Review of the MS Mir-24N

TTX lens MS Mir-24N 35 / 2.0 (aka Arsat H 2/35)
Focal length: 35mm
Aperture limits 2.0-22.0
Number of lenses / groups: 8/7
Minimum Focus Distance: 24cm
Filter diameter: 58mm
The weight: 340 grams

View of the Mir-24n lens on a modern camera

View of the Mir-24n lens on a modern camera

Lens World 24N, presented in this review, has the type N mount and can be installed on modern Nikon SLR and digital SLR cameras without any adapters while retaining the ability to focus on infinity, as well as with automatic iris control. It was released at the Arsenal plant, Kiev. Arsat H 2/35 - this is the same World 24H, just a later release.

Main advantages:

  1. Aperture, which can help in low light conditions. Moreover, it is already fully open quite sharp in the center of the frame.
  2. Control. The auto iris on the Nikon system is a very convenient thing. Also, the focus is very smooth. True, the diaphragm cracks when torsion of the corresponding disk.
  3. The closest focusing distance of 24 cm is good news.
  4. World 24H becomes standard lens with an angle of view similar to 50 mm on cameras with a full-frame sensorTherefore, it can be used as a regular lens for all occasions.
  5. Ability to use at full frame. For those who have Nikon D700, D3(s, x)
  6. The assembly of glass and iron, which will survive the Chinese plastic, as well as us.
Sample photo on Mir-24N

Sample photo on Mir-24N

The main disadvantages:

  1. Chromatic aberrations, especially around the edges of the frame.
  2. Distortion, even on the crop it can be seen.
  3. Poor in lateral and back light. Although it has a multilayer enlightenment. I shot a wedding for them in the church, because of the light through the windows the whole picture lost its contrast very much.
  4. After 3 meters, “infinity begins” very quickly on the focus and getting into sharpness is quite difficult.

The lens is very well shot down, all made of iron. My copy of 1993 release, as evidenced by the first two digits of the lens number. The lens looks great on the camera due to the large diameter of the front lens and its pinkish-purple color due to multilayer enlightenment.

About the picture: bokeh for everybody, not good and not bad. 35mm portraits are quite risky business. Firstly, you need to get close to a person, secondly - excess distortion, and thirdly - not the best bokeh.

Sample photo on Mir-24N

Sample photo on Mir-24N

How to use on modern digital SLR cameras? The ideal option is to install the Mir-24N lens on a Nikon camera, this is due to the fact that the lens is from Kiev cameras, which have the same mount as Nikon. When used on Nikon, the automatic iris control will work - you can focus with the aperture fully open and at the time of shooting the camera will close the aperture to the desired value. More details on how to use old optics on Nikon in my article Soviet optics.

Here a small comparison of the sharpness of two 35mm Nikkor 35mm F1.8 G and Mir-24 lenses.

To open the original image on 24 MP click on the picture or this link. The test was carried out with a tripod - Nikon D90, 2s, ISO 100, F2.0, RAW, converting and gluing in JPEG Q80%, several pictures were taken in Live View mode for accurate sharpness and the best result was chosen. As the test showed, Nikkor turned out to be much sharper at 2.0 for the World-24. You can judge the bokeh yourself.

Comparison of Mir-24n and a modern lens

Comparison of Mir-24n and a modern lens

From personal experience: the lens gives an excellent viewing angle on the multi-sensor and can be used as a fast wide-angle lens in full frame. But I didn’t really like it, most likely that my native Nikkor 35mm F1.8 gives extreme sharpness and excellent light holding on any aperture and is not expensive at all.

You can view sample photos on Mir-24N below. Everything is shot in RAW, conversion to JPEG Q80%, auto levels, resite 1600 * 1200 + watermark.

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

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If you are interested in the MS-24N 35 2 lens, you can purchase it by contacting the contacts in the manual optics section.

Hack and predictor Aviator: lens can be used as a regular with a nice viewing angle on the cropped matrix, or as a wide-angle fast aperture in full frame. The lens is interesting for its aperture and the ability to easily use a lens of this class on the Nikon system for absolutely no big price.

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Comments: 184, on the topic: Survey MS Mir-24N

  • Serg

    Extensive overview. And I liked the 24 megapixel photo ...

  • Alex

    IMHO a lens with good color rendering, but with a sharpness it’s bad luck)

  • Vlad Dick

    I have a version 24M, KOMZ, with M42 and a metal focus ring, 85 years old. I bought it recently, have not seriously tested it yet, but managed to appreciate the good sharpness and aperture, I use it with a wide-angle metal hood.

  • I doubt that it is so bad in sharpness. According to all TTX data and reviews, it is not inferior to Helios 81N (which I possess). An urgent need to retest another instance. Here I am waiting for myself such a Mir24N with a dandelion, here I will compare Helios and the World :)))
    Kiev. Vadim.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Please read the article in more detail, it does not indicate that it is poor in sharpness. It is indicated that he loses to his native Nikkor, who has this very sharpness very, very strong. In general, it’s a pretty pretty lens.

      • Anthony Yandeba-Maidansky, Gomel

        I agree with Arkady. The sharpness is decent, especially for portraits. The 35 F1,8 has better sharpness, as it is super sharp and lighter in the scheme. It is not this that surprises, but the fact that in the USSR (at the peak of stagnation!) They could make sharp and bright glasses, and at relatively low (even for a person with a diploma, say, a young doctor, a young engineer) prices. A decent film SLR with a cool 50 / 2,0 camera, for example, Kiev-19 TTL, - you could buy for a salary, and it was enough for a lock, - 130 + 5-10 rubles. Good second or third prime lenses (such as the above-mentioned Mira and Kaleinara 100 / 2,8) - less, so much or slightly more expensive.
        And compare the prices of today's amateur camera and optics! A minimum of $ 1000 is required, and the quality of the optics will be, in fact, worse.
        Our optiko-making was in vain ... They were such specialists!

    • Vladimir

      Time has passed a lot. Have you compared?

  • Vadim

    Yes, but in the Nikkor 35mm the hole is 1.8 and the test is wrong, because Nikkor theoretically has more on D / 2.0 DOF. And anyway, judging by the test photo MIR is sharper judging even by the leaves on the left

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Provide these calculations yourself for F2.0 World and Nikkor, since even by eye the difference is noticeable.

      • Anatoly Snezhan, Gomel

        35 Nikkor, naturally, is better, and what can we compare the manual of 93 and today's glass, also of excellent sharpness and lightness. I am amazed at the quality of many amateur lenses at that time, which were made at military factories, but ... for a civilian. However, the control remained vigilant, and the hand of the class worker did not drive the hack. By inertia, it gave out quality.
        Let us recall the Kaleinar-5N, Helios 81N and other legendary lenses. By the way, unkillable in execution. To break it - you have to try hard.

  • Jury

    Thanks for the review!
    If it’s not difficult, tell me: for use on the 550D crop, as a standard, I consider the options MIR24 2/35 or MIR1V 2.8 / 37. I do not plan to take both options. What choice would be more correct in your opinion? (Considering the advantages / disadvantages of these models indicated by you). Thanks in advance.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I would take the Mir-24N MS due to multi-enlightenment, World 1B has a strong variation in quality.

      • Jury

        Thank you!

      • Anatoly Snezhan, Gomel

        I agree with Arkady, but in the role of a staff member I would definitely take a modern native. Especially if you like to work in a reportage style, to be nimble - on the street, in a crowd, at a corporate party ... Manuals - so, for the soul ...

  • Sergei

    The 24N world was in my office in Kiev19 as a staffer, for all occasions, very sharp, easy to use, I can’t say about the digital SLR, they stole it from me, it’s a pity so far.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thank you for sharing the information.

    • Anatoly Snezhan, Gomel

      Initially, I had 5 lenses for Kiev-19tl. As a staff - the kit MC Helios-81N 2/50 mm. This was enough for 80% of filming. Mir24N was not usually carried in a bag. An exception is indoor sessions, incl. with flash (concerts, parties, group portraits, etc.). Favorite glasses are MC Kaleinar-5N, MC Helios-81N and Telear 200 \ 3,5. It’s a pity, I didn’t have a chance to shoot - the class and interclass struggle for survival began ... I remember that “Orbit” cigarettes were sold individually, in piles and by weight. And they brought wine and so on for extra payment ... However, this is a completely different memoir.

  • Vasil

    Is Naišov such an objective with an increased coverage of 42 mop on the door to rub the power supply? Do you want to earnestly and cheerfully take pictures? (::

    • Arkady Shapoval

      On the front lens? It is necessary to try, in most cases it will not be visible at all.

      • Vasil

        Zrozumіlo will be testuvati (: What else is your opinion about the shortest world 24M chi World 1B?

  • Andrei

    Good afternoon. I choose shirik for crop.
    What do you recommend: Mir-10A, Mir-20N, Mir-24N or Vivitar 20 mm f / 3.8 Kino?
    Thank you.

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Andrei

    Thanks, will the rest be worse? I generally pick for landscapes.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      All of these lenses are different, the choice is always difficult.

    • Sergei

      I have a World-20N on the crop. I really like. and I advise you.

  • Andrei

    Well, there’s no way to try everything, so I’d like to consult with a more knowledgeable one. But there’s no point in buying a few, I did this with portrait painters, and now I use everyone))

  • Paul

    From personal experience: the lens gives an excellent viewing angle on the multi-sensor and can be used as a fast wide-angle lens in full frame. But I didn’t really like it, most likely that my native Nikkor 35mm F1.8 gives extreme sharpness and excellent light holding on any aperture and is not expensive at all.
    I read your tests of two fifty kopecks (Kiev), but in none of you did you write that Nikkor 50mm F1.8 G gives extreme sharpness (and it is no worse than 35 / 1.8 G, so, say, I didn't like shooting with Jupiter 81H ...
    How do you compare the ratio of, for example, Jupiter 81N / Nikon 50 / 1.8G and MS-24N MS pairs
    / Nikon 35 / 1.8G. It just seems from your reviews that the first pair has a certain parity, and, thanks to the price of Jupiter and the quality of the pictures from it, this is an interesting option compared to Nikon, but in this pair you should definitely look at Nikon (if you have money). Did I understand correctly?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Nikkor outperforms Helios and Jupiters in sharpness. They are worth looking at first, I almost always recommend Nikon 50mm f / 1.8G AF-S Nikkor

      • Georgy

        I understand that sharpness is one of the most important parameters of a lens, but it is not the main parameter.

  • Votangis

    Dear Arkady. You haven't had the chance to test the Nikkor 35/2 - how does it compare to Mir24? Is the difference in price justified? Mir - 500-800 UAH - Nikkor - 2000-2200 UAH

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Nikkor 35 \ 2 did not use. The difference is most likely due to the presence of automatic focusing in Nikkor.

  • Alexander

    My daughter gave it away as unnecessary; - she is more comfortable with zooms and autofocus. A copy of 1991. MS Mir24N in excellent condition. Out of interest, I tested it, comparing it with AF Nikkor 50 / 1.8D, then Samyang 35 / 1.4, several zooms at the focal 35mm. The test was carried out on a chain-link fence against a background of snow from a tripod, increasing the distance to a barely discernible pattern in the picture. What is surprising is the fact that Mir24 not only did not lose to the zooms and the Samyang 35 / 1.4, but also did not lose fifty dollars in resolution, despite the Nikkor's advantage in focal length! I can't say about the drawing and bokeh, but…. with such a difference in prices, plus aperture ... A very good lens in my opinion, worthy of attention.

  • Artem

    Yesterday I bought myself the World 24n, 92goda, in excellent condition. The package is complete, in a foam box, only in the place of 2 filters was one Zh / F (although the passport says that these filters are removed from the kit). I am very glad this is my first Russian manual. But upset that he missed the Helios 44m-6 for just 600 rubles.

    • Anthony Yandeba-Maidansky, Gomel

      I’ll clarify. Not Russian, but Ukrainian (Arsenal software, Kiev; manufacturing plant in Nizhyn)

  • Compaction

    S kakogo boku nado smotret na snimki ctoby uvidet cto Nikkor lucse, esli jasno kak den, cto Mir lucse


    Arkady, in your bunch of Nikon and the world there was no problem confirming the focus of the camera? I have a confirmation of focus on the world with d7000, but at the output the object is not sharp? In short, I have front focus. How can this problem be solved? What, only with the help of a dandelion?

  • Dmitriy

    For me personally, as for a beginner, the lens seemed complicated. Although the colors are amazing.

  • Stope

    Please a little more vibrati about * Active for D90 Helios-81 Chi Mir-24n

    • Werther

      take offense.
      stink out of the question for construction and for the little one.
      I am victorious with D90 and that, and I.
      Porvnyuvati ix of yourself is not at all correct.

      • Anthony Yandeba-Maidansky, Gomel

        Quite right, you must take both. Then buy the third one - a portrait portrait Kaleinar, then - a portrait portrait-telephoto camera - Telear ...

  • Nicholas

    Today I met with the seller of the Mir-24M MC. The lens looks in excellent condition. The truth is a light metal diaphragm (not blackened). Test on Canon 5D (12.8 Mp)
    At aperture 2.0, the edges are noticeably darkened, and with sharpness, a complete failure. 2.8 is slightly better. The foliage of the trees in the corners of the frame is porridge. At 4.0, the sharpness is acceptable, no more. I haven’t tried it at close range. For a landscape, even 5,6 is not suitable. I didn’t look at more than 50% on the monitor - you can see more than anything… Maybe the copy is not successful, but I completely lost interest in the World.

    • Anthony Yandeba-Maidansky, Gomel

      How did you test what is intended first of all (such an N-bayonet, that means Nikon!) For Nikonov! ??

      • Dmitriy

        MS Mir-24M threaded unlike MS Mir-24N with Nikon mount. However, Nikon lenses are also perfectly mounted on Canon using an adapter.

  • Anatoly

    Hello my dear photographers! I am 56 years old. Of them I have been holding a camera since 1965. Kresny gave me Smena and so he infected me until now. What kind of optics are there. What kind of photos they turned out. optics. And I will never change it to this Chinese nepotrib. I have Nikon 80 Kenon 60 d Nikon 3000 from digital workers. They work on super optics. You just need to be able to. advice to you guys when you test Sovdepovskuyu optics do not forget for the settings in the fotik. Do not transfer arrows to optics, it has nothing to do with it. And the reason is in your not experience and practice. You as builders who are not friendly with the level.

    • Eugene

      Hello, Anatoly! Did you like your comment under the heading about MS Mir 24N, you know a person who knows, not an amateur, can you make friends and consult sometimes?

      • Anatoly Snezhan, Gomel

        Recently, I rarely go to Radozhiva - there is no acute need, and there is no fervent previous curiosity ... It is understandable ... I don’t buy camera optics and don’t even dream, and I don’t experiment with the optics that I have. Probably, it has outgrown this hobby. I am 64 years old. Plus, alas, my eyesight sits down ... Once, two or three a year I shoot in my neighborhood, without excitement - everything was filmed more than once ... I don't get out into nature, and even in public gardens and parks ... Pulling a wardrobe trunk with a mirror Nikon D7000 and a 70-300 TV set mm I don't like it - it's hard, uncomfortable. More often I take "pocket" soap boxes - fuji, canon, pentax, Sony H2 pseudo-mirror (the descent is already failing - the weak link of this model).

        • Rasul

          Fucked or something to write such nonsense?

      • Anatoly

        Just found a letter. I answer.

  • Novel

    Can this (MC Mir-24H) lens be used for macro photography? In its parameters, the minimum focusing distance is 24 mm

    • Anthony Yandeba-Maidansky, Gomel

      You can also draw water from the river with a needle's eye ...

    • Anatoly Snezhan, Gomel

      Read, Roman, at least on Wikipedia what macro photography is. And then find a lens at 60-85-102-120-200 mm in any photomage, and you will see a macro. And a portrait.

  • Jean Valjean

    I want to play it safe and get an answer from those who precisely set this lens: the D90 mirror will not touch the Mir-24n - it extends very far ...

  • Anton

    What does “with auto iris control” mean? I have a d80, will the lens work in manual mode and in aperture priority mode?

    • Anthony Yandeba-Maidansky, Gomel

      And don't be lazy, brother, and read it here ... Uncle Arkady wrote about everything.

  • Vital

    It’s interesting, though not as wide-angle as I wanted, but where can I see / try it out?

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