2/92 Lens Overview

For the opportunity 2/92 lens overview many thanks to Vadim Gadzira.

UPDATED: more info here.

The lens from this review 2/92 is projection lens from the overhead projector 'LETI 60' / 'LETI 60M'. Based instructions for LETI 60M it can be seen that the optical scheme consists of 6 elements in 4 groups.

Important: Photos are signed as Helios 2/92, this is a kind of mistake, do not pay attention to it. Details are in the comments.

Lens view 2/92

View of the 2/92 lens at different focusing distances.

Lens does not have an iris device. This means that the aperture of the lens is always fully open. The lens has a good aperture F / 2.0due to the fact that the diaphragm cannot be closed on a sunny day, at ISO 100 and 1 \ 8000c excerpts I received overexposed pictures on my D700.

Two parts of the Helios 92 2 lens

Two parts of a 2/92 lens. A wormhole (left) and a focusing spindle (right) are visible to create focus.

Also at the lens no focus ring in the usual sense of the word. But the lens can be focused using a primitive spiral wormhole on two parts of the lens. To mount the lens on a modern digital camera, you need to redo it a bit. An adapter ring KP-42 \ N was put on my copy on the back of the lens, while the lens was able to focus from about 1.5 meters to infinity on Nikon cameras, although there is a significant flight for infinity.

Helios 2/92 View of the lens on a modern camera.

2/92 Lens view on a modern camera.

The internally blackening of the frame is very poor, which makes it difficult to use the 2/92 as a regular lens. The lens easily catches 'sun hares', 'sunny rainbows', loses contrast in backlight. 2/92 has a strange yellow-orange enlightenment, which makes the image yellow-green, with the so-called 'Soviet bottle glass' tint. Auto white balance the camera slightly corrects the colors, in general, it turns out something interesting and vintage.

Enlightenment 2/92

Enlightenment 2/92

Due to the long focal length of 90mm and the fast F / 2.0 aperture, it is very easy to achieve a shallow depth of field with the lens. Due to the optical design of 'Biotar', an interesting bokeh pattern can be obtained. The lens turned out to be very sharp. In my opinion, the artistic component of the image of this 2/92 can easily compete with Helios-40-2 85mm F1.5. On the other hand, the lens is very picky about the light sources in the frame.

Example photo on Helios 92 \ 2

Example photo on the lens from the review 92 \ 2

Sample photos on 2/92

All sample photos taken on 2/92 and the camera Nikon D700... Due to the fact that the lens is not intended for ordinary photography, the contrast of the lens suffers greatly, and the unfinished picture looks very poor in most cases. In this review, the photographs have been improved. Mostly the contrast is enhanced when converting from RAW -> JPEG. Reduced the size of images to 3MP and printed data from EXIF.

Personal experience

Despite the dips in image quality, I really liked 2/92. The lens can be found at a very ridiculous price and, having worked a little over the alteration for modern cameras, you can get excellent art photos with a unique pattern.

Example photo on Helios 92 \ 2

Example photo on a lens from a review

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  44. Projection aplanates: "Petzvali" and "Richter"

The names of the lenses correspond to their exact spelling on the body.

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.


The 2/92 projection lens turned out to be very interesting. It can be used for creative purposes. The lens requires rework for use on modern cameras.

A review of another modification of this lens has appeared on Radozhiv - F = 92 1: 2.

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Comments: 113, on the topic: 2/92 Lens Overview

  • Jury

    the pictures are good, but not everyone has a full frame, what does he give out on the crop?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      If you close the edges of the frame with your hands in the photos using the examples of my photos, you will get what it gives out on the crop.

      • Victor


  • Igor

    Great review! I liked the lens, helios bokeh in the kit.

  • Yaroslav

    Interestingly, I did not think that the glasses from the projectors could be used, there is a brand new “Triar-1” 3,5 \ 150 from the Kiev-66 universal projector, I wonder how it will behave. Has the focusing spindle been removed from the projector? otherwise I only have the lens in the box.

  • Novel

    Triplet 5 (100 / 2.8) showed very good results, only plastic, not metal. He without any problems sits on the back of the Helios 44 lens (electrical tape or adhesive tape to help). With two macro rings, focusing is just at a distance convenient for a portrait, with one you can focus at infinity with a flight, so it is suitable for Nikon.

  • Vasil

    Garne Photographs and Objectives (::

  • Maksim

    Photographs of dyysno duzhe tsikavі.

  • anonym

    Very nice photos !!! Especially with a bear in the snow !!!

  • Yaya

    Yes, the bear in the snow is the last one - 100% artistic it turned out very well with such fabulous flowers, super!

  • Alexander

    Very interesting colors are obtained. Photos are cool. Thanks for the review.

  • Lycarion

    I also have one, only enlightenment seems to be purple. I squandered the shank a bit and inserted the middle m42 macro ring into it. In this way I got infinity. I have Sony, so with infinity on m42 I'm friends :)

  • Maksim

    Hello Arkady! Recently, photography has become interesting. Reading your interesting and easy-to-understand reviews, I bought a Nikon d3100. Now I am "experimenting" with modes. Suddenly I found cameras at work: Kiev-6s and Kiev-15; and lenses: Helios-81 2/50 automatic, Jupiter-9 1: 2 F = 8,5 cm (white), Vega-12B 2,8 / 90, Jupiter-36B 3,5 / 250. I would like to hear some advice, are they of any value to me as a “newbie”, or would you suggest any other course of action?
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Maxim.

  • Novel

    Vega is very good, it is worth fork out for an adapter. And even on crop it is good. You can use Jupiter for poverty, since there is an adapter. Light glass, as for such a focal, but very heavy, will have to ring a ring under a tripod nest.

    Jupiter is hardly a mirror, there are two standard lenses and two were taken for expansion - one portrait lens, one telephoto lens. But what the hell is not kidding.

  • Ivan

    Yes, the colors are very interesting, about contrast, there are worse lenses, that's nothing.
    The picture is also peculiar. Interesting glass. Thanks for the review.

  • Yuulina

    Thanks again, Arkady, for the review !!! The other day, by chance, in an ad I saw just that. Here I wait when they send! Your photos are just wonderful! Very artistic !!! I don’t know what will turn out for me :-)

  • Yuulina

    Arkady, hello! I got this miracle. Only I do not have a focusing spindle, the one that you have in the photo on the right. And did you have this spindle with the lens? Thanks for the answer for earlier.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, it was with the lens, it can be easily replaced.

      • Yuulina

        Arkady, and what to replace? If not difficult, please tell me :-)

        • Vadim Gadzira

          There a screw with a diameter of 3 mm is screwed in. The thread looks like standard or slightly finer than standard. The screw is not fully tightened. It is necessary to leave free play for focusing ...
          Excuse me, Arkady, who answered for you!

          • Arkady Shapoval

            I'm just glad I answered. In general, I physically do not have time to answer everything, therefore, I plan to completely abandon this venture soon.

          • Yuulina

            Thank you, Vadim, for not passing by. But I can now, you, be tormented, since I'm sorry the technical side is misleading me a little. Screw, excuse me, where should I screw it? As I said, I have the lens itself, but this is not the spindle. Do you, Vadim, immediately propose to screw a screw on the lens? I will wait for an answer. Just burning with the desire to try the lens! Thanks !!!!! :-) Unfortunately, your link didn’t open. I don’t know, maybe only me?

          • Anatoly

            The screw can be 3mm, but the width and depth of the groove is 2mm, so the screw has
            shank of the corresponding sizes. I also used in the absence of external
            suitable pipe casings

        • Vadim Gadzira

          Julia, I suspect that you are missing not the spindle, but the focusing lens housing (the part in which the lens unit rotates). I'm right? If so, then you do not have a kit ...

          • Yuulina

            Vadim, thanks! You, I, I think correctly suspect that I don’t have a kit. If you bite on the photo number 4 only the left part. So now I wondered if there was any alternative? Can I come up with something?

        • Vadim Gadzira

          Since my copy was purchased as a kit, I did not face a case replacement. Because, here, unfortunately, I am not an advisor ... Probably this part, they forgot to send you? Ask the previous owner of the lens ...

          • Yuulina

            Thank you very much, Vadim, for participating. I already asked the seller if he did not have this focusing unit. What a pity :-( But maybe Arkady knows, he wrote that it can be easily replaced. So I ask, please tell me just what !!! Thanks !!!!

        • слава

          you can put it into the macro fur with an effort, for example, I checked infinity but it’s a bit cumbersome

  • Sergey Prokofiev

    I saw an overview of this miracle and went nuts, I thought one was a freak with this glass, sharpened it specially under the macro, the first impression was bad, on the open diaphragm everything washed out, but it was worth cutting the washer out of a microporous gum (which came first under the arm in the country) and inserted it into inside with an inner diameter of about 6mm ——- lo and behold !!!! it worked, the macro turned out to be sharp, contrasting, many pictures are on Yandex photos, the only thing is not enough aperture adjustment, the pictures are obtained in a warm tone, who is interested to see, not special in macro, but it seems to have worked, now I think, is it necessary to buy a macro lens ??? ????

    • Vadim Gadzira

      Sergey, give a link to the photos taken with this lens with a makeshift aperture!
      Although I like him exclusively as a creative, powerful portrait portrait!

      • Sergey Prokofiev

        pictures can be viewed on Yandex — photos — Sergei Prokofiev, Kovrov. Many macro shots were taken there, where the focal length is written there in the properties of the image –0, comments can be written there.

      • Sergey Prokofiev

        as a portrait painter is also good !!!!!!! tried it.

    • Vadim Gadzira

      Photo example, today I photographed with this glass ...

  • Sergey Prokofiev

    forgot to write - NIKON D5100 camera

  • Sergey microwave

    At the very same on kenon, the exposure meter does not lie

    • Valery

      Sergey microwave and how did you put it on Kenon? Share your experience please.

  • nukemall

    I have one. Indeed, with contrast, it sucks, it must be disassembled and blackened. The diaphragm can be attached at the back, there is no place inside - just cut the body and make an insert with the diaphragm.

    • слава

      discrete (ring) can be cut, blackened and applied in front, the flu grows)

  • слава

    damn, well, they burned it)))) I've been using it for a year already, the portraits are unusual, it is interesting at night, nothing else blurs the foreground like it, and there is one oddity - the grip noticeably increases at long distances, I also met examples of using it titl shift

    • grumbler

      “And there is one oddity - the grip noticeably increases at long distances”
      Oooh yeah, this is very strange !!! : D Have you noticed this “weirdness” on other lenses? Eli is this projection projector you have the only 1: 2?

  • Eugene

    Tell me - is there a difference between the lenses from LETI 60 and LETI 60M?
    Visually, the lenses are different, and the information is nowhere to be found ...
    Thank you.

    • sava

      in different years, this 92/2 was produced without a hood and with different enlightenment, but the scheme is the same, it was also probably made at LOMO

  • Alexander

    Overhead projectors are generally a tempting thing for those who assemble the lenses themselves. LETI is certainly beautiful, but everyone forgets that in addition to the projection group, the projection lens itself, there is also a reflective group in the projectors, in LETI it comes with an original dark purple enlightenment. The lenses are good for creating medium-sized original lenses, suitable for your Petzval, but if fast, then with the small lens of the reflecting unit you can replace the upper Mira-1v lens, it is better to turn it over before it sticks out. This is done in 40 seconds, and in the toga a rather strong fixed macro is obtained with an MDF of about 3 cm and the ability to focus. Of course, it’s better to shoot at medium and covered values ​​to increase sharpness. If you manage to avoid stirring, you get very good macro shots without any rings. Here is the lens itself and hand examples:

  • Jz white

    A note on porting a subject to M42 may be useful to someone:

  • Sergei

    I have the same problem as Yuulina - the case is missing (in the photo on the left http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9QXzfVrjBBg/UV5Vo9EHe7I/AAAAAAAAAEc/HruwSNsJXvs/s1600/_MG_0272+copy-mini.jpg) Is it possible to somehow attach a lens to Nikon without him? Here (http://zdaccess.livejournal.com/25726.html) write that it is possible to somehow attach it to the helicoid from the helios, but from the photo alone it is not clear to me ...
    Anyone help to figure this out?

    • слава

      without a helicoid, it can be thrust with effort into the macromech by removing the clamping ring from them)

  • Anatoly

    Welcome all! I accidentally entered this page and it was very nice,
    that I’m not the only one doing such alterations. Recently remade 2/92 for working
    segment 28,8mm, M39. For focusing I used the back of Industar-61 and the screw
    groove on the lens housing. There is infinity, and the minimum shooting distance is about 0,5m.
    If anyone is interested, send a picture or make an investment here.
    Tell me how? By reference or somehow directly?

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