The idea of ​​the review MS EUROPA-15N AF 50mm 1: 2.0

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  • Ivan

    A very interesting idea. I think that it is realistic to implement it, but you need to spend time on its implementation, as always there will be many pitfalls, with some of which you can see.

    Up to the point that you can make your own autofocus system based on the Lushnikov chip, and micromotors from suitable equipment, and they certainly are. Right up to lure Mr. Lushnikov himself into this project.

    And it’s doubly disappointing that the Arsenal plant, with its capacities for the military industry, which would not be difficult to introduce such a system, stupidly closed the production of lenses. What deprived himself of an additional source of income, and most importantly, deprived his country of his lenses, and yet we have excellent lenses that, with improved enlightenment and the introduction of autofocus systems, could seriously compete with imported ones.

  • PSTD

    Once there was an idea to make a standard autofocus mechanism for Soviet lenses, the idea is, put an adapter with a dandelion, it leaves the contacts on the autofocus motor twisted and mutilated from some whale, and attached to the focus ring, which twists it until confirmation of focus , everything seems to be simple, but it’s not beyond the idea

  • Zhenya

    And you can see the pictures. Interested.))

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Photos of what?

      • Zhenya

        “The image quality produced by the MS EUROPA-15N lens

        The image is sharp, without distortion. A slight vignette is visible in the full frame. The lens tolerates backlight well, has excellent bokeh, image quality is similar to MC Helios-81H. ”
        Photos taken with this lens.

        Well, if you can take a photo of the lens itself.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          This is a flight of fancy, the whole review, it is clearly written about this at the end and at the beginning of the article. Be careful.

          • Zhenya

            But what about the lens itself?))

  • Oleg

    something similar

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Something similar was planned.

  • Arkady Shapoval

    Be careful. In the first paragraph it is written that this is a flight of fantasy, including "We conjured over this hybrid for a long time, it never came to life."

  • Ivan

    Really a very interesting idea.
    When I read the article, I thought, after all, not everyone will understand that this is an invention and fantasy, but will simply be taken at face value. Such a time - we read between the lines.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I wrote at the beginning and bottom that this is an idea. True, there was a little bit of success.

  • Aleks de Kairoy

    Steeper does not happen)))
    you still bring it to mind, and I'll wait to test)))))

    • Arkady Shapoval

      No problem, as soon as we do, I will send you for testing :)

  • Irina

    My applause, Arkady! I read it like a poem, very interesting :-)

  • Vadim

    Ingenious. I wish you, Arkady, inspiration. To still bring the idea to life.

  • Andrei

    Arkady! discard the name of the mushroom in a personal))))))))))))

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Sir, I do not smoke.

  • Ivmulder

    Here are the Chinas in this industry in all, only a screwdriver, which is much simpler

  • J-fx

    interesting, because for Soviet glass, in theory, you can make an external engine that rotates the rim in both directions (even if it looks wretched, at least as I imagine it), but how to connect it with a dandelion, for example, or even something like a camera?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The problem is that no one will take it.

  • J-fx

    it’s a pity, I would try to take on an external engine, but there are no ideas

  • Taras

    I’d already be angry that I’ve got a kit (Kenon) and a 44m gel, I don’t know about the beaten donor of the body and drive on the Internet .. I don’t need a helper, but I don’t have a gel, but I don’t have to, but I don’t have to simply wikinuti .. ale pomozguєm) we can give me a present sviy rozbitiy kitov, then if you have a clear butt so) true exprozamіr brehatime)

  • Siberian

    Regarding the above Is this fake or do they really work for them? Do they only do for themselves or sell? I’m not so good with Chinese :)

    • Siberian

      I will answer myself (digging through google translate): not a fake, he has already remade 31 lens :). It seems that you can send him your lens for alteration, but the price is not known, you need to contact the forum through a PM.

    • Taras

      Nikon is easier, you can do it yourself, work for a couple of hours (if a screwdriver)
      but how to be with keon ..

  • Sergei

    Pentax has long since solved the autofocus problem with manual lenses. Issue price - $ 300

  • Andrei

    I did this for a test on a canon, but there was little use - I needed a donor with a working autofocus and replacement of the lens side, as a result, without problems with adjustment, autofocus was obtained within 1-5m (the donor had badly damaged guides, and autofocus did not really work even with native lenses)
    To be honest, I shoot in manual mode precisely because of the guaranteed focus, unlike autofocus, especially on open apertures, maybe that's why I did not develop further autofocus in the old lens.

  • Georg

    I shot it with the “autofocus” Helios-44 ... Put it through the Y / C - M42 adapter on the Contax AX camera, and it becomes autofocus. As well as any other manual lens. As for the “transplant” of the “Helios 44” blocks into the AF-frame, my opinion is that it’s not worth the candle… And about the “picture” of this glass - try the original “Zeiss Biotar 2/58 ″ ...

  • Pangolin

    Great article, thanks)

  • Michael

    I had an idea to make Jupiter-9 autofocus. (Our hands are not for boredom :) I drew inspiration from the Chinese from here Found AF50 / 1.8 with broken lenses. Dismantled, I realized that the 9th Jupiter is too big for him. Then the next implant for implantation, it was decided to use the lens block from Jupiter-11. The evening sat pondering where and how much to cut the sleeve of the native helicoid. On the lathe (to maintain the perpendicularity of the cut axis of the sleeve) cut off the "excess" and collected again using cyanocrylate (superglue in common people). And - ABOUT MIRACLE !!! - the camera sees the lens as 50 / 1.8 focuses, and shoots with 1EV underexposed. Those. I put +1 exposure compensation on the camera and life got better. There are questions to the old lens block - it is necessary to clean the lens properly and possibly the fungus under the front lens. The previous instance that stands on Helios-44 is much better in this regard. But that's not the point. The main thing is that I managed to combine a “hedgehog with a boa constrictor”, which I’m incredibly happy about. :)

  • Sergei

    I am writing for the first time, so for starters: many thanks to Arkady Shapoval for his reviews! This is perhaps the only site with such rich content (at least I have never seen anything like it anywhere else).

    Closer to the "body" - here are my 20 kopecks in a piggy bank:

    True, this is Canon, but I hope I get to Nikona.

  • Pashqwert

    Perhaps the development of your idea: jupiter 11 autofocus on nikon - $ 180
    Original sale announcement written by dimac111.
    From the text: ”Jupiter 11 autofocus. originally Jupiter 11 is automatic. sharp with open, perfectly keeps oncoming light

    transplanted into the autofocus housing SCREWDRIVER, i.e. autofocus will not work on younger carcasses.
    aperture controlled, but without communication with the camera. therefore it is necessary to close it by turning the ring.
    for the price, the device is exclusive, and they themselves like to shoot, because less than 180 uy. will not give it back
    There are a couple of donor buildings, so I can make such a transplant to order.
    in addition to Jupiter 11, you can autofocus Jupiter 37, Jupiter 9, and all kinds of imported moderate telephoto lenses. but you need to look at the latter so that the lens unit fits into the barrel of the case "

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