Review Phoenix 50mm 1: 1.9

For the opportunity Phoenix 50mm 1: 1.9 for Pentax Lens Review many thanks to Vadim Gadzira.

Review Phoenix 50mm 1: 1.9

Review Phoenix 50mm 1: 1.9

My Phoenix 1.9 / 50 has bayonet 'K' to work on Pentax cameras. The lens is very light, it's probably the most light fiftyI've ever used. Lens made in japan, I did not find detailed information about its optical design and year of production.

Phoenix 50 1.9 lens view from different angles

Phoenix 50 1.9 lens view from different angles

In the hand, the lens seems very simple, which causes distrust. But in fact, it turned out to be pretty good. The focus ring rotates 180 degrees, while the front lens remains stationary. The trunk of the lens lengthens when focusing half a centimeter. The focus ring is plastic. The minimum focusing distance is 50 см. The focusing process is pleasant, no different from other similar fifty dollars.

Phoenix 50 1.9 lens view on a modern camera

Phoenix 50 1.9 lens view on a modern camera

Aperture has 6 petals, the minimum value is F / 16,0. You can set the value to F / 16, 11, 8, 5.6, 4, 2.8, 1.9. The diameter of the front filter is 49mm.

Enlightenment Phoenix 50 1.9 Lens

Enlightenment Phoenix 50 1.9 Lens

The lens gives a slightly yellow-green hue when sighted, but automatic white balance gives a pretty good result. The sharpness of the lens is level, although a slight soft effect is noticeable at 1.9, but after 2.8 the lens becomes quite sharp. Aberrations are well fixed. The circles around the edges of the frame in the blur zone are slightly flattened.

Phoenix 50 1.9 aperture

Phoenix 50 1.9 aperture

Sample photos on Phoenix 50 / 1.9

All sample photos in this review without treatment. All shot on camera Pentax K10D. Reduced photo size to 3MP and imprinted data from EXIF.

Personal experience

I am surprised that such a small lens can produce such good image quality.

Phoenix 50 1.9 Lens Dimensions

Phoenix 50 1.9 Lens Dimensions


Phoenix 50mm 1: 1.9 - very easy fast fixed lens with manual focus for Pentax cameras. Can be used for leisurely creative shooting.

Help to the project. Thanks for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Novel

    In the third photo, a very characteristic Helios twist. Perhaps some variation on the topic of biotar.

  • Ivan

    True, the twist on the third photo is similar, and to me the photo with chains seemed similar to Helios 81 on aperture 2.

    • anonym

      Me, by the way, too. True Helios 81H like more!

  • Gene jb

    Another Porst / Vivitar, they are like twin brothers, only the lenses are different.

  • Kostya

    Good day! Yak is the head of Tsikaviy look around. In me there is a winiklo take nutrition: and which one of the best ob'ktiv did you bachili?

  • Michael

    Or maybe this one?

  • nukemall

    I came across such a freak under the name "Carenar".

  • Aleksander

    damn ,, why a freak ??? the whole vast country was shooting with this rather sharp lens, and no one complained !!! eh ... forget the land of advice ... :(


    And I have a copy of this plastic called Vivitar 50 1,9 did Kozina. Even Helios 44-2 in my opinion is better and lenses and constructive!

  • George

    Buenos dias, necesito que me cotizen un lente marca PHENIX MC f.50mm 1.1.7
    Para una Maquina selectora de color, para cereals

    • B. R. P.

      Esto no es una tienda. Busque precios en otros lugares.

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