Review of MS Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

For the opportunity to review lens MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO Many thanks to Alexander from the manual optics section.

Review of MS Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Review of MS Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

TTX MS Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO
Focal length: 50mm
Optical design: 6 elements in 5 groups
Diaphragm: F / 2.8 to F / 16
Number of aperture blades: 6 pieces
Front Filter Diameter: 52mm
The weight: 340g
MDF: 24 см
Maximum magnification: 1:2
Factory manufacturer: Lytkarino Optical Glass Plant, Lytkarino

Almost all Volna lenses have good build and image quality. MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO also boasts good workmanship and very sharp images. MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO is the only and therefore the best macro lens from the Soviet Union. The lens has a strange name 'MC Volna-9' in Cyrillic and 'MACRO' in Latin.

Lens view MS Wave 9 2.8 50 MACRO

View of the MC Wave 9 2.8 50 MACRO lens from different angles. View of the aperture of the lens.

True, MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO can shoot macro only with 1: 2 magnification, usually 'real' macro lenses can shoot with 1: 1 magnification.

Lens view MS Wave 9 2.8 50 MACRO

View of the MC Volna 9 2.8 50 MACRO lens focused on MDF (elongated trunk)


The lens is interesting for the very large stroke of the focus ring, which rotates by as much as 360 degreesfocusing the lens from infinity to 24cm. When focusing, the 'trunk' of the lens is lengthened by about 3cm, while the front lens does not rotate. The focusing ring is metal. The front lens is deeply recessed into the lens barrel, so this design serves as a kind of hood. Depth of field is for f / 4, 8, 16 apertures, and there is a scale on the lens that indicates the magnification level, from Macro 1: 4 to 1: 2.

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO. Drawing in the open.


The aperture control ring is very narrow. For preset aperture drown the aperture ring at F / 16 and set the desired aperture, then release the ring. Aperture petals form interesting patterns like a star. A similar aperture is available on the lens. Industar-61 LZ MS 50mm F2.8. Moreover, a flat aperture is available only with F / 2.8 and F / 16.0.

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO. Star shaped bokeh

Use on modern central control centers

I used the MC Wave 9 lens on the camera Nikon D40 using the M42-Nikon adapter, you can find such an adapter by using the contacts from the manual optics section. How to use MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO and other old manual threaded lenses on any Nikon CZK you will find in the section Soviet Lenses. For those who have Canon will be useful article old lenses at canon. For the rest of the systems (brands of cameras) there are adapters with MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO, since the MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO has a very popular M42 fit thread.

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

An interesting feature

Lens MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO inverted using reverse adapter can shoot macro with 1: 1 magnification. Also, usually macro lenses have a very low aperture threshold, such as F / 22, F / 36, F / 46, and this lens is limited only to F / 16

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Image quality

The lens is sharp at all apertures, especially at medium F / 4.0-F / 8.0. At F / 2.8, spherochromatism is slightly noticeable, a slight haze appears around the contrasting details, this is clearly visible on here is an example snapshot. The remaining aberrations are very small. Vignetting and distortion on the APS-C camera are minimal. The bokeh on the closed diaphragm is unsatisfactory due to the strange shape of the diaphragm opening. In general, for macro shooting, the image quality is on top.

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO. Little glare. Bokeh shape.

Sample photos on the lens Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

All photos taken on Nikon D40, RAW -> JPEG Q80%, no processing, resized to 2MP and the data from EXIF. When using the M42-Nikon adapter, the adapter ring itself acts as a thin macro ring, therefore, considering crop factor, the lens in the examples could shoot with an increase of 1: 1. Here full size shot at f / 2.8

Several photos with the use of macro rings and a reversible macro adapter for MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO can be viewed in the album of the group Radozhiva, at the bottom of the photo is the signature, with which the picture was taken.

Personal experience

My 1987 copy is a little shabby, but still works well. MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO - the lens is quite good, but similar Nikon 55mm f / 2.8 AI-S Micro-NIKKOR I liked it a lot more. A good replacement for this macro lens, the MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO can serve Industar-61 LZ MS 50mm F2.8 using macro ring.

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Sample photo on MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

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MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO is a good macro lens, it produces a very sharp image. The only Soviet real macro lens.

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Comments: 59, on the topic: Overview of the Wave-9 2.8 / 50 MACRO

  • Anton

    Valuable information. Thank.
    Yesterday I bought this '89 release. Almost new in appearance. But the stroke of the ring is a little tight in my opinion and it is impossible to lock the diaphragm - at 16 the ring is recessed, but does not turn. For an easier rotation of the focusing ring, I want to change the lubricant - the old one is distributed in pieces over the surface. Tell me which one is better to use and which one is contraindicated? And what about the aperture ring?

    • J

      I would lubricate with TsIATIM grease. I didn’t get the 221st one, lubricated my Jupiter-8 with the 201st during the repair, I’m quite satisfied. But, it seems like, over time, a liquid non-volatile oil fraction may be released, and the mechanical resistance is low. I think it should do, and it’s not difficult to find

  • Maria

    Thanks for the review! Because of him, she agreed to purchase Wave-9, although she didn’t plan to deal with macro, but now such an idea appeared. I really like the artistic result at 1: 2.
    3 was worth an alteration for Nikon, they did not begin to preserve infinity, since there is the possibility of simultaneously shooting with an ordinary lens.

    By the way, on the open one there is no haze, although on old Helios I have it in all its glory. I liked the fact that the lens can be used as a very sharp portrait lens, as some people like it. But bokeh gears - not everyone will like it. although I am personally interested in them, since I meet them for the first time.

  • Ivan Wolverine

    Wave-9 is actually Industar-61 with only another name :-))

    • Rodion

      Nothing like this. Maximum external resemblance. The six-lens lens Wave and the four-lens Industar cannot but differ. Another thing is that Wave-9, judging by the photos on the Web, is not a very successful lens and has no special advantages.

    • Vania

      Industar-61 is much better than a wave. compared KENON 50 1,8, they are on an equal footing with Industar-61

      • Maria

        Thank. Need to try.
        In general, for those who are interested in artistic photography, and not in advertising or other types, where the sharpness and accuracy of the transfer of the object is more important than the drawing, IMHO, it is better to try the old optics from Cannon. Portraits with Helios on Kennon and Nikon are significantly different, the drawing is more unnatural, embellished, I would say)


    As MACRO is ideal for Panas 4/3, only the right adapter is needed and adaptable. Photo without cropping.




    ... bad without external puff

  • Andrei

    Hello, tell me please, what could be the effect of this? When photographing on MDF, MC Volna-9 has such flyers, despite the fact that at a magnification of 1: 4 they disappear. Please help with advice and opinion 🙌

    • Rodion

      Something glares somewhere, or somewhere there is a hole through which light enters the matrix, bypassing the lens block.

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