Nikon SB-600 review

Nikon SB-600 is a great small flash for all the central control rooms Nikon

Nikon SB-600

Review of the Nikon SB-600. Rear and front view

At the moment, the SB-600 flash itself is morally obsolete, as there is a worthy replacement in quality Nikon SB-700.

Basic about Nikon SB-600

  1. Flash zoom from 24 to 85mm. With zoom, the position of the flash head can only take values ​​of 24, 35, 50, 70, 85mm. The flash, in fact, is not designed for use with lenses whose focal length is longer than 85mm. Also, working with ultra-wide-angle lenses like 10-24mm will be difficult. However, when using a retractable diffuser, the zoom can reach 16mm. An 18-55mm flash will be enough for a whale lens. Even with an 18-105mm lens, the lack of flash zoom will not be felt.
  2. The flash has only two modes of operation on the camera. Auto mode I-TTL and M manual mode. Also, the flash supports the old D-TTL mode for the old type of central controllers as Nikon D100, D1h. I-TTL mode (automatic mode) works very well with all modern central controllers. You can also enable the BL (back light) function for working with backlight.
  3. The flash has diffuserthat is hidden in the flash head. Caution: Nikon SB-600 missing card reflector, which is in more advanced models.
  4. Flash support fast sync mode FP. With this mode, you can shoot at shutter speeds up to 1 \ 8000s, which is very useful for flash photography in the afternoon. For example, Nikon SB-400 does not have such an opportunity. More details in the section on FP.
  5. Flash supports wireless sync protocol Nikon CLS. Flash can remote control in I-TTL mode with another flash that works in command mode... The flash normally “catches” command signals and works well in slave mode. But, SB-600 do not support command mode Management (Master Mode) with other flashes. Also, SB-600 unable to set fire with SU-4.
  6. Recharging from 4 batteries is fast enough.
  7. The flash head rotates 90 degrees to the right and 180 degrees to the left, thus covering 270 degrees. Also, the flash head tilts 90 degrees down. Head rotation is enough for almost 90% of tasks.
  8. The kit comes with a pretty case and foot-stand.
  9. The flash has a very convenient catch on the camera shoe. To install and fix the flash on the camera, just switch the latch on the flash. For example, a number of third-party flashes use the fixation method using the locking ring, which must be twisted for a long time after installation and before removal.

Personal experience

I recommend the Nikon SB-600 as the first low-cost native flash. Since it is very compact, it keeps the weight balance very well with Nikon's younger lightweight cameras and is not difficult to take with you. Professionals often use the SB-600 as a secondary flash. The SB-600 behaves well as an additional source in a multi-flash setup. True, the SB-600's power is still lower than that of professional flashes. SB-900, SB-800 и SB-910.

SB-600 is a giant leap after SB-400... If there is a choice between the SB-600 and the SB400, I advise you to take the SB-600, since the SB-600 is already a real "classic" external flash with all the basic features. Fans do not advise chasing professional SB-800, SB-900, SB-910 - they are very heavy and their price bites. By the way, there are many analogues from Nissin, Metz, Sigma (for example, Metz-48 for Nikon)

I think the SB-600's flash is a poorly organized menu. The menu is accessed by simultaneously pressing the “-” and “Zoom” buttons. After long work with SB-900The SB-600 seems very unpretentious with a “wooden” menu. If funds do not matter, then SB-700 much more convenient for use by amateurs.

To fully reveal the potential of the outbreak, I advise you to read my article about remote flash control and work in quick sync.


The SB-600 is a good value for money flash. SB-600 is lightweight, functional. True, new Nikon SB-700 would be preferable.

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Vadim

    One more question: with this control method, will it be possible to shoot at shutter speeds shorter than 1 / 200s (FP)?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      If the camera supports FP, then it will be possible.

  • Boris

    Arkady, I need your wise advice. I have a nikon d80 and sb 600. I'm used to using the flash anyway as a reflection from the ceiling or wall for soft diffusion. When photographing in our Church (the Gospel Church) in the evening, with insufficient illumination of incandescent lamps, I can not achieve a more or less positive result: with a directed flash, there is direct or ruthless overexposure, or undershot and not working the background, ISO does not make sense to raise more than 400. Up to the white ceiling 7.5m, sat 600 just weak. A familiar photographer says that he was in no hurry to buy the Sat 900, that she, too, would not scatter the ceiling, that there were fabric dimensional nozzles for flashes, and they could gently scatter light. How much is the solution in this situation? I would like to know your opinion. Thanks in advance. May God bless you.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Try using a reflector card with sb-600, you can make it yourself, it will simplify your life.

  • Boris

    Arkady, I'm sorry, I was in a hurry with the question, I sketched duplicates with errors, please erase.

  • Sergei

    Well, Arkady simply does not have a price for your reviews. SB27 bought with D100 flew out, went through a bunch of flashes in TTL, none of them works.

  • Andrei

    Good evening! Tell me, please, when I put the flash on the camera, there is a slight backlash (the flash does not sit loosely on the hot shoe). What could it be? And one more thing, do not tell me where you can buy glass for a flash, otherwise mine is slightly melted? Thanks!

  • Denis

    There is even play on the SB-900, so that's fine!

  • Alexander

    Please tell me if this flash is suitable for nikon d7000 ???

    • Denis

      Will fit.
      I have a counter question. Can this flash be ignited from the SB900 on the D90 and on the reverse can it ignite the Sat 900 when mounted on the D90? And how does it work with F90x film? Is it also possible to set fire to 900 from SB 600 installed on the F90x Film? thanks

  • Oksana

    Good day! Please advise which flash to buy as a slave? Nikon d5100 camera, sb-700 flash? Thanks! ;))

  • Igor

    Please tell me whether the sb600 will work on the nikon d50.

  • igor

    maybe someone faced a problem. spontaneously flashes. reset does not help

  • Denis

    Greetings, Arkady.
    I will try to formulate the question: I have an SB-910 flash + a RAYLAB RRT-163N radio synchronizer. It is possible to purchase the SB-600 ...
    Will this bunch work? and do I understand her correctly ?:
    the synchronizer from the carcass, on the “A” -channel, gives an impulse to 910, and in parallel gives an impulse to 600 (channel “B” or “C”). Or is there no such connection in 600, and it will have to be set on fire by making the slave from 910? Or are both possible?
    Sory, if the question is stupid, but there’s nowhere to try ..)
    Thank you.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The radio synchronizer has a transmitter and a receiver, if there are two receivers for two flashes, everything will work.

      • Denis

        ATP, I will be)

  • Nicholas

    On the SB600 hot shoe, when the “flag” was turned, the plastic part inside, which raises the pin, broke off. It is difficult to repair the most because of the very small size of the part. In repair, they ask for a price of half a flash. Is it possible to get a shoe assembly somewhere? just 4 screws and soldering).

  • Andrei

    So I bought myself a Nikon SB600 flash (not new, of course) - quite an interesting thing, there are settings, especially after the Nikon SB400. By the way, several questions arose - when the head is in the forehead - there is a slight up and down play (is this a constructive feature or is it a marriage?), When the head is vertically up (the zoom works, I saw it myself, although I read somewhere that it should not work - where is the truth?) when it is necessary to press the PUSH key - always when changing the position of the head or only when deviating from the position in the forehead? thanks

    • Do_Oraemon

      There should not be any backlash. Apparently, the shattered already caught. The zoom should always work, even when the head is up, back, etc. The PUSH button should only be pressed when it deviates from the forehead position, and when the head is returned, it is not necessary.

  • Karina

    Which flash is more suitable for shooting an entire wedding day and with a banquet in poor lighting?
    SB-600 or SB-900?

    • Kim

      Dear, I don’t understand, why do you need a flash? For time, or for quality? Of course, the SB-900 is better

  • Novel

    Hello. Please tell me the flash on Nikon D60. So to speak - universal. That is, with the possibility of remote control from the camera itself (if this is possible with the given model of the device), and, in fact, use it on the camera. Thanks in advance, I can't figure it out myself.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      D60 does not support remote control of other flashes. Sb-700 is a good flash.

      • Novel

        Thanks. I stare at her myself. As I understand it, you can configure it in manual mode without connecting to the camera, and it will work from the built-in flash? In addition, it can be connected to the camera and set to the leading mode for controlling other flashes at a distance. In this mode, remote flashes will use the camera settings, or do they need to be manually configured? What mode (control method) should be specified in the description of slave flashes for working with this flash?

  • anonym

    Hello! Is it possible to configure the SB-600 on the NIKON 3100 to work remotely?

  • Mihailo

    Good afternoon. Arkadiy, and Nikon d5100 pіdtrimaє tsey spaly (sb600)?

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Vlad

    Good afternoon, I bought a used 600ku, when connected to the camera in TTL mode (d700), there are no changes on its screen (camera), i.e., as shutter speed 15 showed, so with a flash connected it shows 15 and it’s already in For example, turn the manual shutter speed to 100, the photo is normal. Question: Can the flash be malfunctioning? Thank you in advance for all the answers!

  • anonym

    Please tell me, on the Nikon D80, sb-600 is suitable?

    • Jury

      Of course

  • Jury

    I have one, but it constantly breaks. I want to replace it with a NEW, maybe even a Chinese one. What analogs are there to support command mode and fast synchronization?

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Hello Arkady!
    Need professional advice.
    I want to get this flash. Offer used but not without flaws — a fake lens. Tell me how critical is this?
    I correctly understand this front glass, I read somewhere that you can pick it yourself from automotive optics, not without interruptions by itself ..
    What do you think?

  • Arkady Shapoval

    Not particularly critical, you can also change it to the native service in the official service

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