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When buying a lens, an important factor is the purchase of a protective filter. Why is this needed? As the name comes up - to protect the lens, and these are not just empty words, but sensible advice to all amateurs and professionals to protect their favorite lenses.

Type of lens filter

Type of lens filter

Protective filters protect against:

  1. Finger sticking hands of the front lens of the lens is the most common oversight of any photographer. Even having not a little experience behind me, I still see both my and my photographers lenses flogged with their fingerprints. Like it or not, sometimes you want to remove the protective cover from the lens, but it’s not there, and you bury a bare lens instead.
  2. From mechanical stress. Sometimes, the front lens is hit by a photo bag, shoulder, witness's chest at a wedding when shooting a ransom, etc. It is also practically impossible to protect yourself from this. Actually, the motivator for this article was the fact that I broke my protective filter on the corner of the bar counter when reporting. And if it were not for the protective filter, then the front lens would not have been sweet. Therefore, filters really protect against mechanical effects.
  3. From dust, dirt, liquids, etc. You can safely fasten the filter and not worry about the cleanliness of the front lens.

Do you really need a protective filter?

Yes, unlike specific polarizing, stellar, gradient and color filters, which are needed only for a narrow kind of use, a protective filter is desirable always worn on the lens... For example, a protective filter is 100 times cheaper than a lens, and a good lens costs a couple of thousand dollars. it will be a pity to scratch. In the event that the lens has been subjected to strong impact, then scratches and other unpleasant trifles will remain on the filter, which can be easily, painlessly, and most importantly, very cheaply replaced with a new one. You can also wipe the filter with any cloth and also don’t worry that the first piece of cloth that comes across will not leave scratches on the lens.

After installing the filter, the front lens can do exactly the same close with a protective black cover - that is, the filter has two threads on one and the other side. One is screwed into the lens, and the other imitates the same thread as on the lens - for example, for wrapping a hood.

Personally, I use protective filters with an ultraviolet absorbing layer, thus killing two birds with one stone. Protective filters are usually marked as neutral, clear, which usually looks like an English lettering. UV filters are labeled as UV (0), UV (C), etc. Different manufacturers have different designations. It is best to take protective filters with high light transmittance of 95-97% and multilayer coating. You can still read about polarizing filter.


For expensive lenses, the presence of at least a protective or ultraviolet filter is not a luxury, but irreplaceable thing, which will extend the lens service. And as everyone knows, cameras change, and lenses remain for almost a lifetime.

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  • Hamlet

    The asterisks are understandable, I do not see its use. The portrait softens like this (Helios 81H F2 without processing.

    • Novel

      For lack of photoshop, effect filters were an inexpensive way to add variety to your shot. Now everything, except for the polar, can be imitated with varying degrees of reliability.

    • Moises Benitez

      hola me gusta este lente 300-2.8, también quero saber cual es tamaño de la circunferencia del aro frontal del lente donde va la funda

  • Alexander

    Are there filters that, at least not much, but still increase the sharpness of the picture? Making the photo sharper and more detailed?

  • Yang

    Good afternoon, help me recognize the filter on the “edge” Written by KORN 49 NEBULA USSR
    They gave me such a tsatska the other day. I can’t fit it on Helios 44, I need to buy a lowering ring. I've looked all over the internet and can't find any references to this company.

    • Sergei

      This is a production cooperative "Corp" during perestroika in the USSR and B. Yeltsin.

  • Moises Benitez

    hola me gusta este lente 300-2.8

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