Nikon D2Xs review

For the opportunity Nikon D2Xs camera review many thanks to Nicholas Summer

Nikon D2Xs review

Nikon D2Xs review

Nikon D2Xs - very, very similar to its predecessor Nikon D2X. I will not do a detailed review of Nikon D2Xs, you can look at the page Nikon D2X and then just read below differences Nikon D2Xs and Nikon D2X:

  1. D2Xs uses slightly another display. It is the same in size, but slightly different viewing angles.
  2. On the D2Xs in High Speed ​​Crop part of the optical viewfinder dims, which will not be visible in the photo, the excess part becomes translucent. Have D2X this area was highlighted only by a rectangular frame.
  3. D2Xs can use metering exposure Color Matrix Metering II in High Speed ​​Crop.
  4. Improved power consumption. Both cameras use the same EN-EL4 battery.
  5. Nikon D2Xs supports black and white shooting mode.
  6. Nikon D2Xs has the function of framing the shot material (trimming)
  7. Some items in the camera menu have changed
  8. Adding GPS Information to EXIF, the USB port has been finalized, the function key has other useful functions and a couple of little things.
Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Attention: the D2Xs are said to have increased the buffer and ISO limit - but they are not. The buffer is still the same 17 frames in RAW mode, and 20 images in JPEG, and the ISO is still the same from 100 to 800 units and expands to ISO 3200 (Hi2).

In general, in addition to masking the viewfinder in High Speed ​​Crop mode, no changes have occurred. Rumor has it that Nikon D2X becomes completely equal in functionality Nikon D2xs when updating the firmware.

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

What else is missing in the Nikon D2Xs

  1. The camera does not have a built-in flash. For me, flash is not as important as its ability command mode.
  2. No light focus focus light. This is not critical when used. external flash
  3. Auto ISO has limit setting excerpts in 1 \ 250 seconds, this is not enough, especially when using a telephoto lens over 300mm
  4. Little choice RAW compression - either with compression, or without compression, and only with 12 bits color depths.
  5. No in-camera image processing
  6. No Picture Control Menu
  7. No ADL and DL, there is no control of vignetting, aberration and distortion
  8. Auto ISO does not support extended ISO range Hi1, Hi2
  9. There is no way to fine-tune the focus correction, this feature is already in the cameras since D3, D300
  10. The camera uses only one memory card slot.
  11. Nikon D2Xs remembers only one manual lens
  12. No silent mode
  13. The camera does not have a matrix cleaning system, Live View and video, such functions have already appeared in cameras from the new round of development of the Nikon Central Control Complex

In fact, these are all minor flaws. All in all Nikon D2Xs is just a great camera, very easy to use.

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs. Noises are visible

Sample Photos on Nikon D2Xs

All examples of photos in the gallery below are without processing. Only reduced size and printed data from EXIF. Everything is filmed on Nikon AF NIKKOR 85mm 1: 1.4D и Nikon 18-200mm VR.

Personal experience

The Nikon D2Xs is the 'last of the Mohicans' and is Nikon's latest professional crop-sensor flagship camera. After Nikon D2Xs, the flagship lineup switched to full-frame in the face Nikon D3... For those people who have a fleet of Nikon DX optics and are accustomed to the maximum convenience and reliability of the camera - Nikon D2Xs can still be a great help in creating photo masterpieces. Similar Nikon D300s - the latest professional DX machine, for more details in the section The evolution of Nikon cameras. The Nikon D2Xs' only serious drawback is the low ISO threshold, which is 800 in normal mode, although ISO can sprint up to HI2 equal to ISO 3200. Funnily enough, the Nikon D1's predecessor line, for example D1h, could use ISO 1600 and expand to Hi2 6400. This suggests that the D2 series did not follow the ISO increase, but to refine other matrix parameters.

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Prices for modern Nikon cameras in popular stores can look at this link.

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. For the selection of a variety of photographic equipment, I recommend E-Catalog и AliExpress.


Nikon D2Xs - a little outdated professional camera. The camera is attracted by the high speed of work, very convenient control, a number of professional settings. 12.4 MP, even by today's standards, can be an excellent solution for a number of tasks. An interesting feature is the shooting speed of 8 fps in High Speed ​​Crop mode. If you choose between D2Xs and D2X, then you need to look at that camera, which is better preserved.

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Comments: 63, on the topic: Review of Nikon D2Xs

  • Vadim

    in Graf personal experience - Nikon D00s
    probably meant Nikon D300s

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thank you for your attention. Fixed.

  • DK

    “Likewise, the Nikon D300s is the last professional camera to be replaced by the full-frame Nikon D700.”
    Arkady, he was not replaced. These are two different lines, like the Canon 50D and 5D.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The d100 - d300s line has been replaced with full-format cameras, and there are no more professional crop cameras. Kenon has a slightly different ideology.

      • Artyom

        Arkady, there are such. Nikon D500 for example.

        • B. R. P.

          Pay attention in what year Arkady wrote this. Then the Nikon D500 was not yet and was not particularly expected.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Well, yes, well, yes, after 7 years from the moment of my comment appeared :)

  • DK

    I add that the D700 appeared earlier a year than the D300s.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Since the D300s does not have a continuation of its development, in the evolution of cameras according to my version D700 and d800 \ 800e continue the series of d300s. Review tweaked.

      • DK

        However, at the time of release, this was exactly the case - two different lines, a top crop and an initial full frame, both cameras in pro cases.
        The D300s was supposed to be continued by a certain D400, the flagship of the crop ...
        However, today it is more likely to expect from Nikon “D8000”, as I understand the situation, there will be no continuation of cropped cameras in “pro-cases”.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Thank you, I know for that, but such a construction fits very well with the logic, even though the d300s was released later.

    • ValdTorjan

      And d300 (overhead for я d300s) went beyond the pik to d700.

  • Anatoly

    Pictures were taken on 18-200. Can you expect a review?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, the review will be on Sunday morning.

  • Nina

    Great review

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Not at all.

  • Novel

    I work in an electronics store, judging from the purchases of the company and Nikon's new products, I assume that Nikon will not produce cropped proff cameras, as I understand it, it is now replacing the D7000 with the new D600, 700 by 800, 3100 by 3200, 5100 by 5200, it was also in the tendering in the Dnieper on Nikon, Nikon will gradually switch to a compact pseudo SLR for lovers.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      So d300s was the last professional crop (

  • Okulov Dmitry

    “Improved power consumption” Check it out. If I'm not mistaken, the D2Xc uses a more power-hungry battery than the D2X.

  • NF_65

    I bought D2Xs in exchange for my "native" 80s, unfortunately I was happy ... I use it for a couple of months. I am satisfied with absolutely everything, except for the battery capacity. In terms of ergonomics, this is a Mercedes, in terms of speed (I shoot mostly a report) -Porsche 911 control buttons on the camera. I recommend everyone to at least “ride” this camera.

    • Jury

      NF_65, but do not feel inconvenience about the size and weight? Still, the carcass is twice as heavy and one and a half times wider in comparison with the D80.

      • NF_65

        I don’t feel at all, I bought a second 80, now it seems to me like a toy :)

  • Igor

    I also have d2, heavy, large and very comfortable. And the battery is probably time to change. There, by the way, there is information in the menu when you need to change the battery.

  • Kirill

    Where can I get software updates for D2Xs ????? Give a reference, if not difficult !!!!

    • anonym

      Firmware update is available only for D2x!

    • Kolya

      Should I change the firmware?

  • Dima

    How to set up Nikon D2X I bought it Bu 80k I don’t know how to set up

    • NF_65

      What exactly cannot you configure?

  • Gregory

    I remember that in 2006 I bought a magazine with an article about D2XS - it was symbolically called “Everything is cooler, and cooler, and cooler,” the author said there, it’s time to introduce restrictions on the number of characters in the title. The camera was very, very, about 6000 It seemed to me then an unreal thing. And I myself was shooting on film with ZENIT TTL (an ugly camera, I can motivate if anyone says that this is not so). Now it is 7100, it was 3100, I'm happy so far, but I already want 800. This is me, memories!

  • Andrei

    "It's funny, but the previous Nikon D1 line, such as the D1h, could have used ISO 1600 and will expand to Hi2 6400. This suggests that the D2 series did not go in the direction of increasing ISO, but to refine other parameters of the sensor." My D2H has iso 6400. Photo on D2H ISO 6400

    • Vladimir

      Nightmare photography…. Noises like in a stormy sea….

      • Denis

        fine. but the color is not degraded. it looks like a film

  • Nicholas

    help please
    I have a d3100, it makes sense to switch to d2x
    in pursuit of image quality
    optics I have a whale 18-105
    thank you in advance

    • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

      Why would it become better? In something more convenient, in something the other way around. Go to 24MP or full frame.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      There's no point.

  • Abdullah

    Hello, I need advice from veterans)))) I have Nikon d80 for $ 250 found d2xs I want to buy what you say makes sense

    • Denis

      CCD replace one of Nikon's first CMOS?

  • Koba

    That camera is still working in space on the ISS. By the way, only Nikon cameras are used in space, without special modifications, bought in regular stores. The other day NASA bought more than 50 Nikon D5s again ...

    • Michael

      there seems to be Hassel mostly ...

      • Alex 917

        there Nikon D2xs - read news and informational reviews about the ISS
        at the end of August I bought myself a Nikon D2xs for my soul - the state is just a plague and the mileage is minimal.
        and the card was wonderful there - industrial standard
        When asked why such a small mileage, a young man of 28-30 years old replied that the camera was purchased for remote work with astronauts and to give valuable instructions on timelapse shooting live "by button". because the astronauts are not at all alle and do not understand photographic equipment.
        and Hassel flew to the moon - there was his special modification.

        • Denis

          cool. but that the astronauts do not understand, I would argue. they know the whole ship like the back of their hand

          • Alex 917

            a person cannot know the WHOLE ship and ALL / WHAT / HOW it works there - only a certain sector of tasks assigned to him - this is called specialization.
            by timelapse - open me to this shooting on a fotik and set up to shoot a video in 30 seconds for sunrise and separately for the shadow side of the earth, taking into account the time / speed of objects.
            This will take an impressive amount of time and it is not at all a fact that even an experienced photographer can cope with this outright. the more so an astronaut - they still have photo tasks clearly not in the first place, and are accounted for by the residual principle.
            PS took D2xs in hand, opened the timelapse menu (interval shooting). Ofigel from some digits / points and other obscure lines of the menu.
            ok, I have as much time as you want, at least a day, at least two weeks study.
            in orbits, every minute of a flight costs certain (very substantial) money.

            • Denis

              I proceed from the way the military learns technology. they have it no less sophisticated than a camera. especially considering the backwardness of the element base, the automatic loader on the tank generally has a very cunning algorithm for working with the on / off switches, which is difficult to remember and quickly forgotten. the cosmonauts are still cooler, it is enough to at least look at Leonov's interview and see what tasks they solve in orbit. I found fault with the words "astronauts are not at all". I can agree that they just made their work easier

        • B. R. P.

          with the scoop, astronauts still on Earth underwent special training in working with cinema and photo equipment and were trained by their professionals. I don’t know, there’s Nasa, then space tourists are not ale ..

    • Pokekmon

      In August 2017, NASA purchased 53 Nikon D5 cameras, which were supposed to be used on board the International Space Station (VRC) and for training on Earth. Today (14/11/2017), the OA-8 cargo ship delivered ten Nikon D5 cameras aboard the ISS.
      The new cameras will replace the Nikon D4 and D2Xs models, which are at the disposal of the inhabitants of the orbital science laboratory. It is planned that they will be used within 12-18 months.
      The collaboration between NASA and Nikon began in 1971, when the Apollo 15 crew took the Nikon Photomic FTN (a modified Nikon F model) with them to the moon.
      In 2008, the turn of digital cameras came - then the agency purchased the first six copies of the Nikon D2XS. In 2009, 11 Nikon D3S cameras were added to them, in 2013 - 38 Nikon D4 cameras, and last year - another 10 Nikon D4 cameras. As for the lenses, the last purchase was in 2013, when 64 Nikkor lenses were delivered to NASA.

  • Koba

    If someone else uses this camera, I’ll just add that firmware 2,0 adds about 20 functions, including black-and-white shooting mode, as well as the ability to set the minimum shutter speed and maximum sensitivity in the Auto ISO settings. By the way, checking the same files (downloaded from an Internet) shot on D2x, D300 and B3, you can easily see that they are obtained from V2h simply beautiful, voluminous, with better colors on their heads and, strange, with higher details to ISO 800! Even at ISO 1600, the files from it are excellent, the detail and color are not lost. That's why it was said, but other matrices were used in it, and not those used in the D300. Considering these files, I almost thought that it had either a very thin protective filter on the matrix (the same as in the Canon 5D), or it was not at all, which seemed to be untrue. Now I understand why this camera is still expensive.

  • ы

    Interestingly, if you compare the D200, D2Xs, S5Pro.
    Which matrix produces the most pleasing color after Fujik?

    • Jury

      Also asked this question, read reviews. Opinions are very different. Some write that D2X (s) has a more protocol color, and the D200, they say, colors brighter, therefore it is more suitable for artistic shooting. Others write that D2X (s) has better color. So choose who to believe)

      • anonym

        There’s nothing to compare. D2x is clearly better in terms of color and detail, the D200 doesn’t have any detail at all when compared to D2x, and the colors there are far behind. D2x produces significantly more voluminous images.

        • koba

          That's right, my test shots fully confirm the unconditional superiority of the D2x

  • anonym

    Finally, I figured out the reason for the "increased" detail in D6x and D2xs. It's not about the matrix, it's about the filter. The cunning Nikon even gave higher results from the top camera, they simply put a very thin anti-alias filter there compared to the D2 and even D300, only in D3s they again applied a thin filter and, in theory, D3s will give details higher than D3. And that's why D3x has even the best detail of all 2-megapixel Nikon cameras, regardless of whether they are full-frame or cropped. You can still feel this at the edges of the frames, where a drop in detail from the filter side is added to some of the blurring of the lenses. I learned this from a master here in China, who often repaired D12x ... Of course, we are talking about low ISO, a maximum of 2. So for subject shooting or shooting in good lighting with good lenses, D800x will give odds to many late cameras, and in its class and in color, he is almost the best so far ...

    • koba

      I have a D3s and I confirm that it gives higher detail than my own D700, and the color and everything else is also utterly higher. By the way, I've also been living in China for the last 12 years ... In America, a family company modifies the D700 and removes the filter and look at the test images on their website, the camera starts to show details at almost 20 μgapixels, and that filter is not even glued, it turns out, just lies on top of the Martica ...

      • Pokemon

        On the D3s, the picture is indeed sharper and clearer under the same conditions and lenses than on the D700. For some time I owned these two cameras. The screwdriver on the D3s also turns the lenses faster. The color is different in comparison with the D700 and the rendered picture is much more “expensive”, so to speak, than on the D700. Workers ISO above. The D3s is a very nice camera. Koba, I agree with you.

  • Denis

    I still use it for filming an air show. Of course, it cannot be compared with modern cameras. But you can even get a good result. It is only very noisy at high ISOs. In principle, I’m happy with the camera and I’m not going to write it off. Colors for an amateur, they remind me of an agfa film. I can only compare with what I use, and this is Nikon D70S, Nikon D2Xs, Nikon D300s, Nikon D800. Most often I use it and the eight hundredth. I repeat, I like the machine.

  • SashOK

    Damn, well, the good old CCD matrix has cool colors, especially in the photo with a predominantly warm tone. CMOS matrices with their dozens of m-pix - go the forest!

    • Valentine

      This is just cmos, not ccd ... Now, probably write that you looked around, and the colors are actually not the same ...

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Good afternoon Dear Arkady! You have personally shot the Nikon D2XS for a long time, it is compatible with the Profoto A flash! AIR TTL (for Nikon) and Radio synchronizer Profoto AIR Remote TTL-N (for Nikon). A1 -Works in TTL-HSS mode. Currently, I found out that this flash is fully compatible with Nikon D-5, D4S, D3S, D3S, DF-D850-D810-D800-D-700-D610-D- cameras 600-D-500- D-300-D-7000-D7100.

  • Basil

    Please tell me he has a sound confirmation of autofocus

  • anonym

    Looking at the pictures above, it is clear that the color is very pleasant, which is rare for Nikon.

    • Archie

      I agree. Apparently ZhP (bold pixel)

      • Vitalij

        I will sell the Nikon D2Xs camera.

        Garniy cosmetic and vidminny working mill. The rubber bands on the mice are not bulky. Probig all deprived 114645. Not expensive. Mozhliviy exchange on L version of cameras, “full frames”, Canon family.

        If the camera is sold, I’ll tell you about it!

  • Alexander

    In 2019, we managed to buy a new camera with mileage of 480 frames, the former owner kept it on the shelf for 10 years, so I had to buy a new battery, because the old one just died while in the cell, the cell is very decent to this day.

    • Kostiantyn

      sell :)?

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