2/92 Lens Overview

For the opportunity 2/92 lens overview many thanks to Vadim Gadzira.The lens from this 2/92 review is projection lens from the slide projector 'LETI 60' / 'LETI 60M'. Based instructions for LETI 60M it can be seen that the optical scheme consists of 6 elements in 4 groups.

Important: Photos are signed as Helios 2/92, this is a kind of mistake, do not pay attention to it. Details are in the comments.

Lens view 2/92

View of the 2/92 lens at different focusing distances.

Lens does not have an iris device. This means that the aperture of the lens is always fully open. The lens has a good aperture F / 2.0due to the fact that the diaphragm cannot be closed on a sunny day, at ISO 100 and 1 \ 8000c excerpts I received overexposed pictures on my D700.

Two parts of the Helios 92 2 lens

Two parts of a 2/92 lens. A wormhole (left) and a focusing spindle (right) are visible to create focus.

Also at the lens no focus ring in the usual sense of the word. But the lens can be focused using a primitive spiral wormhole on two parts of the lens. To mount the lens on a modern digital camera, you need to redo it a bit. An adapter ring KP-42 \ N was put on my copy on the back of the lens, while the lens was able to focus from about 1.5 meters to infinity on Nikon cameras, although there is a significant flight for infinity.

Helios 2/92 View of the lens on a modern camera.

2/92 Lens view on a modern camera.

The internal blackening of the frame is very poor, which makes it difficult to use 2/92 as a regular lens. The lens easily catches 'sun hares', 'sun rainbows', loses contrast in backlight. 2/92 has a strange yellow-orange enlightenment that makes the image yellow-green, with the so-called shade of 'Soviet bottle glass'. Auto white balance the camera slightly corrects the colors, in general, it turns out something interesting and vintage.

Enlightenment 2/92

Enlightenment 2/92

Due to the large focal length of 90 mm and the large aperture of F / 2.0, the lens is very easy to achieve a shallow depth of field. By virtue of the 'Biotar' optical design, an interesting bokeh pattern can be obtained. The lens was very sharp. In my opinion, the artistic component of the image in this 2/92 can easily compete with Helios-40-2 85mm F1.5. On the other hand, the lens is very picky about the light sources in the frame.

Example photo on Helios 92 \ 2

Example photo on the lens from the review 92 \ 2

Sample photos on 2/92

All sample photos taken on 2/92 and the camera Nikon D700. Due to the fact that the lens is not intended for ordinary photography, the contrast of the lens suffers greatly, and the unfinished picture looks very poor in most cases. In this review, the photos are finalized. Mainly enhanced contrast when converting from RAW -> JPEG. Reduced image size to 3MP and imprinted data from EXIF.

Personal experience

Despite the dips in image quality, I really liked 2/92. The lens can be found at a very ridiculous price and, having worked a little over the alteration for modern cameras, you can get excellent art photos with a unique pattern.

Example photo on Helios 92 \ 2

Example photo on a lens from a review

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The names of the lenses correspond to their exact spelling on the body.

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

In the comments, you can ask a question on the topic and they will answer you, as well as you can express your opinion or describe your experience. For the selection of photographic equipment, I recommend large catalogs, for example E-Catalog. Many little things for the photo can be found on AliExpress.


The 2/92 projection lens turned out to be very interesting. It can be used for creative purposes. The lens requires rework for use on modern cameras.

On Radozhiv there was a review of another modification of this lens - F = 92 1: 2.

Material prepared by Arkady Shapoval. Do not forget subscribe to my instagram.

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  • Alexander

    Unfortunately, I can’t recall which particular gel is used by the donor. The design is the simplest; - can be seen here https://yadi.sk/d/EzBn1VLzpDA5R An adapter is glued to the internal threaded part and secured with pins, then covered with a decorative black self-adhesive film. The external threaded part is seated on the lens until it stops, fixed with hot-melt adhesive. External protective cover made of thin plastic. A rubber strip is glued on the front for easy focusing. The design was created only for testing without any hope of something acceptable ... however, the result exceeded expectations and even somewhat surprised.

  • Alexander

    I'm not the most experienced guy with lenses; will someone tell me how to put him on Kenon? I have 1100d.

    • Rodion

      You can find the instruction on the Lens Club: http://lens-club.ru/articles/item/c_59.html
      If interested, I am selling a 92/2 lens with a properly set aperture. As a result, 92 / 2,5 came out. But you can achieve either portrait blur, or hard sharpness.
      Well, the focuser and the shank as in this article.

      • Alexander

        Thank you very much for the instruction :)

      • Glory

        inform the price tag Well, the photo

  • Alexander

    The lens is what you need, for creativity it's the very thing. Sharpness is excellent, here is an example on crop

  • Ivan

    LETI-55 found on sale for 1500r. Who among those present does not know by chance whether the lens will fit him? judging by the technical specifications, the lens almost does not differ from LETI-60

  • anonym


  • Rodion

    One type in the Ekb sells this lens in a slightly modified case under the guise of a certain “Helios-Lomo 100 / 1.6” from NVD. Of course, this is terrible nonsense - you should not believe this. In the rough work 92/2 find out - how to do nothing.
    Moreover, this unscrupulous monsieur uses one of the photographs I have attached here as an example that he allegedly shot with the Sony A99 lens using this lens, which is generally not good. I believe that the remaining examples are also underestimated from other photo resources.

  • Vadim

    Hello :)

    Tell me who knows mount T you can wind on it? Are their diameters accidentally not identical? Or need a boring?

  • Valery Nazarkin

    shot on 1Ds mark II lens without modification, photo from RAW to JPEG with the AUTO button pressed

  • Valery Nazarkin

    another photo taken the same

  • Valery Nazarkin

    and another photo in the same mode

  • Valery Nazarkin


  • Valery Nazarkin


  • Valery Nazarkin


  • Valery Nazarkin

    I’ll try to shoot the iris from the flare with a home-made hood, maybe the result will be better, of course the contrast is rather weak, but without obvious crime even in sunny weather, although it may be lucky with the specimen although the lens modification is exactly the same as in the review only with M42 thread on the shank, but on Sony A7II and A7R ^ cameras, the lens starts to soften very much and there the contrast already drops noticeably ...

    • Rodion

      If he carefully blacken the lens spacers, the result is better.

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