Nikon and Canon

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Nikon and Canon

Nikon and Canon

It is logical that the two companies are opposed to each other, and each company wants to produce products that are not similar to those produced by competitors. As for the camera industry segment, I recently discovered amazing things.

Nikon DSLR cameras have the letter 'D' in their name, which is an abbreviation for 'Digital' - 'digital', for example, Nikon D3. Previously Nikon film SLR cameras had the letter 'F' in the name, this letter is an abbreviation for 'Film' - 'film', for example Nikon F5. Canon DSLR cameras also have the letter 'D' in their name, looking at the list of all cameras Canon и Nikon You can find interesting couples (I specifically missed the EOS prefix):

  • Canon 1D and Nikon D1
  • Canon 1DX and Nikon D1X
  • Canon 4oD and Nikon D4o
  • Canon 5oD and Nikon D5o
  • Canon 6oD and Canon D6o and Nikon D6o
  • Canon 7oD and Nikon D7o
  • Canon 1ooD and Nikon D1oo
  • Canon 6ooD and Nikon D6oo
  • Canon 7ooD and Nikon D7oo
  • Canon 75oD and Nikon D75o
  • Canon 3ooD and Nikon D3oo
  • Canon 8ooD and Nikon D8oo

The difference lies in the position of the letter 'D', and the logic in the numbering of cameras is sometimes impossible to trace. Similar letters in the names of cameras, manufacturers, too, copy from each other - Canon 1Ds and Nikon D3oosWell, at least they have different logos.

To differ from each other, letters alone are not enough, because there are still interesting, even funny moments:

  • Lenses on the Nikon snap in counterclockwise and detach in a clockwise direction. Canon has the opposite.
  • Nikon mount F, Canon mount EF (EF-S)
  • Canon lenses have microprocessor plate contacts, and in the camera they attach to special protrusions. Nikon lenses have everything the other way around, on the lenses themselves there are contacts-protrusions of the microprocessor, and in the camera they are attached to the contacts-plates.
  • The zoom ring on Nikon and Canon class 18-55 whale lenses rotates in different directions, the same goes for the direction of rotation when focusing.
  • Canon's super cool lenses are credited with the letter L in the title and added red a ring on the lens body, Nikon draws in contrast yellow a gold ring on their lenses.
  • Canon uses Ультра- low dispersion glass (Ultra low Dispersion glass - UD) in lenses, Nikon uses Extra- low dispersion glass (Extra low Dispersion glass - ED)
  • IS (Image Stabilizer) from Canon and VR (Vibration Reduction) by Nikon
  • USM at Canon and SWM at Nikon
  • Canon's flash is called Speedliteat Nikon Speedand, too :)
  • At canon yellow or blue backlighting on auxiliary monochrome displays, at Nikon green backlight.
  • Nikon Distinguished and Named Macro Lenses'Microphone', Canon has the same designation'Macro', you can still find many such perversions.

In the general case, everyone comes up with his own super-ultra-extra stuff, and we can only figure out these confusing and pairwise-dual things from Nikon and Canon.

Actually, as I promised, this article is purely entertaining. If you know any interesting differences or features between Nikon \ Canon cameras, write in the comments, I will be interested to read.

Seriously, take a look at a series of articles on this subject:

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  • Dmitriy

    I use a Nikon system and hate all the other brands because I don't have them! And so you want. And also a motorized cart for photo shoots ...

  • Exhausted

    Look, make no mistake with the choice of the brand of a motorized trolley)). But seriously, the confrontation between Nikon-Canon is not at the manufacturers, but in our heads. I’m sure that after looking at 5 shots taken with an identical lens of the same price category, you do not notice the difference. Take off your health do not be clever and do not pour mud on each other.

  • Kostya

    Arkady, interestingly, Kenon started the series of middle-class DSLRs with the D30 model, then D60 ... why did they change the letters / numbers ??? and followed by 10D \ 20D, etc.

  • Farhad

    I read an article the other day:
    So there they slightly lowered the Nikon D800 and generally all the Nikons for their unnatural skinton.
    What do you think?

    • Gennady

      I also read this article. and for a long time. Beautifully written nothing can be said about the style of presentation of the material, apparently a photographer and still a professional journalist. This made an impression on me. Everything is written on the case and with the arrangement, beautifully summed up in the article. Only kenon. I’m a nikonist, and not because I don’t like kenon, but by choice! Well, I like, as a simple advanced lover, pictures rich with colors from Nikon. Before choosing the first DSLR, I also shoveled the Internet, probably looked at more than one thousand photos taken by one and the other system, I liked Nikon. That's basically the whole approach.
      And now about the article, as he said, it is very beautifully written, but! The author bought a Nikon D800 and praised it adequately enough, suddenly saw aberrations and a bunch of surprises. And I realized what? In vain he abandoned the canon. And he began to think where to buy Kenon again and how he flew into the money!
      At the beginning of the article, the Author correctly estimated the capabilities of both cameras from Canon, Cameras are different in professional level, Canon 5D Mark lll is lower than Canon 1Ds Mark lll. Do you agree with me? This is understandable from the words of the author, this is what he writes (text from the article verbatim) “Only by passing from good to worse, you understand how good it was the best. If you are switching from Canon 5D Mark lll to Canon 1Ds Mark lll, it is not so noticeable. But when you get accustomed and having learned the charms of Canon 1Ds Mark lll you switch to Canon 5D Mark lll, it is amazing. " And now let's see what the author of the article is doing, he is buying a NIKON D800, obviously a relatively cheap camera from Nikon, not belonging to the top line of professional cameras in the Canon 5D Mark lll price category. which he scolded above for a low level, remember? The question arises why he didn't buy, let's say, a Nikon top-line camera and didn't compare, say, Nikon D3 and Canon 1Ds. And that's why, it is known that Nikon D800 is on the market within 2,5 tons. Green and Nikon D3 are within 6.5 approximately. For the difference in price, you can buy a couple more nikons of the eight hundredths! And the price of the device is both the image processing algorithm and the quality of the sensor and much more. You cannot compare the incomparable and draw conclusions by slipping the results of conclusions under the noses of ordinary people. So the article smells like a stench, the author would have taken Nikon D3100 and compared it with Canon 1Ds, but you see, the trick didn’t allow it, everyone knows that 800 is an expensive full-frame camera and not many people think how expensive the D3 is. An article for the layman who has only a choice before his eyes, Canon or Nikon. After reading this article, which device will you run to buy? It is clear which one. Now I see with my own eyes the canon policy. Dirty! Well, something like this!

      • Sven

        I support. The comparison is ridiculous. I am surprised by the huge number of comments praising the author in his experience-comparison. Nothing against the author, the person works one hundred percent, the comparison is erroneous and thereby not correct

        • Denis

          liked how he lost $ 9000 on Nikon's purchase

          I recall the task from the Blonde:

          Suppose I took 100 rubles from you. I went to the store and lost them. I met a friend. She took 50 rubles from her. I bought 2 chocolates for 10. I have 30 rubles left. I gave them to you. And I owed 70. And my friend 50. Total 120. Plus, I have 2 chocolates. Total 140! Where is 10 rubles?

          • Alexey

            Assets with liabilities do not add up.

  • Rodion

    Maybe this one and the same desk makes both Nikon and Canon? The story of both pepsi and coca colo, and here)))

  • Andrei

    I want to share my experience. Nikon is good. I just need to know how to prepare a delicious color from it. To do this, I use the bright mode in the camera and cappucca nix as it is not so in the lightroom as compared to kenon. It’s a shame that the plastic color since at kenon. because everyone sins on nikon for skinton. use native software plus photoshop or lightroom but after developing in the cap

    • Atvichayu andreike

      wai as piyatna and pravlivna pisish asobino pra ketchup ash twice I wrote ketchup because pisish wai is so delicious! and the color is attuned to a good one, I'm sorry, I’m walking without a sign of a pinch and a mustache from a little bukaf, I don’t know where on the keyboard “Shift” and I eat vapcha.

      • anonym


      • anonym

        Crying with laughter

  • Peter

    A familiar canonist who picked up my d80 complained that the control dials were spinning in his other direction, and the exposure meter in the viewfinder was also inverted

    • Alexander Malyaev

      The familiar nikonist who had taken Canon in his hands said the same thing! )))

  • Shark

    No doubt the 100-400 will be a little sharper and better focusing than the d party lenses, but you pay a premium for that.

  • Tetris

    Nikon in this segment is represented only by the D3300 model, which quickly gained popularity. This camera got onboard 24 megapixels, 11-point autofocus and serial shooting at 5 frames per second.

  • FED2

    for Nikon, in the menu, the root folders are located vertically, and for Canon - horizontally.

  • BAHO444

    So that there is no war over patent rights, they are distorted as much as possible.

  • Alexey

    Guys! I am a blacksmith of artistic blacksmithing, and I am also a beginner photographer in the “world of digital photography” ... so this is what I mean: -It doesn’t matter what kind of hammer you have in the workshop, but what is in your head and understanding of what you are doing is important

    • Pokemon

      Convenience and positive from working with a high-quality expensive tool is higher than with a purchased non-share with aliexpress.

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