Review MS Volna-3 2.8 / 80

For the opportunity review of the MS Volna-3 2.8 / 80 lens many thanks to Vladimir

Review MS Volna-3 2.8 / 80

Review MS Volna-3 2.8 / 80

TTX MS Volna-3 2.8 / 80
The weight: November 340, XNUMX
Front Filter Diameter: 62mm
Focal length: 80mm
Diaphragm: F / 2.8 to F / 22.0
Number of aperture blades: 6 pieces
MDF: 60 см
Optical design: 6 elements in 3 groups
Factory manufacturer: Arsenal
Bayonet mount: B (Pentacon SIX)

All Volna lenses are famous for their good performance. MC Volna-3 is no exception. Lens MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80 Designed for medium format cameras Kiev-6C, -90, -60. It would be correct to name the lens MS Volna-3B, so as not to be confused, since there is a modification of the lens for use on Salyut and Kiev-88 cameras MS Volna-3V. On an average format, 80mm focal lengths are considered standard, as they give a fairly wide viewing angle. In a narrow format (full-frame digital cameras, 35mm film cameras and crop), the lens can be used as a good portrait lens. If you are looking for a portrait of yourself, then you can look at the lens Vega-12B... Rumor has it that MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80 is a modified copy Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 2.8 / 80, but in fact the Wave is a 6-lens planar.

MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80, rear view

MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80, rear view

How to use on modern cameras

Due to the fact that the Volna-3 2.8 / 80 lens has a sufficiently large working distance, it can be easily installed on modern digital cameras with interchangeable lenses. For example, I used the MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80 lens on the camera Nikon D800, D700 using the Pentacon \ Nikon adapter (KP-6 \ N), while maintaining the ability to focus on infinity. My MS Volna-3 2.8 / 80 lens is equipped with a special chip that simplifies shooting when using the lens on Nikon amateur cameras, for more details on the chip, see the section Dandelion Lushnikova. Sale and sticker of dandelions in Ukraine produces official representative Andrey Kuryanov.

Sample photo on MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80

An example of a photograph on MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80. Bokeh, MDF.

How to use old similar lenses on modern Nikon central control centers can be found in the section Soviet optics... For Canon - old lenses at canon.

For other cameras, there are appropriate adapters. In general, there is absolutely nothing complicated when using old manual optics on modern technology.

MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80, side view, aperture view

MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80, side view, aperture view


The lens has a metal focus ring that rotates about 300 degrees, thereby making focusing very smooth and accurate. It is worth noting that even at F / 2.8 the lens has a good depth of field. The depth of field scale is indicated for values ​​of F / 2.8, 5.6, 11, 16, 22. The minimum focusing distance is 0.6 m. This minimum focusing distance allows you to shoot small objects, for example, the modern Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm f / 1.8D lens has an MDF of 85cm. When focusing, the front lens does not rotate, and the trunk protrudes by about 2-3 cm. It was not difficult for me to direct sharpness when working with Wave-3.

Sample photo on MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80

An example of a photograph on MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80. Bokeh


The diaphragm has only 6 blades, and they do not have blackening. You can see the type of petals in the picture in this review. When closing the diaphragm, the petals form a 6-gon. The MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80 lens cannot boast huge aperturebut f / 2.8 at 80mm focal length blurs the background and foreground a lot, which is very good for portraits. The lens has an aperture control mode switch. The lens has multi-layer coating, which is clearly visible in the pictures with the lens view. MS is one of the main advantages of the Volna-3 lens over Vega-12B.

Sample photo on MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80

An example of a photograph on MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80. Portrait.

Image quality

The lens is slightly soft on F / 2.8 due to spherical aberration, maybe I didn’t come across the most successful instance. The lens does not cope well with strong light sources in the frame. Contrast and color reproduction are good. No distortion or vignetting. The bokeh of the lens is pretty good. For portrait shooting, the lens showed good image quality.

Sample photo on MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80

An example of a photograph on MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80. Infinity.

Personal experience

I liked the Volna-3 2.8 / 80 lens more than Vega-12B, it’s not surprising, because the MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80 lens replaced Vega-12B. My copy of 1986 release and still works wonderfully.

Sample photo on MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80

An example of a photograph on MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80. Foreground and background. Sharpness.

Sample Photos

All examples of photos in the gallery without processing. Everything is filmed on Nikon D800, on-camera JPEG L, reduced size and imprinted data from EXIF.

All examples of photos in the gallery below without processing. Everything is filmed on Nikon D700, RAW -> JPEG with autolevels, downsized and data imprinted from EXIF. All photos were taken in heavy rain.

Also, you can see the modified photos from Wave-3 in the section 'Walking with a good lens 8'.

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.


MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80 is an excellent medium format lens. On modern full frame and crop cameras it can be a good portrait lens. Recommend.

Material prepared Arkady Shapoval. Training/Consultations | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram

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Comments: 209, on the topic: Overview of the Wave-3 2.8 / 80

  • Lipik

    I want to use such a lens in conjunction with a tilt-shift adapter Arax for subject shooting.
    Actually interested in the quality of the lens on closed holes, linear resolution and how it behaves with studio light?
    Has anyone tried it?
    Thank you.

    • Wave 3 / Arax

      The main problem of these lenses: "Wave 3" and aka "Araks" is that when the aperture is closed, the steel polished petals light up the frame. It is very bad for them to shoot contrasting scenes, “clouds” appear in the bright areas, and the more the aperture is closed, the more powerful the highlights. Shooting is allowed only with diffused light. But in cloudy weather, and even in cloudy weather, when the aperture is closed, the highlights will still be a cloud in the center of the frame. Because of this, we have an unsuccessful "cube" lens. If it is “burning” to take tilt Arax, then you should choose a “bullet” made from Zenitar M 2/50. It has a significantly higher resolution (63 versus 45) and is resistant to backlighting.

  • antwerp

    such is the question and what kind of hood can you put on it

    • Victor

      You can put a hood. There are rubber hoods, screwed onto a thread for a filter
      like this

    • Wave 3 / Arax

      Threaded hood 62 mm in diameter for conventional lenses, if you shoot on a medium format 60x60 mm camera, or a “tele hood” for full-frame 36x24 mm cameras and crops. This lens needs a hood badly, without it all the side light will be collected and directed to the matrix, from the filter of which it will be reflected back and will be re-reflected by the inner surfaces of the lens until it is completely absorbed, which enhances the “clouds” of flare in the frame. It will also be useful to send the lens for maintenance, regardless of its condition, and agree with the master about blackening the diaphragm.

  • Elena

    Hello, tell me where can I order the adapter on the D700?
    MC Volna-3 2.8 / 80

    • Wave 3 / Arax

      Yandex knows where to look for such.
      These will be adapters on request “Pentacon Six - Nikon F”.

  • Edward

    On the objective lens the lens has become unusable ... Where can you buy, what to replace?

  • BEC

    Can I use with NikonD3100

  • Iskander

    Dilemma. There are Kaleinar 150 SF, offer an exchange for this Wave, what to do? Both are good.

    • anonym

      Kaleinar should not be given for the Wave, Kaleinar is much better than the Wave

    • anonym

      Of course they will offer), very profitable, but not for you)

  • Ivan

    It would be nice to see pictures from this lens on the Sony A7.

  • Paul

    I waited for a Chinese adapter for Canon P6-EOS, because with the other P6-M42 there was no focusing to infinity and ... infinity was also missing. I solved the problem like this: I put 2 rings of lacquered copper wire (such as in transformers) under the rear lens, which diameter I do not know, but definitely not the thinnest. Infinity after such a Kulibin alignment appeared, although the focusing distance marks on the lens do not correspond to reality.

  • Andrei

    I would like to sell Volna-3 2.8 / 80 into knowledgeable hands with a translator for Nikon (Lushnikov's dandelion), practically was not in perfect working order !!!

    • Anatoly

      What do you ask for money?

    • Mikhail Drulyak

      Confirmation of sharpness on the Nikon D700 Will? If so, how much will it cost?

  • Andrei

    Good afternoon, they gave me the Wave 3 lens, it seems to me with a mount (Russian B.). As far as I understand, the Pentacon Six adapter is suitable for a mount (Russian B.). How do I find an adapter for Nikon, I don’t know what to call it. I will repeat Pentacon 6 for Nikon I’m afraid it won’t do. I think it’s difficult to get Soviet adapters, but on the Internet there is only the above. Thank you!

    • Jury

      Intuition did not disappoint you - Pentacon 6 for Nikon will not work :) An adapter KP-88 / N is required. You can search for it in the internet or make yourself out of 19 macro rings with B and KP-A / N mounts

      • Andrei

        Thank you, maybe you know where you can buy or order it? I live in Riga. Maybe via EBAY? How can I call him there? For example, I bought an adapter for Helios via EBAY without any problems.

        • Jury

          adapter for Helios and KP-88 / N (that's how to call it - adapter from Kiev-88 to Nikon) - these are two big differences, unfortunately. I don’t know what the imported analogs are called and whether they exist.

    • anonym

      I took on an ebay. called pentacon-nikon. came up to nikon as a native.

  • Andrei

    Thank you I found in Ebay, just typed the name in Latin.

  • Alexey

    Lord! And at Pentax K-50 with Wave what will be fr ?! Pliz !!

    • Igor

      EGF will be 1.5 * 80 = 120 mm

  • anonym

    I got the adapter in the end, it looks solid but has not yet adapted to it.

  • Andrei

    And a photo with a blend. While Helios 44-2 I like more, I have not tried to shoot in the sun yet.

  • Andrei

    The first impression of the lens after several days of use is not unambiguous. For me, I would like a little more sharpness. 2.8 is pretty soapy, then better.

  • Ernst

    Guys, when you listen to reasoning on the medium format and CZ, you want to cry, and it's naive and not interesting.
    Wave-3 was created exclusively for the medium format. In a narrow format, and especially CZ-crop, this is an absolutely inexpedient solution. It will not give you any advantages, only difficulties and inconveniences / expensive adapter, the figure looks pretty ugly /.
    The figure of Volna-3 is abnormal. The picture is dry and boring.
    And yet, just in case. A wave with lilac enlightenment (the first issues of 86-89) is much better than green (90s), these are industry specimens right away. They were collected from rejects, do not be fooled by novelty.
    In general, since there are a lot of interesting Soviet lenses KMZ, Jupiter, and even Valdai, which are much more convenient on the CZ, then why is this a monster ??? It is “not that”! Believe my rather big experience.

    • Igor_K

      While I absolutely agree with Ernst about the inconvenience of using “Wave 3” at the CZK, I still want to add some thoughts of my own: 1) The quality of the “Wave” pattern does not depend on the color of the enlightenment, but on the general decline in the quality of the optics produced after the 90s. Personally, I had both "blue" and 2 "green", and all three (!) Gave a wonderful picture, significantly superior to "Vega 12", not to mention the Salutov "Industar 29". 2) The price of such a lens together with an adapter now rarely exceeds 1000 UAH. This begs the question: "How many Soviet lenses with a similar FR and aperture ratio can be found under the Nikon mount for such a price?" 3) Considering that neither on the FF, nor even more so on the “crop”, the picture has no trace of distortion, no vignetting, no drop in sharpness at the edges, and when using even a standard rubber hood (for example, from Kiev 60), and side illumination, I think that the lens is definitely worth its money! As a portrait lens, it will definitely not yield to any "whale staff", and although, in other genres, its advantages, except for the price, are really not so obvious, the lens is quite interesting and applicable to the CZK. Look at its color rendition, Vega 12 did not stand nearby (IMHO).

  • Ernst

    Of course, the quality of the optics does not depend directly on the color of the coating, but indirectly. Lenses of reduced quality just had green or almost colorless enlightenment, which began to be applied after the 90th year. This is information from the first "factory lips", believe me ... And it applies to all the optics of the Arsenal plant with the name "Arsat" I do not know. Maybe so, but offhand today the price of the Wave with an adapter is much higher.
    The third point is I agree. But in practice, it is poorly obvious :) Ie. not strongly expressed dignity. Compared to Vega-12, I can agree, but apparently the Vegas were different. I saw examples of photos, with Vega-12 just WONDERFUL, like Biometar! Older photographers value Vega more than Waves. And not without thoroughly. But Industar-29 is a THING! About him in a separate topic.
    Well, there is nothing to compare with “whale creations” ... Wave is optics, otherwise the plastic is cheap.
    And more. For example, I am very confused by the "void" between the camera and the lens from this expensive adapter. It is inconvenient to focus.
    I will say this, Wave / Vega can be taken only at a low price (adapter very good).
    She needs to be removed only on Kiva-60/88, where she is good.

    • anonym

      THE ADAPTER IS VERY VERY EVEN NOT EXPENSIVE :) MY EXAMPLE: A SET OF EXTENSION RINGS, IN THIS CASE FOR RENTAX, SAME FOR KENON, I DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT, THERE: I TAKE THE RING NOMELINO 3; neatly cover the internal wool sawdust) sawed VERY careful not to saw, of course if you have a lathe, then do JUST, in general fit the inner diameter RINGS THEN dressed IS on the carcass and picks INFINITY quietly moving LENS, well and drill 3 holes UNDER SCREWS SCREWS THREAD CAN M2 and M3 that is at hand, and all

  • Photo Booster!

    “VOLNA-3” was received together with “KIEV-60”, in very good condition, with violet enlightenment, for a symbolic 600 rubles. ))) I sold the "carcass", since there were those who wanted to, but they could not part with the lens. The adapter cost 2.500 chips, but the picture on the CANON EOS 5D Mark III is worth it. Very good looking! The set included an excellent rubber hood (native or not, I won't say) on a metal threaded mount. The shots are sharp (apparently due to the difference in formats), “tasty”, with bokeh without ornate “porridge”. In general, I am personally very pleased and will leave it to myself for now. I decided to sell my classmates in portrait focus, “Ju-37A”, “Yu-9”, “G-40-2”. ))) Happy interesting shots to everyone !!!

  • Sergei

    There was such a portrait at the beginning of the article very well conveys the nature of this lens. Sluggish and faded, sold it and very happy. There is much more interesting glass.
    ps Used on 6D and Sony A7

  • Mikhail Drulyak

    Tell Arkai how the focal distance on DX and FX cameras with this lens will change.

    • The Hedgehog

      The lens will become wide with a complete lack of distortion

  • Alexander

    Wave 3. Photographed today.

  • Alexander

    Forgot to write, photographed on canon 650d.

  • Yuriy

    Dive into decline Kyiv-60 the whole set. Call without probing. I want to attach to the Nikon DX. Hto de brave perehidnik?

    • Ernst

      I’ll offer to everyone who needs such an adapter: Pentacon-M42, it was once manufactured at the KMZ plant. It can be installed on Nikon and Kenon, complementing the inexpensive adapter M42-Your system (Nikon-Kenon).
      The price is only 150 UAH. I will send the photo to you by e-mail.
      If you need such an adapter, WRITE on adr:
      Success in choosing.

      • Ernst

        The adapter has found its owner. Thank you.

  • Kruzhkovets

    I also want to say about the color of Volna lenses.
    I tried the wave of the last years of release, with green lenses. The image is sluggish, too soft in any light. Portraits are airless.
    But once in his youth they were shooting in Kiev-sixties with a “red” Wave, the sharpness and contrast were worthy, the quality was lovely. So the color of the lenses affects the optical quality, and it's not just the copy. In general, a good lens for aesthetics and subtlety.

    • zengarden

      You do not compare shooting with a digital camera and film, these are “two big differences”.
      In addition, the quality of a particular specimen is of greater importance, which can differ greatly even with the appearance of identical lenses.

      • Ernst

        The image of any lens on the film and on the number is always the same. The optical properties do not depend on the registration method. But the visual perception on the photo paper and on the monitor are different.
        Recently, three “waves” with different colors of enlightenment were specially compared on the figure. density, contrast and sharpness differ depending on the color of the lenses. I am preparing a special post in LJ,

        • anonym

          Where can I see this lens test? Link will be?

  • Vladimir

    Such a question, if he is afraid of backlight or side light, it may make sense to wind up a multi-clarified UV filter plus another hood

    • Alexey

      A lens hood will certainly help, but no filter.

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