The evolution of Nikon cameras

Nikon has a lot of DSLR cameras. Sometimes you can go crazy choosing the right option for yourself. Also, it is very difficult to understand the range of cameras. There are many cameras that are professional on the one hand and amateur on the other.

I broke all the cameras on 4 class:

  1. Flagship (these cameras are often referred to as true professional cameras). It is easy to distinguish by features such as the fact that they do not have a built-in flash, they have an additional second handle for portraits, use very large batteries and fast CF memory cards. These cameras have as many as two additional displays. They can do everything that professional cameras do.
  2. Professional (often referred to as semi-pro cameras) These cameras do not have automatic modes, are weatherproof, and use fast CF cards and dedicated control connectors. They can do everything that advanced amateur cameras can do.
  3. Advanced amateur (often referred to as mid-range cameras). Uses SD cards, can control external flashes, and support fast sync with flashes. Unlike amateur cameras, they have an additional display and an additional control wheel, as well as a depth-of-field preview button.
  4. Amateur (they are amateur in Africa). They have a small weight, few controls. Use SD cards.
  • D5 (FX)
  • D6 (FX)
  • Z9 (FX)

Here is my distribution of cameras by class:

The main distribution criteria:

Pro line of Nikon camera classes

About the line of Nikon camera classes. increase.

Useful plate with the dates of the announcements of cameras. Green indicates Nikon FX full-length cameras.

Camera release date
d1 15.06.1999
d1h 05.01.2001
d1x 05.01.2001
d100 21.01.2002
d2h 22.07.2003
d70 28.01.2004
d2x 16.09.2004
d2hs 16.01.2005
d70s 01.04.2005
d50 20.04.2005
d200 01.10.2005
d2xs 01.06.2006
d80 09.08.2006
d40 16.11.2006
d40x 06.03.2007
d3 23.08.2007
d300 23.08.2007
d60 01.01.2008
d700 01.07.2008
d90 27.08.2008
d3x 01.12.2008
d5000 14.04.2009
d300s 30.06.2009
d3000 30.07.2009
d3s 14.10.2009
d3100 19.08.2010
d7000 15.09.2010
d5100 05.04.2011
d4 06.01.2012
d800 06.02.2012
d800e 06.02.2012
d3200 19.04.2012
d600 13.09.2012
d5200 07.11.2012
d7100 01.02.2013
d610 08.10.2013
d5300 17.10.2013
df 05.11.2013
D3300 07.01.2014
D4s 25.02.2014
D810 26.06.2014
D750 11.09.2014
D5500 06.01.2015
D810a 10.02.2015
D7200 02.03.2015
D5 06.01.2016
D500 06.01.2016
D3400 17.08.2016
D5600 10.11.2016
D7500 12.04.2017
D850 24.08.2017
Nikon z6 23.08.2018
Nikon z7 23.08.2018
D3500 30.08.2018
Nikon z50 10.10.2019
D780 07.01.2020
D6 11.02.2020
Nikon z5 21.07.2020
Nikon z6 ii 14.10.2020
Nikon z7 ii 14.10.2020
Nikon z9 10.03.2021
Nikon Z fc 29.06.2021
  1. Nikon DX SLR cameras with APS-C sensor are marked in white
  2. Nikon DX mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensor are marked in pink
  3. Green indicates full-frame SLR cameras
  4. Full frame mirrorless cameras are marked in blue

Also, with the Nikon F mount, there are the following cameras: Fujifilm FinePix S1 Pro, S2 Pro, S3 Pro, S3 Pro UVIRS5 Pro, IS Pro, Kodak DCS PRO 14n (and its modifications) and Kodak DCS Pro SLR / n (and its modifications)

Which cameras use the same sensor can see here.

My calculations on the performance of the Nikon CZK can be viewed here.

Letters S, H, X, E in Nikon Camera Names

  • S - usually this letter is attributed to the camera, which is simply updated version previous model without major modifications. for example Nikon D70s, D300s, D3s, D4s. These cameras have the same body and a similar matrix as in Nikon D70, D300, D3, D4. Roughly speaking, this is a cosmetic update to the camera with the addition of new useful features.
  • H - usually this letter is added to updated camera models when they want to show that the updated camera has the possibility of a good fast continuous shooting. Roughly speaking, a camera for sports photographers, photojournalists. D1h, D2h, D2hs - have just amazing frame buffer.
  • X - usually this letter is added to the updated camera model in which increased number of megapixels, but the main characteristics remained similar to the previous version. For example, Nikon D40 \ D40x, D1 \ D1x, D2x, D2xs, D3 \ D3x.
  • E - for cameras with missing low-pass filter (Nikon D800e)
  • A - for cameras designed for astro photography (Nikon D810a)
  • F - Fusion "Fusion" for cameras with retro body design (Nikon Df)
  • II - second version of the camera (Z6 -> Z6 II)

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on


Using my tablet, you can immediately determine which class the Nikon digital SLR camera belongs to. Considering that each new round of evolution (from left to right) only improves the performance of cameras, it becomes very simple to choose the best option.

When choosing a Nikon SLR camera, I advise you to look in the 'Which Nikon camera to choose?'.

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Comments: 288, on the topic: The evolution of Nikon cameras

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    From the Table of full-length cameras, Nikon FX still does not understand the release date: Nikon D4X since Nikon D3X came out: 01.12.2008/5/5. The Nikon D06.02S release date, if you believe the table, should be released two years after the Nikon D-2018 is released, and this is February 5, 4. .It is interesting to be able to install the matrix in Nikon D5S so that it is no worse than Nikon DXNUMXs and better in DD on basic ISOs than Nikon D-XNUMX?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      d4x most likely will not work, there is d810, there will soon be a replacement for it with 40-50 mp.

      • Yuri Muller

        Hello! Yes, you organized the evolution of cameras better than you can imagine, especially for inexperienced.

  • Denis

    Good afternoon, I apologize if it’s not a topic, please tell me, if you opt for the AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm f 3.5 5.6 D3200, you decided not to bother for the first time, and later you can buy a good lens to do something to open the camera less her potential. Tasks simple house family street vacation sea nature

    drew attention to three obyaktiva that advise 17-55 f2.8 is worth the money and where is better to buy? New or used

    I liked these:
    1. AF-S DX NIKKOR 17-55mm f / 2.8G IF-ED
    2. Sigma Zoom 17-50mm 1: 2.8 EX DC OS HSM
    3.Nikon 50mm f / 1.8G AF-S Nikkor lens

    What advise in advance thanks

  • Denis

    And if the fix is ​​better

    Nikon 50mm f / 1.4D AF Nikkor Lens
    A little expensive of course
    Nikon 50mm f / 1.8G AF-S Nikkor Lens
    It is already available.

    Nikkor 35mm f 1.8g af-s ed

    I just don’t understand. Tell me sympathizes with 50 f 1.8

    There are China 50 1.8 they should be considered or heaven and earth with originals

    Well, I don’t understand anymore how to choose a good station wagon

    • Pokekmon

      IMHO, if you take it under such a wide range of tasks as: “home, family, street, vacation, sea, nature”, then it is better to take a zoom lens.
      Under the crop camera, like your fifty dollars, i.e. 50mm fixed lenses are not suitable.
      I experienced it myself, because my first glass was 50 / 1.4D.
      On the crop, these 50mm are converted due to EGF to 75mm, i.e. essentially almost in portraiture.
      This is absolutely not suitable for shooting landscapes. And even 35mm / 1.8 may not be suitable due to the fact that you have to run a lot of legs a lot, so that everything you want to fit into the frame does fit there.
      Urban architecture at 35mm (crop EFR 53mm) is better than 50mm (crop EGF 75mm), but there are still cases where there is simply nowhere to go back so that everything fits into the frame.
      I’d take a Sigma Zoom 17-50mm 1: 2.8 EX DC OS HSM to my crop camera.
      Because There is a stabilizer, and this is a universal glass. Maybe tomatoes will fly at me now, but I love Sigma. If you opt for this particular lens, carefully check the focusing accuracy before buying.

      • Denis

        Thank you clearly for the consultation, I will think, and so on 17-50 2.8 I had an eye on sigma and on Nikonor 17-55 2.8 only the price tag of the second
        And another question Sigma 17-50 2.8 will be much worse than the whale 18-55
        I just wanted to get away with yn467 ttl and leave the kit and for portraits 50 1.8 I’ve taken it, I’ve wanted a gentleman’s kit for now, right now, I’ll be thinking thanks

  • Denis

    Thanks!!! That is, it makes no sense to buy as an amateur this expensive obyaktiv? AF-S DX NIKKOR 17-55mm f / 2.8G IF-ED
    And please tell me not to get taxed, because each number means something, the exact model of the station wagon from Sigma which with a stabilizer and available for sale is indicated here that suits me for the D3200 Sigma Zoom 17-50mm 1: 2.8 EX DC OS HSM.
    Or something different?
    I just read several options, or am I wrong, what suits me or does it fit in the same model?

  • Denis

    It’s just written here that this model with a lower aperture Sigma Zoom 17-50mm 1: 2.8 EX DC OS HSM.

  • Denis

    Good afternoon, please tell me for the D3200 a good universal objaktiv here from this series it is worth considering autofocus will work and which model is suitable for me

    I would also consider other options,
    I tuned to the AF-S DX NIKKOR 17-55mm f / 2.8G IF-ED but I don’t understand whether it is worth giving that kind of money as an amateur or not. I would also like to clarify it conveniently. Sigma 17-50 should be underestimated as it is universal? Is it suitable for my tasks? Or maybe something can be taken from Nikon's oakobaktiv some kind of aperture universial 2.8

    • Alexey

      If in principle 2,8 and universal, i.e. zoom, then the choice is small, because at 3200 you need a motor, here either Nikon 17-55, or analogues from sigma, tamron. You can also consider lenses for f.f. with the prospect for growth, it all depends on your needs and financial capabilities.

      • anonym


        • Denis

          cetaceans 17-55 give two

  • Tatyana

    Advise where you can buy an inexpensive fx lens on the nikon d700 for shooting reportage and indoors (with autofocus). I tend to whales with approximate distances of 28-70 (etc.) f2.8.
    I am considering old glasses, I don’t know where to buy normal quality ones (without cheating)

    • Denis

      high-quality and without deception, only new in the store

    • ы

      It's simple - you open ebay. Dial Nikon 28-70 there and see that the seller is only from Japan and that he has a medal - the best seller. The percentage of positive transactions is also indicated there. Then you order from this dude, pay and voila. Before buying, pay attention to the description of the product - honest sellers indicate whether or not there is fungus / mold and damage. The price of Nikkorov 28-70 / 2.8 starts at $ 500 excluding delivery.
      Don't be fooled - in the same place they give Sigma 28-70 / 2.8 a little cheaper, to which to Nikkor as on a Zaporozhets in reverse to the moon.

      • Denis

        I ordered from 100% of positive sellers from Japan 2 times (18-70), both times back focus
        an acquaintance also ordered 2 times - 85mm and 28-105, also back focus both times. in the second case, the Japanese tried to prove to him that he had previously checked it with a specialist, so it should be, they say, use manual focusing ... in the end, he got 25 bucks back from him. I didn’t bother, but I just sold these glasses for cheap, didn’t return them

        • Peter Sh.

          I have a dozen Nikon lenses of various ages, only two do not have front / back focus. I’ll adjust the rest in the camera itself.

          • Denis

            understandably. I have from the store (3pcs), as well as those bought in my city (2pcs) so far hit the target without adjustment, although I use them a little and did not drop

  • Yaroslav

    Good day. I have a Nikon d 5100 28-105 kit. I want to order 2 lenses yongnuo 50 mm f1.8 and yongnuo 35mm f2. How will such a combination? I photograph, landscapes, children, the night city, birthdays.

    • Yuri Muller

      Friends let me wedge into the discussion. 48 years of experience as a photographer, I can say one thing that there are no two absolutely identical lenses. Yaroslav, according to your desire, what you want to shoot, I can advise you to pay attention to Nikon COOLPIX P600 I can say with confidence that you will be even very pleased. Now I have 5 cameras D2x, Kenon 5d, Nikon 600,7000 and this COOLPIX P600 I always have with me because it is lightweight and not whimsical in the car, and when I print I start to notice the quality of the pictures, the difference is only on a4, take it and try this camera for all occasions of life. You can find me in classmates or skype city Verden

      • Valery A.

        Well, this is a sensation - the soap dish beat both crop and FF. Judging by its Kulpix P7100 - soapy, noisy, watercolor color; plus - that it is light, compact, invisible.

        • Yuri Muller

          Valery, do not confuse the names. I spoke about the Nikon COOLPIX P600 and not about your really soap dish P7100 if you did not hold this camera in your hands do not fool people with a head.

          • Vitaly N

            Is it nothing that the soap dish you are calling is higher in class than the p600? And the size of the matrix, and optics? But the p600 is really a soap box with a small matrix and megazoom. Of these two, I would choose p7100.

            • Valery A.

              That's it.

            • Yuri Muller

              Yes, young people you can argue over the names and various bells and whistles of cameras and I judge the quality of the pictures. The most interesting thing is that when I hold a Nikon D2X with a large Sigma 50-500 lens in my hands, passersby pay attention and ask me to at least hold the equipment in my hands. And no one notices you with the Nikon COOLPIX P600 and it does its job better and faster.

              • Edward

                P600 is worse than almost all modern smartphones
                It's just a terrible reference model.

                Let us prove this:

                P600 -
                60x zoom
                Crop factor 5.62 (31.58 times less than FF)
                Jpeg only

                Modern smart has a camera with crop factor
                And aperture f 1.7-2
                There is Rav, the matrix is ​​more modern, etc.

                Let's take a specific model whose characteristics I found
                Samsung Note 7 - crop 6.5, f1.7

                Compare how much light hits the matrix
                Wide angle


                Those on the p600 matrix get 33.5% of the light from what gets on note7

                In body position
                it turns out only 9%

                Those get a difference of 3-10 times in favor of the smartphone

                Given a more modern matrix and fewer elements in optics, the difference in image will be even greater

                Hyperzuma is just a waste of plastic. But you can try to use them as a lomo camera

                If you need compactness, use a smartphone
                If quality is important with a minimum size, there are mirrorless mirrors from Olympos and Panasonic

              • Edward

                It’s hard to believe that someone can really not see so much significant difference

            • Edward

              Crop factor 4.55

              5.62, f3.3-6.5

              With this in mind, it turns out that the p7100 receives 2 times more light than the p600

              In other words, the p600 will always receive light much less than a smartphone, the p600 is about the same

              Most likely, a modern smart will be better due to a more modern matrix, and an image processing processor
              So there is no sense in the p7100, but still it is better than the p600

  • Yaroslav

    One more question. After Nikon d 5100, which camera should I buy from Nikon? So let's say the next step after an amateur. The most expensive, but high quality. To better Nikon d 5100. Thanks.

    • 1Dl3

      And what do you dislike about the D5100?
      There is an excellent matrix, and the camera itself is very successful.
      You just need to buy decent glasses and everything will work as it should.
      Just if you do not run further than the crop, you need to understand what exactly is missing in the D5100.
      If screwdrivers, then you can look at the D7000 / D7100 / D7200. D300s does not make sense to take only because of the AF module and rate of fire. This is a professional machine, and few are left alive. And the matrix on the D300s is inferior to the D5100.

    • Valery A.

      It is not clear what it means better and better, the next step? Is D5100 of poor quality, malfunctioning, marriage? Skinton is sometimes controversial. If you mean the quality of the picture in terms of noise, DD, detail - probably this is in the direction of 5300, 7100, although some of their owners noted that the picture from them (including skin tone) is worse than that of D5100. If you look at the picture quality from the point of view of a beautiful, even unusual color, contrast - then this is the next step back to the devices with a CCD-matrix. Considering your non-motorized 28-105, these are D50, 70, 80 screwdriver cameras. When I took pictures of people, incl. children with CCD cameras, in the heat I wanted to get rid of 5100, but did not - telephoto cameras (simple 55-300, and before it 55-200) shoot well on it, as well as 35 / 1,8DX and Tamron 28- 75 / 2,8 noticeably improved color, sharpness, contrast. As for the 35 or 50mm dilemma - 35 is more versatile, incl. as a reporter, with 50 people it is cramped in the room, but more interesting in portraits (especially face, chest), usually on the street.

    • Dmitriy

      The next step is a full frame. Itself went through it. It was d3200, now it took d610 to it. Satisfied with both devices. In general, it is better to invest in glass

    • PhotoInterSeller

      Good day!
      First, please look at the technical specifications of the cameras and deliver your own specific wishes. You will be able to find out for another off-camera!
      People do not marvel at me, as with the “scorching eyes” to run to the nearest supermarket, and there I’m vtyuhuyut yaku, I’m happy, I’m going to get a motor-less carcass, motivate them to get out: “cheap”, “new”, “megapixel” і scho on her "guarantee є" ...)))
      Because of the buyers to fix the problems, more in the smallest-smiths they were kindly put up like suckers, with the case without the winners named "command" buttons and the number of hard work (Nikon D3000 and such stolen cameras) it is necessary to reach the already cheap "sklometalev" optics is not autofocus, but rather in manual mode. And from a new, plastic-plexiglass, with a plastic bayonet, optics, a maximum of three to five rockets (I want to spare!) Intensive maintenance, for which to repair, or replace (the marketing goal of the virobnik) what the technician Well, you need to buy expensive equipment "N" series, such as "tanks", so that the advanced old good non-motorized versions of the equipment.
      Tse buv vіdstup vіd those.
      Shanovny, if you want to buy it, it’s not really “not to wonder at the priest, but to marvel at the“ stop ”!" to get more cheap Nikon D200, D300, D80 "vicrutkov".
      My phone: 097-649-64-59

    • Yuri Muller

      Hi Yaroslav! If you already felt the urge to change your d5100, it’s not very expensive and affordable, but for a long time then the d7000 or d600 are very good and reliable cameras.

      • Valery A.

        But what about the P600 coopix?

        • Vitaly N

          She's too cool. Buy it at least only after d800.

          • Michael

            After D5)

          • Yuri Muller

            I just have all these cameras, but always with me in the P600 car and leave the podkavyrki for grandmother, maybe he will advise you something ……….

            • Vitaly N

              Use, I do not mind.

  • Anatoly

    not a word about the physical size of the sensor

    • Arkady Shapoval

      And this?

      Green indicates Nikon FX full-length cameras

  • Alexander

    Where can I see talik 1, but by CANON

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Novel

    Battle. My wife started taking pictures, taking away from me my Nikon D3100, which I photographed only in the "auto". A year has passed. He speaks little, stupidly, not clearly. Demands better. At prices, etc. settled on D700 or D300s. She's not a pro, but she seems to be dragging. So which is better to take? And why? Other models do not offer, purely battle between the two.

    • KalekseyG

      Battle between a whale and an elephant? FX and DX?

      • Novel

        I understand, full frame, but is it really cool? There is much debate everywhere on this subject.

        • B. R. P.

          Roman, decipher "a little, stupid, not clear."

          • Novel

            Better necessary))

            • Onotole

              To be better, you don't need a new camera, but learn to take better pictures.
              I can still believe that the lens is a bottleneck, but that the 3100 can seriously restrict a person who does not do business (in your words) in some way - I will never believe.
              I would start with optics. 35 / 1.8 to begin with, and then - depending on what will be filmed.

              • Novel

                It's like saying that you do not need a good foreign car unless you are a taxi driver, personal driver, or racer. Your grandfather’s penny is good, you’ve just not enough virtuoso. Put yourself better wheels 14 inches and tint.

        • KalekseyG

          And are there already lenses or just a whale?

          • Novel

            No, everything is necessary. There are 18-105 whale and 50 Chinese.

          • Novel

            But to buy optics for D3100 ... If you buy, then that at least some sense was.

            • KalekseyG

              Well, since there are no lenses, it’s clearly a vote for 700. Without a battle, you can find the difference yourself in the articles by Arkady, and besides the camera reviews themselves, there’s a lot about the difference between crop and film standard

              • Novel

                But what about the Nikon D700 vs Canon EOS 5d Mark II?

              • KalekseyG

                Well then, Mark the second, still took the glass. Although for starters you have fifty dollars for Nikon.

  • Anton

    There was a Nikon D90. Absolutely satisfied everyone. The shutter drive gear has been covered, the shutter does not return. And I wanted a new one. Body, since there are 3 lenses from the D90, the Nikor F mount. They need to be used. Advise to replace something modern. Super high ceiling and floor in terms of performance is not necessary, but the 2nd screen, wheel and some kind of paraphernalia closer to advanced are needed. And in general, so that the filling and the piece of iron itself is more modern. Usage Level: Advanced, I think.
    Thank you.
    PS: The article and the whole squeeze are extremely useful. Special thanks for that. Found a lot of new and necessary in one place.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      See models in the same segment - d7000, d7100, d7200 or slightly higher - d300, d300s

      • Anton

        Thank you

      • Anton

        Something I knocked down. Three hundredth removed and they are nowhere to be found. Of the seven thousandths, only 7200. Can you tell me where to look? You can in PM (for soap) if you do not want to advertise.
        Maybe something else to see around 50k (+/- a bit)?

        • Arkady Shapoval

          You can easily take used You can still look at the D600 / d610 / D750

          • Anton

            Thank you

  • Sanya

    Thank you for the article! Very useful! In my understanding - d7000 will be worse than d5300, for example (in the matter of buying the 1st camera) ... But I am interested in the following question: I was going to switch to full frame and do business ... I do not live in Kiev or Moscow ... In our city, and D600 and d610 - they will be good ... What would you advise to choose today in conjunction with the lens price / quality?! I plan to take Nikon D750 and 24-70 f2.8 for a start + fix 1.8 ... I can afford more, but I think it will be strong unreasonable ... because. just decided to go into commerce and there are practically no clients (so far). I now have nikon d5300 and nikkor 18-140.

    • Igor

      Sanyok ... you get masterpieces for a tin can. Nothing depends on the camera. If your hands are from that place, then the D5300 will be enough for your head.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      D750 and 24-70 + 85 / 1,8 will be quite enough.

  • Yura

    Good day!
    Tell me, on the hands of the Nikon D50 with a simple lens from Sigma. I would like to take up photography closely, start making money and have good pictures. What do you advise, except for hands not from w? Change the carcass or take a better lens? Which one specifically?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Goals and objectives to be solved by the camera? and the budget for the night camera?

      • Yura

        The goal is for portrait photography to be successful, without noise, with good bokeh (my camera + lens does not fully provide this). So that in lightroom you spend less time on color correction with the correct exposure. Price - within 30-40t.

        • B. R. P.

          To reduce noise, definitely the newer camera model. Type 7000 series. Or the younger ones, but then you need to take motor optics. A lens with a bokeh-85 or at worst fifty dollars.

  • Check mark

    Super nameplate and a lot of useful information. Thank you so much Arkady

  • Eugene

    The tables are just super. Everything is clear, simple, informative.
    Many thanks to the author.

  • Clark

    Arkady! Please advise the most optimal set for shooting weddings today. Thanks!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      New: D750 + tamron 24-70 VC + 85 1.8G
      B.U .: D600 + is the same. It all depends on the level, requirements and skills. This is a balanced solution. But if there is a lot of money or little, then you can find something else.

  • anonym

    E - for cameras that do not have a Low-pass filter.
    what models are these?) in the table there are none :(

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, D800E

      • anonym

        Thank you, I already found her)

        A question:
        I have been shooting with D40 for about 8 years now, and 4 years of them I have been shooting 99% of the time portraits, I left only 1 lens - 50mm 1.8D. however, due to manual focusing, frames are often lost (especially in the street photography genre)
        Therefore, of course, I wanted a carcass with a screwdriver. And with the same photo quality as on d40.

        The last year I decided to make an "upgrade", began to study the market.
        As a result, I didn’t find anything similar in the picture (

        I took d300, then d200, now here d100 - everything is not right (the picture from them is somehow flat or something, not voluminous, not airy. At d100 there is absolutely no display - like in phones of the 2000s)

        On d40 even zpegs are like paintings) without processing (especially when shooting conditions with high-quality lighting.

        Now I'm reading reviews, I liked the carcasses of the 7xxx series - 7000, 7100
        At 7000 it’s a little embarrassing that many complain about AF (but looking at the pictures of the case, I understand that ergonomics are better than 7100)

        It is also desirable to have video recording - I looked at the d5100 option - but there is no screwdriver (and the ergonomics are so-so.

        What could you advise in the end? Can you look at some other models?
        Mostly for portraiture (plus glass is already available)

        • anonym

          It may be better to change the lens to 50mm 1.8G.

          • anonym

            there was such a thought ... however, these glasses with a built-in motor are somehow thoughtful ... fifty dollars on a carcass with a screwdriver is spinning very briskly) and of course I would like some kind of update, additional functions, some convenience ... although they will never make an ideal camera) marketing will not allow

        • Arkady Shapoval

          If you do not take into account the video, then the Fujifilm S5 Pro immediately has a good color right from the box (it comes in a housing from d200, but with a different sensor, everything works from Nikon). The picture on the D40 is similar to the pictures on the Nikon D70 / D70s.
          Canon 1DS mark II, Canon 5D also have good color (here is the full frame and support for all Canon lenses). If you also need a video, then there is nothing in color close to the D40, but you can stop on any model that came out in the last 5-6 years.

          • anonym

            In color, better than D40 video, there is a Mark 5 in Kenon 2d, there in general the color is much better than in pure colors or D40.

  • Serge

    Good day to all!
    Hire so far for pleasure, a hobby. But there are weddings and photo shoots in my practice. All without commerce, for friends. Hire to the crop. I’m thinking about starting commercial filming, so there are thoughts about moving to a full frame.
    Now I have this set:
    NIKON D5000 + 35 f1.8G nikkor (in such a bundle direct fire)
    NIKON D7000 + 17-50 f2.8 tamron, 50-135 f2.8 tokina, 55-300 f4.5-5.6 nikkor
    At the moment there is not enough width, I look at Tokina 11-20, well, or 11-16

    I ask for advice, what do you think about such a kit?
    From FF I look at the D750

    • B. R. P.

      For crop normal kit.

    • Michael

      All lenses are good (acroma 55-300, which I didn’t take off). With such a set, it is also possible in commerce, if the contingent is not demanding-showy

  • Eugene

    Arkady’s everything is clear, clear and to the point.
    The other day I watched a video on YouTube about choosing good, but obsolete cameras, and there they called the Nikon D200 semi-professional; to one of the comments, saying why it was attributed to this segment, when it was always PRO, a gorgeous answer was given: if the carcass weighs less than 1,2 kg, by default it cannot belong to the professional segment. For me it was, to put it mildly, a revelation.
    Another “commentator” generally gave out: all your slogans “the camera does not shoot, but the photographer” are growing out of the film era and in the digital photography era are no longer relevant, that is, the “cooler” the camera (more matrix / Mpx, wider DD, longer “pipe” and the wider its “opening” (aperture), etc.), the better / higher quality the photos will be. Also a revelation…. Remembering all the photos of Arkady here, which he took both on film and on old cameras like the D80 / 90/100/200 that have not lost their relevance and charm and my personal (advanced amateur) experience with Nikon D200 and Sigma 70- 300 APO DG Macro, such “statements” evoke a slight grin.
    In general, marketers are to blame for everything))))))

  • Pawel

    “All SLR cameras with Z mount” - it seems to me that Arkady corrected the article and typed it up, or I revised it, but I think this is a mistake at the end of the article ..

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Vadim

    many thanks, now at least there is an understanding of what to choose from such a variety

  • anonym

    Matrices nikon d70 / d70s, nikon d40, fuji s3 / s5 like a bunch of other ssd matrices of that time give almost the same color. Apart is the nikon d40x, where the nikon managed to twist the saturation 2-2.5 times more than the d40 and the rest.

    • Mimocrocodile

      So they do not have a section on the site on old cameras like the same Fuji on CCD. Graphics are one thing, but text is another.


    After the Nikon D-6 is released, you will create a camera Mirror FF with index: S with built-in Battery pack:?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Nobody will tell you that.

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