Overview of Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

I express my gratitude to Andrey Mikhailovsky for the opportunity lens overview Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150.

Overview of Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

Overview of Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 Is a prime tele lens from Kiev medium format cameras with a Pentacon SIX mount. Note that there were also Kalinar-3 lensesВ 2.8 / 150 from 'Salyut' cameras with 'B' mount. Also, there is Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 under a different name - Arsat 2.8 / 150... On my Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 lens there is the logo of the Kiev plant 'Arsenal', and the first two digits in the lens number 830310 indicate that the lens was manufactured back in 1983.

View of the lens Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

View of the lens Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

The lens Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 is very heavy, its weight is over 1100g, and the size is simply huge. Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 uses 82mm filters. On modern lightweight cameras by type Nikon D5100, Canon 600D the lens will be difficult to use due to the improper weight balance of the camera-lens bundle. On my kilogram camera Nikon D700 Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 feels great, but after an hour of shooting the severity of the lens makes itself felt.

Lens view Kaleinar 3B 2.8 150

Lens view Kaleinar 3B 2.8 150

Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 through adapters can be used on any modern camera. For example, I used Kaleinar-3B on cameras Nikon D700, D80 using a Pentacon SIX - Nikon F adapter, such an adapter can be found in the manual optics section. How to use old Soviet lenses you can read on any Nikon digital SLR camera here, and for Canon - here.

View of Kaleinar 3B 2.8 150 on a modern camera

View Kaleinar 3B 2.8 150

I like to use lenses from medium format cameras, since on full-format cameras and on cropped cameras they work only with their central area, usually the image from the central area of ​​the lens is the sharpest and eliminated from other parasitic distortions. Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 itself is a rather unique lens, it is the only 150mm fix from the Soviet Union, and there are only 2 pieces of Kaleinar brand lenses, this one from this review, and MS Kaleinar-5n 100mm F2.8.

Sample photo on Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

Sample photo on Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

The lens has a huge metal focus ring, which rotates 270 degrees, while the trunk of the lens is extended by 2-3 centimeters. When focusing, the front lens does not rotate; during focusing, all internal lenses move along the helicoid. The MDF lens is 1.8 meters. It was hard for me to focus through the optical viewfinder.

Sample photo on Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

Sample photo on Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

The iris control ring is located near the front lens. Aperture closes down to F / 16.0 with intermediate values ​​of F / 11, 8, 5.6, 4 and F / 2.8. Among the drawbacks of the lens, I want to note the 6-blade diaphragm, which forms nuts in the out-of-focus area. If Kaleinar-3B had as many petals as, for example, Jupiter-37A, then there would be no price for it. Aperture blades are matte. Kaleinar-3B has the ability to automatically control the aperture on medium format Kiev cameras; when used on modern digital cameras, only manual aperture control is available. The lens has a DOF scale for all intermediate apertures.

Sample photo on Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

Sample photo on Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

Image quality

First of all, the lens is interesting for its ability to beautifully blur the background, which is very important for some types of portraiture. On the open aperture, the lens has a nice bokeh. The sharpness at F / 2.8 is rather weak, but for a portrait it is enough with the head, when the aperture is closed, the sharpness increases. The lens does not tolerate lateral and backlight, it lacks multi-illumination. Due to the light sources in the frame, the contrast of the lens drops dramatically; when used on digital cameras, the contrast is easily corrected. Color rendering is normal, the lens suffers a little HA.

Lens sizes

Lens sizes

Sample Photos

All photos were taken with a Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 lens and a camera Nikon D700 JPEG L, FINE, VI. Photos without processing, size reduced to 3 MP (2048 * 1536) and data from EXIF.

Personal experience

Due to its enormous weight, Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 loses to other lenses, for example, such as Jupiter-37A, when using full-format cameras. In general, the impressions of Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 are positive, if you work a little on the photos from Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 in graphic editors, you can get a very decent picture.

Sample photo on Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

Sample photo on Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

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Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150 is a unique medium format fast prime telephoto lens. Can be used as a 'long' portrait lens on full frame and crop cameras.

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Comments: 52, on the topic: Overview of Kaleinar-3B 2.8 / 150

  • Igor

    Hello Arkady! Tell me what DOF on the open aperture when using this lens on the crop?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      DOF is the same as in full frame. The EGF for Nikon DX is 225mm.

    • SONY

      The question is somewhat pointless ... DOF depends not only on the lens, but also on the shooting distance. The depth of field calculator, of which there are plenty on the Internet, will help to determine what it will be at the distance you need.

  • Andrei

    Optically, the lens is really very good! But the biggest and probably the only drawback is the weight. When I picked it up, I just saw it, the bandura was still that)))
    Thanks for the review!

  • Andrei

    But it looks effective with such dimensions)

  • Igor

    I just read in one of your reviews that from physical. the size of the matrix depends on the depth of field control. Therefore, he asked.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Dependent on IPIG control, IPIG itself does not.

  • Roman

    Igor, the depth of field does not depend on the size of the matrix. Just on cameras with a full-frame sensor, the viewfinder is slightly larger and focusing on a larger image is easier.

    • Igor

      Aaaaa ... That's how it is.

  • Cyprus

    sparrows bright

    • Я

      Yes, cool)

  • anonym

    In general, a cool review)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      thank you)

  • Edgar

    Good day. I own the same lens. From personal experience I can say that when closing the aperture, the sharpness does not really increase (yes there is a need for exposure compensation at -0.5-1 steps. Although you need to set the exposure compensation at +0.7 or +1.0). Subjectively, the optimal aperture is from 4 to 5.6. In principle, there is good glass, but the soul lies more towards Yu37a, because there is no problem closing the aperture, and the Yu37a doesn’t attract so much attention. Thank you for the well-composed review, you are always on top. P.S. I would like to see you have a canon 40d review (they are interested in the differences from 30 and 50.) There are a lot of rumors on the Internet, I want to know your opinion :)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Ok, I’ll try to make a review.

    • karo ayvazyan

      edgar podskajite pojaluysta kaleynar b3 i canon 6d mark 2 est u menya ,, kakoy perexodnik nujno kupit chtobi chetko srabotala?

      • B. R. P.

        Pentacon SIX - Canon Eos.

  • Alexey

    medium format photo
    I agree about the need for multi-enlightenment (see the last photo for the link). As for the optimal aperture of 4-5,6, I also agree. these photos are just at 5,6 and taken at 2,8 a very shallow depth of field.

  • Andrei

    http://vk.com/photo44264999_297097418 - I made an adapter (I'm a turner), now I urgently need to try to take pictures with it))) It looks lethal, I want to call it not Kaleinar but COLLIDER!

  • Alexander

    Recently found such a completely unused! Even on the D200 it looks huge (only Tair 3 is worse). The sharpness is impressive. http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/pekkar/view/520715/?page=6 Use limits the lack of multi-enlightenment and high weight. Thanks for the review!

  • Alexander

    As before, as always, my TAMRONCF TELE MACRO 1: 3.8, 1: 4/210, which, incidentally, is MS, immensely pleases me!

  • Nadia

    Good afternoon, Arkady,
    Thanks for the quality reviews. I found such an objective at home, fastened it to the Canon 400d - an awkward center of gravity. 5d is better, but what they do not really understand to shoot is not suitable for a portrait photographer, it is somehow strange to shoot portraits from 20 meters, but it does not focus at infinity.
    What can be made from it? Such glass is beautiful, it’s a pity that it is lying around idle. Macro really do?

    • Anton

      Something is wrong with the adapter, infinity should be.

  • Artem

    Today I bought this (not used) ... Very impressive, I use it with d90 .. but it's still better to shoot from a tripod ... To improve the ballania, I put a battery pack on the carcasses ... It helps little))))

  • Kate

    he is really very heavy. I dragged him in a backpack all day, I thought it would be easier)

  • Maestro

    Arkady, under your picture it is signed that Kaleinar is on a modern camera Nikon d700, and in the picture it is Nikon d80 ...
    People, and the lens is very difficult to handle an amateur who touched only Helios 44 and Vega 12b?

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Sergiy

    Dyakuyu for looking around! And what about the information about the medium format? Infectious joke with a 6x6 portrait: maybe you can please? Dyakuyu

  • Sofia

    Hello, I did not quite understand about adapters on canon, could you explain in more detail. Thanks in advance.

  • Timur

    I recently purchased a Canon 600D dandelion adapter for my old Kalainar. The trick works.
    Yes, heavy ... But only for the sake of good shots can you be patient :)
    Thanks for the review!

    • Sasha

      Timur, I also have 600D, which adapter do I need?

      • anonym

        I took the adapter as indicated in the review of the Pentacon 6-EOS with "dandelion". Look online, in Moscow and St. Petersburg without problems, it was about 1800-2000 rubles.

        • anonym

          Will it be suitable for calendars 3c?

          • Jury

            no, Pentacon 6 is bayonet B, Kaleinar 3V is bayonet B, you need an adapter "Kiev 88-Canon"

  • anonym

    And even when screwing on any filters, the lens loses sharpness.

  • anonym

    But about X / A - something very noticeable in my open and in the glare and in the blur zone - is this a common disease or an instance? It will be necessary to try without a filter - maybe it will be better ...

    • Hyc

      It’s great on the open. If you cover up to four it becomes tolerable, at 5.6 it’s already fit enough so that you can not edit the XA in the developer. There it is already impossible to make out where soap and where is HA.

      HA begins to soar if they use it not as a long portrait but as a telephoto on a crop hunting birds. The same Granite-11 or U21 chromate less. But they are much darker. If you close the kaleinar to four, then it turns out.

      Well, a little yellow because of a kind of enlightenment. However, if in nature, and in summer, and in fair weather, to shoot, in my opinion the color is even more energetic.

  • Iskander

    The volume is wonderful.

  • anonym

    about the flu is funny. Noobled. all at once)

  • Dmitriy

    Arkady, tell me please Kaleinar-3V 2,8 / 150 what is the difference from that indicated in the review?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Bayonet mount. There B, and there B.

  • Igor

    I recently bought Kaleinar 3B with an adapter for Nikon, just a month ago I got Karl Zeiss Zonnar 2,8 180 mm “zebra” adapter Pentacon - Nikon for aliexpress. The application seems to be, only Kaleinar is 350 g lighter and it is easy to find filters and hoods for it, unlike Zeiss with a 95 mm outer diameter for a filter, so the polarik has not been found anywhere for it! Although the drawing from Zeiss is more interesting, I found all sorts of filters and a hood for Kaleinar 3B, I will use it for everyday shooting, and I will take care of Zeiss. By the way, my copy has a quality mark and all the inscriptions in Latin and shoots sharply on the crop already at 2.8. Now I have both Kaleinars - 3 and 5 and adapters for Nikon to both B and C, when cheap medium format optics come across, you can take it with any letter

    • anonym

      And rightly so - wonderful lenses were made under the SF.

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