, F4, F5, F6, D40, D70, D90, D200, D300s, D700, D800, D3, D4, D3000, D5100, D7000 etc
    In my opinion, it is sharp, reminiscent of Helios 81, but a bit dark in some photos ... I would put the exposure +0.3 - +0.7.
    At the moment, the price for eBey is 50-60 USD.
    1952 - production of the Praktina family of cameras (models Praktina, Praktina FX, Praktina IIA) with the original bayonet mount of the lens, interchangeable viewfinders, an attached motor and other accessories was launched. Praktin cameras were produced until 1960.
    1956 - another novelty - Praktica FX2 - the world's first miniature SLR camera with a drive for a “jumping” aperture in the lens, Designer - Siegfried Böhm. Production company VEB Kamera-Werke Dresden-Niedersedlitz.
    1959 - VEB Reflekta-Kamerawerk Tharandt (formerly Welta GmbH and Kamera-Werk C. Richter) became part of VEB Pentacon. Commencement of joint production of 'Dresdner Kamerabetriebe' (Camera Manufacturing of Dresden) and 'VEB Kamera- und Kinowerke Dresden'.
    1964 - the merger of two plants into a single whole. The new name for the concern is VEB Pentacon Dresden.
    1965 - VEB Pentacon Dresden launched the Praktica mat, the first small format single-lens reflex camera in Europe to detect exposure through a lens (TTL system).

    This is where the legs of the "jump rope" grew)))

    Arkady and you did not get in touch with Schneider optics?
    Schneider Group of Companies consists of 5 companies and 60 representative offices in various countries of the world.
    Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH (Germany)
    Schneider Optics, Inc. (New York and Los Angeles)
    B + W Filterfabrik Johannes Weber GmbH & Co. (Germany)
    Pentacon GmbH (Dresden, Germany)
    Praktica (UK) Ltd. (United Kingdom)

    It was amazing that they are now releasing 8MM F2.8 NIKKOR PL MOUNT (fisheye) - $ 8400, 25mm / T2.2, 35mm / T2.1, 50mm / T2.0, 75mm / T2.0, 95mm / T2.0 for Nikon and Kenon !!!

    • Eugene

      Please show where 50-60 cu

  • Mikhail Rybak

    By the way, I forgot to ask about the photo with the sun, it turned out to be a very interesting star ...
    Backlight and hares how? Bokeh like ovals?

  • Alexander

    Michael. there the bayonet mount is not a pentax, but you have to read your unique bayonet mount from the Wikipedia copy carefully!

  • Vasil

    Tsіkaviy obktiv z garnim, plastic, live malyunok (:

  • Denis

    Arkady, please tell me why you set “Active D-Lighting in 'Enhanced' mode while shooting” What was the “fault” of the lens, so to speak?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The lens did not go wrong. Sometimes with adl picture is more pleasant.

  • Mikhail Rybak

    For those who really asked where to get ...
    It is with a review of the model.

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    The drawing is very similar to Arsat 2 / 50Н)

  • Vyacheslav

    The lens is magnificent, and was produced only two years from 1959 to 60, and the pancolar which is 2 \ 50 is already more massive from 61 to 68. They all write as one that looks like arsat, helios, in my opinion these same comrades should look like real six-lens planar, but no matter how one turn :)

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