Overview of Industar-29 2.8 / 80

Lens overview INDUSTR-29 1: 2,8 F = 8cm P by Rodion Eshmakov here.

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  • Alexey

    Interestingly, but Yevtifeev criticized him. Like, the sharpness is not enough, and the contrast is not the same. Difference of instances?

    • Igor_K

      There was a difference between the copies in the I-29. I had the opportunity to try 2 copies, so one really was a little sharper and more contrasting. But my personal opinion: Salute S is far from Hasselblad and Industar 29 - it will be worse than Biometar. Therefore, at one time I changed them to “Kiev 60” from “Wave 3 MC” and was very happy about it. Wave 3 is both sharper and more contrasting and the color rendition is brighter. Probably Arkady has a rather successful copy of the I-29 in his review. When I looked at the photo from the review, I simply could not believe my eyes, although I recalled the stories of the “photo-axes” about the wonderful salutovsky staff. But back in 1986 - I personally did not find confirmation of this, probably there was not enough experience.

  • BB

    2 Arkady.
    Do something with quotes in the comments, for example, replace everything with the upper double 'American', otherwise your eyes run up (post by Igor_K) - apparently 'Christmas trees' are not friendly with some punctuation marks (periods and dashes).

  • Rodion

    I tried two copies, both seemingly perfect. Both are equally soapy, terribly soapy in the open.
    Obviously, on the large-pixel D700, I almost do not care about the resolution of the lens, but on modern cameras, using the I-29 is unjustified.
    For a similar picture, you can refer to the I-26M or I-58U.

  • Eng

    Industar-29 2.8 / 80 1966, all ushatan, wild backlash but lenses in beats. condition. Bought for 1500 p. after your review. I do not regret

  • Lennaganci

    Good afternoon!

    I’ll add my 5 kopecks, I have a collector’s copy with an M42 shank for bayonet B.
    Everything is factory with the original back cover on the M42.

  • Lennaganci

    It seems to understand what’s the matter, the Salyut bayonet mount, three wide opening carvings similar to a helicoid, an adapter for M42 is made on it, apparently in the factory, everything is very believable. There is no Pentagon mount (for some reason I was sure it should be), mount B (Salute 88)

    • Vladimir

      Share your impressions. It is very interesting what he is like at work ...

      • Lennaganci

        A wonderful lens, it paints gently, it shoots portraits very well, it has excellent bokeh, the aperture is round, it costs a penny))

  • Arkady Shapoval

    A good overview of INDUSTAR-29 1: 2,8 F = 8cm P here https://radojuva.com/2020/09/industar-29-2-8-f-80mm-p-arsenal/

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