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  • Paul

    It is interesting that 7d is more productive than most FF. Did you derive the calculation formula yourself?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, I came up with it myself, here are the explanations - and Nikon's, too, crop overtake ff

    • V

      So 7d also has two integrated processors, unlike most FF. At the time of the release, 7d was the fastest canon camera, if you turn on the mathematical apparatus there it turns out about ~ 250 megabytes per second :)

      Advice to the author to recalculate according to the average size of the RAW file + Large JPEG, otherwise megapixels are somehow not serious :) plus the camera, for example, can do a series of 14 fps, but in fact it shoots 14 frames per second and goes out for 15 seconds, in fact always shooting 6k / s will be more productive (hello, D7000, which is “less productive” than 60d).

      Well, in general, calculations of this type are quite controversial, is there any sense in keeping track of the produced megapixels? Lushpayka 40D will achieve better results for reporting (where this very performance is important) than 60d or the second nickel.

      Good luck and thanks for your project, uv. Arkady :)

      • Arkady Shapoval

        This article is not aimed at any serious conclusions, it is an idle interest in outputting the volume of the finished image in JPEG on cameras.

  • Andrey Kuryanov

    Better than any signs - personal experience of using different cameras. I have a film Canon EOS-5, digital Canon 10D, Canon 1D mark IV, before the fourth mark there was Canon 1D mark II N. Mark-4 is just a beast! It's a pleasure to work. But, the performance of cameras is directly related to the speed of memory cards. Don't forget about it! Put the slowest card in the highest performing camera and the camera performance will drop dramatically. There are situations when you are filming a report, and all the stocks of fast cards are already full, and in the store, just in case, there are old cards of 2-4 GB and at a speed not exceeding 20-30 MB, then the feeling is indescribable.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Speaking of which, one should not forget about the buffer, in some cases you will not feel the difference with different memory cards with a good buffer.

  • anonym

    Dear Arkady! Explain, please, in your opinion, is it possible to have some kind of "upgrade" of the cameras buffer in the form of flashing, or have I completely confused everything, and am only fantasizing?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I did not deal with flashing to increase the frame buffer, I think that this is impossible, since a very real physical device is responsible for the buffer.

  • Andrey Kuryanov

    With a slow card, the buffer does not save :) Personal experience :) The Canon 1D mark IV's buffer is the best, but a slow card and that's it.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Please note that I wrote about a number of cases, and not about the whole case at all. I agree with you, but even very fast cards are not enough for shooting in RAW in fast series.

  • Andrey Kuryanov

    On my fast card (90 mb / s - 26 RAW frames (full size) - continuous burst at 10 fps, if you set the reduced RAW file size by 2 and 4 times in the settings, the burst becomes even larger.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      26 frames - 3 seconds of the burst.

      • Vladislav

        Arkady, a very good site, thanks for the great titanic work.

        But I can't find an article on the use of old Soviet lenses on Canon cameras in any way, instead of this, the link is transferred to the article "Performance of the Canon Digital Signaling Center"

  • Lisa

    Is it worth taking on a canon 1100?

  • kinglion


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