Review of World-3 3.5 / 65

For the opportunity to review lens Mir-3 3.5 / 65 'zebra' Many thanks to Andrey Kopyl.

Review of World-3 3.5 / 65

Review of World-3 3.5 / 65

TTX Mir-3 3.5 / 65
Focal length: 65mm, lens from a medium format camera 'Salute'
Diaphragm: F / 3.5-f / 22
Number of aperture blades: 12 pieces
Optical design: 6 elements in 5 groups
Bayonet \ thread: Bayonet B
The weight: about 600g
MDF: 0.8m
Front Filter Diameter: 88mm

There are several lens modifications. There is already an overview on Radozhiv Mir-3V 65mm F3.5, which describes the main features when working with the lens. In this review, I will focus only on the differences between the versions of Mir-3 and Mir-3V

Mir-3 3.5 / 65 rear view

Mir-3 3.5 / 65 rear view. Zebra.

The Mir-3 3.5 / 65 lens presented in this review, is different from Mir-3V 65mm F3.5 as follows:

  1. The rim of the case. This review presents a zebra-colored lens, an older version of the Mir-3 lens. Changed focus and aperture control rings. In general, the lenses are very similar to each other.
  2. The number of aperture blades. My version of 'zebra' has 12 aperture bladeswhich forms a very even opening of the diaphragm, and thus gives a pleasant bokeh. Example photo on a closed aperture. Aperture blades have a strong yellow metallic sheen. The Mir-3B variant has only 6 aperture blades.
  3. Lenses have different minimum focusing distances. 'Zebra' has a limit of 80cm, and Mir-3V 65mm F3.5 only 40cm. The focusing ring of the 'zebra' has a smaller stroke.

Otherwise, including the image quality, the lenses are very similar.

Mir-3 3.5 / 65 with a 12-blade diaphragm

Mir-3 3.5 / 65 with a 12-blade diaphragm

Sample photos on Mir-3 3.5 / 65 and camera Nikon D40. On the Nikon DX sprinkled APS-C matrix, the medium-wide wide-angle Mir-3 3.5 / 65 lens behaves like a short telephoto EGF 97.5mm. All photos without processing, only reduced to 3MP and imprinted data from EXIF.

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

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Mir-3 3.5 / 65 is an excellent lens that attracts very sharp picture and vintage look. Version Mir-3V 65mm F3.5 has a very small MDF.

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Comments: 28, on the topic: Obzor Mir-3 3.5 / 65

  • Andrei

    Many people think that this is a copy of flektogon. Thanks for the review. Like: -D

  • Ivan

    Wow, I didn’t know that he had 12 petals. But despite this, the picture is practically no different from World 3B, but the latter is more interesting because of the smaller MDF.

  • igorsam

    I want to give you a test for the test of Industar 29 Lying without a deal, I rejoice at a time
    Mіzh іnshim pererobka pid nikon duzhe just true sticks will not be all in the manual
    me nast_lki matched picture scho p_du further doroblyu stick
    Thank you Arkadiy once again, thank you, welcome the materials

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It's my pleasure)

    • Ivan

      If you can make a jump, share the recipe?

      • Andrei

        Do you imagine what the adapter design should be? It was on this lens that I didn’t twist the aperture adjusting lever, I removed the plate, and left the lock, the aperture closes. On industrial-29 of a similar design, the jumper is completely removed, so you have to manually close up (I often forget).

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Will not work.

        • Rodion

          Arkady, I made myself an adapter for Industar-29 with the same aperture control method. Made from a plastic pipe. The trick is that I left a neat hole on the side so that you could pull the trigger of the cocked diaphragm. And I removed the parasitic rays of light with the help of leather rolled into a tube, velvet inside (glued the smooth side to the threaded part of the adapter). My adapter is not very beautiful, but it doesn't spoil the lens in any way and works great! If interested, I will share instructions for making from a minimum of materials.

  • Andrei

    Tell me if there is an adapter for Canon EOS and maybe you know where this adapter can be bought in Russia?

    Thank you!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes there is. For more details, see the old Canon lenses section. I don’t know where to find in Russia.

  • Irina

    Please advise a good wide-angle from the collection of Soviet lenses! Thank you in advance!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      For which camera?

      • Arina

        Hello! I purchased this miracle technique I can not find an adapter
        I have NikonD60

  • Kate

    and on nikon d 40 through which adapter is worn?

  • lubitel

    photo af_getsky af_gennі-straight poviyalo pereshy frost + zvіr_ klas
    yak model pozuyut)

  • Anton

    Good afternoon, Arkady! And for Nikon D5100, what would you recommend World-3 Zebra or World-3B?

    • Jury

      Anton, I have this Mir-3 zebra lens and I used it on the C5Pro Fuji cropped camera. The lens is beautiful, gives good sharpness throughout the frame at open aperture, there is no distortion, in general, Arkady described everything :). But: it is heavy, if you take a bundle with a 5100, it will definitely outweigh the camera, the 5100 does not know how to do exposure metering with it, it needs a good adapter KP-88 / N, for which they ask for $ 40-50 (more expensive than the lens itself cost me) , on my copy the bayonet was slightly dangling (the optical axis was shifted and the corners were smeared - the consequences of an unsuccessful assembly after repair), the diaphragm and focus ring worked a little (all these problems can be solved by the bulkhead and changing the lubricant). Further - the choice is yours :) I made the transition from it to Nikon myself from the macro ring for Kiev 88 and KP-A / N

  • Anna

    Good day! Tell me, please, which adapter is needed to use this lens on the Nikon D7100? Thank you in advance!

  • Jury

    With macro ring

  • Jury

    Such interesting glare comes in backlight

  • Jury

    With tilt adapter

  • Valera Grigoryan

    Hello, I have such a lens. World - 3, as I understand it, but from the photo it looks more like world 3-in, although it just says world-3 on it. The question is the following -
    I have a Canon - 650d. How to attach it to this camera? Is there any adapter like M 42 thread for helios. Or will you have to shove through macro rings)? I ask you to give an answer here, and not go to the old kenon adapters section yourself. And even better if you directly give a link to the adapter! For more than 4 years the lens has been lying around, I have never even tried it)

    • anonym

      If World 3B - fit
      If World 3B - then you need more expensive

    • anonym

      Or the Soviet adapter KP 88 / N with the A / M42 adapter ring (This ring is on almost all Soviet lenses with the letter “A” in the lens name. For example, such an adapter is completed with the Jupiter-37A lens). And already for this design, the usual adapter ring M42 / Canon EOS.

  • anonym

    I was offered a choice of 2 variations of MIR 3: a zebra and already in some newer case (definitely not 3B). Are there any differences between them ?! Hands, unfortunately, I can not feel.

    • Lennaganci

      Apparently I bought one today, as in the photo a little higher, Mir-3 without the letter B and not a zebra, Salyutovsky mount, 12 petals. I will test if anyone can clarify, it will be interesting

  • Guren302

    Can such a lens really be hooked up to Fujifilm X?

    • B. R. P.

      Really. Through the appropriate adapter.

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