Overview of HELIOS-44M 2/58, Jupiter plant, Valdai.

According provided by lens HELIOS-44M 2/58 many thanks Ilya.

HELIOS-44M 2/58, factory 'Jupiter', Valdai.

HELIOS-44M 2/58, plant 'Jupiter', Valdai.

This review shows the 'HELIOS-44M 2/58' lens, serial number 8027170, manufactured at the Jupiter plant, Valdai. The lens is no different from the HELIOS-44M 2/58 manufactured at KMZ.

Main technical characteristics of HELIOS-44M 2/58:

The name of the instance from the review (as it is written on the lens itself) HELIOS-44M 2/58 8027170 with the logo of the Jupiter plant, Valdai
Basic properties
  • M42x1 / 45.5 - common 'M42' seating thread.
  • manual focus only.
  • aperture control ring
  • Switch M/A aperture control
  • М (Мbouncing) - semi-automatic aperture control, jumping aperture
  • simple chemical enlightenment of optics.
  • The lens is suitable for full-format cameras.
  • metal case
  • Helios-44 and its modifications - one of the most popular lenses in the world
Front Filter Diameter 52 mm
Focal length 58 mm

Zoom ratio 1 x
Designed by for film cameras with a frame size of 36 mm X 24 mm
Number of aperture blades 8 rounded petals. The petals form an approximately regular hole. At an intermediate value between F / 2 and F / 4, the petals form a small jagged hole. Petals matt metal, not blackened.
Tags focusing distance in meters only. DOF scale for F / 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16. Scale with aperture values ​​for F / 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16 (no intermediate values). 'R' mark for infrared operation.
Diaphragm F / 2.0 to F / 16.0, adjustable with aperture ring, automatic 'A'or manual'M'aperture control mode.
MDF (minimum focusing distance) 0.55 m, maximum magnification ratio is 1: 7.35 (approximately)
The weight 270 g (approximately)
Optical design 6 elements in 4 groups. Optical design type 'Planar' (Planar)

Optical design Helios-44M

The optical scheme was copied from the Carl Zeiss Jena Biotat 2/58 lens and converted to Soviet optical glass. The same optical design is used by other modifications of Helios / Helios 44 2/58, as well as all modifications of Biotar 2/58.

Lens hood screwed into the front filter, marking of the original hood not found.
Manufacturer country USSR, plant 'Jupiter', Valdai
Period The exact period is unknown. A copy of the review made in 1980.
Price The cost of such a lens ranges from 10 to 25 cu

Prices for modern Helios lenses can be found at this link.

HELIOS-44M 2/58, factory 'Jupiter', Valdai.

HELIOS-44M 2/58, plant 'Jupiter', Valdai. The lens is shown on the camera Nikon D80. Installed using a KP-42 / N lensless adapter (aka M42-Nikon F)

Crop photos from the camera Nikon D200:

The sharpness of the Helios-44m lens. Clipping photos without processing.

The sharpness of the Helios-44m lens. Clipping photos without processing.

Sample photos on HELIOS-44M 2/58:

All photos taken on Nikon D200, without processing, RAW -> JPEG auto levels Q80%, resized to 1600x1200, EXIF about shooting options.

How to use with modern cameras?

Lenses with mounting thread M42 (M42 X 1 / 45.5), such as the lens from this review, are very easy to use on almost any modern digital camera (both SLR and mirrorless), for this it is enough to choose the right adapter (adapter). You do not need to carry out any additional steps to modify the lens.

The cheapest adapters can be found at Aliexpress.com... There are adapters (adapters) with a chip that provide more convenience during shooting, usually chips are used to confirm focus and / or metering exposure, and form the correct EXIF. The chip does not affect the image quality in any way.

For some SLR cameras (for example, with the Nikon F-mount), you need to use adapters with a corrective lens, which allows you to focus correctly at all focusing distances. For any mirrorless cameras, such a lens is not needed, and the adapter is a simple decorated hollow metal tube with an appropriate mount.

For SLR cameras

  1. Canon: For cameras Canon EOS with bayonet mount EF / EF-S need an M42-Canon EOS adapter, such an adapter with a chip can be found herewithout chip here.
  2. NIKON: For cameras Nikon DX / FXas well as for cameras Fujifilm и Kodak with a Nikon F mount, you need an M42-Nikon F adapter, you can buy such an adapter without a lens and a chip here, with a lens without a chip herewith chip without lens here, with lens and chip here. Why a lens? Why chip?
  3. PENTAX: For Pentax cameras with K mount, you need an M42-Pentax K adapter, you can buy such an adapter here.
  4. SONY/MINOLTA: For cameras with a Sony / Minolta A mount, you need the M42-Sony A adapter, you can find such an adapter without a chip at this linkwith a chip at this link.
  5. OLYMPUS/PANASONIC/LEICA: For cameras with a 4/3 bayonet mount (not to be confused with Micro 4/3!) You need an M42-4 / 3 adapter, you can buy such an adapter here.

For mirrorless cameras

  1. SONY: For cameras with 'E'/'FE' mount series SonyNEX и Sony Alpha you need an adapter M42-Sony E (aka M42-Sony Nex), you can find it at this link. An autofocus adapter is also available for these cameras. Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapterwhich can be found at this link.
  2. OLYMPUS / PANASONIC / KODAK / XIAOMI: For cameras with a bayonet mount Micro 4/3 (Micro 4:3) you need an adapter M42-Micro 4/3, you can find it at this link.
  3. CANON M: For cameras with Canon EF-M mount need adapter M42-Canon M, it can be found at this link.
  4. CANON R and RF-S: For cameras with Canon RF mount need adapter M42-Canon R, it can be found at this link.
  5. Nikon 1: For cameras Nikon 1 Series need adapter M42-Nikon 1, you can find it at this link.
  6. Nikon Z: For cameras Nikon Z series (FX/DX) need an adapter M42-Nikon Z, it can be found at this link.
  7. FUJIFILM X: For cameras with mount X need an M42-Fuji X adapter, you can find it at this link.
  8. FUJIFILM GFX: For medium format cameras G-mount need M42-Fuji GFX adapter, you can find it at this link.
  9. SAMSUNG: For cameras with NX mount, you need an M42-Samsung NX adapter, you can find it at this link. There are no adapters for the NX mini camera yet.
  10. PENTAX: For Q-mount cameras, you need an M42-Pentax Q adapter, you can find it at this link.
  11. SIGMA / PANASONIC / LEICA: For cameras with L mount you need an M42-Leica L adapter, you can find it at this link.
  12. LEICA: For cameras with a bayonet mount Leica M need adapter M42-L / M, you can find it at this link.

If you have any questions on compatibility and adapters - ask in the comments (comments do not require any registration at all).

Reviews for the Helios-44 2/58 lenses:

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  14. An article about most of the major modifications of the Helios-44 series
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  16. Look at modern the lenses 'Helios' can at this link
  17. A lot of Helios of all varieties can be found on ebay this link

Original 'Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/58 ':

  1. Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 1: 2 f = 5,8cm T [17 diaphragm blades, M42]
  2. Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2 / 58 T [12 diaphragm blades, M42]
  3. A lot of Biotars of all varieties can be found on ebay this link

Look at modern the lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can at this link.

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.


HELIOS-44M 2/58 - a good modification of the older versions of Helios-44 with good sharpness, unusual twisting of the background. The main difference from previous versions was blinking aperture with 'M / A' switch to select aperture control mode. There are two versions of what exactly the letter 'M' in the lens name stands for: Мorifice plate or Мlens identification.

Familiarity with the Soviet Helios brand lenses I recommend starting with an inexpensive and common lens Helios-44-2 2/58 (aka HELIOS-44-2 2/58). The following links can look at modern lenses Zenitar и HELIOS.

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  • Julia Bilyk

    And how will the lens work with the Nikon D60 in dark rooms?

    • Andrii

      Just like any other with aperture 2,0 and 58mm focal length.

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    Hi all. I'm looking for an aperture ring for Helios 44m (marked in the photo). You can write your suggestions here.

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    It’s interesting that my helios 44 m had a longer thread shank than the helios 44 2, which is why it simply doesn’t screw into the adapter with the chip all the way, and there’s no focusing at all!

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    On an adapter without a chip, it is screwed in all the way and everything is fine. With a chip rests against the side of the chip

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