Amar 4,5 / 105 review

For the opportunity Amar 4,5 / 105 review Many thanks to Briiissuurs. This is a very small review, as the lens Amar 4,5 / 105 limited potential.

Amar 4,5 / 105

Review Amar 4,5 / 105. Lens view

Amar 4,5 / 105 - Is Krokus 4 Color N Lens 1984 production year. The lens is designed for medium format (film size larger than standard 35mm film or full frame). Therefore, the Amar 4,5 / 105 can be used on full frame cameras without any vignetting. The lens was released in Poland by PZO WARSZAWA. Usually, Crocus 4 comes with one more lens - Mikar / s 4,5 / 55. Both lenses are considered almost the worst for enlargers.

Sample photo on Amar 4,5 / 105

Sample photo on Amar 4,5 / 105

As Amar 4,5 / 105 Is a lens from a photographic enlarger, then it does not have a focusing ring, which greatly complicates shooting with modern SLR cameras. The lens is always focused at a certain distance.

Amar 4,5 / 105

Amar 4,5 / 105 from different sides

To somehow use Amar 4,5 / 105 on modern central control center, I had to use macro rings. Amar 4,5 / 105 It has an unusual working distance of about 90 mm, so in order to focus the lens at infinity for Nikon cameras, I had to use macro rings about 5cm long. If you add a few more subtle macro ring, then the lens can focus on close subjects. Typically, lenses of this kind are used for macro photography.

Amar 4,5 / 105

Amar 4,5 / 105 on a modern camera

Amar 4,5 / 105 has an M42 mounting thread to use on Nikon cameras, you need an M42-Nikon mount F adapter. For more details, see the section on Soviet lenses.

Sample photo on Amar 4,5 / 105

Sample photo on Amar 4,5 / 105

The aperture has the ability to take values ​​from F / 4.5 to F / 16.0 with intermediate values ​​of 5.6, 8, 11. The aperture switches by pleasant clicks. True, the lens only 6 aperture blades, and those with a metallic sheen, form the usual “nuts” in the blur zone.

Sample photo on Amar 4,5 / 105

Sample photo on Amar 4,5 / 105

Image quality:
The lens has normal sharpness at F / 4,5Love very afraid of side and back light. Love has no distortion and vignetting. If much distorted, then this lens can even be used as a portrait lens.

Sample photo on Amar 4,5 / 105

Sample photo on Amar 4,5 / 105

Nikon FX Full Frame Sample Photos

Everything is filmed on Nikon D700, untreated, on-camera JPEG, L, VI. Reduced size and imprinted data from EXIF. Pictures were taken using an adapter M42-Nikon + macro ring 5cm thick.

Personal impressions:

Amar F / 4.5 105mm is difficult to use on SLR cameras. But, in any case, such lenses always give the photographer a difficult task in calculating various parameters, they develop certain skills. Amazing but background blur this crumb is much stronger than in whale lenses of the type 18-55mm, 18-70mm, 18-105mm, 17-50mm, etc. Therefore, even with such a lens, costing up to $ 8, you can squeeze a good, suitable picture. It is important how to take pictures.

Sample photo on Amar 4,5 / 105

Sample photo on Amar 4,5 / 105

Other lenses from photo enlargers (U)


  1. INDUSTRAR 22U-1 1: 3,5 F = 50mm П | LZOS | 8 petals
  2. I-22U 1: 3,5 F = 50mm П | KOMZ | 10 petals
  3. I23U 4,5 / 110 | LZOS | medium format | 6 petals
  4. I-26m-U 2,8 / 52 | FED | 10 petals
  5. I50U-3,5 / 50 | FOZ | 6 petals
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  7. I50U 3,5 / 50 | NGO 'Optics' | 6 petals
  8. I50U-1 3,5 / 50 | LZOS | 6 petals
  9. И50У-1 1:3,5 F=50мм П | LZOS | 8 petals
  10. INDUSTRAR-55U 140 / 4.5 | MMZ | medium format | 9 petals | reader review
  11. INDUSTRAR-58 3,5 / 75 | MMZ | medium format | 9 petals | reader review
  12. I-90U 4/75 | LZOS | medium format | 10 petals
  13. I96U-3.5 / 50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  14. I96U 3,5 / 50 H-22 | NGO 'Optics' | 6 petals
  15. I96U-H-22-3,5/50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  16. I96U-1 3,5 / 50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  17. I-100U 4/110 | LZOS | medium format | 10 petals | reader note


  1. VEGA-11U 2.8/50 | AOMZ | zebra | 12 petals
  2. VEGA-11U 2,8/50 | LZOS | black | 12 petals
  3. VEGA-11U 3/54 | MMZ | black | 12 petals
  4. VEGA-5U 4/105 | AOMZ | medium format | 6 petals
  5. VEGA-5U 4/105 | MMZ | medium format | 6 petals
  6. VEGA-22CA 5,6/103 | MMZ | medium format | 6 petals | reader's review


  1. Mikar / s 4,5 / 55 | PZO WARSZAWA | Made in Poland | 5 petals
  2. Emitar / s 4,5 / 80 | PZO WARSZAWA | Made in Poland | 5 petals
  3. Amar 4,5 / 105 | PZO WARSZAWA | Made in Poland | 6 petals


  1. LZOS - Lytkarino Optical Glass Plant, Lytkarino
  2. KOMZ - Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant, Kazan
  3. MMZ - Minsk Mechanical Plant named after S.I. Vavilova
  4. FOZ - Theodosia Optical Plant
  5. AOMZ - Azov Optical and Mechanical Plant, Azov
  6. NPO Optika - Optics Research and Production Association, Moscow
  7. FED - Kharkov Engineering Plant 'FED' (F. E. Dzerzhinsky)

The names of the lenses are clearly indicated according to the marks on the case.

Amar 4,5 / 105 - A very cheap lens from medium format enlargers. The lens is very compact, with good sharpness. I recommend it as an interesting lens for photo experiments.

Help to the project. Thanks for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Arkady Shapoval

    Actually, I wrote about this.

  • Ivan

    Therefore, Mikar / s 4,5 / 55 can be used on full-frame cameras without any vignetting.
    In the whole speech Amar 4,5 / 105

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thanks, fixed. Doing two reviews in parallel - you can get confused.

  • M. Ilyich

    Can be used in wartime as a last resort

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It would be better if such a case did not occur for the photographer :)


    It looks awful on the camera :(

  • Misha

    Time to try on lenses from overhead projectors and (what is already there) - magnifiers ;-))

    As always, it is very informative, thanks for your work!

  • Ivan Avestian

    I have an older version of such a lens, without a “convenient hood”) AMAR PZO f = 10,5cm 1: 4,5 More beautiful on the carcass)
    All lenses are non-blacked. A very sharp telephoto for 50 rubles) Used with Chinese macro rings for $ 8 on a Canon crop camera. (Carcass + canon ef macro rings (16 + 30mm) + adapter EF-m42)

  • nukemall

    1. This is not a telephoto lens. This is a normal stock medium format lens. “Normal” means that it covers the frame with a diagonal close to the focal length. "Native" - ​​originally intended for shooting (and printing) a frame, the diagonal of which is close to the focal length. These are close concepts, but not identical. A normal lens remains that way, even if (as in this case) it is shot with a camera with a frame size smaller than the one for which it will be standard. A telephoto lens is just an “abnormal” lens - it covers less than the focal length, and, most importantly, it can be shorter than it (a normal lens cannot, its FF is measured approximately from the aperture).
    2. The PZO Amar and its cousin Mikar are creepy junk, both in design and in optical quality. They not only have lenses made of some kind of lousy glass, but they also often turn out to be skewed. Of course, a successful copy is not much worse than the Industar-23U, but still worse. Compared, checked.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      This is exactly the case.

  • Valentine

    And I have a slightly different version of this lens (pancake), and there are 10 diaphragm blades in it.

  • Sergei

    The Poles are better off shooting him :)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The Poles probably have it at hand every day. I had a couple of days to review.

  • Sergei

    And here I got two pieces. But with a terrible mold.
    Help who can - how to disassemble it?
    Since an external examination, did not show any screws / hooks….

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Oh, I won’t help. Maybe someone will unsubscribe.

    • nukemall

      In this miracle of technology, everything is held by smooth nuts. See the front and back round lenses with steps / corrugations? They need to be unscrewed. For such work, I usually use something round, glued around the edge with an overhang with thick double-sided tape to make a cylinder with sticky walls and partly bottom, the resulting tool is pressed and twisted. After twisting the spins, the further becomes extremely clear.

  • runepo

    I have such a lens! Selling together with a plastic box to it! Only Ukraine write in cute

  • Marina

    There are two brand new lenses for the 1984 Crocus AmarS 4,5 / 105 and MikarS 4,5 / 55

    Selling inexpensively ...

  • Valenitin

    Tell me? what kind of lens is Prodar PZO 5sm 1: 3,5, I found this one here, but the internet doesn't know anything about it ... Maybe you know something ...? Thanks.

  • Leonid

    Thank you very much for the review of the lens. Now I'm waiting for myself. when it comes, I will test and will definitely share my impressions of the lens in my blog

    PS The day before yesterday I came across your site and now I am re-reading all the lens reviews. Thank you for your work!

  • B.R.P.

    shot with a black sock (as fur):

  • B.R.P.

    shot with a black sock (as fur):

  • Rodion

    I made a focuser for him from a plastic pipe, two M42 macro rings (medium and small) and two epoxy cups glued from paper. The lens itself is in a very crappy state - the remnants of enlightenment in the front have peeled off ... for 50r - the norm. I went through it, cleaned it, blackened it. In the world of photographic, sharpness seems to be at the level of Tair-11A, and bokeh resembles Tessarov's a bit. The contrast loses, the infection is strong.

  • Igor

    Yes, a great lens, no matter who says anything. It's just enough a FED lens as a focuser + a couple of small macro-rings ... well, and adjust infinity with the help of thin plastic spacers. MDF will be about 4 meters…. if you use helios instead of a helicoid, in theory, the MDF will decrease (a larger stroke of the helicoid), I have not tried it myself. It is imperative (so as not to scold the lens later) to insert a limiter (a plate with a hole about 2 cm in diameter) between the focuser and the lens - there will be no glare and the contrast is normal. A hood is required (I have a piece of plastic pipe about 7cm long.). Sharp and open, only chromite. At 8 - excellent. Sharp and 16. The most acceptable use is 8-11. If Industar 100U starts to lather after 8, then Amar works up to 16 without any questions. At infinity, sharpness is excellent. For macro ... in principle it is possible, only the unit is too long with macro rings. It is pointless to use without a limiter and a long hood.

  • B.R.P.

    In move

  • Don burlone

    I have an old, metal 10 petals and aperture 4.5-11.№16042 red letter R.
    I haven’t tried to shoot yet.

  • Alexey

    Amar, Mikar, Emitar - according to what scheme are they built? Or are they different?

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