Canon EOS 5D review

Canon EOS 5D - this is a legendary old full frame semi-professional camera (or advanced amateur - as it is convenient to count), which was produced from 2005 to 2008. My version made in japan. Canon 5D became the third camera after Canon EOS 1DS и Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II with a full-frame sensor, the Canon EOS 5D is the first in a new class of professional cameras with a lightweight body (often referred to as 'semi-pro'). Canon EOS 5D has direct descendants: this 5D MarkII, 5D Mark III и 5D Mark IV... Canon EOS 5D is often referred to simply as'first dime'or' 5D classic '.

The Canon EOS 5D has a 13.3 MP CMOS sensor, of which only 12.8 MP, which by today's standards is not so much, but 12.8 MP is enough for comfortable shooting of most photo tasks. I rarely find it necessary to use cameras with a large number of megapixels. Canon EOS 5D Captures Images 4368 by 2912 pixels (total - 12.719.616 pixels), which is enough to print pictures even on the A3-A4 format. I rarely print pictures larger than 20 x 30 cm.

Canon EOS 5D can use ISO from 100 to 1600 and expand the range to a value ISO L (ISO 50), ISO H (ISO 3200). Today you won’t surprise anyone with ISO 3200, even modern Canon cropped cameras with APS-C format sensors, for example Canon 650D, can overclock their ISO up to 25.600. But still, I want to pay tribute to the old lady Canon EOS 5D: unlike the 'inflated' ISO values ​​of many cropped cameras, the Canon EOS 5D can actually use its ISO 1600 and even ISO 3200. In terms of noise level, the Canon EOS 5D still bypasses a lot. (if not all!) cropped cameras, such as Canon 7D, Nikon D300, Pentax K5Sony SLT-A65 etc.

Canon 5D with booster

Canon 5D with booster and Canon Lens EF 50mm 1: 1.4 lens

Canon EOS 5D can shoot at speed 3 frames per second. Some argue that the speed is around 3.5 to \ s. The camera shows in the lower right corner. frame bufferequal to 9 shots (8 frames when using the ISO extended range function), but when shooting in Drive mode, you can take about 17-20 pictures in RAW format until the camera starts to slow down. In JPEG L mode, a series of shots reaches 60 frames. Generally, pretty large real frame buffer I was pleasantly surprised.

But when shooting in RAW + JPEG mode, after filling in the frame buffer, the camera goes into a stupor for a long time. In this mode, the buffer is 12 shots, the camera takes the next frame in only 10-15 seconds, which is an eternity! Using a fast memory card does not solve the problem.

Canon EOS 5D can use RAW (CR2) format only with 12 bit depth of color. RAW (CR2) files average 11 to 19 MB. JPEG L files are 2 to 10 MB on average. Canon EOS 5D uses fast cards CF. My Canon EOS 5D easily made friends with a memory card CF Transcend 32GB 400x and Transcend 32GB 133x.

Important: The data recording speed, which depends on the camera itself, is very low on the Canon EOS 5D and this cannot be corrected by using a faster memory card. One RAW file weighing about 10 MB, the camera records about one second even with the fastest CF cards.

Canon 5D Display

Canon 5D Display

I liked the Canon EOS 5D excellent ergonomicsa, large monochrome backlit secondary display. The camera weighs about 900 grams with the battery and without the lens. Almost a kilogram of weight is not scary. Canon EOS 5D does not have a dust and water resistant body. Camera display 2.5 inch with 230.000 points. When working with the display, I noticed that it reproduces the real color rather poorly in the obtained photos - it is too faded. The camera's menu is quite simple, it is very easy to understand it, in this camera it became available in Russian as well.

Canon EOS 5D supports shutter speeds from 30 s to 1 \ 8000 s. For measuring exposure 35-zone sensor responds, a large number of amateur Canon cameras have a similar sensor, more about it here.

Canon 5D has just 9 focus points (and 6 more invisible auxiliary)... In the Custom Functions menu, I recommend adjusting the focus point selection with the joystick. You can read more about the focusing system installed on the Canon 5D in the 'Canon EOS Camera Focus Sensors'.

But the Canon 5D has a good large optical viewfinder with 96% coverage, working with such a viewfinder is pretty nice. The battery holds up to 1000 shots, which is pretty good.

Sample Photos

All sample photos located in the gallery below were obtained using a Canon EOS 5D camera and lens YONGNUO 50mm 1: 1.4. Some photos were taken using a polarizing filter. HOYA 58mm PL-CIR.

Personal experience

Canon EOS 5D can be regarded as used. camera option for people who want to immediately start shooting at full frame. In nature there is no cheaper and more practical option for a full-frame camera. Although, for about the same cost you can find Canon EOS-1DS. Personally, I think Canon EOS 5D is preferable Canon EOS-1DS due to its smaller size, lithium-ion battery, larger display, larger frame buffer, more adequate work with memory cards and, most importantly, more flexible capabilities for processing RAW files.

Among the shortcomings of the Canon EOS 5D, I would like to note the absence of the Live View mode, which is very useful when working with manual optics, and the small number of focus points. At the same time, the camera does not have fine adjustment of automatic focus. True, Canon EOS 5D supports replacement focusing screens.

Many people complain that the camera sensor gets dirty quickly - Canon EOS 5D does not have a matrix cleaning system. Also in the camera no HDR, built-in flash, automatic ISO control in modes P, Av, Tv, M and many modern 'gadgets'. Many photographers have easily and painlessly switched to Canon 5D after crop cameras. Personally, I liked the color rendering of the Canon 5D much more than the color rendering on my 'workhorse' - Nikon D700.

At one time, I made a mistake - instead of Canon EOS 5D (even in the used version) I bought another cropped camera. Now i highly recommend to all novice photographers who are limited in funds and who do not need various 'gadgets', including video filming, instead of buying a 'mediocre' cropped camera, get a used one. Canon EOS 5D (not new). I think that for the growth of a photographer, immediately shooting in full frame is very, very important and useful. If you are looking for some interesting and inexpensive camera with a 'beautiful pattern', then I recommend looking at the 'Legends go to battle', as well as 'Full Frame with 28 megapixels for 240 cu :)'

More examples of photos, as well as source files in RAW format, can be viewed or downloaded in the following reviews:

  1. In my gallery at 500px
  2. In the video review
  3. Yongnuo 35mm 1: 1.4
  4. YONGNUO LENS YN50mm F1.4
  5. ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN SMC PENTAX-M 1: 1.7 50mm
  6. SMC PENTAX 1: 1.8 / 55 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN 
  7. Canon Zoom Lens EF 20-35mm 1: 3.5-4.5 Ultrasonic (there are examples at high ISO values)
  8. Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR 1: 1.4 / 50 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN
  9. Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm 1: 2.8 L IS USM
  10. Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar 1: 2,8 f = 100mm T *
  11. Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2.8 / 135 T * (C / Y)
  12. EBC Fujinon.Z 1: 4.5 / 75-150 Fuji Photo Film Co. Lens-japan
  13. Vivitar 75-205mm 1: 3.8 Close Focusing Auto Zoom
  14. Hanimex Automatic 1: 2.8 f = 100mm (there are portraits)
  15. Sigma 70-200mm 1: 2.8 APO EX HSM (portraits available)
  16. MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1: 2
  17. Auto Super-Lentar 1: 2.8 f = 35mm
  18. Travenar wide auto 1: 2.8 f = 28mm (colorful photos)
  19. Era-6M 1,5 / 50
  20. Nippon Kogaku Japan Micro-Nikkor Auto 1: 3.5 f = 55mm
  21. TAIR-3-FS 4,5 / 300
  22. Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR 1: 4 / 200 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN
  23. Vivitar 17MM 1:3.5 AUTO WIDE-ANGLDE
  24. A. Schacht Ulm Edixa-Mat-Travenar-A 1:3,5/135
  25. Olympus OM-System E.Zuiko Auto-T 1:2.8 f=100mm
  26. Olympus OM-System Zuiko MC Auto-W 1:2.8 f=28mm
  27. Spiratone Tc 1:2.8 f=135mm Japan


Nowadays, the Canon EOS 5D is morally obsolete, but still attracts with its full-frame sensor and affordable price per second. option. Canon 5D only requires full-frame Ef lenses. Canon EOS 5D even nowadays shows a great picture at low ISO. Many appreciate it for its nice color rendering.

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  • Mr. Boggy

    Great camera. I moved after 400d and 60d. After cropping on old ef lenses, the picture is more interesting, sharper, more realistic. A miracle did not happen - I also learned a vignette with soapy corners, I'll be honest, but there was more fresh air and freedom in shooting. In comparison, especially with 60d, heaven and earth. 60d is generally like UG soap, a fat 5d pixel drives. I am writing as a user who shot on film until 2007, the penny helped with nostalgia, the film crew will understand! In reality, only in FF do you understand what a shirik is, already 28 behind the eyes, 24 has become too wide for me! I recommend it to experienced amateurs with a limited budget and availability of ef glasses. Thanks to the penny, I am now a fatpixel fan and bought another 1ds first. But this is already a chamber for gourmets and true connoisseurs. eight-)))

  • Andrew 777

    Dear Arkady! Need your help! There is a 5d mark 1. We need a MANUAL INEXPENSIVE lens with a focal length of about 100 mm (85 - 135) with a good quality picture (no rounded bokeh and moderately sharp). My top, based on the budget, included the following: 1) Olympus OM Zuiko 100 / 2,8, 2) Nikon 105mm f / 1.8 Nikkor AI-S MF, 3) Canon FD 135 mm f / 2.5, 4) Pentacon 2.8 / 135, 5) Samyang AE 85mm 1: 1.4, 6) Jupiter 37A, 7) Tair 11, Tamron SP 90 mm f / 2.5 Adaptall-2 model 52B, Tamron 135mm F / 2.5. Perhaps you will advise some more affordable high-quality glasses ... In general, your TOP 5 is very interesting ... What would you choose for canon 5d 1. And most importantly, can they all be on a penny ...

  • Alexey

    There will definitely be difficulties with the Canon FD 135 mm lens, but absolutely everything will be sharp on the first “dime”. We shouldn't have bothered to describe the area of ​​their application.

    • Andrew 777

      for waist and length portraits. Not for the studio.

  • Stas

    Arkady! Thank you for the reviews you give out! This is a huge job! It happens that a day I look at 7-8. When choosing optics, I also focus immediately on this resource, and then only on others.

    Arkady! There is a request .. I can’t open the link to the camera. Is it possible to correct it or to fill in a few ravs on the email? I will be very grateful.

    • Michael

      The link is working, maybe you just have blocked?

      • Stas

        thanks. go shake admin

  • Oleg

    For cameras with a small screen and lack of WiFi, there is a simple solution for viewing captured photos. If your phone or tablet supports OTG, connect the phone and the camera via cables and on the big screen see what you’ve removed and whether you need to retake it. You can also immediately save, if you want to earn some money and, if necessary, immediately put it on the Internet or send it to someone.

  • Denis

    will there be a holivar?
    if the camera has a good jpeg out of the box, it means that there is no problem for the native software on the computer to get the same or even better jpeg
    but far from every camera you can easily get a good color in principle
    and if you get very confused, you can colorize black and white photos :)

    • Michael

      And I'm not a holivar for the sake of. I just wanted to read the thoughts of other people and, in particular, yours. You expressed it, for which you are grateful :)

  • anonym

    "Between 5D and something else (let this other be full frame too"
    From something else in its price range there will be only a few from the same Kenon hailing from the Paleozoic era with a range of several billion frames. The nearest Nikon will cost twice as much.

  • Andrei

    I would not say that on this lens the first-timer gives out everything it is capable of. In my estimation (I'm a big fan of the first-timer) - 70-75 percent.

  • Alexander Shyam

    And how to set up live mode in canon 5d so that it is bright, please tell me the settings.

  • Alexander

    Perhaps at the time of writing, the old version of the firmware was. I have the first two five-kopecks on both 1.1.1 firmware. Transcend UDMA7 600X CF Card
    In general, why am I all this - in RAW, after filling the buffer, the camera continues to shoot at a speed of 1 frame per second
    in RAW + L continues to shoot at a speed of 1 frame in 2 seconds. For reporting, of course, this is a disaster, but we are not talking about any 10-15 seconds.

  • Alex

    Arkady, I heard that in versions since 2007. the first heel was already reworked mirror mechanism and screen. And this is somehow reflected in the serial number .. I already had 3 nickels, I’m looking for a newer one now .. Maybe you know something? Yours faithfully..

  • petrovich

    and the video is provided there

  • Natalia

    Good afternoon, can you tell me how to fix the shutter speed in 5d mark 2 in the aperture priority mode so that it does not extend longer than the set one, in other systems it is possible, like combining it with auto ISO, then the ISO rises. I was picking around in the settings, I didn’t find it, maybe you know where to configure it or is it not here?

    • Foreign land

      M to help you)))

  • Andrei

    What is the point of shooting with a cheap mediocre (to put it mildly) 5D dark zoom? - Given that one of the main advantages of the camera is rightly color rendering ...

  • Inna

    Thank you for the useful reviews!) I choose the first digital SLR, re-read a bunch of articles and reviewed the photo, settled on the Canon 5D and Fujifilm s5 pro. It is possible to take at a similar price and in the same condition. Dear experts, tell me, please, what is better for me for art photography, landscapes and portraits? I understand that both cameras are good in their own way, but I hope that your comments will help you make a choice) There is nothing from optics, so the choice is worth it)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It's a tricky choice, but I still recommend the Canon 5D, it's easier to understand and handle than the S5 pro, for a newbie Canon 5D will still be better. From lenses - announce the budgets, then we will tell you.

      • Inna

        Thank you very much for your prompt reply! I’ll take it before they take it away!) The budget is still very limited, at first I would like something inexpensive, a maximum of 10000. You can use the old manual ones, I have experience communicating on film cameras.

  • Oleg

    Is it worth taking if the mileage is about a hundred thousand?

    • 111

      About a hundred thousand is a very vague concept. It can be 90, 120 or 135 thousand. IMHO not worth it. Used 1ds mk2 will be stronger.

  • Oleg

    Somewhere 90 thousand? A lot?

    • 111

      Oleg, the 5D has a shutter resource of 100: “The shutter is rated to 100,000 shots, [5]”
      Those. They sell you a junk. In the sense of a camera with an already dead shutter and it is not clear when it will have to be changed. But they will have to change soon - perhaps already at 105 thousand frames.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Yes, not necessarily. 5d easily runs up to half a million. Of course, here you are more lucky. But if the camera resource assumes, for example, a value of 100.000, then this does not mean that the worst is already happening at 105.000 :)

        • Anton

          I met a copy with about 4 million mileage (the owner is meticulous, the first owner, stores almost all the frames), the shutter was changed according to the owner 7 times. That is, on average, for that instance under 600 thousand before changing the shutter. I think it’s very good for any camera.

  • Igor

    The First Pyatak cannot be used to check the number of shutter releases. He doesn’t have a counter, he’s not an official, and no hackers will help, all the tales.

  • Anton

    In general, I shoot more on Nikons, now the main camera is D610, but for fun I tried 5D, which sells at a price of 1/5 of my Nikon. And damn it, he's still good. Before that I thought that this old man was not particularly suitable for working, but he is very, just VERY good in color. I understand that Nikon is not a standard of color, but still I did not expect such a difference. I thought about changing photo-religion even.

    • Andrey T.

      Pervopyatak is a masterpiece of camera engineering. And not only compared to the D610. And not only in terms of color rendition. He, IMHO, and some of the later monokyotnikov FF conceals. Especially when used with vintage lenses.

    • Igor

      It is not necessary to change religion, you can immediately be in two sects. I agree, the dynamics of 610 and 750 are very good, but the colors of the first five-copeck coin are something. I personally and many like it more than 5D3. My dream is 5D3 with a matrix from the first.

  • Oleg

    Thank you, I will look further.

  • Victor

    I take off a lot and say this, I switched to Canon 5D because it was not possible to buy better, but I looked at other more expensive FF realized that I had made the right choice. There are pros and cons, I’ll honestly say everything.
    Cons - for commercial shooting, you need 2 of these (I bought 2) because the shutter resource is real 100-150 thousand frames, it can be covered. And maybe 500 to plow. But with one it is impossible, unless specifically after a major overhaul. This is the main disadvantage.
    - 13 mps. Not a little, honestly, enough for a high-quality photo, but still a little more. It was 18, and now 18 is perfect. 13 is good for viewing in FULLHD and printing. Well, actually everyone has enough.
    - There are no modern chips - I personally don't need anything for nothing, but objectively a minus.

    Pros - Strength, reliability, amazing color rendition, very good film colors, when calibrating the camera, the standard leaves many cameras behind, for me it's better to mark 2. Well, in general, the first 5 should be changed only to mark 3 or 4. But this is how you understand already a fundamentally different price.

    In general, the camera is perfect. In reality, only 2 minuses are old, so you need a second camera with you, and 13 Mps is tolerable but not enough. The rest is a masterpiece.

    • Andrey T.

      I would make some clarifications here (naturally, no more than IMHO). Where a living natural color is not needed (and even harmful) - protocol, fashion, reportage, black-and-white photography - this is the kingdom of FF Nikonov. At the same time, the meaning of the existence of Nikon's crops is generally unclear to me. The rest is the kingdom of the Canon. It further depends on what is being filmed and what. For serious shooting for money (not bombilov) - 5D MIII-IV with serious L class lenses. For shooting with vintage manuals - the first ones; M II-III with them dry up the picture and noticeably lose to 5d Classic. MIV in this sense is much better, but the first penny on manuals is quite competitive with it. The MII hangs between these two groups (vintage - Canon L \ Sigma Art lenses), because it is not good enough either there or there.

      • Michael

        The landscape is still forgotten))

        • Andrey T.

          Didn't forget - the landscape on Nikon is the same fashion))

      • DmitryK

        Andrey T.
        Andrey, the Nikon crop has the same meaning as the Pentax or Canon crop.

        • Andrey T.

          I will allow myself to remain in my opinion. The meaning of Canon's crops is clear to me - they give a decent (and in some places - very decent, like, for example, 40D) color for the poor. Almost like the big ones ...

          • DmitryK

            are d7100 / 7200/7500-d500 so bad in color?
            In any case, better than the d300s / d90 / d7000. And I would say these cameras are more promising now than ff d700.

            • Andrey T.

              With the fact that the color (in parts) of the above is better than on the D700, I will not argue. From which it does not follow that it can be considered good.

              • Valentine

                Color, color, color ... Canon, Nikon, Canon, Nikon ... Crop, Ff, Crop, Ff ... One and the same gum. More about the sharpness and DD here - there will be a full set of the bulk of this blog's comments. Water in a mortar.

  • Alexey

    Arkady thank you very much for creating this resource and all this work, it's just some kind of digital monument to man. I own used 5d a few years, before that he was on the crop of Sonya minolty. With pollution, the matrix is ​​a very strong problem and can be considered a lack of a screen, it is small and nothing is visible in the sun. At the moment, the price for the second brand has fallen, it is better to add and take it a little. There is a matrix cleaning and a better screen. And of course, in terms of price-quality ratio, it is difficult to find analogues to these devices at the moment.

  • User

    Hello. Is it possible to glue a mirror on it with polyurethane glue? They say that if it falls off, it is better to glue it on a soft glue such as silicone, you can’t use super glue, but I don’t know polyurethane. Tell me please

  • Andrei

    Welcome all! I am faced with the choice of what to take for myself. The camera, in principle, is needed for creative, leisurely shooting. Sway between the first dime and the D2X

    • Andrey T.

      Well, you can compare pictures from this and that. Having eyes, as they say ...

  • User

    Hello Arkady! Tell me if it makes sense to take used. a camera with incomprehensible mileage? the shabby case is probably not small. or is it better to take a Nikon d300 with a range of about 70-90k? Color rendering and iso important

    • Pokekmon

      If color rendering is important and high working ISOs, this is not about the D300 / D300s.
      Take a closer look at 5D or 1Ds / 1Ds Mk2 / 1Ds Mk3.
      The units are immensely cool, as is their price ...

      • User

        But about the mileage? there are 2 options, one is more worn and there is no gum on the side (if it comes off, then the remaining pieces of rubber in the camera can get into the shutter), says the first owner handed over to the service for a complete cleaning, but the shutter was not changed. The second option is slightly better in appearance, but the mirror is in glue (the owner glued with polarized glue) and the bayonet mount has already acquired a copper shade. there and there they do not know the mileage. Please tell me what to choose?

        • Pokemon

          Now it’s hard to find a 5D / first in good condition.
          But still try, at least on the same fuck with the Japanese.
          It makes no sense to spend money on frankly dead devices.
          Alternatively, take a closer look at 1Ds mk2 / 1Ds mk3 - you won't regret it.

          • User

            thanks for the comment, but just my limited budget allows me to buy a shabby 5d or Nikon D300 with 80k mileage in good condition, I have to make a choice by tomorrow

          • User

            help me choose between these two fives that I wrote above

            • Andrey T.

              These gum in the first fighters quickly wear out into dust, and the absence of it in a particular instance does not say anything about the degree of wear. This trash can’t get into the shutter (unless you specifically push it there). Definitely a namber one is better than with a glued mirror.

            • Andrey T.

              PS And in general - it is not necessary to look at that. Turn on the cleaning mode and watch the matrix with a flashlight and a magnifying glass. Depending on the skills of the previous owners, it can be of varying degrees of scratching. Plus working out shutter speeds and aperture control from the camera. The rest for 250-300 dollars of the price can not bother.

              • User

                The first number was sorted out, this is the matter, the owner says that the first owner allegedly carried out a complete cleaning but did not change the shutter, even that they were disassembled, indicates the absence of one small bolt in the slot where there is no plug. And frankly, I settled more on the one with a glued mirror, they say that they often have it and it's normal, plus the case there is less worn

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