Manual optics

If you are interested in old manual photographic equipment, including Soviet optics, and want to purchase it, you can contact by contacts:

Tel.: +38 (096) 72-18-549 (Alexander)


  • Cleaning, adjusting manual lenses and cameras
  • Large selection of Soviet lenses
  • Cameras, filters, covers
  • Nozzles adapters

Prices for old optics are highly dependent on its quality. All questions by phone: +38 (096) 72-18-549 (Alexander)

You can find reviews of some Soviet and post-Soviet lenses in the section Reviews and tests.

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Comments: 518, on the topic: Manual optics

  • Ant

    +38 this is in Omerik

  • Ant

    and what do you have for the link to a strange mailbox ?!

  • Andrei

    An ordinary mailbox, this is from Google Gmail (Google Mail), didn’t it bother him that he was Colombo?))))

  • Andrei

    I am looking for Helios 40. They say that it’s not a bad portraiture. Do not know where to get it?

  • anonym

    Kind time of the day, I can offer a wide range of manual optics, both domestic and foreign, prices vary depending on the sample, and arrangement.

  • Vyacheslav

    Need Helios 77-m4 m42. mail: Tel: 8 919 708 51 91

  • anonym

    Need helios 44-6 with adapter for canon 450 d write to


    I want to fish, what are (I only know 16mm Zenith and Samyang 8mm)?


    I will urgently buy a perhodnik for jupiter 37a on nikon (kp a \ n) What is the price?

  • Alexander

    Are you interested in the Arsat N 50/2 lens, is it on sale and what is the price in rubles?

  • Oleg

    Guys, be careful when buying lenses from Alexander !!! Especially if you chose delivery by mail. I turned to him about the purchase of Arsat 2/50. To my question, in what condition is he, he replied that he was new, he was simply removed from the carcass. Cost 900UAH n. As a result, I received not Arsat but Helios 81 onto which I simply screwed the front ring with the name Arsat (anyone who reads reviews of these lenses knows their differences). On the lens, obvious traces are visible that the lens was disassembled and not very neatly. After communication, Alexander confirmed that the lens really did, but did not give an answer what was done to him, etc. So guys be careful because At 100% payment, you may not get what you really promised.

    • Vladimir

      Oleg, I am wildly sorry, but you are writing nonsense ... The only difference is in the name and year of manufacture. I have Helios 81. Gorgeous lens.

      • Volodya

        And the difference is ... Now I use MS G81n (89g.v.)

  • Oleg

    Who cares, I can drop our correspondence in the mail.

  • Oleg

    pentax manual is very necessary, which is better to choose?

  • Sergei

    I will buy Tamron 135mm F / 2.5 or Pentacon auto 2.8 / 135 MC. Ukraine. Write to

  • Alexandra

    Hi all!
    Question to experts: I want to buy a manual wide-angle under Nikon (3100).
    What lenses to consider?
    So far, I have found only World 20N, which will indeed be wide-angle on the crop.
    Maybe someone is selling, throw off offers in the mail

    • Lynx

      Samyangi 8 and 14 mm, zenitar.

  • Vera

    Hello, I'm interested in a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar F2.8 180mm lens. Tell me, is it suitable for medium-format Kiev 88 ??

  • Vladimir

    How much will the Helios-81N MS lens cost?

  • Katherine

    I am looking for Jupiter 9 white for DSLR.

  • Artem

    Your reviews are amazing! A lot of useful information. Thank you for that.
    I am looking for Jupiter 21M or A. Do not tell me where you can get inexpensive in Kiev?

  • Sergei

    looking for the Lens MS Volna-8 50 mm f / 1.2, MS Helios-123N 1.4 / 50

  • Vyacheslav

    I sell the Helios-44-2 lens and the Mir-1 lens automatic both in good condition write to mail or in vk

  • Dmitriy

    Good evening. Interested in Kaleinar 5N, Helios-40-2 and Helios-81N 50mm MC. How much is?

  • Vlad

    Hello. Need a replacement bayonet mount (MD) on the Minolta MD Rokkor 100 / 2.5 lens ( my version is f - 1977 y / w). Who can help with such a case?
    There is a suspicion that one cannot do without a turner, tk. shanks on different lenses are attached in different ways, or maybe you can do it - maybe a bayonet from some not rare Tele Rokkor 135 or so on will do. In general, who can help with what - write, call:, 0504758170

  • Vladimir

    I will sell a wide-angle lens Canon FD 24mm f / 2.8 lens + Lens filter (Kenko UV 52mm Japan) + back and front covers. The condition is excellent, the filter was not removed, it was always installed, handled carefully, stored correctly. Will send New mail in Ukraine.

  • anonym

    I will sell Pentacon 135 / 2.8 in a new case with green numbers, 15 petal. Chic bokeh. Great portraiture. Forwarding Write

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