Using the Nikon ML-L3 Remote

A very useful thing for the photographer - remote control camera.

Nikon ML-L3 Remote Control, which I often use

Nikon ML-L3 Remote Control, which I often use

What gives such a remote control:

  1. Possibility command focus and shutter release from a distance and do not use any wires.
  2. Possibility avoid shaking (jitter) when releasing the shutter.

I have an infrared remote control Nikon ML-L3Which is suitable for my Nikon.

Compatible with Nikon DSLR cameras D80, D40, D40X, D70s, D70, D50, D5000, D60, D5100, D3000, D90, D7000, D600, D5200, D610, D750, D7200, D7100, D3200, D5500, D5300, D3300, D3400. And digital cameras Coolpix P900, P7800, A, P7700, P7100, P7000. And Nikon mirrorless cameras 1 V3, 1 J1, 1 V2, 1 J2, 1 V1,

It is very convenient to use the remote control for shooting on a tripod, for example, when you need to shoot on long shutter speed. On flimsy tripods during descent (pressing the shutter button), you can still get camera shake, but nothing happens with the remote control. Also, this is an indispensable thing for self-portraits.

The remote control is powered by one tablet battery, the distance is usually as lucky, but stable up to 5 meters.

work Features:

In order to use the remote control, you need to set the desired camera mode - namely remote control shooting mode, it is usually designed as a rectangle and radio wave pictogram. After which the camera will respond to remote control commands. When a button on the remote control is pressed, the camera will try to focus and take a picture of the parameters set accordingly. Everything will be exactly as if you directly press the shutter button on the camera to the end. The feature is that in mode AF-C the camera will not focus when releasing through the remote control, but immediately releases the shutter. The camera focuses automatically only in focus mode AF-A,AF-S.

In BULB mode (excerpt by hand) the first press of the remote control button opens the shutter, and the second press closes the shutter, you do not need to keep the button pressed on the remote control, it is much more convenient than using the shutter button on the camera itself, which must be kept pressed in BULB mode.

If you set the shutter button function to the 'Movie' option, you can control the video recording using the remote control.

How can I replace the remote control?

Instead of using the remote control, I often use the usual shutter lag (usually from 2-3 to 30 seconds, an icon with a watch). In this way, you can avoid stirring and take a self portrait or a general picture with friends on a camping trip or at a party. For professional cameras such as D700I have a remote Nikon MC-30. You can also use any radio synchronizer for flashes that can control the camera, for example ComTrig T320.

Little trick:

Taking off your hands under difficult conditions to avoid camera shake from pressing the shutter button in some you can set the delay for raising the mirror. So on my camera Nikon D90, when using this function, the picture itself is taken a second after pressing the shutter button. True, this method loosens the nerves of the photographer, since it is always customary that after focusing, the picture takes place immediately, without delay. It also can control the video recording.

Where to buy?

You can buy here.


The remote control for the camera is a useful thing for photographers often working with the camera on a tripod, but even without the remote control, you can do it using the considerations written in the article.

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Comments: 226 on the topic: Using the Nikon ML-L3 remote control

  • anonym

    “If you set the function of the shutter button to 'Movie', you can control video recording with the remote control.
    No, it is not possible. Nikon D7100

  • Marina

    I can’t find the remote control on the cord for the Nikon D800 with the BULB function. On eBay, from $ 12-20 full, of course, all the name and Chinese, all have the same functions. So the question may be worth taking somehow better? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • max

      All of these remotes, even Chinese, though original, have the same signal.

  • anonym

    I bought on aliexpress for just 48 rubles! Everything has come, everything works clearly!

  • Nikita

    xiaomi redmi 3 has an infrared port. no remote needed.

    • Nikita

      After a series of night-time filming, I’ll add that the console is still needed) it’s just convenient, you can read something on smart while shooting is in progress), especially since they are 50 rubles each on Ali) I think I can order 10 pieces for myself.

      • Alexander

        Good afternoon, which application are you managing? :)

        • Vitas

          application: SnapBridge

  • Sergei

    I decided to order a copy of this remote control on eBay and got stuck - it works, it doesn't work. I checked it on two cameras. I thought the battery was dead, but replacing the battery just slightly improved the situation. Probably just unlucky ... ...
    Maybe I'll try again, it's worth a penny, maybe the next one will be better, paying fifteen hundred for the original is expensive, but cheap Chinese counterparts have problems ... ..

    • Igor

      The problem I had was this too. It doesn't work .... It was solved by opening the remote control and checking the soldering. The infrared diode was not soldered, but simply touched the soldering. Soldered and has been working for the second year without problems, from one battery.

    • Peter

      It was the same situation, the battery was also thinking dead. But no. Chinese remotes have poor coverage, which is responsible for contact. How to solve the problem, most likely temporarily, but so far it works properly. I peeled off the cover with the button from the case and repaired it with a very soft pencil on the back side in the area of ​​the button, so that a slate coating formed.

  • Yuri Muller

    Using the Nikon ML-L3 Remote Control A very handy little thing.

  • Arastasia

    Good day. Please tell me, is this remote suitable for the D810? If not, which one can I use? Something at all I can not find the Old about this. ((( Thank you in advance!

  • Georgy

    I have a cheap Chinese ML-L3 remote control. It works, it doesn't work. The reason was revealed at autopsy. The contact is made of poor quality coating. An attempt to solder the conductors to the tracks was unsuccessful. The tracks are made of the same material and are not tinned. But on the back of the track, the normal ones are copper. It was there that I soldered the conductors, next to the microcircuit. Sawed off a piece of testolite with a button from the used computer board. Sawed off and processed on emery. I wound this device over the remote control itself. Works amazingly well. Perhaps an expensive remote control lasts longer, but now I no longer need another one. I can post a report along with photos on the stage of work. But where?

    • anonym

      And what, the soldering acid has not yet been invented?

      • Michael

        Not everything is messy. Acid can even be smeared

        • anonym

          It is not necessary to smear, but to put where it is necessary. And what kind of alloy is it that even acid does not take?

          • Michael

            I don’t know, but it is worse than aluminum. The Chinese love to make paths and wires from this unknown rubbish.

          • BB

            Come across. In some toy, the wire from the contact of the batteries fell off. I could not solder anything normally (acidic, acid-free fluxes - several types, aspirin, lemon) - nifiga did not take this piece of iron. I have a decent soldering experience, I solder often and for a long time.

        • anonym

          The acid is still different in consistency.
          The contact was soldered in an arrow-type watch, China is cheap, because there are tough stainless steel - only with acid ... I don't think that in the rest of electronics they use any other iron.

          • Michael

            Well, the consistency, concentration - what is sold in amateur radio stores) they are good there

  • Vita

    Hello, is it suitable for the Nikon Coolpix A900?

  • Eugene

    Very comfortably. D5300.
    Yes, and it works at a sufficiently large distance from the camera (10 meters)

  • Novel

    If a flash is installed in a hot shoe on the D600, then ml-l3 does not work even with a tambourine, and sometimes an infection works, but rarely. Stable without puff, remote control china - everything is fine inside. In order not to make the nerves, I use the delay timer when with a flash, sometimes but it rarely helps to wiggle the puff and especially the wheel of the regime but the carcass.

  • Firear

    Does anyone have experience with a remote from Yongnuo for Nikon? How does it work, norms, or once at a time is not necessary?


    On Nikon D90, when you switch the mode to “remote”, unfortunately you cannot set the shutter speed to bulb.

    • anonym

      On Nikon D40, in this case, “bulb” is replaced by “-” and works from the remote control, on D90, is the shutter speed limited to 30 seconds?

  • Tolia

    Add the D5100 to the list, the remote works great

  • Alexander

    Does anyone know if it works with Nikon 1 J4?

  • Alexey

    Guys, can you explain? The remote control for 300 m nikone (with a booster, which has an IR port), works ... only in Map mode, somehow tricky ... you need to press twice, so that on the 2nd press it works ... blinked .... but the main question is how does it work on Nikon d 80? There is also no such mode as a remote control (at least on the control wheel) - and I did not find it in the settings ...

  • Alexey

    All the same, at 80m, I figured out how to work, there is a button for selecting modes on top ... and from 300 m ... it seems to work ... but it's not clear why the mirror raises at the first press, and already at the second, it takes pictures

    • BB

      Mode “MUP” = “Mirror Up” - mirror pre-raising. It is needed to eliminate mirror vibration, it is mainly used for macro photography with high magnification or at very large PRs, because in these cases, lifting the mirror (“pop”) creates perceptible vibrations of the apparatus. The first press on the shutter raises the mirror, the second press directly releases the shutter.

      • US6IBD

        They explained everything correctly.
        Just pre-lifting the mirror does not really save, because the mechanical shutter also does not shake the camera slightly. Very noticeable on the focal 500-1000 (ZM-6A + 2x converter). Seconds three vibrations go after the shutter is released (powerful tripod with weighting + ML-L3 remote control).

        • BB

          I didn’t take pictures with such RFs, but for a small object (135mm + rings) it helps a lot. It is clear that the shutter also shakes, but the mirror also has a torque. With large FRs, probably only the electronic shutter will save.

  • turantino

    And instead of the IR remote control (as a separate device), you can use the Mi Remote control on Xiaomi smartphones. Tested on D40 works fine - the phone can easily replace the remote control for the camera.

  • Marina

    it turns out that the remote control does not work with the Nikon D5600, it chose all the settings that are described and everything is in vain, it's a pity or maybe I haven't tried everything.

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