How to take pictures in the church

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In the meantime, you can find some useful tips in the article 'How to photograph a baby's baptism'.

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  • SONY

    > If everything is really bad with the lighting, then raise the ISO to fabulous heights, shoot in RAW, then suppress the noise - but the atmosphere of the place that is actually the main thing in this shooting will remain.

    I will add that you can not suppress the noise, but take the picture in black and white. At 1600-6400 (this is in the case of an APS-C matrix, cameras with 1 / 2.3 matrixes will have 400-1600) black-and-white digital images often look like photographs taken from film. True, at ISO-12800, the noise becomes too strong even for b / w and some regularity begins to appear in it, destroying the "film" impression.

    PS I wanted to give links to sample photos, but it seems that links are prohibited here.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Be careful - links are not prohibited here. The article is more about how to photograph, not how to process. However, links as an advertisement for your website are not welcome.

      • Andrei

        Arkady, take a seat, I take a picture on a simple 18-55 lens, iso 1600 but the pictures are terribly dark, like the aperture is open and steady 25-50. But the photo is balmy! What to do ????

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Use a flash or other lens.

    • anonym

      Perhaps, the Orthodox are very loyal to manifestations of ignorance, but try to agree in advance so that a religious leader would advise you as fully as possible and “semaphore” by coughing, for example, if you are doing something wrong. In some cultures, you can't get off with an apology, but you can offend, for example, turning your back or showing your sole. They will do hara-kiri, you won't have time to meow. Gestures mean different things too, so be careful.

  • I also really like taking pictures either with a width or with a standard one and glue panoramas, they convey the atmosphere very beautifully.

  • Romko

    The bad thing is a tripod. It’s not a big time for the weekend, but, more importantly, to stand on the place. It is possible to replace the ISO by extending the glass window. Take, if the photographer is Bibliyu, hoops on vivtari, "hats with pendants", etc. It is possible to speed up with the іnshim "joke" - note the tripod, ale the head characters (young) "freeze" the light childish sleeping sleeper (I rob 1/4 of the pressure). Some important details in the foreground will be overwritten, smut, sharp ones, like the background plan will be prescribed for the next showcase.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Also a good option.

  • Andrei

    Everything is very well and correctly written! Thanks!
    The question of taking pictures of christenings is a rather troublesome business, for this, a camera with a movable screen probably does not interfere with all this because of the high density of those present that make it difficult to choose a good position, as well as the high speed of movement of the baby and godparents))) make it difficult to shoot. I took a high-resolution camera and then cut the frame.
    Tell me how you worked at baptism?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Wide angle. In different churches in different ways.

  • Bui-com

    And about the silent shutter function?
    After all, it was basically created for this! :)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      It is uncomfortable and not at all quiet on most cameras.

  • Bui-com

    Please explain briefly why the silent shutter function is inconvenient?
    I have d5100!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      For me, on some cameras, the function is inconvenient in that you need to compose the frame in advance and take a picture almost at random, which makes it difficult to catch the right moment. Also, the function is not so quiet, just the sound level is muffled by dividing it into parts.

  • Bui-com

    And another question not related to the photo!
    I leave you this message on November 5 at 1:32 Moscow time, and on the site in general on November 4 and almost noon! O_o?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      This is due to the time settings on the server on which this site is hosted.

  • Hope

    Thanks for the tips! Tomorrow I will remove the christening for the first time, very worried)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      All will be well.

  • Taras

    I know that I’m a christian, since I’m not a photographer (I can become one)), I think I’ve got a big change with dignity, I’m all shamelessly worn by a Chinese one) and I’ve gotten so badly worn by that old thing) I got it all) і відео i photo. Dorechi the priest himself, having said that you can walk, don’t go beyond the singing line, and don’t go behind the back of the door, there are only other people to stand on this side.

  • Antokha

    Want to provide an exhibition?

  • Antokha

    May I know the christening at the church, at the nikon d40, please please, especially in the Vistavians of Nalashtuvan.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      If you haven't filmed before, then you just need to use a camera with a flash.

  • Antokha

    filmed but not in the church

  • Antokha

    huh) everything went with a bang. cool

  • SergeyF

    Hello! I have a Nikon-D3100 with a whale lens 18-55, I shoot mainly divine services in the church, prayers in the church on the street, religious processions, trips to nature ... you can say a full-time photojournalist in the temple) I am quite satisfied with this lens but lacks extra zoom, at least up to 10x, and sometimes there is not enough aperture in the temple, especially when it is dark outside and you cannot use a flash! I wanted to ask which lens is better to buy? The main thing is to focus well and accurately in low light, so that the pictures are not dark and with a fast shutter speed ... and that it is suitable for shooting both in a poorly lit temple and on the street! I would be grateful for your help! :-)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Not bad option

      • SergeyF

        thanks! ... I've been photographing for about 3 years and I'm very used to zoom, especially when I used to shoot with a soap dish! maybe this is stupid, but is it possible to practice on the whale by unscrewing it 35mm and not using the zoom? it is clear that in light it will not give the same result as Nikkor AF-S 35mm f / 1.8G DX, but at least approximately :-)

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Maybe the angle will give the same.

  • Vladimir

    Good afternoon!
    The article is interesting and informative. Thanks!
    But there are a few inaccuracies.
    All questions need to be discussed with the rector, and not something with the workers of the church, but something with the priest ...
    As for church terminology, you write: "Also, do not go behind the altar - this is permissible only for the priest." Most likely, you mean not to go behind the iconostasis (ie, into the altar). To the altar - yes, you need a kind of “separate” blessing from the rector.
    And also “... bypassing the altar, which is done three times ...” Here it would be more appropriate to say that the priest leads the young along the pulpit ... and leads them past the Royal Doors near the iconostasis three times.
    And I ask you, no offense ... It's just that these are quite gross mistakes. I would be grateful if you correct it and do not mind at all to delete this, my, message.
    Thank you.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thank you, the article has been updated.

  • Alexandra

    Good afternoon! Friends asked to film their wedding. I have Nikon 3100 with whale 18-55 and Helios 81H, 2,0 in stock. Could you advise which lens to use? The 18-55 has a wider angle and stabilizer, the 81H has more aperture, I don't know yet if I will be allowed to use flash. What is best for use with and without flash? I will be very grateful for the answer ...

    • Igor

      Judging by your question, you are not an experienced photographer and therefore I would not experiment with unfamiliar technology
      (Helios 81H, 2,0) at such an important event.
      The second time no one will get married for a photo, this is the essence of the reporting genre.
      helios 81H, 2,0 on the crop - portrait lens
      for leisurely shooting, and you have to shoot in series, with wiring, from different angles, etc. Yes, and Nikon has a pretty decent 18-55, the flash needs to be external.
      So, draw your own conclusions ...

  • Nicholas

    Thanks!!! I learned a lot of useful things for myself.

  • Diana

    Going to shoot friends at a wedding (first serious shoot)
    Available Canon 1100D and 18-200 lens. There is no external flash, the built-in one has a homemade diffuser.
    Would it be convenient to use a bright flashlight with a diffuser instead of an external flash (I’ll ask my husband to hold it)?
    Will it be decent and beneficial?

    • anonym

      The flashlight is relevant if 1) with an incandescent lamp of 500-1000W - at a distance of 2 meters it heats the back of the head.
      2) LED or xenon - need to be tested in real conditions. What usually seems to be “more comfortable, as bright as in the sun” - really seems, since the emitter area is very small and the eye sees very bright due to the contrast.

  • Jury

    To be honest, I expected from the article a greater disclosure of the topic with original techniques, and I would be shy about uploading such photos even in contact.

  • Natalia

    Friends asked to remove the christening of the child, she never took off in the church, in the arsenal of canon 6D 50-1.8 and +24 - 105 which lens to shoot, only recently began to shoot.

  • Shark

    I want to understand why strangers can look at it and in general everyone can, but is it impossible to photograph the sacrament and then look at the photographs?

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