Canon 400D Review

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Canon 400D Review

Review of the Canon 400D. Photo taken from

Canon 400D Is a further development of the Canon 300D line, Canon 350DCanon 400D can use Canon EF and Canon EF-S lenses. The 400D is pretty good, with a normal 2.5-inch display on which you can view footage, unlike the Canon 300D. Canon 350D.

The Canon 400D is easy to use and is designed for the hobbyist. In automatic modes Canon 400D does everything by itself, and if you need to use creative modes AV, TV, M, P, then access to basic settings is very convenient. Funnily enough, so-called creative modes are the only surefire way to get the camera to do exactly what the photographer wants.

Canon 400D uses a focusing system based on sensor with 9 focus points, the same focus sensor is in a more advanced camera Canon 30D... 9 points is quite enough for an amateur. Auto focus is very lens dependent. Focusing is available in three modes One shot, AI focus, Ai servo.

Canon 400D has a matrix cleaning system. The dust protection system is built on a whole range of tools that ensure the reduction of dust on the matrix and the cleaning of the matrix itself from dust. I am very pessimistic about matrix cleaning systems.

Canon 400D has on board 10.1 megapixels CMOS matrices. The Canon 400D crossed the threshold at 10MP, which is a kind of important psychological aspect when choosing a camera. Megapixels are not so important, you can read for yourself in my research in the section Battle of Megapixels.

It's funny, but the Canon 400D works all on the same ISO 100-1600that her predecessor Canon 350D. At the moment, the Canon 400D cannot boast good low noise at high ISOs due to its age. At low ISOs, the Canon 400D is no different from other similar cameras.

Canon 400D uses high-speed memory cards CF. My Canon 400D camera worked smoothly with a 32GB card. Is it true, CF more expensive than usual SD memory cards.

Canon 400D is light enough, made of plastic. The design is pretty basic and unimpressive. The lighter the camera is for the hobbyist, the better.

The Canon 400D has a very small viewfinder. Visa is not entirely pleasant after using cameras with large viewfinders.

The main indicator of camera performance is frame buffer... I was able to squeeze a maximum of 400 RAW files and 9 JPEG files out of the Canon 9D. If the ISO value is raised above 400, the number of frames in the buffer decreases. I could not achieve the declared 27 JPEG and 10 RAW, can someone tell me how to get them? Considering the Canon 400D can shoot at 3 frames per second, then the camera without problems is enough for 3-4 seconds of continuous shooting.

Exposure for Canon 400D it is available in the range from 30s - 1 / 4000s, and the flash sync is limited to 1 / 200s.

Canon 400D has a sighting indicator through the optical viewfinder. When you bring the camera to your face to take a picture, the camera understands this and turns off the display.

The Canon 400D has a number of additional features: bracketing exposure, image quality management, noise reduction at slow shutter speeds, remote control support, battery pack support, etc.

Personal experience:

Canon 400D is a decent camera for hobbyists. With it, like any other camera, you can shoot great shots. The controls are very similar to Canon 350D. I did not like that the camera does not allow you to manually control the flash output and a small number of settings. So, the Canon 400D allows you to change the ISO value only in whole steps, and you cannot choose an intermediate value between ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600. For example, sometimes you need something like ISO 1250, ISO 320. Also, the camera does not have an automatic function ISO over the entire range of values. Auto ISO only works at 100-400. Focusing backlight using the strobe effect of the flash is sometimes unnerving, and even recharging the flash with the inscription BUSY makes you wait. But, the camera quietly works with old manual lenses and has a good battery life.

Sample Photos

All sample photos in the gallery below were captured with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi camera (aka Canon EOS 400D Digital, aka Canon EOS Kiss Digital X) and lens YONGNUO LENS YN50mm F1.8 II... Photos were taken by converting RAW ('.CR2') files using the original Canon Digital Photo Professional 4 (Canon DPP) utility. Some photos were captured using a polarizing filter HOYA 58mm PL-CIR.

Original RAW ('.CR2') files as well as JPEG files can be download from this link.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. Many little things for a photo can be found on AliExpress.


Canon 400D Is a good affordable camera from Canon. The camera cannot boast of any special parameters, it just works fine. There are now much more ideal digital signal centers from Canon, such as Canon 600D, Canon 550D.

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  • Mr. Boggy

    More advanced cameras at 18 megapixels. such as 550d and 600d ... Well, I don’t know, small pixels already have diffraction at the aperture of 7,1, the pursuit of pixels gives noises already at 400 ISO. Tested on a personal 60d, the camera is a little higher, and the matrix and noises are the same. More than 10MP on, except there is no point, noises climb, soap and eats shumodav. Unreliable work with full-frame lenses and eternal running around adjusting any sigma-tamrons ... Marketing ditched good crops, but people are still dumping tons of pictures on forums where you can see sharping on top of noisy soap.

  • Matthew

    My cameras are more modern and most likely better, but I won't take such gorgeous photos anyway. Where to buy the ability to photograph? )))

  • Mikolaich

    The sensor in this brick is to hell!

    • B. R. P.

      What are you doing?

    • V.Matveev

      Unfortunately, this seems to be a fact... In the example images from the subject camera, a striped pattern is visible throughout the image, especially noticeable in shadows and smooth gradients such as the sky. It's a pity, as the color reproduction of this sensor is generally quite pleasant, and this is the last camera in the xxxD line to support CF cards. :(
      An example is in the attachment, made from sources from uv. Arcadia, enlarged fragment from the IMG_0399.CR2 file, sharpening in the right half of the fragment.

  • Arkady

    I got this unit for debt) I have pictures of it that are all blue-green and the colors are faded, not very clear. Stupid jpeg from a carcass, standard plug lenses. What am I doing wrong? BB tried different ones. Compared with Sony Alpha 450.
    First photo of Sony AWB (about 6000 by eye)
    Then two Canons with different BBs (AWB and 6000)

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