Manual optics

If you are interested in old manual photographic equipment, including Soviet optics, and want to purchase it, you can contact by contacts:

Tel.: +38 (096) 72-18-549 (Alexander)


  • Cleaning, adjusting manual lenses and cameras
  • Large selection of Soviet lenses
  • Cameras, filters, covers
  • Nozzles adapters

Prices for old optics are highly dependent on its quality. All questions by phone: +38 (096) 72-18-549 (Alexander)

You can find reviews of some Soviet and post-Soviet lenses in the section Reviews and tests.

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Comments: 518, on the topic: Manual optics

  • Denis

    Do you have this optics on sale;
    MS Mir-20N 20 3,5
    MS Mir-24N 35 2
    MS Volna-8N 50 1,2
    MS Helios-81N 50 2
    MS Kaleinar-5N 100 2,8
    Tele-H 200 3,5
    MS Yantar-14N 28 - 85 2,8 - 3,5
    MS Granite-11N 80 - 200 4,5
    MS Jasper-4N 300 2.8

    and the price is desirable! Thanks for attention.

  • Denis

    write here

  • Andrei

    Good afternoon.
    Looking for:
    MS Helios-81N 50 2
    MS Kaleinar-5N 100 2,8
    Price and condition.
    Thank you.

  • Olya

    Is Helios-81N 50 2 available? What price?
    write on
    Thank you in advance!

  • Olya

    Is Helios 77m-4 available? Price?
    write on

  • Andrei

    How much does a Jupiter-21A lens want to buy!

  • Andrei

    Please tell me what kind of Lens MC CIMCO AUTO WIDE-TELE ZOOM 1: 3: 5 = 36mm - 100mm Japan there is nothing about it found on the Internet, thanks.

  • Andrei

    Hello! Interested in Helios-81N lens, is it in stock? What is the price?

  • Alexander

    Helios 81N is, if so, how much it costs. And thanks for your site, a lot of useful information.

  • novel

    which of the presented lenses are in stock and please indicate the prices for them and the conditions for their transfer ... (mail, self-pickup, etc.)

  • novel

    which of the presented lenses are available and please indicate the prices for them and the conditions of their transfer ... (mail, self-pickup, etc.) Helios 81n, Helios 123n, Granite 11n, Jupiter 37a, MS Zenitar-N, Kaleinar 5N ... thanks

  • Alexander

    helios 81n-450grn, helios 123n-1000grn, kaleinar 5n-900grn. All that is available at the moment

  • anonym

    jupiter 9 is there? how much is

  • gene

    Is it possible to purchase Jupiter-21A from you?

  • Denis

    Good day. Which of the following lenses are available, price and condition: Helios 81n, Jupiter 37a, Kaleinar 5n? thanks.

  • Novel

    Is there a 5N caleinar, what is its price, what condition and what set?

  • Novel

    how he sits on nikon d90

  • Alexander

    There is Kaleinar 5n in excellent condition-900 UAH, it will sit on the D90 without problems, the kit contains a kit

  • Alexander

    Hello. I bought a HELIOS 81H from my hands, but on the D7000 it becomes rather tight (you have to turn the last ten degrees with effort). Is it worth it to finish, and if so, how much will it cost?

  • Alexander

    I can help you, dial 0967218549 Alexander

  • Rinat

    Do you have adapters KP-42 \ N I have d3100 and lenses Helios 44-2 and Helios 44m

  • Bogdan

    Hello, Alexander. I would like to buy a fast “fifty kopeck piece” or close to it. Here are my dream options: 1) RECORD-4 0,9 / 52 2) CANON LENS XI 50mm. 1: 0,75 3) CANON LENS 50mm. 1: 0,95 4) CANON LENS EF 50mm. 1: 1,0 L ultrasonic Can you help me with purchasing one of the above lenses? My tel. 067-356-16-98

  • Alexander

    there is an adapter KP 42 \ N-100grn

  • Inna

    Hello, hello
    Tell me, do you have Helios-81H 2/50 MS or an alternative on Nikon D3000? Thanks.
    098 430 62 10

  • Helga

    Hello, Alexander!
    Could you tell me where you can buy or order the adapter from the B mount (Salute) to the M42 mount and how much it can cost. Still interested in the adapter from the N mount (Kiev) to the M42 for using lenses from Kiev to Zenith. There are DCSs in workshops, but they only deliver in Russia, and I live in Estonia. Thank you in advance for your response. My tel. +37253329075

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