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  1. Igor

    I read the article - SUPER!
    And then he read the questions and laughed at first, and then got angry.
    How stupid people are!
    The article describes the differences between fifty rubles - in particular, about prices and aperture.

    And then the first ten questions - with a request to advise which of fifty rubles to choose ...
    These questions are conscientious answers. First with a polite justification, then monosyllabic ...
    But after these questions, one by one there are questions exactly the same as the previous ones (which are already with answers). Among other things - this article is already the answer to these questions!



    • Igor

      Igor respect you. Well done for writing about "brakes".
      What questions are such answers !!!! The site author would like to wish patience !!!
      Will the camera lens fit the camera? ))))))))))))))))))))))))))


  2. wharfage

    Arkady, go to the "main" page comments are forbidden, so I decided to leave it here:

    I apologize for the criticism, but I allow myself the wish:
    It seems to me that if you wrote the date of the review next to the lens review (and perhaps the “NEW” icon next to the new ones), it would be useful and convenient.


    • Lynx

      At the bottom of each review, next to the buttons of social networks is a date.
      And at (it is she who is the main one) there are all reviews in chronological order


      • wharfage

        Lynx, you are right, of course.
        But I had something else in mind - the date of the review on the page with the list of all reviews. However, I do not insist ... Arkady does not review the lenses immediately after the release.

        And again you are right. That's why I put quotation marks.
        But for me, the page on my link is much more convenient and it is the main one.


      • BB

        Why is there a date? She will only distract and litter the space.

        For such proposals there is a page “Questions and Answers”, as well as contacts of the author of the blog.


  3. Alex

    Links are no longer working:

    “Dpreview has some graphic comparisons of some fifty dollars:

    1.4D vs 1.4G
    1.4D vs. 1.8D
    1.4G vs 1.8D "


  4. anonym

    I bought a 1.4 G lens. everything is fine on the manual single-point, and when 2 or 3 people, there is already no focus, of course. And I switch to autofocus, and then the focus walks. Please tell me how to configure the device. Thank you


    • Denis

      manual single point = single point autofocus (central)?
      switch to autofocus = autofocus with auto-selection of the focus area?
      Please tell me how to set up the device -> close the diaphragm


  5. Koba

    World news Nikon: it is closing a factory in China, which was in the Jianxu province, Wuxi city. Personally, I expected this, not because I am a prophet, simply because in recent years many electronics manufacturers have closed factories in China, for example Xerox, Toshiba, a couple of Sony factories. No, because they made bad products there, or they don't like China, or there is something wrong with the quality, no and no. The fact is that the average wage of an average worker in China wei is almost $ 400, and this is in the provinces, in big cities, for such a price it is impossible to find even girls who just stand at restaurants and greet customers. China is no longer a poor country where you can find cheap labor. Now many people will think that these factories have returned to Japan, so to speak, the quality is higher there. Again, no, they lost, they moved to neighboring Vietnam and the Philippines, where the cost of labor is 2,5 times lower. That's all. In other words, where you can find workers (unskilled! Others are simply not needed in factories, in all factories, including those that produce the most high-quality products!) For $ 100-150 a month, capitalists run there ...


  6. Julia

    Nikon 50mm f / 1.8G AF-S Nikkor bought this lens for the Nikon D5300, read that for part-time lenses there will be not 50 mm, but 70 how to be? Do I need to change to another lens if I want to get exactly 50 mm? Thanks in advance for the answer)))


    • Arkady Shapoval

      You can change it to 35 1.8 DX, there will be an equivalent of 50mm


  7. Wladimir

    - from personal experience, and almost all of Nikon's D-90s and D-600s were at fifty rubles.

    On the crop, as a fifty-kopeck piece, the best option would be the native DH-owl 35 / 1,8G - it fulfills its price with a huge margin, very sharp and colorful in comparison with other Nikon lenses, with the exception of Nikon professional lenses with N enlightenment, which are somewhat more contrasting than the cheaper ones their fellows and better convey black.


    Any fifty dollars on the crop turns into a wonderful portrait lens, nevertheless, the best option from Nikon, including for a full frame, will still be 50 / 1,4G - it is more colorful than the entire D series, its aperture ratio is 1,4, 1,8, which is very often in demand in night photography and this clearly outperforms his younger brother with aperture of 1,4, he does not draw nuts on closed diaphragms and most importantly - it is absolutely sharp and contrasting already at aperture 70 - I have such There are two lenses - one of them, with a broken autofocus, bought on the occasion for $ 5, stands as the main lens on an old HEX-50, where it focuses perfectly by hand, among other things - 1,4 / 1,8G - it also draws excellent contrast lemons light sources and according to many photographers, it also has a pretty decent picture - it costs twice as much as XNUMXG - but the difference in price, in my opinion, is quite justified.

    Now about Nikor 50 / 1,4D - this lens draws nuts on a closed diaphragm, but ... it was, along with 80-200 / 2,8, the pinnacle of optical engineering in the film era, and surprisingly, these two lenses are produced to this day , because they are in great demand among photographers, for their own bokeh, which clearly differs from all other Nikon lenses in its special pattern. This lens produces excellent portraits in the light key of 1,4 - because the lens is very soft when open, the back light sources on this lens generally look unique at aperture 1,4-1,6, where there are no nuts yet.

    For studio work - all Nikon fifty dollars work in the studio about the same - they shoot with closed apertures, and at 5,6 and higher all these lenses are equally sharp and it is better not to overpay and take what is cheaper ...

    If the aperture ratio and the narrowest DOF are not in demand - the best option is still Nikor 50 / 1,8G - it is absolutely working in the open, it is colorful, it has a fairly fast and very accurate autofocus - by the way, about autofocus, the D-series focuses faster, but the G-series is more accurate - at the same time, on the younger carcasses, however, on the older ones too - a common problem with this optics, back or front focus, due to which there is a focus miss and these lenses are accused of blurring due to the fact that sharpness flies out of a narrow depth of field - when shooting portraits, on those lenses where there is no back-front focus correction, you should try to focus on the tip of the nose or on the ears, and then it will become clear how to adapt to these lenses ...


    • Pokemon

      "D-series focuses faster, but G-series is more accurate"
      On D750, D700, D3s, D4, I did not see any problems with AF with D-series lenses.
      "These two lenses are still produced today"
      Are you sure about that?
      They are not on the American Nikon website. They are labeled as “old product” in Japanese.


    • Jury

      Good day. I have a NEX 5N camera. Tell me, through some kind of adapter, you put a NIKON lens on your SONY.
      You can always call to consult.



  8. Andrey Vernnicno

    “D is speed, G is precision” is absolutely true. I'm an active photographer, and fifty is my favorite focal point. I tried the whole series of fifty kopecks 1,8 and 1,4 D and G. I left myself 2 - 1,4d and 1,4g for work. Can't sell D - I'm fixing and reporting, and G is very slow, especially 1,4. Even 1,8G has problems in difficult lighting conditions. When you need to quickly capture moments in difficult conditions, I will not dare to shoot with G-ku. But the scrap rate is significantly lower when shooting with G.


  9. Edward

    Hello! I am faced with a choice, having a Nikon D5200, with it a whale 18-55, and a Tamron 70-300. I want a faster lens. There is a proposal for Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm 11.8G SWM Aspherical or Sigma 17-50mm f / 2.8 DC OS HSM Nikon F. Sigma having the designation DC- respectively for crop, fifty dollars is fifty dollars. The question is what to shoot? There is no one direction, so I'm trying to sort out the variety of optics. Almost a beginner, I ask for advice from the masters. Both lenses are almost the same money, Sigma has a small scratch on the front lens.


    • Arkady Shapoval

      You should try a fix (fifty kopecks)


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