Canon 350D Digital Review

Canon 350D - was released back in 2005, soon this camera will be 10 years old, but it continues to delight with its work.

Canon 350D review

Canon 350D review. Photo taken from

First, the Canon 350D is an amateur DSLR camera with an APS-C sensor with crop factor 1.6X. Canon 350D can use Canon EF (full frame), Canon EF-S (cropped) lenses. This review looks directly at the camera itself. Canon 350D body (without lens).

Canon 350D Camera Insides

The inside of the Canon 350D. Photo taken from

The camera is very easy to use, I did not find any complicated settings or complicated tricks of use in it. There are 32 settings in the camera menu, which are divided into 5 points. It’s very easy to understand.

Canon 350D rear view

Canon 350D rear view. Photo taken from

The most important thing about the Canon 350D

  1. Canon 350D has a CMOS sensor on 8 megapixel. Even today, 8MP is enough for any photography enthusiast. With 8MP you can print photos without problems up to A3 size. Personally, I rarely print larger format photos. I think my article on the topic will be useful Battle of Megapixels. I do not recommend chasing megapixels unnecessarily.

    Example photo on a Canon 350D

    Example photo on a Canon 350D

  2. Canon 350D has the ability to shoot on ISO 100 - 1600, without the possibility of expanding the range. In fact, the matrix is ​​quite old and noisy compared to modern cameras that can squeeze ISO 12. In any case, working as a photographer, I rarely need an ISO above 800. The camera in working in low light is very morally outdated.

    Example photo on a Canon 350D

    Example photo on a Canon 350D

  3. Canon 350D supports fast cards CF. My Canon 350D easily digests CF in the 32GB Trancend 400x, however, only 8 GB is available. CF have a huge speed of writing and reading photos and therefore help the camera quickly release the buffer.

    Example photo on a Canon 350D

    Example photo on a Canon 350D

  4. Focusing system includes 7 points. 7 points is enough for most tasks. I could not check the quality of the focusing system, since I used the Canon 350D exclusively with manual lenses, such as Canon Lens FD 55mm f / 1.2 SSC и Porst Color 50mm F1.6.

    Canon 350D sample photo

    Canon 350D sample photo

  5. The camera body is made of plastic, part of the inside of the camera is made of an alloy of metals. In general, the camera sits well in the hand and there is no doubt about the quality of its manufacture.

    Canon 350D sample photo

    Canon 350D sample photo

  6. Canon 350D has nice ergonomics - nothing more, the camera has quick access to the main settings: ISO, WB, metering method exposure, focus method, correction exposure, shooting method. The camera has one multi selector and one control wheel.

    Canon 350D sample photo

    Canon 350D sample photo

  7. The downside to the 2012 Canon 350D is very small display. It is extremely difficult to view the captured material on the display, therefore, I recommend watching the captured photos on a computer monitor.
  8. But the Canon 350D has optional monochrome display, which displays all the basic shooting information. True, I did not understand the peculiarity that when you change one of the shooting parameters, for example, ISO, the main display lights up, on which you need to select the desired value. It would be better if everything could be done with the help of an additional monochrome display.

    Canon 350D sample photo

    Canon 350D sample photo

  9. Canon 350D has a built-in flash, however, the flash does not have manual power control, which is sometimes very necessary
  10. The Canon 350D's viewfinder is small and adjustable. It seemed to me that the viewfinder is even smaller than even my baby Nikon D40. The viewfinder is made using pentzer mirrors.

    Canon 350D sample photo

    Canon 350D sample photo

  11. Speed ​​of work. The camera can shoot at a speed up to 3 fps. In fact, it shoots at a maximum speed of 2.8 fps. This is not much, but quite enough for basic purposes. I do not recommend chasing fast-firing cameras without unnecessary need. The buffer in RAW mode when using the Battery Grip booster BG-E3 has the ability to store: 5 pictures in RAW mode, 4 pictures in RAW + JPEG mode and 9 pictures in JPEG mode. When working with a conventional battery, the buffer can hold as many as 14 JPEG files. This is a good indicator. RAW file weighs from 6 to 13MB. RAW has no compression settings, and RAW + JPEG only works in RAW + JPEG mode L.

    Canon 350D sample photo

    Canon 350D sample photo

  12. The minimum flash sync speed is 1 \ 200s. No high speed sync.
  13. A lot of little things: picture management modes, bracketing exposure, work from the remote control, USB 2.0, video output, automatic shutdown.
Example photo on a Canon 350D

Example photo on a Canon 350D

Sample photos on the Canon 350D

Radozhiva usually focuses on sample photos without processing. You can find such photos on the Canon 350D in Canon Lens FD 55mm f / 1.2 SSC review и XM F Porst Color Reflex 1: 1.6 / 50mm UMC. In the gallery below, all photos with processing. When processing RAW using Adobe Lighroom, I noticed that even at ISO 100 with easy correction exposure noise appears. When sharpening, the photo becomes very rough. Most likely, I just do not know how to work correctly with CR2 RAW from Canon.

Personal experience

In general, the parameters are parameters, and 8MP is really enough in order not to be constrained in photography, processing, etc. I liked the camera - nothing more, at least for the photographer's survival. Of course, nowadays ISO capabilities are very scarce, but at ISO 100-400 the camera produces quite acceptable results. Here sample photo without processing at ISO 1600. Color reproduction is not bad, the work of automatic white balance quite copes with its tasks. Sorry, the display is very small. I used the camera with the Battery Grip BG-E3 booster. This booster has a button on / off buttons on it. Very convenient to use, requires 6 AA batteries, did not want to work with my Ni-MH batteries. I wanted to take a Canon 350D earlier for writing reviews of manual optics for M42 threads, as this is a great option for little money.

Example photo on a Canon 350D

Example photo on a Canon 350D at high ISO

Prices for modern Canon cameras in popular stores can look at this link.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. Many little things for a photo can be found on AliExpress.


Canon 350D is a good old hobby camera. For people shooting at low ISOs and viewing the footage on a computer, this can be an excellent CDC for little money.

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Comments: 83, on the topic: Canon 350D Digital review

  • Vladimir

    I have a 350D. The color is gorgeous (with normal lighting, e-sno)))

  • Serge

    filmed weddings with this camera for several years ... like a camera for the rain ...)) - unkillable! who is often in the crowd of "smart and flying" - will understand ...

  • a guest

    It’s a successful camera, photos look great even now, and it’s durable and unpretentious, the battery lives for a long time, though it doesn’t like the cold: at -10 the electronics already fail, although if you just insert and remove the battery, everything works fine again.
    Well, it also works strangely with old optics under the EF mount. The rest is an excellent central control valve with all the necessary functions.

  • Borman09

    for home photos is it better to take it for 4000 or Z5 minolta for 600?

    • Anonymus

      The Z5 is a tiny, noisy, ancient matrix, suitable for macro on a sunny day. But he can rewrite pictures from card to card (through a small buffer) and crop videos. Video 640 by 480, zoom works when shooting video, ultrasonic motor. In fact, the matrix starts to get louder with age, and when I took my old Z5 in my hands a few years later, I could not shoot anything decent in the room due to the noise.

    • Denis

      Without a lens already 2000r stand

  • Saint-Petersburg

    I have this model, quite satisfied.
    It's nice to see comments from 2k19!
    The technique lives on! : 3
    Took over 11
    Complete with 2 lenses (tamron af 700-300 and efs 17-85) + 2 lenses / glass (I don’t rummage, each 1t.r. on Avito)) + girlfriend for free portrait portrayed ef-50mm
    This year of release, although old, but people in those days were simpler) and made quality.
    There was an opportunity to buy a more expensive one, but for 1 device, for me it’s the thing)

  • Denis

    And can it be controlled via cable through a computer? You need a lot of expensive cameras for shooting at the same time. Maybe someone will advise something?

    • Alexander

      You can, remote control. The standard application on the Canon EOS Utility disk. Download the disk on the site.

    • Alexander

      On Windows 7, the connection works fine, but I had to look for a driver for the camera on the Internet. Defined as EOS Kiss_N REBEL_XT 350D (see photo 1).
      And be sure to include in the Camera Menu: Communication: “PC connection”.
      On Windows 10 and 11 - the camera cannot be connected, probably because of the driver's signature ...

  • Oleg

    Guys I have two fotik Kenon 1100d and Nikon d3300 ... I am engaged in astro photography and in order not to dirtied the matrices on my fotik I bought Kenon 350d at a cheap price. I had a spare kit lens and decided to try to shoot with it ... The camera was outwardly in good condition! I put it on the machine and took off a toy cat, then a mouse with a mouse ... The display, of course, on this camera only to see what the photo was taken and that's it. But when I connected the camera to my computer and started looking at the photos, I was just stunned !!! I did not expect that there will be such beautiful, sharp and colorful photos ... The old man is over 10 years old, and the shutter works great and sounds like a professional. camera! And now I am sorry to use it as a carcass for a telescope. It has a matrix of only 8 megapixels, but these megapixels will give a head start of 16 in photo quality! But there is one caveat, the camera shoots in RAW format only on manual settings, on automatic in IPG - but the quality of photos is gorgeous! I have been doing photography for several years, I started with Viliya, then Zenit -ET. And then DSLRs Kennon and Nikon ... Whoever has the opportunity to buy a Canon 350d in working order - buy you will not regret it !!! And do not believe those who will say that 8 pixels are not enough, they say this hour in smartphones 13 and above. But these are not the pixels, but the manufacturer's marketing move. I recommend Kenon 350d to both beginners and experienced photographers !!!

    • Vitaly N

      Many pixels are not for show-off, but for processing. For myself, I usually do a resize up to 6 megapixels. But if we compare ready-made 6 MP photos with 24 and 6 MP matrices, which have undergone correction of distortion, horizon, perspective, crop - a photo with 24 MP will win. 6-8 megapixels are not worse, they simply do not forgive mistakes and give a ready-made result. If they produced cameras with 6 megapixels, but modern ones, there would also be demand.

  • Sergey Khodykin

    Guys I have a question, I don’t know who to ask. I got it miracles working condition 100%, but without cables. Tell me what cables or something else is needed to upload photos to the laptop. Or a reset link for Ukraine. Thanks.

    • Dmitry

      Why cables? remove the memory card and insert it into the laptop card reader and copy all the pictures from it. If you want a cable, then this is USB-miniUSB (not micro, like on smartphones)

      • Arkady Shapoval

        There is a CF card, which is not supported by every card reader.

        • Dima

          strangely, I didn’t even look for such a card reader, I just bought all sorts of little things for gadgets in the nearest store) Already for 6 types of cards.

    • Alexander

      I bought a card reader on AliExpress and now I upload it to my laptop and smartphone. Very comfortably.
      #Aliexpress store 350,15% DISCOUNT | New 39, hit, 2018 in 6, card reader, multi-hop, support TF, SD, CF, M1, XD, micro SD, MS, high-speed, multi-functional, Usb 2, card reader

      • Denis

        and I bought a USB 3.0 high-speed transcend in a large network at a discount for 590r

  • Angelina

    Kind time of the day) please help with choosing a camera, I'm an aspiring amateur photographer, looking for a good working option for vivid, rich, clear photos, found several suitable models from which I want to choose the best: an old Canon 350d SLR or Fujifilm finepix s2500 hd, Sony ultrazoom DSC h 100, Canon sx510 hs, please tell me what to choose, I will be very grateful))

    • W.Matveev

      In your place, I would choose a used Nikon D7000. Now there are a lot of them in the secondary market in good condition, you can complete with such a zoom as a staffer:
      To be honest, I myself have long wanted to buy the D7000 for landscape and panoramic photography, even despite the presence of a full-frame "old" Canon 5D used, because: it has a very good matrix; durable body; very high image quality for a cropped camera; and a reasonable number of megapixels.

      • Maria

        Your ratings are very accurate.

        Recently I found a convenient databank (although the choice of camera is not worth it now), although everything in the choice of equipment is very individual.

        Nikon, most often all other things being equal, has a larger dynamic range. I think this is important when shooting nature landscapes.

      • Lev

        Don't you want to compare the D7000 and 350D for the price? The lady does not understand and those cameras that she called fit the price of her capabilities! It's another matter if she wrote about 60D or 7D. Here you can compare with the D7000!
        All good shots!

    • Oleg

      The best camera is the one at your fingertips. Therefore, smartphones rule. For me, the best camera is the one for which I have a great lens. Nikon 7000-7200 is a great option if there are good lenses for your tasks. And if you don’t break these kilograms (well, or there’s a porter). And since I don’t have a porter, my choice is Olympus om-d em10 m2, with a Leica 15 mm 1: 1.7 lens, and a zoom of 40-150, if you don’t break it, carry even a small weight, but not in your pocket, or Pentax Mx- 1 when laziness wins. All other options with DSLRs and BZKs, or compacts, are either hard, or expensive, or unreliable. But this is said to be my personal opinion.

  • Lazyinventor

    Time capsule :) I bought for a penny the 350th in the “mint” state, I took it “in the blind,” but it turned out that the camera was new. The photo may be difficult to see, but even the rubber on the lens has no traces of contact with hands.
    The first DSLR :) is mine. I will learn to shoot hardcore, without any “life-view” and other newfangled buns.

  • Oleg

    350th is my first SLR. Once I wanted to sell it, but it didn’t grow together and it remained with me like that. And recently I tested the Canon EF 50 / 1.8 stm (there is a review on it), it was used and took the Canon 1000 d for the test. And something, somehow it was not clear to me with this lens, rarely got the focus. I decided at home to test on b / w targets a meter and a half from a tripod and an old man connected the 350th and very interesting statistics were formed: the 1000th with 50 / 1.8 falls into focus 4-5 times out of 10, and the 350th 6-7 times out of 10. It turns out that, ultrasonic cleaning of the matrix, live view, higher resolution of the matrix, larger screen of the 1000th, this is all empty sound, if we are talking about the frame. You either grabbed it, or you have a Canon 1000d. :) The test was at aperture 1.8, focusing on the center point. I do not rule out a malfunction in the Canon 1000d. I reviewed the old pictures on the 350th, on the Makovsky retina display (2500x1800 it seems) and I am convinced that even in 2020, 8 megapixels are still relevant. Happy New Year everyone!

    • Roman

      Wow, I didn’t even know that the 1000d had a sensor cleaning. The 1100d didn’t. But 9 points and a metal mount :)

      • Oleg

        The 1000th has the same metal mount, but the marketers specifically castrated it by serial shooting and focusing in live view.

  • Tinsmith

    Yesterday I walked in the park with a "morally obsolete" 350d, filmed Golden Autumn on a whale with a stub, in the morning I photographed my spouse on Helios 44 m 4. An ideal silk picture, ISO 800 is quite working, noise will be found only by fans of 1000% of red brick wall crops, Helios gives very beautiful portrait, sharp, but skin imperfections are smoothed out and the eyes are awesome. I compared it with photos from “morally young” cameras on a 42 ″ TV and did not notice any difference. A solid high-quality camera, made in Japan, which will serve for many years.

  • Dima

    Apparently, the matrix there is the same as in 20d. But in vain they removed the second screen, a very convenient and useful thing. But you need to somehow breed the lines and the marketing specialists?)

  • Paul

    Well, the horse is indestructible! From 2006 to 2015, I didn’t shoot with it! We can say that EVERYTHING! Pioneer camps, schools, kindergartens, weddings, portraits, furniture, cars, shoes, clothes, cottages, interiors, reports, aerial photography, astrophotos, food, jewelry ... .. Yes, you can’t remember everything! The volumes are colossal! I bombed, everything that brought income! This beauty has NEVER let me down! And what a tenacious autofocus, how quickly it focuses and the shutter is released! How does he whisper? I had older cameras - 60D and 70, and 80D. The sea is full of bells and whistles, and I don’t use a third, the shutter is like a guillotine for metal! In general, 350k with a vertical booster, it justified itself. I would continue to thresh with it, but I really need a rotary display, without it it’s bad! That's all! Maybe someone didn’t like it, well, sorry! I didn’t sell it and won’t sell it, let it warm my soul with memories !!

  • Mikolaich

    Judging by the posted photos, the colors of this camera are simply outstanding. And not with an SSD matrix;)

    • Dima

      The matrix seems to be similar to 20d. Yes, the picture is a feast for the eyes, though not CCD. Nikon was again in the role of catching up, Canon had already been releasing CMOS for 5 years, and Nikon only inflated in 2008 with the d90 model.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        of course not, Nikon has been producing Nikon D2x on pure CMOS since 2004

        • Dima

          Yeah, only 350d is not even an advanced class, but a purely amateur one, and D2 is a top reporting one) We compared the incomparable.

          • Arkady Shapoval

            maybe that's why Nikon hasn't used CMOS since 2004?

      • Viktre

        Well, what's the point of this cmos? What advantages did he give 350d then?))

  • Dima

    I understand the matrix there is similar to 20d? Well, then it’s clear why such a color is gorgeous) By the way, they did it even on younger cameras earlier. the display is just above the main one. It was convenient, why did you have to clean it up?

    • Nox

      The matrices are different, 20d uses a higher quality matrix.
      The noise from the 350d, even at ISO 100, is eye-popping. The color is somewhat reminiscent of a CCD matrix, this is the only plus of this camera, especially considering the year of manufacture. As I understand it, due to the pursuit of noise reduction, Canon began making such dull matrices for the most part in subsequent years; in mirrorless cameras they only achieved beauty

  • digital & conceptual

    The camera is already 18 years old, but I want a collection of old cameras, does it make sense to take it as a collector’s item? It seems that among the Powershots there are more interesting collector’s items, and EOS are somehow incomprehensible to me.

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