EXIF and its use

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) - a way to add additional information to various kinds of media files.

What is EXIF?

What is EXIF?

In photos EXIF is very a useful thing that allows you to record a large amount of useful information in the resulting photo file about how the survey itself was made and how it affected the photo.

EXIF is very useful in such cases:

1 For reminders of how the photo was taken. This is very useful when you took pictures of something, and then you want to find out what time of day it was done, what day, year, and on which camera and with which lens. For example, I found an old photo from my trip and I was wondering, but when did I take the picture, and what settings did I use, and indeed, what lens did I do it on.

Photo for analysis

Photo for analysis

Therefore, I opened my snapshot using the ShowExif program and that's what I saw (only a part of the data in the table).


Parameter Its meaning Comment
Model NIKON D90 Camera Nikon D90
Exif offset 348
Exposure Time 1 / 4000 sec Exposure 1 / 4000 sec
Fnumber F5,0 Aperture Value F5,0
Exposure program aperture priority Shooting Mode - Aperture Priority
ISOSpeed ​​Ratings 200 ISO value
Exif Version "0221"
Date Time Original 2010:08:21 07:08:11 Shooting date
Date Time Digitized 2010:08:21 07:08:11
Component Configuration Ycbcr
Compressed Bits Per Pixel 4/1
Exposure Bias Value - 2 EV Amendment exposure
Max Aperture Value F4,3
Metering Mode Multisegment Measuring method exposure - matrix
White balance preset Cars White Balance
Flash off Flash off
Focal Length 38,00 mm Focal Length 38mm
Maker note "Nikon"
User Comment not possible to define


So I found out that the picture was taken on August 21, 2010 at 7 o’clock in the morning on Nikon D90, F5.0, 38mm, 1 \ 4000, auto white balance etc. That is, virtually you can return directly to that moment of shooting and understand how the photo was taken. Having drawn conclusions from this, the next time you can correct the necessary parameters to get a photo even better.

2. EXIF can be used as training information in photosthat you like. I’ll explain if you saw a photograph on the Internet that interested you, and if EXIF has not been deleted, you can see with what settings the photographer shot a particular plot. Using this data, you can understand some shooting techniques. On many sites, this information is automatically extracted from the photo so that it is immediately visible. For example on 500Px.com this is displayed to the right of the photo, and on Photomania bottom left. Easiest to see EXIF directly from the browser, it’s very convenient - you looked for an interesting image, found it on the Internet and immediately looked EXIF using the “image information” function. True, this does not work in all browsers, but special plugins are just a darkness.

3. EXIF helps image processors also understand camera settings and apply appropriate correct actions. For example, this is important in correcting distortion, chromatic aberration, understanding about color space, etc. For example, the program will automatically determine the focal length of the lens, its type and correct the distortion according to a given algorithm.

This is how EXIF ​​looks in Lightroom

This is how EXIF ​​looks in Lightroom


Sometimes EXIF a very useful thing that will help you remember where and when the photo was taken, or simply tell you how this or that person took the photo. Also EXIF very useful when editing photos in graphic editors.

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • NE

    Good afternoon. Can unscrupulous sellers “rewind” shuttercount in any way? The information on the network is contradictory: someone says that the service center (and therefore, in theory, anyone) can and should even reset this parameter when replacing the shutter, while others say that the shutter itself contains this counter ..

  • anonym

    can. service program. You can also control auto focus, remap the matrix (remove dead pixels)

  • Veniamin

    Can I find out the SN of the lens and with what program?

  • Petro

    But how to fit a lens model into it? to then remember Pentacon was it or Takumar :)

  • Vyacheslav

    Good day to all! The ShowExif program has 2 items in the TOOLS menu:
    1) Remove Exif from files
    2) Delete All Markers from Files
    Who knows what markers are in question?
    Thank you.

    • Wall

      You can, for example, create a copy of files and delete them, so you can compare and understand them later. (=
      The date of creation, recording, change, everything that changed what changed, in general, everything except the physical components. (w * h, size, etc.)

  • Oleg

    Why do I have no detailed information when viewing EXIF, shot on Nikon 7100 - not spelled out so to speak? If you look at the properties of the file, then there is more information ...

    • Michael

      Because the viewer shows only part of the information that is provided by the developers. This is simply a property of the program you are using.

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