Review Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II

For the opportunity Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II Digital Auto Flash Review many thanks Sergey Svirida

Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II Digital Auto Flash

Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II Digital Auto Flash Review

Everything written here refers to the use of the Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II on Nikon and Canon. Note: the flash has only one sync contact and is suitable for both Nikon cameras and Canon cameras.. Also this flash suitable for Pentax camerasbut cannot be locked with the flash wheel on the camera. YN460-II is an improved model flash YN-460... Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II is a very simple, solid Chinese flash.

Pros of Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II:

  1. Flash power can always be clearly seen, even on a bright sunny day, since the flash power and mode of operation are based on LEDs.
  2. YN 460-II very easy to manage. Changing the modes and power, as well as turning the flash on and off is very simple. The buttons are nice to the touch.
  3. YN 460-II is very cheap. The price of a flash is highly dependent on the availability of TTL modes. In this case, YN460-II does not support any automatic operation and therefore it is very cheap.
  4. The YN460-II has a good guide number of 38. The flash power is pretty good, and you shouldn't ask for more from it. Regarding the power: I conducted an experiment, took two pictures at ISO 100, F \ 32, 1 \ 200. The first is using YN460-II at full power, the second is on SB-900 with 35mm zoom, and full power. YN460-II in power lost no more than a third stop. This really suggests that the YN460-II is a fairly powerful flash.
  5. Power is adjustable in 7 steps, from 1/1 to 1/64. The number of different capacities is enough for the normal work of the photographer.
  6. Head YN 460-II rotates 90 (+10) degrees vertically and 270 horizontally (180 degrees to the left, 90 degrees to the right). There is enough freedom of the flash head for almost all needs when used on the camera. The flash does not have a head lock button, the head rotates tight, and therefore does not change position spontaneously.
  7. Flash has diffuser card (wide-angle diffuser) and card reflector. This is a nice plus. Cards can be used together or separately. For example, native Nikon SB-600 Does not have a reflector card.
  8. The kit comes with a foot stand, a diffuser cap and a nice black cover.
  9. The flash can operate in slave mode with synchronization on the first flash or on the second flash. A very convenient thing. I used the YN460-II without any problems in S1 mode and set it on fire with the usual built-in flash of my camera Nikon D40... For Nikon, this is an analogue SU-4 mode. Also, in S2 mode the flash fires without problems on the second flash pulse, for example, when I use the main flash in TTL mode. Attention: the light trap, which is responsible for receiving the impulse that "ignites", is located in front of the flash. For flash sync, position the YN460-II so that it “sees” the command pulse of another flash. It's funny, but even the native Nikon flash SB-600 Does not know how to work in the light trap mode from a regular flash.

Disadvantages of Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II:

  1. YN 460-II works only in manual flash power control mode. This means that the flash level must always be set manually. On modern Nikon, Pentax, Canon cameras the camera itself does not “see” the flash, it only gives the command to ignite the flash at the moment the shutter is released. Therefore, please note that when you attach the flash to the camera, the actually acceptable result can be achieved only in the M mode of the camera control.
  2. У YN 460-II inconvenient battery cover. And, it seems that this cover is about to fall off. The lid is made worse, even than in Metz-48AF
  3. Lack of flash lamp zoom - zoom always remains at 35mm. Also, there is no display, quick synchronization function, support for any creative lighting systems, such as Nikon CLS.
  4. Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II has a regular shoe clip that needs to be twisted for a long time. It is more convenient to use the latch latch. The twist lock is poorly suited for frequent installation and removal of the flash from the camera.

Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II Digital Auto Flash has only 5 buttons

  1. Pilot - test pulse button
  2. MODE - Selects a flash control mode. When you click on it, the modes change in a circle: M-> S1-> S2-> M
  3. “+” - the button increases the flash output by 1 stop
  4. “-” - the button decreases the flash power by 1 stop
  5. ON / OFF - on and off button. To turn the YN 460-II flash on or off, hold down this button.

Attention: There are Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II versions with metal shoe mount and plastic. The type of mount depends on the year of manufacture of the flash. As I already wrote.

The cheapest is to buy Yongnuo flashes at aliexpress.

Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II Digital Auto Flash - a powerful flash that is suitable for photographers who have experience with flash. For strobism, a flash is just right. I do not recommend the Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II Digital Auto Flash for hobbyists as it works on camera only in manual mode. The flash is suitable for Nikon, Pentax (without fixing the flash on the camera) and Canon. The differences between YN460-II and YN460 are described In the review of Yongnuo Speedlite YN460.

Like :) Thank you for your attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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Comments: 98, on the topic: Review Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II

  • Victor

    Acquired YN465 (with TTL support) and made great friends with NIKON 3200. So far it was not possible to check the confirmation or refutation of the leading number, but in a room setting - BEAUTY. Cheap and cheerful. Of course, there are no some synchronization modes, but these are already other models of this series. 680 hryvnia is fully justified.

  • Nicholas

    Please tell me if this flash is suitable for the FujiFim FinePix Hs25EXR camera, I'm not a pro, so I ask for a silly question whether it can be installed in the hot shoe of the camera without any problems.

  • remius

    Tell Yongnuo Speedlite YN-560, is it suitable for the D5100, and will it work in all camera modes?

  • Artyom

    Hi Arkady! We (Odessa) can find this flash for $ 50, I think it's worth a try) I have a Di466 nissin with TLL. The fact is that in the M mode and with the Helios 81M, my 5100 writes, I quote:
    The flash is in TLL mode. Switch the flash to manual control or attach a lens with an integrated microprocessor.
    Although I transfer the flash to M mode, and still writes.
    Thus, I can not use it with old manual optics. It is sad .
    What do you advise ? Dandelion, or take a flash, as in this review?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I recommend not to spare money on flashes, but to buy relatives, even the simplest ones.

    • Andrei

      Set the flash to manual on the camera itself and everything will be ok.

  • Konstantin

    Greetings! What flash do you recommend for a nikon d80 newbie?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Sb-700 or sb-600

      • Konstantin

        And if not Nikon? or is native better?

  • Wittich

    Absolutely correct: “I do not recommend the Yongnuo Speedlite YN460-II for hobbyists as it only works in manual mode on the camera”
    This puff is superbly compatible with all compacts even without a HOT Bast shoe !!! Fastening - bar.
    It even synchronizes with fujami of the Sxxxx series, and in the red-eye removal mode it makes THREE puffs !!! The only thing is to select the power….
    I use it with the whole set of devices without bothering about TTL protocols from different manufacturers. Basically, as a slave on the bar, the center of gravity of the set is lower and the grip of the equipment is familiar from the days of film ... And there are 2 lighting sources - built-in painting / modeling and an external slave - filling, directed at least to the ceiling ...

  • Manych

    There are three yongnuo
    1pc 467 with TTL 1year
    2pcs 460 half a year
    while working
    467 with a TTL battery that seems to be very hard
    300 frames nursed and remained, but did not check until the end
    Philips batteries - 3000 mAh, Charger La Crosse BC700
    I always set the discharge mode so that they are completely discharged and then themselves
    are charging. I train as it should and everything is gut.

  • Vladimir

    And how does Nikon D3200 see a flash with TTL? I have only built-in Menu

    • Victor

      I have a 465 model with TTL support. I set the TTL mode on the flash and everything works. Now I do not want to connect all this to view all the settings in the fotik, but, probably, puff with the fotik are paired AUTOMATICALLY. One of these days I'll take a look, if necessary, I'll unsubscribe. I repeat that I have a 465 model (WITH THE SUPPORT OF TTL MODE), if you have a 460, IT IS ONLY "MANUAL".

      • anonym

        Please see when you can. Flash also with TTL.

        • Vladimir

          I just broke my head. The flash works fine, but is not detected in the camera menu. Maybe it should be so? Or is it my marriage?

  • Kate

    Help me please! I’m completely new and plus blonde :) I read your review and reviews and asked for this flash as a gift)) I have a Nikon d3000. But for some reason it does not work in M ​​mode! It works in S1 in the hands, but the one dressed on the camera doesn’t :( Why? What could be the reason? Why the camera doesn’t see it? It is important in which mode to photograph? Help please !!!

    • Ayrat

      This flash works for me on the d7000, but on the d60 it does not want to work for you. Maybe not all models are capable of working with it? If possible, try to put on other models of cameras, preferably newer - if it works, then your d3000 simply does not start it. If it doesn’t work, it’s probably a marriage of the flash.

  • Ruslan

    Good evening! I have a Canon 550D and this flash, Please tell me why the synchronization does not turn on in the second curtain !?

  • Ayrat

    Arkady, there is still no cap-diffuser in the kit.

  • Jury

    I have a Yongnuo 460. I use it outside the camera as an additional illumination. In this sense, it is super, inexpensive and cheerful (I took a used one for 1000r). But there is a cant. If the light in the room from the window is a little brighter, then it simply “fades” and does not want to be “set on fire”. What to do about it? Is that mine or are they all like that?

  • Ayrat

    This is not a cant. This is a loss of sensitivity due to the large amount of light. I have it with her and studio flashes as well. There are two ways out - to shoot only in a room where there is little light - at the same time, there will be less extraneous light in the frame, or buying radio synchronizers - from the same Yongnuo - are the most optimal - inexpensively and of sufficient quality.

    • anonym

      Don't tell me ... Other flashes do not “go blind” like this one. An old nikon sb80dkh - it is set on fire without any problems, even an old unomat with the simplest and cheapest light-synchronizer fizzles in the same conditions and even more complex ones.

  • Vladimir

    Arkady, very interesting Your opinion about the Yongnuo YN-468 II for Nikon! Thanks!

  • Yura

    Arkadiyu, tsikavo diznatsya: for a club photo gallery, you need to be able to do it manually manual list ???

  • Nicholas

    So the following is of interest. I bought a flash YN-468II for Nikon. I put the TTL on it, the camera (I put the D3100 on the car so as not to be smart) sees it, shows the zoom and aperture, when photographing in the forehead I’ve always overexposed, I can’t understand anything, is it not the right metering of the exposure to all the blame? Or a flash defective? When flashing to the ceiling, everything seems to be normal, does the autofocus flash affect the exposure metering? In my case, the autofocus flash from the flash hits just above the center of focus.

  • Vova.

    Is this flash suitable for nikon d3000? It is very important to know. Help!

  • Barss

    Good day. Summary: I have a YN-460 + NIKON D7000. Half a year, everything was fine. But recently, I noticed that the camera began to dull with a flash, hang and fall out of error with serial shooting. He removed the puff from the camera and put it on the mount through a radio synchronizer. The camera started working as it should. Why? What voltage should be at the contacts of the puff shoe? I have 3,90V on the original NIKON 3.16V / It feels like the camera's brain is boiling from this YN-460. Thanks.

  • Olya

    please tell me how is compatibility with the d5100 camera? I do not quite understand what it means "works only in manual flash power control mode"
    Does this mean that in order for it to work, the camera must be in manual mode?
    And what kind of flash, also budget, can you recommend for the amateur photographer on this camera. thank you in advance!

    • Lynx

      same but 560 model. and higher. they have TTL - i.e. automatic selection of flash power.
      only in manual mode - this means that you will have to adjust the flash power with the knobs on the flash, in any mode on the camera.

  • Elizabeth

    Dear Arkady, hello.
    Thank you for your work - I find a lot of useful and necessary information from you!))) Could you tell me how to set up a YongNuo 460 II flash on Nikon d60? Am I doing the right thing - in the d60 menu I set the built-in flash to manual mode, then the power is 1/16. Outside V. set the S1 mode. Indicators are illuminated, Pilot is green, but it does not snap off a test flash. Are they compatible? Help me understand what I'm wrong, plz)) tomorrow photo session)) thanks in advance!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The camera menu is responsible only for the built-in flash and has nothing to do with the external. On the external flash, select the M mode and the desired power using the + - buttons.

  • Elizabeth

    Delivered, chose power. As if the camera does not see it, the flash is separate, it is separate ((

  • Andrei

    460 - cheap and cheerful! In TTL mode, the flash makes an estimated first shot, the eyes of the models do not always agree with this. because I use manual mode. only my puff costs about 230 dollars. and this 50. why pay more?

  • Wilen

    I have 468-II. C D70s refuses to work in command mode. It works exclusively with a combination of settings: camera - TTL, flash - S2. Of course, accompanied by a "frog".
    I have never worked with automatic flashes before, I think I’m frankly dumb somewhere.
    Wonderful site, Arkady. Thanks (:

  • Ocherk

    Arkady, good day. Please tell me (otherwise the whole brain was digging out for itself already)
    There is a Nikon D100 camera and speedlite yn460-ii flash
    I just can't figure out how to make them friends ... I read a lot of recommendations ... Tell me how to act correctly ?!
    Thank you in advance!

  • Ocherk

    All hang up) the brain broke, but achieved its goal)

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