Review of the MS Mir-24N

TTX lens MS Mir-24N 35 / 2.0 (aka Arsat H 2/35)
Focal length: 35mm
Aperture limits 2.0-22.0
Number of lenses / groups: 8/7
Minimum Focus Distance: 24cm
Filter diameter: 58mm
The weight: 340 grams

View of the Mir-24n lens on a modern camera

View of the Mir-24n lens on a modern camera

Lens World 24N, presented in this review, has the type N mount and can be installed on modern Nikon SLR and digital SLR cameras without any adapters while retaining the ability to focus on infinity, as well as with automatic iris control. It was released at the Arsenal plant, Kiev. Arsat H 2/35 - this is the same World 24H, just a later release.

Main advantages:

  1. Aperture, which can help in low light conditions. Moreover, it is already fully open quite sharp in the center of the frame.
  2. Control. The auto iris on the Nikon system is a very convenient thing. Also, the focus is very smooth. True, the diaphragm cracks when torsion of the corresponding disk.
  3. The closest focusing distance of 24 cm is good news.
  4. World 24H becomes standard lens with an angle of view similar to 50 mm on cameras with a full-frame sensorTherefore, it can be used as a regular lens for all occasions.
  5. Ability to use at full frame. For those who have Nikon D700, D3(s, x)
  6. The assembly of glass and iron, which will survive the Chinese plastic, as well as us.
Sample photo on Mir-24N

Sample photo on Mir-24N

The main disadvantages:

  1. Chromatic aberrations, especially around the edges of the frame.
  2. Distortion, even on the crop it can be seen.
  3. Poor in lateral and back light. Although it has a multilayer enlightenment. I shot a wedding for them in the church, because of the light through the windows the whole picture lost its contrast very much.
  4. After 3 meters, “infinity begins” very quickly on the focus and getting into sharpness is quite difficult.

The lens is very well shot down, all made of iron. My copy of 1993 release, as evidenced by the first two digits of the lens number. The lens looks great on the camera due to the large diameter of the front lens and its pinkish-purple color due to multilayer enlightenment.

About the picture: bokeh for everybody, not good and not bad. 35mm portraits are quite risky business. Firstly, you need to get close to a person, secondly - excess distortion, and thirdly - not the best bokeh.

Sample photo on Mir-24N

Sample photo on Mir-24N

How to use on modern digital SLR cameras? The ideal option is to install the Mir-24N lens on a Nikon camera, this is due to the fact that the lens is from Kiev cameras, which have the same mount as Nikon. When used on Nikon, the automatic iris control will work - you can focus with the aperture fully open and at the time of shooting the camera will close the aperture to the desired value. More details on how to use old optics on Nikon in my article Soviet optics.

Here a small comparison of the sharpness of two 35mm Nikkor 35mm F1.8 G and Mir-24 lenses.

To open the original image on 24 MP click on the picture or this link. The test was carried out with a tripod - Nikon D90, 2s, ISO 100, F2.0, RAW, converting and gluing in JPEG Q80%, several pictures were taken in Live View mode for accurate sharpness and the best result was chosen. As the test showed, Nikkor turned out to be much sharper at 2.0 for the World-24. You can judge the bokeh yourself.

Comparison of Mir-24n and a modern lens

Comparison of Mir-24n and a modern lens

From personal experience: the lens gives an excellent viewing angle on the multi-sensor and can be used as a fast wide-angle lens in full frame. But I didn’t really like it, most likely that my native Nikkor 35mm F1.8 gives extreme sharpness and excellent light holding on any aperture and is not expensive at all.

You can view sample photos on Mir-24N below. Everything is shot in RAW, conversion to JPEG Q80%, auto levels, resite 1600 * 1200 + watermark.

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

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If you are interested in the MS-24N 35 2 lens, you can purchase it by contacting the contacts in the manual optics section.

Hack and predictor Aviator: lens can be used as a regular with a nice viewing angle on the cropped matrix, or as a wide-angle fast aperture in full frame. The lens is interesting for its aperture and the ability to easily use a lens of this class on the Nikon system for absolutely no big price.

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Comments: 184, on the topic: Survey MS Mir-24N

  • Dmitriy

    The 24n world has a focal length of 35 mm. Like the Nikon 35g.

  • Oleksandr

    In comparison with Nikon 18-105, what a sharp pain, do not tell me ???

  • Amateur photographer_

    About, Aktiv Mir-24N - win, loudly, non-falsification, yak for your own price. The food is that the diaphragms of the diaphragms in the new buli are chorny, and not blisky….

  • Volodimir

    To the author's view. Mir-24 vipuskav not the Arsenal plant (m. Kiev), but the Progres plant (m. Nizhyn), which entered into the VO Arsenal plant

    • Anatoly Snezhan, Gomel

      Absolutely correct. I will add. It was possible to buy optics (and even then it is ... semi-realistic) only through the head (Kiev) enterprise.

  • Valery

    I will sell MS MIR-24M 1988 In good condition.

    • BB

      They would have written the price right away.

      • Jury

        The red price for him is 6000 rubles (~ 2000 UAH)

      • Valery

        I will give for 1500 UAH. Phone number indicated.

        • Valery

          In Kiev. You can see.

          • Valery

            Sold out.

    • Dmitriy

      Good day, are you still selling the world 24 M? What price and city are you in? Reply to the mail please

  • Andrei

    Where can I find factory lens documentation? BOM or assembly sheet.
    The lens “figured out” (apparently the inner screws were loose) and the lens block fell out of the body. If anyone has literature, help =)

  • labusas

    I bought MIR 24N and HELIOS 44/2 for 60eu on a Nikon 5200 both in a plastic box as the MIR tested right away, Nikon's performance quality photo exceeded my expectations no worse than a Nikkor 35 / 1,8G. And with Helios I’m waiting for an adapter with glass from China.

    • AgentSmith13

      On 44-2, not an adapter with a lens, but a small screwdriver, emery is thin and an hour of time + a lensless adapter is needed! The lens spoils the picture ...

      • BB

        And why emery?

        The lens in the adapter is evil

        • Vodichkin

          probably to grind an extra millimeter so that the working length is reduced to Nikon

          • BB

            usually the adjustment ring is simply removed / changed there

            • Rodion

              Then the diaphragm control mechanics will wedge.

              • BB

                If you completely remove it, then yes, most likely it will wedge, if you replace it with a thinner one, then everything is ok.

    • Oleksandr

      why not take Helios 81H and not play with adapters?

  • anonym

    I bought MC Mir -24H and put it on Canon 60 d through an adapter. The quality is not very pleasant. Average sharpness. The picture is somehow not expressive ... Maybe later I will love him. Compared to Canon 50 1.4, it is too simple.

  • Andrei

    What adapter is needed for Mir-24n (bayonet mount) for the Canon 600D?

  • Andrei

    Yesterday I bought this lens for 50 ye.
    From what I liked - put on Nikon without problems, aperture ratio, interesting drawing (IMHO), interesting bokeh (also IMHO)

    From what I didn't like, it's really hard to focus. Most of the frames are out of focus. Maybe I just didn't get the hang of it, I don't know ... YES, and the trick is kind of soft.
    Diameter of filters is 58 mm. I would like 52 mm

    What can be pulled out from the photos in the lightroom on this lens can be seen on this photo

    • Oleg

      Try focusing through live view with magnification. For landscape f8 focusing on infinity

  • Dmitriy

    If anyone needs it, I can sell the Mir-24N MC with an M42 mount. Used by Canon. Perfect condition. Yekaterinburg city.

  • zinander

    Filmed in 1990 at him on the t-17. Manifested by methylphenidone (0.2g.) Developer Martinkov. Scanned for epson-500 in 2008. Results at iskander_ulumbekov_0394 / / most viewed
    All b / w on this resource were filmed with a f-2 "k" watering can of the military commander Yegorov;
    Note It seems to me that a similar material like t-17 and a donut hole will turn into high-end optics. (We born in the Soviet Union have much to be proud of!)

  • Oleg

    Lens - Super!

    • Oleg

      Wonderful Lens! Just learn to shoot in the Lord’s manual!

      • Anatoly Snezhan, Gomel

        Yeah ... It's not enough to buy old Soviet optics, even very good ones. We must also tame it, understand, get used to shoot with a digital camera.

  • Ilyas

    I sell the world24n 3.000 mount Nikon

  • Arthur

    The lens is, without exaggeration, wonderful. Everything pleases - the assembly, the picture quality, and the luminosity. For myself, I defined this lens as a genre lens - I try to shoot with it not landscapes, but city scenes.
    A couple of photos - on the link:

  • anonym

    Well, I don’t know ... I have a KMZ in 1985. Really soapy. And the narrower the hole, the more soap. Strongly chromatite, slightly yellow, although MS. Colors ... Yes, I would not say interesting colors. But natural. They didn’t work out landscapes at all, everything was soapy. I don't know, maybe he thought that way, but he expected more. Stands on Canon 450D.

  • Basil

    I consider this lens as a manual alternative to the native Nikon 35mm 2.0.
    Will there be a strong fin in quality? Or bearable?

  • Igor

    I absolutely did not like the sharpness - the soap is still something, in comparison with MIR-1 it is some kind of horror.

  • Basil

    If Comrade Stalin was alive ... Then in Ukraine the Arsenal plant would produce digital-mirror Kiev no worse than Nikon, I even suspect that it is no worse than even some German))) ... Canon-Nikon, but the Germans don't make digital-mirror cameras at all? !!
    For Soviet used units. lenses of this class, the main thing is that no one disassembles it? - otherwise the alignment of the optics will be disrupted and then you will say that soap ... It's just that Kiev multilayer optics are prone to fungus and craftsmen, in order to sell it at a higher price, disassemble and clean, including cleaning off and multilayer enlightenment.
    Hence the deplorable quality ... As I bought in 1993 a K-19 with perfect sharpness on film, it still draws perfectly on a DSLR ... however, Canon is somewhat more convenient in the manual ... and mold appeared, but the sharpness did not fall !!!

    • Sanya

      He died, glory to Allah!

    • Wayfarer

      I understand that a lot of time has passed, but I could not resist answering ...
      If Stalin were alive, then you would still shoot at Kyiv 19, and you would do it somewhere in Siberia ... 100% ...

  • kotofei

    I see the only meaningful use of this glass as a flip-flop for macro - a large rear lens hints at ..

  • Novel

    I will share my experience.
    my Arsenal 93goda with small scuffs and backlashes.
    the infinity flight was shot at the marks of the flu scale. sharpness is better overall than whale, but worse than the same Helios 81. sharpness drops sharply at the edges on the crop, even at medium apertures. and aberrations still add ..
    confirmation of the focus on the green dot does not coincide, it will be difficult for people with poor eyesight to fall into sharpness for sure!
    of the advantages of aperture, color rendition, bokeh is very neutral, small mdf (use as a macro in everyday life)
    I think it’s reasonable to take it only at a price that does not exceed the cost of a new whale (and in its absence) there is at least aperture ratio and less, but there is a stub that compensates for + different focus.

  • Bergmaster

    Today I made several frames, an old, shabby World ... I am very surprised by the sharpness. I will try again ...

  • Alexander

    Nikon D7000, bought Mir-24N. It does not focus on infinity, at close distances everything is fine. If someone has decided or knows how to solve a similar problem, please share information on its solution.

    • Michael

      Alexander, did you manage to solve the problem of focusing on infinity Nikon D7000 + Mir 24H? I have a similar situation: Nikon D7000 + Mir 24H does not focus to infinity either. In the viewfinder, instead of the green circle, there is an arrow>. If it works, please share your experience!

  • Alex

    For some reason, I have a world of 24 n with M42 thread
    How to make it under Nikon?

    • Jury

      a 24 n world with an M42 thread, called Mir-24M, this is another lens, it’s better not to redo it, but to sell and buy Mir-24N.

    • Vladimir

      if the world of 24H is written on the lens itself, then you need to replace the “back” of the lens with a Nikon one, it was included in the kit when selling the lens, you can find a used lens for repair or with a defect in optics on avito for about 1000 rubles, as a donar, find separately backdrop "- a great rarity

    • Alexey

      The same story, Mir 24N came with two backs included for nikon and m42. I bought on the secondary housing with m42, finding a backdrop for nikon is a separate problem, as well as a dead world of 24n for the backdrop, a problem for reasonable money. Therefore, "cut Shura ...".

  • Alexey

    He looked, I have a shank under Nikon for the world of 24n, I replace it with the same for the world of 20n.

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