Mamiya Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.7 auto review

For the opportunity of the Auto Mamiya-Secor CS 1: 1.7 f = 50mm lens review Many thanks to Andrey Kopyl.

Mamiya Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.7 auto

Mamiya Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.7 auto

My copy was converted to a Nikon F mount; Iris control only works manually. How to use old lenses on modern Nikon digital SLR cameras you can read here.

Lens view Mamiya Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.7 auto

Lens view Mamiya Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.7 auto

The lens turned out to be very small and compact, the diameter of the front filter is only 49mm. The focus ring is rubberized with very tight rubber. The Mamiya Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.7 auto lens itself was made in japan for Mamiya NC1000 (S) cameras around the 70s. On native cameras, the lens had automatic aperture control, as evidenced by the inscription 'auto' in the lens name.

Lens view Mamiya-Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.7

Lens view Mamiya-Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.7

Focusing on the lens is only manual, the focus ring rotates about 220 degrees, while the trunk of the lens lengthens by a centimeter. The minimum focusing distance is 45sm... The depth of field scale is indicated for F / 4, 8, 11, 16. The lens in its design has 6 elements in 5 groups. Lenses have multi-brightening. The diaphragm has a total of 6 blades.

Mamiya-Sekor CS 50mm f1.7

Mamiya-Sekor CS 50 mm f1.7 on a modern central control wheel

Sample Photos

All photographs were taken on the lens Auto Mamiya-Secor CS 1: 1.7 f = 50mm and camera Nikon D700 JPEG L, FINE, VI. Photos without processing, size reduced to 3 MP (2048 * 1536) and data from EXIF.

Personal experience

The Mamiya Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.7 auto is a standard fast XNUMXmm lens. The lens has an unusual pattern, rather sharp, and can give purple halos on highly contrasting elements. Good aperture F / 1.7 makes it quite easy to control the depth of field. On cropped cameras, it can work as a good portrait.

Dimensions of two lenses

Dimensions of two lenses

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Auto Mamiya-Secor CS 1: 1.7 f = 50mm - an interesting little fifty dollars.

Also see review Auto mamiya / sekor 1: 2 f = 50mm.

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Comments: 20, on the topic: Review Mamiya Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.7 auto

  • Ivan

    Nice lens, nice drawing.
    Thanks for the review.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, the drawing is really nice.

  • Andrei

    Thanks for the review!
    The lens is very nice. But as for me, the helios-81n on the open is a little sharper, but if you close to 2 on mummy, then the sharpness is almost the same and the chromatic aberration disappears.

  • Andrei

    Thanks for the review! Cool lens. I want this.

  • spirit

    Andrei, if she already has 1,7, she can’t be closed anyway :) the main thing is that she is, and even better than 1,0)) I congratulate you on a successful purchase

    • Alexander

      I have 1: 1.4 - believe me - it is NECESSARY to close. DOF in 1-1,5cm

  • nukemall

    By the way, does his diaphragm work over the entire range and in accordance with what is installed on the ring? Can you see the rear view?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Works across the entire range. See does not work.

  • Ivan

    Thank you very much for the excellent reviews of photographic equipment ... :)
    Such a question to the author or to knowledgeable people ...
    I'm going to buy the Mamiya-Sekor E 50mm f / 1.7 and with it the Mamiya Sekor E 80-200 3,8
    I haven't seen these lenses live ... the focal length is also not known ... I don't know anything about them ... I'm interested in converting to the EOS system, is it possible (I know that the mount is different, cutting is possible ... is there such an option) ???

  • Vbfedor

    Mamiya E PO as in M42. ))), the aperture of this lens corresponds to the scale values. Mama E's - you can't do that, there is a fully electronic diaphragm control. This is reworked in CS lenses. Arkady, thanks for the site, the work is enormous on the project and successful. For two years from tair 3 and tair 11 to make such a charm))).

    • Sergei

      hi, tell me how to remake the MAMIYA SEKOR 50mm f1.7 lens for the Canon eos camera ??

      • Bunn

        An adapter, in Ibei it seems there are canons. But without remaking the rear element, the mirror will hit it, as far as I heard about this model on the MFLenses forum.

  • Jordan

    Hello, Arkady.

    (Sorry for the English - my Russian is not good enough for writing ...)

    Can you please share what kind of adapter did you use exactly to mount the Mamiya lens on the Nikon body? I've been struggling to find the right kind of adapter for my Nikon D40x. Some sources say you need to get a special bayonet (CS) mount, others recommend the C-mount, and some others say it's the M42. Well, I got the M42 one, and it simply doesn't work.

    The lens originally came with the Mamiya NC1000s body (

    Please let me know if you have a detailed information about the adapter and where I can get it.

    Thank you very much!

    Yordan (from Bulgaria)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      My lens has been redesigned for the Nikon F bayonet mount

    • Andrei

      Jordan I can share the contacts of the person from whom I bought the lens, he also remade it. If interested, write to me at

      • Vadim fedorov

        Yes, I know this person)))

  • Ilyas

    Something the Zenith 1.7 pattern reminded HOWEVER the Zenithar does not have such a bokeh

  • Warrior

    Good afternoon, I have a mirrorless XT10 FUJI
    I want an inexpensive lens for good portraits, at the moment I use INDUSTRAR 61LZ, there was Jupiter 37A, and judging by the reviews, as I understand it, I sold it in vain.
    from photographs I liked this lens and his brother
    Mamiya Sekor CS 50 mm f / 1.4

    The question is, are they suitable for my camera, are there any adapters for such a bundle? and do I need to modify something there?
    Thank you!

    I really want sharp, with good bokeh and manual, I'm tired of choosing, these seem to be very good ...

    • B. R. P.

      The mirrorless mirror is unlikely to be finalized. Adapters to Fuji are from all common mounts.

  • Caspert79

    I have the E version of this lens which is essentially the same. Very good lens optically, it's hard to find a sharper vintage lens. I have the EF 50/1.4 s as well, it exists as CS as well, and its optical performance is simply world class. Sharp wide open, beautiful bokeh and it has extremely good infinity performance as well with very good sharpness up untill the corners. Very underrated these lenses Mamiya's, but a great opportunity to acquire them.

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