Canon 500D Review

For the opportunity 500D body camera review huge thanks to the project Photo the way, you can rent a Canon EOS 500D there.

Canon 500D Review

Canon 500D Review

Canon 500D is amateur digital camera, and the first camera of this level with the ability to record video.

 Canon 500D is perfect for simple photo tasks, for use at home, on vacation. Canon 500D usually comes with a lens  Canon 18-55 IS 3.5-5.6 EF-S or the like, such a kit is called a Kit (kit), if the camera comes without a lens, then this is Canon 500D body.

Canon 500D Review

View of the Canon 500D from different angles

Canon 500D has a matrix, the same as in a higher-level camera Canon EOS 50D. Canon 500D equipped 15.1 megapixel sensor and can create images with a resolution of 4752 by 3168 pixels. Canon 500D ISO can use ISO 100 to 3200, and the ISO expansion function can accelerate the camera to ISO 12800 (ISO H). This is a good indicator, however, after ISO 3200 the noise level becomes unbearable. I do not recommend using high ISO values ​​for shooting. Auto ISO uses values ​​of 100-1600 (depending on the highlight priority function setting).

Example photo on a Canon 500D

Example photo on a Canon 500D

Canon 500D uses large 3-inch display with 920.000 pointsIt’s very convenient to view the shot material and poke around the camera menu. Also, the large display is very useful when focusing through live view and when shooting a video. When focusing through an optical viewfinder, which is built on the basis of a pentazerkal, available 9 focus points, the same as most amateur Canon cameras.

Example photo on a Canon 500D

Example photo on a Canon 500D

Canon 500D can shoot at speeds up to 3.4 frames per secondThis is not much, but quite enough for amateur photography. Fast burst shooting is very important frame buffer - the position where pictures are placed before recording to the memory card. I will dwell on the buffer in more detail.

Example photo on a Canon 500D

Example photo on a Canon 500D


  • 9 frames in JPEG format with disabled additional settings, such as noise reduction at slow shutter speeds, noise reduction at high ISO, etc. If you enable all these functions, then frame buffer reduced to 2 shots.
  • 9 frames in RAW format. It is strange, although the indicator shows 9 shots, but during continuous shooting the camera starts to slow down after the 8th shot. If you enable additional settings, the buffer is reduced to 4 images.

Actual number of shots in one series, it strongly depends on the parameters that the camera will choose for shooting, as well as on the speed of the memory card itself. If you set the picture quality to S or M, then the burst length can reach 170 frames or until the memory card runs out.

Canon 500D Photography

Canon 500D Photography

Canon 500D can shoot quality video 1080p (1920 * 1080) and a frame rate of 20 fps or with 720p quality (1280 * 720) and a frequency of 30 fps, there is also a normal 640 * 480 mode. Video is recorded in MOV format with H.264 codec. The camera only records mono audio. Video focusing is available in three AF ​​modes:

  1. Picture... In this mode, the camera focuses on the selected area when the '*' button is pressed
  2. Face Priority Image... The camera automatically finds the faces of people in the frame and focuses on them when the '*' button is pressed
  3. Speed... Before recording video, the focusing itself occurs through the phase sensors, while the camera mirror is in the lowered state. When video recording starts, focus works in the same way as in 'image' mode
Canon 500D Photography

Canon 500D Photography

I haven't found how to get the camera to focus constantly when shooting video. After the camera has focused on one object, you have to release the '*' button and press it again to force the camera to focus again. I used a Canon 500D with a lens Canon 18-55 IS 3.5-5.6 EF-S, the sound from the automatic focusing of the lens spoils the video experience very much. The fact that Full HD is realized only at 20 frames per second is almost imperceptible when viewed on a computer, but when watching a video shot with a setting of 1920 * 1080, the picture is very slow on the camera display. If you need a 'faster' video, I recommend shooting at 1280 * 720 at 30 frames per second. To start shooting video, be sure to turn the mode dial to Video mode.

Canon 500D Photography

Canon 500D Photography

In general, it is surprising that the first amateur camera Canon with the ability to record video immediately realized Full HD modeIf we recall the development of video on phones, then there was a whole chain of metamorphoses from a meager 128 * 96 to Full HD.

The photos in the gallery below are shown without processing on Yongnuo YN 100mm f / 2 lenson-camera JPEG from the camera Canon Digital Rebel T1i (aka Canon EOS 500D, aka Canon Kiss Digital X3).

You can download the original 'jpeg' photos at this link (86 files, 500 MB).

Of course, there’s a lot of useful featuresFor example, such as:

  • Vignetting control... The 'Correction' setting is responsible for this function. periphery. lighting '
  • Different styles of images: portrait, landscape, natural, etc.
  • Dust cleaning matrix. If you set automatic cleaning, the camera will clean the sensor of dust every time it is turned on and off.
  • Auto power off function.
  • Highlight Priority D + and Brightness Correction for vivid photos with high dynamic range. When enabled, the minimum ISO becomes 200 and the maximum is 3200, even if the ISO expansion function is enabled.
  • Canon 500D supports remote control
  • Automatically turn off the display when lifting the camera to the face. A special sensor is responsible for this, when you start focusing through the optical viewfinder, the camera itself turns off the main display. This function can be turned off and then the display will be constantly on.
Example photo on a Canon 500D

Example photo on a Canon 500D

Often there is a choice between an earlier version of Canon 450D and newer version Canon 550DI made a small tablet comparing three cameras. Expect a newer camera Canon 550D bypasses Canon 450D and Canon 500D in a number of ways:

EOS 450D 500D 550D
Digital rebel xSI T1i T2i
Kiss digital x2 X3 X4
The number of MP 12,20 15,10 18.0
Year of construction winter 2008 spring xnumx winter 2010
Maximum ISO 1600 3200 6400
ISO Extended no 12800 12800
Auto ISO 100–800 100–1600 100–6400
FPS, JPEG 3,5 fps 3,4 fps 3,7 fps
Focus points 9 9 9
Measuring area exposure 35 35 63
Display 3 inches, 230k 3 inches, 920k 3 inches, 1.040K
live view Yes Yes Yes
Vignetting control no Yes Yes
Video no yes, 1920x1080, 20k \ c yes, 1920x1080, 30k / s, parameter control
The weight 475 480 480
DXO color depth 21,9 bit 21,7 bit 22,1 bit
Dynamic Range DXO 10,8 evs 11,5 evs 11,5 evs
High ISO DXO 692 663 784
Example photo on a Canon 500D

Example photo on a Canon 500D

Personal experience

Canon 500D is a good amateur camera, made in Japan, able to shoot videos with auto focus. I would not overpay for newer Canon 550D, 600D, but would take a simpler version of the 500D. For example, I do not need a video, and I still wonderfully cope with photo tasks on an old Nikon D40.

Example photo on a Canon 500D

Example photo on a Canon 500D

Prices for modern Canon cameras in popular stores can look at this link.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. Many little things for a photo can be found on AliExpress.


Canon 500D camera for fans with a good set of features. The only serious drawback is that there are more advanced models of the younger line of Canon SLR cameras, such as 550D, 600D, 650D.

Material prepared Arkady Shapoval. Please, if this material was useful to you, help my project. And don't forget that everyone can write your review for one or another photographic equipment.

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Comments: 28, on the subject: Canon 500D review

  • anonym

    With a flashlight on New Year's beautiful)

  • Eugene White

    if in a 500d matrix from 50d, then let the gnomes of the cannibals eat me.
    500d makes noise after ISO400 (and old and worn out videos and excerpts - after ISO 200). Making noise 50d is a task. for him working ISO 800-1600.
    so one of two things must be recognized
    1. matrices are still different
    2. In 500D, image quality is programmatically limited.

  • Gene jb

    I had to try Magic Lantern for the video. Most likely there are no problems with focusing.

  • Sergei

    I took this camera (Rebel T1i, bought in the states on eBay) from a friend, for a photo session for my daughter, for a couple of days. After I sold my Nikon D3000 and bought the D7000 in the same states (he's still on the road). It's very boring and not interesting without a camera. So ... I took it and first shot 50 frames in various modes in order to understand what to expect from it. The photos turned out to be interesting but not without flaws. First, with a focus of 30%, the camera misses (I shot with kit 18-55 and 50mm f1.8). I really didn’t like the fact that after the 9th frame she simply didn’t want to take the frame, writes that the camera is busy (it’s not clear what it is doing). The card is worth grade 10. I also didn't like the controls. There are few buttons, a little not rationally located (this is of course a matter of habit). Switching ISO is very inconvenient. It is not convenient to delete photos. You have to press 3 different buttons (although also for an amateur and in terms of the safety of precious frames). I liked the quality of the photos in both manual and automatic modes. It lies normally in the hand, but very light (complete with a “fifty kopeck piece”) “Pyhu” used an external YN467II and worked perfectly even with a series of shots (with a minimum “puff” power)
    Overall, the impressions are good. In my opinion, the camera is an amateur. The review is very interesting, simple and straightforward. Thanks to Arkady.

  • Vladimir

    There are 450. I can send for a test. I bought it under manual Nikkor glass. Before that, the second was d40. Why changed ... liv, auto-metering and a bigger screen. I didn't chase the pixels. With an auto-meter, my wife joins the photo on manuals. In general, 450 is much more convenient with manual optics than d40. Well, that's it)))

  • Pastor

    In general, canon surprises with its stagnation in the field of initial crop. At one time I had 400d, now there are 500 and 600, and photos from 400d still look better. The ISO workers are almost the same, 1600 is still no matter where, and 3200 are already scary to install. At the same time, Nikon during this time stepped from the d3000, which was noisy mercilessly to the iso 800 to the 3300, which is almost perfect at 3200.

    • Vladimir

      there were also a lot of things, but they were remembered from 1000d (there is no review of this wonderful camera on this site) and from 350d. The reference color. I don’t even want to process it.

    • BB

      In general, Canon is a couple of steps ahead of Nikon in terms of introducing new technologies: this is a dual-pixel for phase AF in LiveView, and work with video, and a double cross AF, a modern mount (with an 'electronic diaphragm' and an AF motor in the lens), a radio channel flash control, well, and many other little things. But in terms of ergonomics, I like Nikon more (one of the reasons for choosing this system). Perhaps Canon avoids copying some elements from Nikon, which is why ergonomics suffer? So Nikon does not seem to be Apple, and competitors, most likely, will not be suing for the same lever.

    • Evlampy

      No need for the “ideality” of the d3300 at ISO 3200. On whale glass, with its poor light sensitivity, the noise is distinct. When there is no sun, I recommend either changing the lens or shooting only close to the puff. Otherwise, the noise will be invisible only on the small screen of the camera.

  • Vladimir

    for 500d, the range of iso 100-6400, extended-12800, autoiso 100-3200. under the viewfinder eyepiece is a sensor for turning off the display and it does not affect it completely, but the delay settings in the display settings affect. SDXC support is recorded, although neither (550d) nor the other (550d / 500d) will absolutely use such support anywhere, neither for video, nor for high-speed shooting. Also, in the advantages of 450d, you decided to add 550 megapixels?! Although 18% cases you make a reservation about their insignificance. The purpose of these “reviews” is also not clear. They are made as a carbon copy (monotonous), and meanwhile, there is a small (but significant) difference between some cameras, which is absent in your reviews (if you don’t guess then okay).

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  • Alexander

    Hello. Is there a metering with manual lenses?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, there is.

  • Nick

    Good day! Tell me what is better in picture quality 500d or canon 40d?

    • anonym


  • Dmitro

    Good evening! In less time for you, laconic food is more beautiful: Cenon 500d and Nikon 3100-3200. Shchiro will be with you.

    • B. R. P.

      Zanadto is laconic.

    • Evlampy


  • Vladimir

    Thanks for your review! Friends were selling the 500D cheaply - I read your review and decided to buy. As for the first camera, I really like everything. They only offer to buy lenses Canon EFS 18-135 mm and Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 II. Which one do you recommend for the first time? Thanks!

    • B. R. P.

      18-135 or 18-55.

      • anonym

        Thank you.

  • Ivan Wolverine

    it is curious that the CANON 500D shoots right from the TV screen Samsung with an image quality of 1080 on the fly, but the cool NIKON 610D also shoots from the TV screen, but the quality of the CANON images is noticeably better than NIKON ... although, maybe I did not have the ability to correctly set the parameters to NIKON? :-)))) No special settings were required on CANON :-)))) although the KAKON 500D was born in 2009, and the NIKON 610D was born in 2014 and, of course, is steep to the point of impossibility :-))))

  • Maksim

    Please tell me. Is it possible to shoot time labs on this camera. If so, how?

    • Alexey

      TimelaPs can be filmed using the Magic Lantern firmware.

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