The best Soviet fifty dollars

Here in Radozhiv, a vote was taken for the best Soviet fifty dollars. Its results are shown below.

Voting results for the best Soviet fifty dollars

Voting results for the best Soviet fifty dollars. A total of 11 people voted (image clickable)

A large number of reviews of Soviet optics will find here. Voting for the best Soviet portrait lens (range 85-135) can be found here.

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Comments: 127, on the topic: Best Soviet fifty dollars

  • Vladimir

    Recently I tested the optics: Helios-103 lost much in contrast to Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 1: 1,5 F = 5cm T. But Helios-81H, oddly enough, gave a better picture. I use any Contax / Kiev optics on Fujifilm X-A1 - I pulled the helicoid from Kiev and crossed it with an adapter to Fujik. I love Zenitar M 1,7 / 50 very much (I sold it, I'm still crying).

  • Jury

    I bought myself on Nikon G-81n. very interesting thing. I got it out of order, but in a few hours I figured it out and repaired it with the help of a Chinese screwdriver set. this is a plus. the focus ring would also be a plus. the ring has a huge move (manual nikkor 35-70 3.3-4.5 loses very much in this regard). I personally really like the picture. the aperture mechanism would be considered a disadvantage. clumsy mechanism. besides that it "slows down", so also the hole of indefinite shape ... for myself, I consider the main advantage of compatibility with Nikon.

  • KalekseyG

    yeahhh, if there would have been more canonists here, the alignment would have been different, but if M42 was easier for Nikon to do it even more fun, I’m 61- for an Indian (portrait, macro, landscape, subject)

  • Sergei

    from the 19th Kiev through an adapter I stuck a canon 600st gelik on 81d ... I reprogrammed the chip ... I personally like everything .. although I have not tried other manuals yet ... but the focus confirmation slightly goes into the back focus ... 5-7 cm ... no one will tell you how to make a correction to adapter chip ??? ...

  • Sergei

    slightly bent))) ... cm 2 -3 ...

  • Jury

    And why did you forget about Jupiter-3? He’s fifty dollars. I don’t know how to draw, but I’m dreaming of acquiring. Does anyone really not?

    • Yuri.

      I didn't get the Ju-3, I turned up a Japanese yashikha 50 / 1,4. On my crop: 2 is not bad, I think the ass is no worse than the Ju-3, and there is not the slightest desire to acquire the Ju-3 (working distance ... ..) ...

    • Michael

      Yes, but I don’t have an adapter for Fuji :(

    • another novel

      With all due respect to “Jupiter-3”, the more pop and cheaper “Jupiter-8” draws a little better, no matter how strange it sounds!
      By the way, FUJI released 50 / 1.2 which, I say without the slightest snobbery, will tear the aforementioned veterans of good taste - to smithereens in everything!

      • Boris

        Jupiter-8 is at least as good as Jupiter-3. But, shooting Zorkim-4 on color film for a long time, I am still impressed by Jupiter-3. It makes the image “postcard” (as if printed in a typographical way), well, portrait qualities. I have a lot of triples and eights in my collection. Now I've added Helios-103. In my opinion, a lens for a completely different purpose.

    • Another Roman

      These are optics from the 1930s. Jupiters are beautiful, but very soapy when exposed. I saw it for $80. The cheaper and more widespread Yu.Peter-8 is better! And Yu-3 is purely for collection. Forced to 1/1,5, it really doesn’t work at this aperture because of the soapiness, IMHO. Or a worker, but only for pictorealists.
      Helios-123 (Arsat 50/1,4) is a much more “adult” lens, tearing up the cult Industar-61 like a hot water bottle. So he shoots at 1,4, a little soapy of course, but with 2,8 it’s just a contrasting and sharp dream!

  • anonym

    Helios 44M-4, is not considered a fifty?

  • Gibbets

    I looked at the contrast and colors of the Soviet, I decided to take a few Japanese lenses 70-90 years. I have never met such shit.

  • anonym

    Best Helios-81N? Funny !!! Especially like the short-term blackening of the diaphragm blades.

    • another novel

      "Helios-81" - He's just perfect! Like biotar!
      And tech. problemki - yes, they can occur. But you can also change the lens.

  • anonym


  • Vladimir

    I think Helios 77 is invaluable because of its price and rarity. Few people used it. The lens is very good. It needs to be tried.

  • Andrei

    For me, the most, the most Helios 81m 53/2 bokeh will be better than the G-81n 50/2 but this is subjective.

  • Yurok

    There were Nikon 50mm f1.4D, Nikon 50mm f1.4G, Youngnuo 50mm f1.8 sold them to hell. I had a Nikon 50mm f1.8D (the glass is not very good, but it is not expensive) and on the occasion acquired the MC Helios 77m-4. The result “crossed” these 2 lenses (“crossed” for 4 days). Now I have an auto focusing Helios 77m-4.

    • Denis

      It would be interesting to see the video, how it turned out, how it works

      • Yurok

        there is a video on youtube kulibin

    • Peter

      I have an autofocus Helios 77M-4. I consider him a good portrait painter, I really like boke. I ordered an autofocus Tair-11 - let's see what it is capable of.

  • Eugene

    I don’t know .. As for me, all Helics + - give the same result, because all planars. But the quality varies. I came across the most “pop” G44-2, sharp at f2, and already razor at 2.8. Decided to keep. Before that, it was ideally 44-m4, much worse.
    There was a Zenitar M2s 50mm / f2 MS “bull's-eye”, a plastic bagel, from some of the latest plastic Zenits .. I liked the lens, it was just very good.

    • B. R. P.

      Yes, there is a wide range of quality.

      • Gregor

        Yes, the range of quality is simply non-corrosive.
        For myself, I concluded that the optics produced in the USSR is a continuous lottery.
        The quality jumps so much that the visual state does not mean anything at all. Optical properties directly depend on the amount of alcohol consumed by the collectors on the eve of the shift. Therefore, I advise you not to buy anything blindly.

        At different times I had 5 helios of different versions. Visually everything is in excellent condition. Optically 4 is so-so, 1 is good. Got rid of it without the slightest regret.

        For myself, I concluded that any glass is better than these alcoholic crafts.
        I apologize for the long post - it's boiling))

  • Dima

    Arkady, I will try to formulate the question again. I asked about Jupiter, but somehow it turned out awkwardly.

    And there is no similar survey or recommendations on topics:

    1.1 Best Soviet lens (portrait lens) for 1/2 crop
    2.1 Best Soviet lens (portrait lens) for 1/1,5 crop
    1.2 Best Soviet lens (universal) for 1/2 crop
    2.1 The best Soviet lens (universal) for a 1 / 1,5 crop?

    I want to take a portrait lens and how to say it, “to nature” :)
    With manual focus, quality, etc. all clear.
    I just want to play a little manual

    Thank you

    • Arkady Shapoval

      For a DSLR or mirrorless (rangefinder / scale)?

      • Dima

        1 Lumix GX9
        2. Lunox GX9 + speedbooster 1.4 (Viltrox).

        • Dima

          Well, in general, I accidentally still have g6 and pch1, but now I think that I need to sell and maybe Sony will take APS-C. Sonya is quite old, A100, I like how it shoots, but I want to take something newer used.

        • Dima

          1 Lumix GX9
          2. * Lumix GX9 + speedbooster 1.4 (Viltrox).
          trouble with fingers :) Do not poke there.

          • Arkady Shapoval

            then, for lumixes, I will advise the Chinese miracles of optical engineering, in the Soviet there is no point under the micra, the same TTArtisan 35mm f / 1.4 for a penny or TTArtisan 20mm f / 1.2 for $ 90 will be better than any Soviet counterpart. Moreover, it will be a modern laconic solution with a huge aperture ratio.

            • Dima

              Thank you.
              There is still such a thing.
              I already have a complete Panasonic Lumix h-h025 (25 / 1.7).
              And Canon 50 / 1.8 STM with speed booster.
              And somehow both (TTARTISAN 35mm / 1.4 TTARTISAN 20mm / 1.2) are not far from both (25 / 1.7). :(
              Do they beat him somehow in terms of the quality of the frame?

              And yet, is it possible to compare these two TTARTISANs in quality with XIAOYI LENS 42.5mm 1: 1.8, or do these two fixes have better results under the same conditions? For the price of Xiaomi, it is comparable to the 35th, but autofocus

              • Dima

                And, maybe in some other section, ask these questions? :)

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