Built-in flash diffuser.

Thanks for the light diffusers Sergey Svirida.

Built-in flash diffuser

Built-in flash diffuser

I am a big fan of shooting with the flash, I usually use external flash, but sometimes I have to use the usual built-in flash.

The built-in flash is great for nature, shooting close-ups, etc., here are a couple of photos using the built-in flash:

Built-in flash photo

Built-in flash photo

Built-in flash photo

Built-in flash photo

But when it comes to shooting people, the built-in flash begins to behave very harshly, this manifests itself in extra shadows from a person, extra strong glare on people's faces. To soften the light from the flash and make softer picture even with a built-in flash, you can use all kinds of diffusers. I came across the hand like this:

Built-in flash diffuser

Built-in flash diffuser

He has three different light scattering surfaces: white, blue, and orange. White serves conventional diffuserand color ones work like color filters for the flash. If everything is clear with a white diffuser, in order to shoot with color diffusers, you will need to work hard when adjusting white balance. My set, when using the orange (yellow) nozzle and automatic white balance, gives an awful greenish yellow cast. And the blue nozzle from this set is a pretty useless thing.

Such a diffuser is inserted into the shoe under the flash as shown in the example above. The diffuser itself is made of ordinary plastic and does not inspire any confidence. This is what a camera with a diffuser installed looks like. I took the orange version for clarity.

Built-in flash diffuser

Built-in flash diffuser

When using such diffusers flash guide number drops, that is, the flash can work at a shorter distance. Below is an example of a picture with a diffuser and without at full flash power, you can see how much the flash power increases if you remove the diffuser:

Built-in flash diffuser

Built-in flash diffuser

During burst shooting, the flash has to work at full speed, it overheats it faster and has to wait until it cools down. It’s easy to make a simple diffuser on the built-in flash yourself from improvised means, I have example of such a diffuser.

Personally, I am more likely to use diffusers on external flashsuch as:

External Flash Diffuser

External Flash Diffuser

Usually even for external flash I use native diffusers and diffuser card, I do not like to carry unnecessary accessories with me, because during intensive shooting, various photo trifles are often lost. In 2012, I sowed 4 front lens caps, a couple of protective filters and flash batteries, although I treat technology very carefully.


A diffuser can help achieve a softer image when using the regular built-in flash, very useful for portraits.

Help to the project. Thanks for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • = MK =

    "For the year 2912"

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • слава

    Year 2912 :-)

  • Andrei

    And I made myself a diffuser out of a ping-pong ball. By the way, you can still glue it with paint or with a transparent color film.
    The leading number drops significantly, but the photos are much softer.

  • Gene jb

    The leading number seems to me not the main thing. Well, move the exposure a couple of stops. More important is the effect of shadows. I am more perverted. I took a back diffuser from the LCD TV set and attached it at an angle of 45 degrees before the flash. And starting from the horizontal midline where the flash strikes, a reflective mirror film is pasted onto the diffuser. It turned out as if you were shooting with an external flash into the ceiling with a scattering card. But so far I have not had external. Now I'm not worried about this. This will not replace an external flash.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, an external flash is indispensable.

  • Stas

    I made a diffuser for the built-in flash from the box with under the films, nothing like that, only you need to set the power manually, then it turns out better, TTL with such a diffuser is not very happy.

  • Roman NMSK

    at one time here I ordered nozzles for the built-in flash and all sorts of filters http://www.tmart.com

  • Yuka Sanna

    The best diffusers on the built-in flash from jars of Actimel!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      You need to create a special test, which jars are better :)

    • Stas

      not from REVIT vitamins) cooler, or an empty chicken egg is much softer than light)

  • Denis

    Interestingly, Nikon provides built-in flashes even for serious cameras - it spoils. Canon is pushing external flash units much earlier in its lineup.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, I noticed this a long time ago.

  • Anatoly

    I don’t know for what reason, but your blog, Arkady, is losing his spark. I really want more articles specifically on current topics: sunlight and how to deal with it, for more tips, for more articles about photo work. And about technology all the more manual it is possible and for less. But this is my personal opinion.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      So it's time to close Rainbow, I have no benefit from it.

      • Anatoly

        Why close the already finished material is more than enough for a novice photographer, for which thank you

      • Lancet

        Here it is envy ...

      • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

        Don't shut it down ... So there are almost no blogs like yours on the Internet without pulling the ears to paid equipment and lash pontos or imposing a bunch of paid services.
        At least it’s nice to read you and you write a lot of useful things, there should be people who are not profit-obsessed in the world :)

        • Yarkiya

          Uh ... Um. Have you looked at the date of the message?

          • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

            This, by and large, is not important - the goal was to express your opinion and possibly morally support Arkady. This site is still needed, and the circumstances have not changed much since then.
            Well, if they have changed, so much the better.

    • Alexey

      On account of "about the technique, all the more manual, you can and for less" I strongly disagree. I have not tried the “Zabugornaya” manual, but the Soviet glass deserves respect.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Soon there will be a review of the Soviet lens with a unique combination of 120mm F2.1

        • Alexey

          Wow. Read. Thanks for the work.

  • mooschina

    The best diffuser for flash (including built-in!) From the can of Doshirak!

  • Jury

    search on ebee for a bunch:
    3 color Pop-Up Flash Bounce Diffuser Cover kit For Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus
    the price is 445 rubles. And it’s up to everyone to buy or not.

  • Maria

    that's interesting and the blue diffuser from which to bungle, thanks to comments about balls and jars, they made fun of it))

    • Stas

      for blue at least green red, etc. suitable for yogurt such as Danisimo Ermigut children there are a lot of flowers and foty norms are obtained) tried, only carefully in the foil you make a hole for the flash and that's it)

  • Anton

    Arkady, please advise a good diffuser for an external flash. I plan to shoot people in a nightclub…. Is it possible to achieve light as through an umbrella to the light?

    • Arseny

      To do this, you will need a 3-liter jar painted inside with a bologna with white enamel in 1 layer. Or a large can of mayonnaise for 2 - 4 liters, a hole is made in the lid and put on puff. )

    • Sergei

      Even in a nightmare it will not replace an umbrella for clearance)

  • Vadim

    Arkady, I am using such a diffuser and am very pleased. http://store.lumiquest.com/lumiquest-80-20/#PhotoSwipe1386969328452
    Very good for indoor shooting. Especially small.

  • Kirill

    and I took in several layers a piece of a white bag and fastened it with a band-aid on the back, now I put on / take off like a cap

  • Dmitriy

    Arkady, could you briefly describe the impressions of the diffuser, exactly the same as in the last photo in this article?

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Good afternoon.
    Which lens would you recommend for the built-in flash, if you choose from the following factory options:
    1.JJC PD-3 Flash diffuser http://fotomag.com.ua/jjc-pd-3-flash-diffuser-info.html
    2.JJC PD-2 Flash diffuser http://fotomag.com.ua/jjc-pd-2-flash-diffuser-info.html
    3. JJC FC-P1 http://fotomag.com.ua/jjc-fc-p1-info.html
    4. LumiQuest Soft Screen (LQ-051) http://fotomag.com.ua/lumiquest-soft-screen-(lq-051)-info.html
    5. JJC FC-2 For POP-UP flash (such as in this article) http://fotomag.com.ua/jjc-fc-2-for-pop-up-flash-info.html

    • Jury

      Good afternoon. Before buying an external flash, I used the second and third options from the above links. The second option turned out to be more preferable, since it gives a more uniform diffused light, less light loss. The structure is assembled with Velcro, which allows you to reassemble and disassemble the reflector many times, but this, in turn, requires some fuss. The third option, after the first use, made me nervous - the quality was not up to par, one of the pins of the bracket fastening to the scattering surface broke off. I had to glue and use it very carefully in the future.

  • Stas

    For myself, I solved the problem of lost front covers a trace. image: to the right of Nikon’s inscription on the cover with a regular thin knife, I carefully drill a hole, correct it from the back so that I don’t get a huge hole from the face, insert a thin black rubber band from the outside and tie it with an arr. hand on the knot. The other end of the elastic is to the eyelet for the strap. When shooting, it hangs like on a camcorder. It's time to change the cover, because for 5 years, the inscription has already become clear. On my advice, my sister did the same on her new 5100 when she sowed the first cover

    • Anatoly Snezhan, Gomel

      The elastic band often fails. Only nylon thread - there are black ones. Eternal!

  • Dark

    For an external flash, I made a diffuser out of the box "doshirak")))

  • Anatoly Snezhan, Gomel

    It is strange that Arkady (such an experienced photographer) loses lens covers ...
    For example, since 1976 (FED-4) I fasten the caps with a nylon thread (tightly!) To the strap. None of them was ever lost, and once even saved a brand new camera Kiev-19 from drowning - the camera down from the sharp impact of the ferry on the parish had already fallen into the river, but ... almost reached the water - the lid fell into the crevice of the broken ferry board, - the fotik is frozen. The thread held.
    I made a hole in the lid in an elementary way - I burned it with a hot awl, now I drill it (last year I bought very small drills). By the way, the Chinese sell their own beautiful caps, they are 10 times cheaper than branded Nikon caps and with beautiful laces. There is no Nikon inscription. Corporation "Nikon" (like "Sony") has always been known for being stingy.

    • Lynx

      For example, he removes a single lens.

  • Stas

    You can gum (or thread, as you wish) and attach to the lens

  • BB

    The lid dangling on a string sometimes gets in the way - especially when the lens is pointed down.
    So I took off the lid and put it in my pocket (jeans, photo bag, or backpack). Well, several spare Chinese covers for each size have already been purchased, and the 'originals' are in the box at home))

  • Anna

    Cool blog! I read all the articles with pleasure! For a novice photographer, he has no price! Thank you for your work and desire to share your experience!

  • Alexander

    I bought the same thing. As for me, in everyday situations a thing is useful, of course, it will not fundamentally change anything, but the result is much more pleasant.

  • valentine

    From this thing there really is a small but pleasant effect of softening the shadows. But there is one BUT. Light from the flash is partially reflected directly into the eye located near the viewfinder. Unpleasant, especially at high power.

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