Review of MS Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

For the opportunity to review lens MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO Many thanks to Alexander from the manual optics section.

Review of MS Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Review of MS Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

TTX MS Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO
Focal length: 50mm
Optical design: 6 elements in 5 groups
Diaphragm: F / 2.8 to F / 16
Number of aperture blades: 6 pieces
Front Filter Diameter: 52mm
The weight: 340g
MDF: 24 см
Maximum magnification: 1:2
Factory manufacturer: Lytkarino Optical Glass Plant, Lytkarino

Almost all Volna lenses have good build and image quality. MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO also boasts good workmanship and very sharp images. MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO is the only and therefore the best macro lens from the Soviet Union. The lens has a strange name 'MC Volna-9' in Cyrillic and 'MACRO' in Latin.

Lens view MS Wave 9 2.8 50 MACRO

View of the MC Wave 9 2.8 50 MACRO lens from different angles. View of the aperture of the lens.

True, MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO can shoot macro only with 1: 2 magnification, usually 'real' macro lenses can shoot with 1: 1 magnification.

Lens view MS Wave 9 2.8 50 MACRO

View of the MC Volna 9 2.8 50 MACRO lens focused on MDF (elongated trunk)


The lens is interesting for the very large stroke of the focus ring, which rotates by as much as 360 degreesfocusing the lens from infinity to 24cm. When focusing, the 'trunk' of the lens is lengthened by about 3cm, while the front lens does not rotate. The focusing ring is metal. The front lens is deeply recessed into the lens barrel, so this design serves as a kind of hood. Depth of field is for f / 4, 8, 16 apertures, and there is a scale on the lens that indicates the magnification level, from Macro 1: 4 to 1: 2.

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO. Drawing in the open.


The aperture control ring is very narrow. For preset aperture drown the aperture ring at F / 16 and set the desired aperture, then release the ring. Aperture petals form interesting patterns like a star. A similar aperture is available on the lens. Industar-61 LZ MS 50mm F2.8. Moreover, a flat aperture is available only with F / 2.8 and F / 16.0.

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO. Star shaped bokeh

Use on modern central control centers

I used the MC Wave 9 lens on the camera Nikon D40 using the M42-Nikon adapter, you can find such an adapter by using the contacts from the manual optics section. How to use MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO and other old manual threaded lenses on any Nikon CZK you will find in the section Soviet Lenses. For those who have Canon will be useful article old lenses at canon. For the rest of the systems (brands of cameras) there are adapters with MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO, since the MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO has a very popular M42 fit thread.

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

An interesting feature

Lens MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO inverted using reverse adapter can shoot macro with 1: 1 magnification. Also, usually macro lenses have a very low aperture threshold, such as F / 22, F / 36, F / 46, and this lens is limited only to F / 16

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Image quality

The lens is sharp at all apertures, especially at medium F / 4.0-F / 8.0. At F / 2.8, spherochromatism is slightly noticeable, a slight haze appears around the contrasting details, this is clearly visible on here is an example snapshot. The remaining aberrations are very small. Vignetting and distortion on the APS-C camera are minimal. The bokeh on the closed diaphragm is unsatisfactory due to the strange shape of the diaphragm opening. In general, for macro shooting, the image quality is on top.

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO. Little glare. Bokeh shape.

Sample photos on the lens Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

All photos taken on Nikon D40, RAW -> JPEG Q80%, no processing, resized to 2MP and the data from EXIF. When using the M42-Nikon adapter, the adapter ring itself acts as a thin macro ring, therefore, considering crop factor, the lens in the examples could shoot with an increase of 1: 1. Here full size shot at f / 2.8

Several photos with the use of macro rings and a reversible macro adapter for MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO can be viewed in the album of the group Radozhiva, at the bottom of the photo is the signature, with which the picture was taken.

Personal experience

My 1987 copy is a little shabby, but still works well. MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO - the lens is quite good, but similar Nikon 55mm f / 2.8 AI-S Micro-NIKKOR I liked it a lot more. A good replacement for this macro lens, the MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO can serve Industar-61 LZ MS 50mm F2.8 using macro ring.

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.


MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO is a good macro lens, it produces a very sharp image. The only Soviet real macro lens.

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Comments: 64, on the topic: Overview of the Wave-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

  • Paul

    It would be interesting to test it with macro rings)

  • Ampels

    "Cookies" bokeh, of course, is not for everybody, but there is a certain charm. How to fully plant Wave 9 on Nikon, you can read my article on the Tambov forum

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thanks. The lens is not mine, I will not redo it.

  • Alex de Kairoy

    Thank you, I have long been waiting for an overview of this glass))

  • Irina

    Just a few days ago I acquired this lens. Judging by the review, it was right :-)
    Thank you Arkady!

  • Volodimir

    good afternoon
    please tell me how best to use manual lenses for macro shooting
    through a macro ring or through a reversible ring?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Depending on the needs and capabilities of the lens. With macro rings you can adjust the level of increase, with the adapter the desired increase is not always available.

  • Zhenya

    "MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO can shoot macro only with 1: 2 magnification, usually 'real' macro lenses can shoot with 1: 1 magnification." Can you clearly explain what is the difference between an increase of 1 to 1 and 1 to 2. Thanks in advance.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      1 to 1 - the object is projected onto the matrix in real size. For example, it’s like taking a coin, placing it on the camera matrix, and tracing its outline with a pencil. Then this image can be viewed on a computer - and it will be just huge.
      1 to 2 - means that the coin on the matrix will be two times smaller than the actual size of the same coin.

      • Zhenya

        Thanks for the answer. And which is better (increase)?

        • Arkady Shapoval

          The one that will best create the composition for each photograph individually.

  • Christian

    Tell me, in your opinion, for macro is better industrial61 or wave 9 ??

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Industar, because of its price.

      • Christian

        Hmm, promptly)
        And if you look not at the price, but at the optical quality?

        • Arkady Shapoval

          I don’t even know, I didn’t have the most successful instance of Volna-9 for review, Industar seemed to me a more successful lens.

  • photographer

    Selling my

  • Farik

    Arkady, what do you recommend for macro photography. Wave 9, or a macro lens on a regular lens. And which one is better with a macro lens: Nikon 18-105, Nikon 50mm f / 1.8d, Jupiter 37a.

  • Ismail

    Here it is difficult to argue - he is sharp to horror! And in all respects it is much sharper than my standard 44m-4 (although I think it is sharp - 44m-7 has not tested yet, but I think it is easier to buy Wave-9 later)

  • Alexander

    Great lens! I came across a NEW copy, in its original packaging! In terms of the picture, naaa is much better than the Carl Zeiss 35 / 2.4. In macro, it is sharper, at infinity, almost no chromatite (in comparison with Zeize) ...

    • Denis

      I agree completely. Excellent glass is one of the best Soviet mass-produced lenses. Here they compared it with Industar 61 - in my opinion the Wave is much more interesting primarily because of the bokeh and pattern.
      Industar lives up to its name - a very sharp macro lens, but very technological. No drawing, bokeh - gears. If you need to remove any object for advertising, it will do.
      The wave, on the contrary, is pure poetry. Maybe I just have a successful instance, but I'm just ecstatic from his drawing :)

  • Sergei

    I will sell a wave of 9 7 tr post office Voronezh write or call 9003023540

  • sadscum

    bought a subject a month or two ago. 3 tr. state for 4+ weeks sawed-sharpened-skins ... remade to F bayonet, although there is no infinity yet, but much better than with an adapter.
    on weekends went out of town to shoot the last days of autumn. the lens was very pleasantly impressed by the image quality! it was overcast, half of the photo was on an open “hole”, exposure was within 1/60 ... 1/125. many of the photos resembled Nikon lenses in contrast and sharpness (for example 35-70 3.3-4.5) MDF of 7-10 centimeters. the focus is pleasant, a little tight, but I like it even better. but with a focusing screen, that with wedges - in general, everything is simple and easy.
    had the experience of shooting with macro rings - this is still torture. need a tripod, light and a working range of 5-15 centimeters. not to mention the chopped aperture, studio conditions are shorter. do you need it?
    if you can take a separate macro lens - take it, do not think. no extension tubes / lenses will save you. (they will give a completely different picture. my hoya lenses, if you screw 2 or 3 at once, they resemble a monocle).
    if you google - it is quite possible to find this lens for a reasonable price. this is about 3-5 thousand in rubles or $ 100-170

  • junkhead

    Two lenses Volna 9 and Industar 61 LZ fell into my hands for the evening ... Here is a small comparison on the forehead:
    The link is a zip archive (~ 24MB), it contains 6 full-size photos. Comparison at the same settings at apertures 2.8, 5.6 and 16 ... ISO 100, Nikon D5100 camera, both clung through the Nikon-M42 lensless adapter with loss of infinity. Shot from a tripod in not very high-quality lighting, but nevertheless it turned out quite clearly!
    There is also a noticeable shift in perspective - I kind of tried not to move the tripod when changing the lens, but maybe I moved it a little, or maybe one of the lenses is crookedly assembled ...:]

    I made the following conclusions, the industrial is still sharper and more contrasting ... And the Wave is somewhat lighter and gives a softer blur, well, yes, the fog is in the open ...
    Maybe someone will find such a bum-comparison useful ...: D

    • Amateur photographer_

      So і maє bootie! "Industar-61LZ" shall take 4 lines, and "Volna" - 6 lines. First of all, the active person gives me a contrast and a picture. Until then, wines are available.

  • Alan Grek

    the paragraph immediately after the performance characteristics at the end of "... 'MACRO' in Latin." the ending is not correct

  • Maksim

    I will sell a lens for macro MS Wave-9 50 mm f / 2,8
    Novosibirsk + by mail in Russia and abroad
    Our website:
    Group in contact (more than 20000 participants):
    Lenses, cameras, adapters and more
    Cash on delivery, reviews, warranties, experience.
    Have questions? Ask!

  • Pavlo

    axis doughe garnet macro invert Wave 9

  • Eugene

    I will sell such optics 093-502-20-72 Dnipro

  • Sergei

    In the review there is a phrase - "When using the M42-Nikon adapter, the adapter ring itself acts as a thin macro ring, therefore, taking into account the crop factor, the lens in the examples could shoot with a magnification of 1: 1."
    But on Canon1000D (crop) this effect does not work, removes 1: 2. Tell me, what’s wrong?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      At Canon, the working length is shorter. With the M42-Kenon adapter, the lens works as usual.

      • Sergei

        Arkady, thanks for the quick reply!

  • B.R.P.

    Wave-9 + thin macro ring

    • Peter

      Picture 18+;)

  • Sergei

    Hello Arkady. You write "Lens MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO in an inverted position with the help of a reversing adapter can shoot macro with a magnification of 1: 1." On my own I will add that I can shoot 24cm MDF without changing. I think this is a rare feature, usually the distance is greatly reduced. Tell me, Industar-61 L / Z has a similar shape, will it change MDF (30 cm) when reversed.

  • anonym

    so how does it differ from industrial 61 lz?

  • Sergei

    Hmm ... I almost bought such a lens, the price confused me. They offered it too persistently for $ 40. Too cheap for a normal thing, although it was completely ideally with pieces of paper and so on. I read it here and, most importantly, looked - immediately understood everything. Yes, this lens is comparable in quality to the 40-year-old Nikorram (as in the table above). It loses completely to the 20-year-old Nikorram type 55 2.8 ais. Compared to modern ones, it's not worth the weight of the aluminum it is made of. The same guano as Industar. Play around, no more. He was compared here with Zeiss Flektogon 35 2.4 ... Guys, you may not believe me, but look at the pictures with Flek at Flickr and compare them with these here .. The questions why Flek does not stash for $ 250, but THIS for $ 40 will disappear by itself

  • Ruslan

    Tell me a normal macro lens for Nikon? There is no time to search for an antique dealer.

    • Valery A.

      Look here Nikkors at 40, 60, 85, 105mm.

    • BB

      If you do not need every day, buy macro rings

  • anonym

    I want to try to retake the negatives, will someone tell me a suitable lens?

    • Rodion

      I re-shot on Pankolar 80 / 1.8, tried on Vega-11, Mir-1 and Helios-44. It seemed to me that the most reasonable result is provided by Vega-11 on the F / 8 aperture and Pankolar 80 / 1.8.

      • anonym

        Ok, I will look for vega, and Pankolar is an expensive exotic. Thanks.

    • anonym

      did you hear about scanning films? The quality is five, but no trouble, I have the experience of both shooting and scanning, outstripping the whole rather big photo archive in digital.

      • anonym

        Well, I heard, though I live in the forest. I think if there is a camera, it may not be so bad.

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