Work with the tablet. Thoughts from Radozhiva.

The article is dedicated to those who are looking for information about the tablet and how it works and what can be done with it.

View of the Genius EasyPen M610 tablet

View of the Genius EasyPen M610 tablet

As I wrote in a previous article, photo processing is very important nowadays and without it, nowhere. In the article “It is important how to take pictures” Photo processing stands even higher for the importance of the camera when creating a photo.

A variety of programs perfectly serve to process photos, but humanity came up with a tablet to make them easy to use.

I have a tablet model Genius EasyPen M610. A simple budget tablet, when working with which I made the following conclusions.

Useful thoughts on the tablet:

  1. What you draw is not displayed on the tablet. This is not a touchscreen display. This kind of misconception may arise from images on the Internet, where various kinds of pictures are drawn on the tablet, and on the packaging too. The Genius EasyPen M610 tablet is a small black piece of plastic in size with A4 and a special pen-pen.
  2. In budget models such as the Genius EasyPen M610 can only be operated with a pen (pen)that comes with the kit. The pen operates on battery power, this will have to change the battery over time, it adds extra weight to the pen. If you use this pen for a long time, then your hands get tired.
  3. The way the tablet works is different from the way the mouse works. In the mouse, the cursor begins its movement from the initial position - the time you move the mouse, the cursor will move so much from the starting point. In the tablet, everything is different. The tablet is a small copy of your entire display, and at what point you put the pen, the cursor will be there. This is annoying at first, because you just want to move the cursor with a movement, but you do not need to move it, you need to set it right where you need it.
  4. The tablet pen completely replaces the mouse. My Genius EasyPen M610 has two programmable buttons that are conveniently configured for left and right mouse clicks. Also, the computer can be controlled using a tablet. The only drawback is the lack of scrolling, but it can be replaced with keyboard shortcuts.
  5. On the tablet itself (a black piece of plastic that reads the position of the pen) there are additional buttons, both static mechanical buttons, and separate touch fields that can be programmed for whatever you want.
  6. The computer works both from the mouse and from the tablet. That is, you can not disconnect the mouse. In my case, the pen, mouse and touchpad on the laptop work.
  7. When working in an editor like Photoshop, it’s really very convenient to use a tablet. A brush, eraser, and pencil adequately respond to the level of pressure (pressure) of the pen on the tablet and draws thin and thick lines depending on the pressure. Also, depending on the brush, it draws with different levels of transparency. My Genius EasyPen M610 has 1024 pressure levels.
  8. The pen works within 2 centimeters above the tablet, that is, you can control the cursor without touching the surface.
  9. To distinguish between touching a pen and a tablet from pressing (a touch can serve as a click of the left mouse button), it is enough to set the level of pressure force, then the device will understand the difference between touching and clicking.
  10. The addition includes a large set of different mini-programs that allow you to make notes in the editors Word, Excel, etc., convert hand-written letters, control your computer, etc. But for me personally, the tablet is interesting only as a tool for working with graphic editors.
This can be written without problems using a tablet

This can be written without problems using a tablet

Here, in principle, the main points of working with a device of this kind. I note that the tablet is really in some moments speeds up photo processing, helps to more accurately adjust the image with fewer movements. If you get the hang of it, then completely replaces the mouse. And you can place it on your lap and draw in a comfortable position for you. True, I don’t know how to draw, but my friend works wonders on our Genius EasyPen M610. More expensive models are recommended for drawing, and the M610 is mainly for retouching.

Hack and predictor Aviator:

The tablet is a very convenient device for processing photos. Especially suitable for people who can draw and use this skill to process photos.

 I would be grateful for the like, +1, tweet. Thanks for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • The

    Thanks for the good thoughts about the tablet, take a note

  • I'm thinking of buying it or a little Wacom. The only bad thing is that for the same price, the wack is too small

    • Novel

      it can be very convenient for you as a traveler. )))

  • tom2art

    You forgot the most important thing - that buying wacom rum tablets is prohibited by common sense. The articles are pretty interesting, thanks.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Common sense just understands that there are no prohibitions, but only prejudices.

  • Alien prime

    A very good tablet, I used it from September 30, 2010 to June 30 this. Why not USE, but USE? Because he just stopped responding to the pen one day. The cursor jumps to the upper left corner and that's it. Neither changing the drivers, nor reinstalling the OS (Win7 x86 | x64), nor even changing the computer (tried it on another one) did not help - the tablet turned sour at the iron level. Wakom is of course yes, but it costs, as it were, FIVE TIMES EXPENSIVE with the same functionality (minus the pen's tilt sensitivity). I’m already thinking if there’s some kind of "cunning plan" from Taiwanese friends from Genius, such as inclusion counters or something else. The symptoms are very similar to how ink cartridges burn out on Canon iP1800 / 1900 inkjets. It also counts the removal / installation of cartridges and the number of inclusions. For what purpose? Loot. And here it is the same - either buy a new Genius every 2 years, or every 10 years Wacom is 5 times more expensive. In the end, that's what it turns out ... It's a shame. Worked well ...

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thank you for sharing the information.

    • Jsmphoto

      This tablet has been working for me for 5 years and everything is normal. True, I do not drive him very often.

    • Alexander

      Perhaps between the frame of the case and the touchscreen (screen) there is a crumb, a grain of sand or the like. In this case, similar behavior is possible.

  • Lexero

    The same thing was, hanging in the upper left and nowhere, which I just didn’t do and reinstalled the firewood, I even thought to pick it up, but I downloaded the drivers from the official. site (not .ru)
    Here is the link:
    This driver is 5.66MB 2011/05/18. and everything started to work fine !!
    so if there are such problems do not throw it away and do not give up immediately)))) Good luck!

  • anonym

    LEXERO, thanks for the tip and link, saved my tablet !!)))

  • Jury

    Reading an article about a tablet, the association of advertising a product in a TV store immediately appears in my head ... “Did you sit and think about what to replace the mouse with? We have a unique offer - the Genius EasyPen M610 tablet !! Now you will forget about the bold and clumsy lines .. after all, the Genius EasyPen M610 tablet blah blah blah .. But the opinions of people about this tablet: "You know, as soon as I bought the Genius EasyPen M610 tablet blah blah blah .."
    It is impossible to gather anything useful from “Thoughts on the Tablet” ..

  • Masha


  • Masha

    Work class :-)

  • Julia

    Hello! What is better to take: advanced Genius, or simple Wack ?? Tell me please!

  • Alexey

    The sliders in Photoshop are still more convenient to move with the mouse. It's time to think about new inventions, tablets of the last century.
    interactive tablets are much more effective

    • anonym

      yes for God's sake)) synthik badoo for 90 thousand. interactive and super-convenient))

  • Basil

    The pen works in aisles of 2 centimeters above the tablet, that is, you can control the cursor without touching the surface. Mistake. spelled "Predeals"

    • Vladislav

      yeah, after all, "predel"

  • anonym

    Thank you Arkady! Very useful information! I saw such a tablet in video courses about photography, then I could not find on the Internet what kind of device. I think a very convenient thing for working in Photoshop and Corel Painter.
    So much information on your site, just a klondike! Thank you for your work!

  • yar1000

    Instead of a tablet, I use an IBM X41 tablet - a laptop-transformer. The model is quite old, but combat-ready. Touch screen with electromagnetic pen, excellent display with a resolution of 1024 * 768, Pentium M 1/6 GHz processor, up to 2 GB RAM, 60 GB HDD. The price of happiness on ebay is $ 150-200.

  • Caroline

    Hello. Tell me what you are processing photos that are in RAW format?
    Thank you.

    • Wacom

      First Lightroom, and then (for deeper processing) Photoshop. This is the best bunch of programs. Although, in principle, they are almost completely interchangeable. In terms of surface processing of photos and color grading. What is well implemented in one of them is the weak point of the other. And vice versa. Lightroom is more convenient for the interface and color grading of photos. And photoshop is indispensable when working with layers and combined images.

    • Andrey Super

      Do not listen to him. Only Nikon Captur seems to have written correctly. Or another native program if you do not have Nikon.

      • Andrey Super

        All the same, Nikon Capture!

  • Nastya

    can you help? my tablet and screen do not work together, the area of ​​the tablet and screen are different, if I hold the pen down on the tablet, it goes up on the screen and only reaches half the screen, if I move the pen up, it sticks at the top of the screen. How to fix it???

    • Vladislav

      put native drivers

  • Elleruke

    Hello! I have a Genius M610 tablet. Recently I started to lag strongly, and this interferes with the work. I changed the batteries for the pen, reloaded the driver again, but to no avail. But today it generally stopped working. I have a tablet for a year, I have windows 8, but that didn’t interfere. Please help solve the problem. I will be very grateful

    • BB

      First, check the device on another PC

  • Wacom

    I used to use top Wacoom models. In short, for a retoucher, a photo designer, this is a useful thing (although I would not call it irreplaceable). But for a photographer ... Better to spend these thousand and a half dollars for a good lens, or carcass. Or a tripod. Or a flash. Or upgrade your computer. Or take a good backpack and covers for technology. Or buy my wife boots in the end! ..
    In short, - the tablet takes the last place, as a necessary thing, for the photographer.
    But if someone is haunted by the lack of a tablet in the household, then you only need to take Wacoom. And Genius is for kids. They are "oak" in work and are not suitable for serious use. With a mouse for 100 UAH. and it is more convenient to work than them.

  • anonym

    The tablet is very convenient for retouching: erase pimples and background. You don't need a road for this. And for normal work, trackball is better. Although in the vector editor, some operations are still more familiar with the mouse.

  • olesya

    Kintye pz driver link

  • Xo-xo

    “In addition” ->

    How many illiterates divorced! Is it really impossible to write something correctly !? When in doubt, finally use a dictionary or the Internet!

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