Nikon D2Xs review

For the opportunity Nikon D2Xs camera review many thanks to Nicholas Summer

Nikon D2Xs review

Nikon D2Xs review

Nikon D2Xs - very, very similar to its predecessor Nikon D2X. I will not do a detailed review of Nikon D2Xs, you can look at the page Nikon D2X and then just read below differences Nikon D2Xs and Nikon D2X:

  1. D2Xs uses slightly another display. It is the same in size, but slightly different viewing angles.
  2. On the D2Xs in High Speed ​​Crop part of the optical viewfinder dims, which will not be visible in the photo, the excess part becomes translucent. Have D2X this area was highlighted only by a rectangular frame.
  3. D2Xs can use metering exposure Color Matrix Metering II in High Speed ​​Crop.
  4. Improved power consumption. Both cameras use the same EN-EL4 battery.
  5. Nikon D2Xs supports black and white shooting mode.
  6. Nikon D2Xs has the function of framing the shot material (trimming)
  7. Some items in the camera menu have changed
  8. Adding GPS Information to EXIF, the USB port has been finalized, the function key has other useful functions and a couple of little things.
Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Attention: the D2Xs are said to have increased the buffer and ISO limit - but they are not. The buffer is still the same 17 frames in RAW mode, and 20 images in JPEG, and the ISO is still the same from 100 to 800 units and expands to ISO 3200 (Hi2).

In general, in addition to masking the viewfinder in High Speed ​​Crop mode, no changes have occurred. Rumor has it that Nikon D2X becomes completely equal in functionality Nikon D2xs when updating the firmware.

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

What else is missing in the Nikon D2Xs

  1. The camera does not have a built-in flash. For me, flash is not as important as its ability command mode.
  2. No light focus focus light. This is not critical when used. external flash
  3. Auto ISO has limit setting excerpts in 1 \ 250 seconds, this is not enough, especially when using a telephoto lens over 300mm
  4. Little choice RAW compression - either with compression, or without compression, and only with 12 bits color depths.
  5. No in-camera image processing
  6. No Picture Control Menu
  7. No ADL and DL, there is no control of vignetting, aberration and distortion
  8. Auto ISO does not support extended ISO range Hi1, Hi2
  9. There is no way to fine-tune the focus correction, this feature is already in the cameras since D3, D300
  10. The camera uses only one memory card slot.
  11. Nikon D2Xs remembers only one manual lens
  12. No silent mode
  13. The camera does not have a matrix cleaning system, Live View and video, such functions have already appeared in cameras from the new round of development of the Nikon Central Control Complex

In fact, these are all minor flaws. All in all Nikon D2Xs is just a great camera, very easy to use.

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs. Noises are visible

Sample Photos on Nikon D2Xs

All examples of photos in the gallery below are without processing. Only reduced size and printed data from EXIF. Everything is filmed on Nikon AF NIKKOR 85mm 1: 1.4D и Nikon 18-200mm VR.

Personal experience

The Nikon D2Xs is the 'last of the Mohicans' and is Nikon's latest professional crop-sensor flagship camera. After Nikon D2Xs, the flagship lineup switched to full-frame in the face Nikon D3... For those people who have a fleet of Nikon DX optics and are accustomed to the maximum convenience and reliability of the camera - Nikon D2Xs can still be a great help in creating photo masterpieces. Similar Nikon D300s - the latest professional DX machine, for more details in the section The evolution of Nikon cameras. The Nikon D2Xs' only serious drawback is the low ISO threshold, which is 800 in normal mode, although ISO can sprint up to HI2 equal to ISO 3200. Funnily enough, the Nikon D1's predecessor line, for example D1h, could use ISO 1600 and expand to Hi2 6400. This suggests that the D2 series did not follow the ISO increase, but to refine other matrix parameters.

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

Example photo on Nikon D2Xs

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Nikon D2Xs - a little outdated professional camera. The camera is attracted by the high speed of work, very convenient control, a number of professional settings. 12.4 MP, even by today's standards, can be an excellent solution for a number of tasks. An interesting feature is the shooting speed of 8 fps in High Speed ​​Crop mode. If you choose between D2Xs and D2X, then you need to look at that camera, which is better preserved.

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  • Sergei

    Good time of the day. I bought this subject 2 months ago. The battery is dead but no charging. I had to order on Ibei, did not trust the Chinese. The whole set cost me 225 forever green. I checked the mileage of 1955 frames, the state of the fly did not ... ls. I will master then unsubscribe with impressions. But the first thing when you take it in your hands, you understand that this is a THING. Indeed, this is PORSCHE in AF speed even with D-glasses, not to mention AF-S.

    • Stanislas

      I decided to read the comments on my last ph, and here on, from 29.12.21/XNUMX/XNUMX))
      With the acquisition! The price of the norms. I took about three years ago and och stumbled with a price and sold it at a big minus. Of the minuses, I note the lack of ISO, well, the small screen, the lack of a joystick.

    • Dima

      Finding such a dinosaur with a mileage of 2000 is good luck)

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