Canon 400D Review

For the opportunity 400D Review many thanks to the wonderful photographer Igor

Canon 400D Review

Review of the Canon 400D. Photo taken from

Canon 400D Is a further development of the Canon 300D line, Canon 350DCanon 400D can use Canon EF and Canon EF-S lenses. The 400D is pretty good, with a normal 2.5-inch display on which you can view footage, unlike the Canon 300D. Canon 350D.

The Canon 400D is easy to use and is designed for the hobbyist. In automatic modes Canon 400D does everything by itself, and if you need to use creative modes AV, TV, M, P, then access to basic settings is very convenient. Funnily enough, so-called creative modes are the only surefire way to get the camera to do exactly what the photographer wants.

Canon 400D uses a focusing system based on sensor with 9 focus points, the same focus sensor is in a more advanced camera Canon 30D... 9 points is quite enough for an amateur. Auto focus is very lens dependent. Focusing is available in three modes One shot, AI focus, Ai servo.

Canon 400D has a matrix cleaning system. The dust protection system is built on a whole range of tools that ensure the reduction of dust on the matrix and the cleaning of the matrix itself from dust. I am very pessimistic about matrix cleaning systems.

Canon 400D has on board 10.1 megapixels CMOS matrices. The Canon 400D crossed the threshold at 10MP, which is a kind of important psychological aspect when choosing a camera. Megapixels are not so important, you can read for yourself in my research in the section Battle of Megapixels.

It's funny, but the Canon 400D works all on the same ISO 100-1600that her predecessor Canon 350D. At the moment, the Canon 400D cannot boast good low noise at high ISOs due to its age. At low ISOs, the Canon 400D is no different from other similar cameras.

Canon 400D uses high-speed memory cards CF. My Canon 400D camera quietly worked with a 32GB card. True, CF is more expensive than ordinary SD memory cards.

Canon 400D is light enough, made of plastic. The design is pretty basic and unimpressive. The lighter the camera is for the hobbyist, the better.

The Canon 400D has a very small viewfinder. Visa is not entirely pleasant after using cameras with large viewfinders.

The main indicator of camera performance is frame buffer... I was able to squeeze a maximum of 400 RAW files and 9 JPEG files out of the Canon 9D. If the ISO value is raised above 400, the number of frames in the buffer decreases. I could not achieve the declared 27 JPEG and 10 RAW, can someone tell me how to get them? Considering the Canon 400D can shoot at 3 frames per second, then the camera without problems is enough for 3-4 seconds of continuous shooting.

Exposure for Canon 400D it is available in the range from 30s - 1 / 4000s, and the flash sync is limited to 1 / 200s.

Canon 400D has a sighting indicator through the optical viewfinder. When you bring the camera to your face to take a picture, the camera understands this and turns off the display.

The Canon 400D has a number of additional features: bracketing exposure, image quality management, noise reduction at slow shutter speeds, remote control support, battery pack support, etc.

Personal experience:

Canon 400D is a decent camera for hobbyists. With it, like any other camera, you can shoot great shots. The controls are very similar to Canon 350D. I did not like that the camera does not allow you to manually control the flash output and a small number of settings. So, the Canon 400D allows you to change the ISO value only in whole steps, and you cannot choose an intermediate value between ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600. For example, sometimes you need something like ISO 1250, ISO 320. Also, the camera does not have an automatic function ISO over the entire range of values. Auto ISO only works at 100-400. Focusing backlight using the strobe effect of the flash is sometimes unnerving, and even recharging the flash with the inscription BUSY makes you wait. But, the camera quietly works with old manual lenses and has a good battery life.

Sample Photos

All sample photos in the gallery below were captured with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi camera (aka Canon EOS 400D Digital, aka Canon EOS Kiss Digital X) and lens YONGNUO LENS YN50mm F1.8 II... Photos were taken by converting RAW ('.CR2') files using the original Canon Digital Photo Professional 4 (Canon DPP) utility. Some photos were captured using a polarizing filter HOYA 58mm PL-CIR.

Original RAW ('.CR2') files as well as JPEG files can be download from this link.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. Many little things for a photo can be found on AliExpress.


Canon 400D Is a good affordable camera from Canon. The camera cannot boast of any special parameters, it just works fine. There are now much more ideal digital signal centers from Canon, such as Canon 600D, Canon 550D.

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Comments: 49, on the subject: Canon 400D review

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    And will there be reviews on the mentioned Canon 550D, Canon 600D? I have whales 18-55 and 75-300 available. Does it make sense for me to buy 50mm now? and which is better to take for macro shooting?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      If someone provides it for review, I will write. You can take a simple native 50 1.8, or you can kill two birds with one stone and take the Canon EF 50mm f / 2.5 Macro

  • bob


    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, you are very observant.

      • Deimos

        Trolling = D

  • Egor

    Dima, thanks, cap :)
    Arkady, thanks for the great review! As always, it’s nice and interesting to read.

  • Gene jb

    For 400d there is the so-called CHDK which extends both ISO and adds many other features, such as an intervalometer.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thanks for the information, could you add in more detail what other functions are being added, I’ll include them in the review, because for half a day of testing you can’t always understand all the intricacies of the camera.

  • Gene jb

    Well, if you are interested then complete the review if you want.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      thank :)

      • Igor


        • Gene jb

          outdated. This is a review of the first versions. Iso 3200 is no longer in 400d plus and a lot of things have been redone.

  • Gene jb

    By the way, for older models there is also, only another author keep in mind the next time you review them.

  • Arkady Shapoval

    Strange, but my Nikon D40 has a boost of 3200 without any troubles, but the quality of the pictures doesn’t please me at all, because I assume that such an extension has no real use. But the other extension features are quite interesting.

  • Gene jb

    recently I was holding an under-mirror in my hands (I don’t remember which one) so she had either 12000 or 16000. Of course, this surprised me. but I took a picture and everything fell into place.

  • МК

    Arkady, how will the camera be okay with radianskiye ob'єktiv (autofocus, exposure, etc.)? What are the same without interconnections?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It will work fine. But, not a single Soviet lens has an autofocus system. The camera will only measure exposure correctly. Not a single Soviet lens can be mounted on a Kenon sky adapter. Everything is described in more detail in the old Canon lenses section.

  • Ruslan

    The 400D has an adjustable flash output. Menu - 2nd tab - Comp. flash.

    Installed 400Plus on the camera. Very comfortable add. functions - expanding ISO values ​​(used ISO 2000), spot metering, additional options for choosing focus points, as well as an intervalometer and a non-contact shutter (to take a picture, you just need to move your hand past the screen off sensor).
    Also 400Plus allows you to set AutoISO in creative modes and shoot in RAW in auto modes. Now developers are thinking about how to add a software shutter speed option of 1/8000 sec.

    On 450D such a wonderful program has not yet been written :)

  • Yana

    the camera is beautiful
    this is my second camera
    did not regret taking it

  • Jacob

    The camera is good, but as it is written in the article, the auto-modes "rule". Camera Jpeg is better than RAV, which is strange. The feeling that RAV is compressed more (although it should not be compressed at all). And if you do not sit day in Photoshop, then Jpeg preferable for quick edits. And the detail was always lacking. The green button is really necessary here.

  • Alexander

    Hello! Tell me, please, which is better to take: Canon 400D kit or Canon 450D kit18-55 + 50mm1,8f?

  • Pastor

    Yesterday I bought this camera. With 70-300 sigma, the macro gives an amazingly sharp and juicy picture. With a whale 18-55, it's not all that bad either. Despite the old age of the carcass, everything is working properly, even though it looks pretty shabby. Met in the network comparison with nikon d80. No, d80 is a much more serious camera. But her weight plays a cruel joke on her. When I need to go out for a while and have the opportunity to take a few photos, I'd rather take the Canon 400D. In addition, thanks to the purchase of Canon, there is easy access to Soviet glasses and the Canon line in general, which is noticeably different from Nikon's in some ways. But I mastered camera control in 5 minutes, unlike Nikon. White balance, ISO, exposure compensation, focus mode - everything is at your fingertips. After 5 minutes I could set up everything the same as on Nikon's carcasses. The menu is very simple, there are not so many settings - only the most necessary ones. The case creaks and generally looks much cheaper than even the Nikon d3100. I have the same feelings from the Canon 1100d. But this is all lyrics - facts are more important. And the facts are simple - even taking into account the venerable age, the camera gives excellent pictures. By the way, I attached a Youngnuo 560-2 flash to it and now I don’t worry about shooting indoors (because ISO is above 400 non-working).

  • Anna

    The camera is great. I have been using it for 7 years. Moreover, before me she had been with another person for several months - I sold it because I changed it to a camera of a higher class. All these years - no complaints.
    I am a professional writing journalist, mostly freelancing. Therefore, a camera for illustrating articles is a must. At the same time, you have to shoot everything - from portraits to reports. And 400D copes with its tasks perfectly. Of course, to get the most out of your camera, you need to study it carefully. I shoot with M, in RAW, I hardly use the built-in flash, rarely raise the ISO above 400, use long exposures if necessary - and I get high-quality photographic material. By the way, for my work and a woman's hand, the compact size and low weight of the camera is a definite plus.
    Naturally, the quality of the photo is strongly influenced by the lens. For a long time there was no opportunity to shoot anything except the whale 18-55, willy-nilly, we had to adapt to it. I still use it now, mainly if you need a wide angle. But most often now I am shooting Helios-44M. It also has its own peculiarities, but overall the picture quality is pleasing. And then there is a favorite toy - Lensbaby Control Freak. The last two lenses have significantly expanded the possibilities for shooting portraits, still lifes and other "arts" - all with the same 400D.
    Now I am slowly continuing to upgrade lenses and accessories with an eye on a 70D camera and sadly think about the moment when I have to part with my beloved "four hundred" ...

    • Kolya

      Cool review

  • Gennady

    People, is the topic still alive? More than a year there was not a single comment ...
    Tell me how to update the camera firmware in my case ???

    • Yaroslav

      Put the camera in M ​​mode, then update

  • Gennady

    Thank you very much! :) Fuck would have guessed ...

  • anonym

    At the end of the 14th year I bought one. The money cost $ 90, mileage of 15. After the late 000D, there is not enough Live view, but there are fewer problems with AF, for some reason it works better. The peaks last a little less than 450d, but just like 450d, there are 1000 bits of RAV with the same matrix. At high ISOs, I did not notice the difference with 14-450d, at all it is equally noisy, but in general up to 550 inclusive it is acceptable for 1600x10 printing or publication on the network.
    I tried CHDK, there is no particular benefit, for long exposures you can solder the remote control, ISO 3200 is absolutely useless on this device, the only thing is that you can check the mileage. After CHDK is set, the turned off unit will respond to lens setting or AF / MF switching by blinking the memory access LED. If you format the card, the glitch remains, after flashing it too. The glitch does not seem to affect the battery consumption, so it's not scary.

  • anonym

    You can buy a memory card before the camera

    • Denis

      yes at any major computer store

  • Alina

    Does this camera have a function for shooting video or not ??? Urgently

    • Oleg

      No. Video starting with 500D

  • Ivan

    I used the camera from 08th to 12th. The first digital SLR. The quality for 10 megapixels is amazing. After flashing, it allows you to shoot at minimum iso when 1/4000 sec is enough on high-aperture optics))). If we're talking about a photo, then everything else in the series is 450,500,550'600,650,700,750 the same eggs with an overclocked pixel. Video and live view are added. 800ka is a different calico with a different focusing and excellent hardware. But - other money and lack of 4K. For a photo, nothing for a video is damp.
    I shot on 400 ku on 70-200 4.0 L and on the lower USM ovsky fixes. In general, for photos, even Pts now. Recognized as a whole one of the most successful in the lineup. Resource above classmates. In terms of ease of use, compared to the Nikons of those years, it is a cut above. It fits all of its all with M42 Nikkors of all years of production and to what else fig.
    In short, oddly enough, but at the time of the 18th year for photographic tasks, even very good.

    • Dmitriy

      Working ISO 400 is somehow sad. 500D I would consider the most balanced option for a beginner.

      • Michael

        This is in vain

    • Hyc

      Ergonomics 1100, which I also have, of course, is much better than 400. For the reason that with its controls (except glass) can be fully controlled with only one hand. 400 buttons on the left require you to occupy your left hand.

      Given the current price of the 400 buttons on the left, this is the only complaint. And so the camera is very good for an amateur. It’s almost for nothing, the quality for home and family is quite decent, almost any glass can be fitted, and the display, in comparison with the 350, allows you to see what you’ve removed.

      True, the evil desire for miniaturization plays a cruel joke, and the old film 10QD in my hand lies much more convenient and reliable than digital cameras. At least 400, at least 1100. Digital numbers are rather the size of a female palm.

      • Mr. Boggy

        Yes, of course it’s too small I’ll have to buy a booster, probably, two fingers do not fit. But as a soap dish, it takes a very nice little place, for a walk, a bicycle / motorcycle trip.

  • Vladimir

    Michael, justify your comment.

    • Michael

      The working ISO, like all the crops listed above, is about 800-1600 (I mean the noise of the matrix, not the noise reduction when shooting in JPEG). The picture is good. The 500D and newer have a matrix from 7D, they say it is good for video, but for photos, for me it's so terrible. So the balance of the 500D is a big question - I would not take

  • Mr. Boggy

    My first SLR! Bought in May 2008 with a whale. Until then, as a household and leisure camera. Sharp and crisp even with the 18-55 II complete! Now it replaces my soap box due to its compactness. When I tried the field 60d, I was saddened by the fairly inability of the novelty to work sharply with old lenses and Elk-Zooms. And on the old woman 400-ku that you don’t put, all is a razor.)))

  • Mr. Boggy

    Very kind camera, I love her.)))

  • figure

    I have been using this camera for about 13 years! Everything is excellent!

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