Nikon and Canon

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Nikon and Canon

Nikon and Canon

It is logical that the two companies are opposed to each other, and each company wants to produce products that are not similar to those produced by competitors. As for the camera industry segment, I recently discovered amazing things.

Nikon DSLR cameras have the letter 'D' in their name, which is an abbreviation for 'Digital' - 'digital', for example, Nikon D3. Previously Nikon film SLR cameras had the letter 'F' in the name, this letter is an abbreviation for 'Film' - 'film', for example Nikon F5. Canon DSLR cameras also have the letter 'D' in their name, looking at the list of all cameras Canon и Nikon You can find interesting couples (I specifically missed the EOS prefix):

  • Canon 1D and Nikon D1
  • Canon 1DX and Nikon D1X
  • Canon 4oD and Nikon D4o
  • Canon 5oD and Nikon D5o
  • Canon 6oD and Canon D6o and Nikon D6o
  • Canon 7oD and Nikon D7o
  • Canon 1ooD and Nikon D1oo
  • Canon 6ooD and Nikon D6oo
  • Canon 7ooD and Nikon D7oo
  • Canon 75oD and Nikon D75o
  • Canon 3ooD and Nikon D3oo
  • Canon 8ooD and Nikon D8oo

The difference lies in the position of the letter 'D', and the logic in the numbering of cameras is sometimes impossible to trace. Similar letters in the names of cameras, manufacturers, too, copy from each other - Canon 1Ds and Nikon D3oosWell, at least they have different logos.

To differ from each other, letters alone are not enough, because there are still interesting, even funny moments:

  • Lenses on the Nikon snap in counterclockwise and detach in a clockwise direction. Canon has the opposite.
  • Nikon mount F, Canon mount EF (EF-S)
  • Canon lenses have microprocessor plate contacts, and in the camera they attach to special protrusions. Nikon lenses have everything the other way around, on the lenses themselves there are contacts-protrusions of the microprocessor, and in the camera they are attached to the contacts-plates.
  • The zoom ring on Nikon and Canon class 18-55 whale lenses rotates in different directions, the same goes for the direction of rotation when focusing.
  • Canon's super cool lenses are credited with the letter L in the title and added red a ring on the lens body, Nikon draws in contrast yellow a gold ring on their lenses.
  • Canon uses Ультра- low dispersion glass (Ultra low Dispersion glass - UD) in lenses, Nikon uses Extra- low dispersion glass (Extra low Dispersion glass - ED)
  • IS (Image Stabilizer) from Canon and VR (Vibration Reduction) by Nikon
  • USM at Canon and SWM at Nikon
  • Canon's flash is called Speedliteat Nikon Speedand, too :)
  • At canon yellow or blue backlighting on auxiliary monochrome displays, at Nikon green backlight.
  • Nikon Distinguished and Named Macro Lenses'Microphone', Canon has the same designation'Macro', you can still find many such perversions.

In the general case, everyone comes up with his own super-ultra-extra stuff, and we can only figure out these confusing and pairwise-dual things from Nikon and Canon.

Actually, as I promised, this article is purely entertaining. If you know any interesting differences or features between Nikon \ Canon cameras, write in the comments, I will be interested to read.

Seriously, take a look at a series of articles on this subject:

  1. Confrontation systems Nikon / Canon. Part 1. Discrete portraits
  2. Confrontation systems Nikon / Canon. Part 2. Performance
  3. Confrontation systems Nikon / Canon. Part 3. Autofocus fifty dollars.

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Comments: 106, on the topic: Nikon and Canon

  • DV

    Arkady Shapovalu and everyone reading good day!
    Yes, the article turned out to be funny. but nikon / boot here, of course, is a matter of taste and it is useless to argue here, as in relation to cars: is it better to bmw or mercedes ?? another thing is that the ergonomics of Nikon cameras from the very entry level to older models, in my opinion, are much better than that of a competitor - boots. Again, based on my experience, I note that the Nikon system has faster focusing, i.e. according to the “cut and run” system, unlike boots - “now we will calmly go down the mountain and take care of the whole herd”, boots cameras will probably be more appropriate for leisurely shooting, when there is time to calmly set all shooting parameters. In general, Nikon are excellent reporters, boots, say, for "slower" photographers. Again, at the boots, ”and in my opinion the percentage of blur during autofocus is an order of magnitude higher than that of Nikon. In general, I ask avid canonists not to take everything to heart! But I hope that there are not so many of them here, because this site is the territory of Nikonists!))
    with uv., DV

    • Novel

      > but nikon / boot here is of course a matter of taste and it's useless to argue here

      Why humiliate a “competitor” even with a name?

      > since this site is the territory of Nikonists!))

      That is why Arkady has recently devoted so much time to reviewing Canon carcasses and optics. First of all, this site is the territory of lovers of manual optics. Everything else is a nice bonus.

    • Oleg

      And you tell thousands of professional reporters with white lenses about the slow autofocus, otherwise they, naive, do not know ... At the same time, ask them how to reduce the percentage of blur ... otherwise you have some dubious support. Lubrication is always either crooked hands or inability to use technology. And if from your experience you cannot learn anything more interesting than two commonplace, amateurish clichés that have already filled everyone with teeth, then it is better not to talk about such an experience .... It's strange that BB hasn't been remembered yet ...
      There are much more interesting differences between the two systems. Offhand - Canon without bells and whistles is not able to synchronize studio flashes on the second curtain. Nikon is not always fair with ISO in priority modes. Nikon has better implemented the function of transferring files over WiFi (for which large sports agencies love it), Canon does not enhance contrast borders in the frame at the software level ...
      Nothing personal ))).
      Canon 5dM2, Nikon d700, Contax 645.

      And here, by the way, in addition to funny moments - Canon ISO 100, Nikon ISO 200

    • Gene jb

      Actually, the first post should have been HOLIVAR STARTED!

  • NikitosZs

    The numbering of models in Kenon is logical. The smaller the number orders, the steeper the model. But at Nikon (I looked at the table on Wikipedia), I still did not understand.

    • DV

      because you are a canonist! therefore, it is not clear to you!)))

      • Edgar

        And you try to explain ^ - ^

        • Vladimir Kaverin

          Nikon is not very consistent with the names of models.
          Canon has a slender system that they adhere to from the start. Although, when the XXXD line reaches 950D, the system will fail :) But until that moment, another 6 years.
          Nikon changed the approach to numbering models several times, and only with the release of D5000 / D3000 / D7000 formed a more or less understandable line.

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    As a Nikonist, but a DSLR enthusiast, it’s a shame for me that the kenon in this area has so far set a good competitor. Also, the 5d m3 has visually very low noise.

    • terik107

      Maybe Kenon makes better videos, but what does Chase Jarvis do on Nikon D7000? .And if this guy give ff?)))))
      I think it all depends on talent and the ability to shoot)

    • Pavel Bogdanov

      The statement is incorrect. Compared in the forehead 5dm3, 5dm4, nikon d600, d750, d810.
      The amount of noise for all cameras in low-contrast scenes is comparable and differs by a maximum stop. The same when pulling
      But when shooting in contrasting scenes (the backlight of a window and a dark room, the bride and groom, etc.) and when trying to draw information from the shadows, the nikonas show themselves worthy, there is almost no grain or very little. At canon already from iso 100 when trying to stretch the shadows nasty striped noise creeps.

  • terik107

    With the release of Nikon d600 and Canon 6d, I thought. Why do both companies have almost the same names. I came to the conclusion that this is a marketing ploy. One company, but two divisions are kenon and nikon. More features, kenon refused a screwdriver, but nikon not)

  • Lazy daisy

    It seems to me that such differences are dictated by the presence of patents and registered trademarks. Since the two manufacturers are positioned as direct competitors, such an inverted difference looks quite logical.

    • Edgar

      I suppose that the engineers realized that it would not be possible for them to create such chic glasses as 50mm f1.0, 50mm f1.2, 85mm f1.2, 1200mm f5.6 on the base. Yes, and until 2004 (approximately), many people filmed sports on canon, because of their supposedly "slow focusing"

      • Edgar

        I apologize, I made a reservation.
        I assume that the engineers realized that on the basis of fd it would not be possible for them to create such chic glasses as ef 50mm f1.0l, ef 50mm f1.2l, ef 85mm f1.2l, ef 1200mm f5.6l. Yes and, until 2004 years (approximately), many who shot sports on canon, because of their supposedly "slow focus" *

  • A.Andrey

    I chose my 5100 purely from aesthetic and tactile motives (there was a complete zero in understanding what I needed), and I did not regret how much.
    The other day I bought nikon fg-20, charged the film and the prus is simply unrealistic))))))

  • Dima

    In principle, everyone gets used to thinking the best. But personally, I worked on many cameras, and alas, my choice is only for (Nikon). A simple and accessible menu, for example. A detailed description of the functions, even if you forgot the description of the house. Yes, and much more ...
    Good luck to everyone in the frames ...!

  • volodimimr

    Good evening, I’m a beginner, having bought photo-gadgets of D40, please, pay attention to your pleasure, I want to read you a message on the fact that Kenon

  • Vyacheslav

    I don’t understand why people argue. I have Nikon and Kano) And one and the other camera is super. This is from the category - each toad praises its swamp)))

    • Vladimir

      “Every toad praises its own swamp” and under this phrase I subscribe, and you can take pictures with a tin can; when there was film photographic equipment, there were no stabilizers, no noise reduction devices, some devices did not even have exposure meters, and nevertheless they took excellent photos. And about the disputes which is better than Canon or Nikon, read the article and you will understand who you are ...

  • Other

    Outbreaks are also interestingly called.
    Nikon has all Speedlights, and Canon has all Speedlites.
    Apparently Nikon was ahead of the competitor in choosing this name, somehow more logical.

  • anonym

    Japanese engineers are a kind of separate civilization on Earth, with their own ideology and worldview. If we don’t like Canon or Nikon it speaks of our inability to understand and accept “technique”. To be with such cameras on “you” it is not enough to read the instructions and the advertising review in the magazine. It is necessary to go through a serious school starting from the basics of Eastern philosophy. Professional photographers have in their arsenal and use Nikon, Canon and medium format cameras on an equal footing, using them for specialized purposes.

    • Andrei

      Anonymous, with such thoughts it’s not far to agree that only virgins at an early dawn only mount mounts. No need to ascribe prof. illiteracy and technical illiteracy of the photographer to the fact that few people understand the philosophy of the Japanese engineer!

  • fedia

    Personally, I jumped from Kenon to Nikon and at first skidded a bit in Nikon's photo terms.
    There is no order in photographic terms, the photographers themselves made a mess in the interpretation of the same device. Only on the lens, to understand what type or focal length it belongs, photographers say:
    fisheye (circulating, diagonal), fisheye, shirik, wide-angle, short-focus, macro, micro, makrushnik, portraiture, normal, classic, full-length, cropped, whale, fix, zoom, (not) autofocus, budget, amateur, full-time, pancake , monocle, manual, standard, screwdriver, universal, telephoto, telephoto, telezoom, telephoto, mirror, mirror-lens, triplet, anasigmat, achromat, selective, top-end, 3D, special, professional, shift, artistic (Lensbaby), creative ( fisheye-optics), cinema, collectible oops.

    They also say on the lens: glass (lens), a lens or optics.

    The terms can be combined with these names: Light, fast aperture, dark, replaceable, dust and moisture protective, all-weather, sharp, soapy, soft-drawing, over, super, ultra.

    • Novel

      Fedya, are you not an SEO expert for an hour? :)

      • Paul

        Custom Campaign

      • fedia

        Some kind of blatant communication among photo shooters is imposed on amateur photographers as a sign of the highest professionalism.
        A lot of housewives bought trendy nuts and bolts for themselves to take pies in the kitchen, and when studying the basics, things begin to get confused in photo terms, on the booth forums, many find it difficult to understand what a hole, carcass, body, etc.

        • Novel

          Fedya, there is a green auto-mode for these purposes. Shoot for health without bothering about terms. What have you forgotten on these “incomprehensible language” forums? Go to "Cosmopolitan", there it is quite possible to limit yourself to mentioning that for this cool photo you pressed the big black button :)

          • fedia

            Romchik, I'm sorry for the photojacker, I didn’t think it was so close to you.

  • Ivmulder

    Generations of carcasses are designated by analogy with Lincoln.

    • Gene jb

      Or maybe TOYOTA?

  • Ivan

    Good day. Arkady thanks for your project. Although I have Nikon, but I'm not against the rest of the brands. I do not chant Nikon and do not criticize other cameras. Everyone decides for himself.
    One of my favorite videos on this topic.

    • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

      Now, too, I will be fashionable to say NYCON

  • Igor

    More correct: Gunner Nikanor!

  • anonym

    It must be admitted that photographers all over the world, no matter what, are involuntarily drawn (indirectly) into a difficult and protracted battle of the titans of the camera industry, and there is no place for external logic in it. The confusion in designations, terms, ambiguity of definitions is caused by a situation of previously unheard-of large-scale competition, in which the manufacturers themselves seem to have ceased to “agree on terms”. All less “bloodthirsty” rivals (Minolta, Pentax, Kontaks, Yashika) were thrown overboard. It remains only to "tear" each other. Moreover, the threshold of technical perfection of "carcasses" is at the very feet, and it is almost impossible to come up with something revolutionary, popular. So there are new models with “incredibly improved” characteristics in some places, which inevitably worsen them in other places. Oh-la-la, the next model will have a cardinal upgrade, no worse than a neighbor! True, the control buttons will move from face to ass, but this is all in the interests of the consumer !!

    • Vladimir Kaverin

      Perhaps, I agree with the “close threshold of perfection”.
      Nikon D5200 hardly differ from D5100 ...

  • Igor

    Bravo to everyone, but I prefer NIKON.

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Oh, it seems to me that Kenon and Nikon have long agreed and divided everything. Please note that (in its price range) each subsequent Nikon model is superior to Kenon in some respects and vice versa, with a time difference sufficient to stimulate the purchase of the next model. e. straight
    there is no competition in time, there is leapfrog and I think it is no coincidence. We have been divided, gentlemen;)

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Therefore, when friends ask me which camera to buy, I advise them to buy the "freshest"
    From DX, my masterpiece was 5100. The quality of the pictures meticulously compared with 7000, there is no difference. And how convenient it is with the rotary display: you can not lie on the ground, take pictures of masterpieces at sea from the water level, ransom the bride on outstretched arms, do not curry children, etc. etc. Changed to 7000 because of FR synchronization and screwdriver ...


    I chose my first camera in 2006 between Nikon D70s and Canon 450 or 350 (I don't remember already). But only Nikon was available. I do not regret it at all. And the Canons, which I managed to twist, somehow seem to me more toy and confusing. Understandably - another planet. You can't compare brands directly, you need to compare specific models. Nikon is closer to me. I’m unlikely to change it to another company.

  • Denis

    The only thing I don’t like in Nikon, because these are common problems with oil stains on the matrix. Although I myself am sitting on the Nikon system, but the color rendition is more like Canon's.

    • Denis*

      Well, “you can't spoil porridge with butter” !!))

  • Lera

    I read the comments above and decided to insert something of my own. When a person buys Nikon or Canon, he first of all chooses not a brand but a system. In this system he will brew buy more glass changing carcasses, etc. Therefore, it is better for everyone to decide for himself. I have Nikon and do not regret a gram, although I respect Canon. Well, something like that.

    • Ivan

      maybe the choice of the camera should have started with the choice of the system, but I also emphasized reliability, a strong body, the availability of lenses, which means friendliness to the optics of the Soviet Union and other M42 optics, so for now I have stopped at Canon 50D, because not all are interesting lenses have an interchangeable tail for me (ZM5SA or Jupiter 37A) or they adapt well to a system like, say, tair 3s, again I don’t lift the lenses under the device (there is a loss of photosensitivity in lens adapters)
      all other holivars K versus N resemble the question "who will pick up whom an elephant or a whale?"

      • Gene jb

        In general, when I chose, I wanted a nikon with a screwdriver, because modern cheap lenses (whales) do not give any quality, and expensive ones are too expensive and too expensive. And he consciously chose the 400D because the working distance fits almost all old lenses (EF, FD / FL with revision, M42, M39) and they are all of very good quality for very little money. And the Soviet ones are completely free. But this understanding comes with time. At the moment, I mainly shoot on Helios 44-M3, because of the quality I have, including the whale, I have no quality.

  • Igor

    guys, canon gray. and nikon - colored.

  • Denis

    Manual optics, in particular M42, are easy to attach to Canon, and additional lenses must be inserted for the sake of infinity on Nikon. Well, this determined which camp I should go to :)

    • Sashko

      and if you see so, there through the crossroads from the front to the rear.

      • Novel

        Unless with the old Canon FD, it has a smaller working length. M42 glass and even Nikon's become infinity and without problems.

        • Sashko

          Well, I'm talking about FD і mav on uvazі, під m42 on kenonі not having tasted, on іkіnі і so so zrozumіlo scho tre)

    • Yuriy75

      The same story

  • Sashko

    I have 5 copies of my own ... up to the number of photos on Canon TX, if the vibe fell into the need for a number, then there is definitely Nikon, great value, reliability, ergonomics, etc ... .. as a result of D300 ... , chi scho….

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