Lushnikov Dandelion for Nikon

Please note that Lushnikov’s dandelion is for Nikon and Canon, as well as for other systems. This review presents exactly Dandelion Lushnikova for Nikon AF.

Lushnikov dandelion for Nikon. Poster.

Lushnikov dandelion for Nikon. Poster.

Lushnikov's dandelion is brilliant invention Russian inventor and amateur photographer Viktor Lushnikov, which gives a second life to manual optics and speeds up the work with manual lenses. The invention is popular even in the West, where it is known under the name 'Dandelion For Nikon By Victor Lushnikov '. A manual lens is a lens without CPU contacts on the lens.

What is so ingenious about it - but the fact that it allows you to make a not quite 'old' one from an old non-autofocus lens. Of course, to make autofocus from a manual lens is a matter only for a photo guru, but it is quite possible to make a pseudo-autofocus.

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion

Let's start with the task:

When using any manual optics in younger Nikon cameras, such as D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90, D100, D3000, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, D5200, D3300, D5300 metering will not work. That is, if the lens does not have a chip for communicating with the camera, then the camera will simply refuse to measure exposure. Due to the lack of metering, it will not be possible to use the camera in any mode other than mode-M. This imposes its limitations on the speed of the photographer. Who has older cameras by type Nikon D200, D300, D2x, D3s, D700, D7000 - so take care of the measurement exposure no reason. True, there is a tendency that the steeper the camera, the less sophisticated a person is in manual lenses, which can be easily replaced with sophisticated autofocus analogs. Attention, old manual lenses really work on younger Nikon cameras only in manual camera control mode.

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion

On junior Nikon cameras will have to determine the metering exposure by eye or by histogram. With experience, you can pretty well guess the shutter speed / aperture / ISO, but with any change in lighting you need to constantly rebuild and “shoot”. For example, the sun went behind the cloud and the shutter speed needs to be adjusted almost twice.

Nikon AF Lushnikov Dandelion allows Nikon cameras to automatically measure exposure.

How he does it? Very simply, he communicates with the camera and the camera thinks that it has a “native” lens with certain data on it.

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion

Data: focal length and aperture can be programmed into a dandelion. This is done very simply according to the instructions. Programming is done by a set of pictures with certain shutter speeds.

As a result, you can program real lens datato be transmitted in EXIF snapshot module. It is really very convenient.

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion Lushnikov

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion Lushnikov

For older cameras, this function is also very convenient, as it allows you to program only a certain number of lenses inside the camera. And programming the lens for each camera is extra time, in contrast to the one-time programming of the dandelion on the lens.

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion Lushnikov

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion Lushnikov

If you have a manual lens with a blinking aperture, like old Nikon lenses AI-S, AI, Non-ai, Pre-ai, then you can make it so that you can control the iris from the camera itself. This is generally a great feature that is not available even in older Nikon camerasif you don't use Lushnikov's Dandelion. Actually, I will explain - set the aperture will be possible in the camera, as for a regular Nikon aft-focus lens. For an example, I will give Kaleinar-5Non which I installed this Dandelion. I performed the installation myself.

For Kaleinar-5n, the dandelion is programmed by setting the maximum and minimum aperture, after which the diaphragm can be controlled from the camera using the control dial. My Nikon D90 works in any mode, even automatic (Auto - green zone).

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion Lushnikov

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion Lushnikov

Another indispensable plus is pseudo-auto focus (focus trap). That is, if you focus in focus mode AF-S and AF-A and press the shutter button completely, the camera will take a picture only when it is confident in the exact focus. Very comfortably - pressed the button and slowly turn the focus ring until the shutter releases. On trial Kaleinar-5n with a dandelion in AF-S mode with automatic selection of the focusing area, there were about 20% misses, in AF-S mode and single-point focusing there were almost no misses.

Also, autofocus mode can be turned off either using the camera or programmatically (as if the switch on the lens itself).

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion Lushnikov

Example photo on a lens with a dandelion Lushnikov

Of course, there are also disadvantages of dandelion:

  1. Not the easiest installation technique. Although it’s easy to cope with.
  2. Measurement Errors exposure when working with auto iris, especially on closed apertures.
  3. Measurement Errors exposure when working with flash. Errors within normal limits even in FP mode.
Dandelion shot with a dandelion

Dandelion shot with a dandelion

There are far fewer drawbacks than opportunities. The article contains photographs taken with matrix metering at the camera Nikon D90 and with an upgraded lens. The photo shows the amendments to exposure of EXIF. Strong correction should be done after closing the aperture at F8.0. This is most likely due to the not completely linear aperture for the MS lens. Kaleinar-5N.

My experience:

I don't use dandelion on either Canon or Nikon cameras. Learning to use old lenses without modifying them on modern Nikon and Canon cameras is as easy as shelling pears. Detailed instructions on using old lenses on any SLR or system camera can be found in the section 'How to use old lenses on modern Nikon cameras?'


Lushnikov Dandelion for Nikon AF allows for all modern digital SLR cameras from Nikon get measured exposure and use the camera at least - in aperture priority, and as a maximum - in any available mode on the mode dial :). For a range of lenses (especially for H mount) It is possible to control the diaphragm directly from the camera. And also we get sound focus confirmation and the ability to take photos only when the lens reaches accurate focus. Still appears possibility of focus adjustment... Lushnikov's Dandelion is a great inexpensive option to upgrade your old lens.

Where to buy?

As strange as it may sound, it is easiest to buy such a chip nowadays on Aliexpress: with a chip without a lens here, with lens and chip here. Why a lens?

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. For the selection of a variety of photographic equipment, I recommend E-Catalog, Socket и AliExpress.

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Comments: 417, on the topic: Dandelion Lushnikova for Nikon

  • Michael

    You would apologize to a girl named Kira, who asked the question not to you, but to Arkady, by the way. Why did you offend the person who did not even contact you? What the hell is he suffering from? And with your “cosmic

    • Andrey Kuryanov

      Mishenka is our arbitrator ???? Above, I wrote to you and all the rest of the dissatisfied - my answer. If you want to talk to me - write, call, come, I will not refuse to communicate to anyone, do not forget the list of claims ...

  • Vladimir

    I got a dandelion.
    Nikon NIKKOR-S Auto 50mm 1.4 NON-AI Lens

    I know how to cut a skirt, so it was not difficult to disassemble and cut under the chip.

    But this lens has a feature - a very large rear lens, which means there is very little space for a dandelion. it would be 0,5 mm thinner, it would be better. But what we have is what we have.

    I sawed through the seat, but how to put it is a question. If you leave the distance so that the lens would go clean, the legs will be long - i.e. stand out more than the zoom (for comparison, I took it), which means they can break off. I decided to grind the back wall of the dandelion. I pierced it - the wall is VERY thin, in short - I saw the legs on the other side. Well, I think, kirdyk to the chip. But no, put it, glued it, assembled it - it works! The tests will be carried out tomorrow for sharpness, etc. But I did not understand how to turn on the sound confirmation of the focus. :(
    And yes, the flash works :)

    Tell me how to understand what the camera “thinks” about the lens? The diaphragm was asked, what else can the chip do? while I was reading and waiting, I seemed to see information about it, but now I decided to collect everything consciously - I don't remember :(

  • Vladimir

    I forgot.
    Dandelion took from Andrew. Thanks.
    Yes, he is not particularly talkative before the sale, but everyone has their own secrets. After the purchase, he helped and suggested what and where.

  • Igor

    Can I use a dandelion on Nikon D70s with a makinon lens?

  • Alexander Ershov

    Good day to all
    I purchased from Andrei a dandelion on Helios 81N and a tail with a dandelion on Jupiter 37A .. I did not immediately figure it out, like many probably here, but Andrei explained everything and explained how and what works.
    In general, I do not understand the opinion of many here that Andrei does not give advice on dandelions that people bought from third-party sellers. Firstly, each salesperson can have their own programming specifics, even the slightest deviations can already play a role. Secondly, I would not have had the nerve to ask Andrei what and how it works if I had not bought a dandelion from him. It's the same as if I bought a camera in one store and came to ask for help with setting it up in another store - it's just not ethical!

  • Yuriy

    Good day to Arkady. Adding sobi object Jupiter 37a 3,5 / 135 + adapter KP-A / N, if power supply has been applied, how can dandelion be mounted on the adapter? What are the modes of closing, surrounding the M mode? Chi varto put a dandelion? Can't you control the diaphragm from the camera?

    • Andrey Kuryanov

      Yuriy, write questions to the mail - all modes will work, only the aperture on the lens will need to be set by hand.

  • Alexander

    Uv. Gentlemen, accusers! My comment, maybe not quite in the subject, but ... and not past it. Maybe someone can help find "light". The conversation will focus on the seller of "dandelions" A. Kuryanov. Like all of you, I am a frequent visitor to Rodozhiv, and while reading the topic of “Dandelion” I was surprised by attacks on Kuryanov ... from the Rostov region), looking for an option that suits me in terms of cost and timing. Almost EVERYTHING has disappeared. Someone “fights” the price, someone is “busy”, and someone has only one option - a transport company to the specified address ... I “knocked on the door” to Andrey and was VERY surprised at the approach of this specialist: complete, comprehensive information on ALL preparatory issues, excellent logistics (he himself offered a choice of several options for sending "glasses" to Simferopol), an adequate price for the work (by the way, unlike some specialists from Russia, non Ai does not take extra money for the alteration!) and clear "information support" of the client! And finally, nobody is surprised by the advertisement for Coca-Cola? TV screens, billboards, mailings, etc.? So why don't you call this company “ZhMOT”, “VENDOR” and so on? With respect to all the participants of "Radozhiva". Alexander Svetlichny from Russia.

    • Lynx

      because here they relate to him by his behavior in the comments, and not by your experience of buying from him. Only.

  • Sergei

    I bought a dandelion on Helios 81 n a couple of years ago, I glued it on photographs, the result wasn’t encouraging, the lens worked in all modes, but it needs adjustment in any case. So I advise you to photograph in manual mode with a sove glass and don’t bother with dandelions.

    • Alexander

      Sergey, I have several adapters with Chinese chips, they work, but with errors, i.e. you can use it, but be “on the alert”. Just for the sake of experiment I decided to try Lushnikov's “dandelions”, I don’t know if the difference is in the chips ... or it’s Kuryanov’s “art of programming” (I took “dandelion” for Nikona), but the effect is obvious! Now you can use the lens in almost ALL modes, only instead of the “autofocus” motor - a hand ...

      • Michael

        Alexander, let me ask you: do you agree with his statement that even Lushnikov will not tell more about Dandelion than he does? So, look, you can soon agree to Dandelion Kuryanov, but some sort of Lushnikov has nothing to do with it ... Do you agree that if a person living in eastern Russia asks Arkady for advice, then the only way out is to buy another Dandelion from Kuryanov in Simferopol, and with him the council? And if he doesn’t buy, then this person “suffers from garbage”. Judging by the tone of your comments, you are a reserved, cultured person, you are unlikely to support such a disdainful attitude towards people. (For the sake of interest, read how many times this person used the expression “suffer from bullshit” ....) And you must agree, learning how to program one simple microcircuit - not such an achievement.

        • Andrey Kuryanov

          Dear Mikhail, you read Alexander's review carefully, only then start taking my words out of context. It's not about programming, at all! Dandelion will forever remain the work of Viktor Lushnikov, and my surname in its name is not needed at all. But, the practice of installing Dandelion on Nikon lenses - I have much more than any Dandelion user. Especially for you, Mikhail, I will repeat my words again:

          Thank you for your kind words! What kind of bastard Kuryanov, bastard and what other words do you have there? Feel free to write, by the way, you can write your personal insults to my mailing address, in private messages on VKontakte, in LiveJournal, you can call. You will be in Simferopol - you are welcome to visit, I will personally listen to your epithets addressed to me. It amuses me very much!
          To all the likes of Lynx, Mikhail and other comrades who have gone down to direct insults to me from their powerlessness to sort out elementary things, look at VKontakte for the number of participants in my group:
          which is growing every day and ask any of the participants how satisfied they were with my purchase.
          Let me remind you that the group is closed and all its members got there only after a purchase from me, and not somewhere else and received and receive comprehensive information before and after the purchase.
          To buy or not to buy from me is everyone's personal business. I do not sell to everyone.
          Regarding the insults - if it makes it easier for you to live, - "even though you name the pot, just do not put it in the oven."
          Mikhail, judging by the tone of your comments, you are not quite a restrained and uncultured person who even writes a personal appeal to “you” with a small letter. It’s funny for me to read your insinuations about my statements, write more, it’s so cute :) Your words make you feel so cheerful and warm on these cold autumn days, they are so invigorating before hard working days. Thank you, Mikhail! Without someone like you, I would be sad and lonely.

  • Тень

    Dear Andrey Kuryanov, if I buy Dandelion from Victor Lushnikov, will you refuse the same service to me, a replacement that is not working?

    • Andrey Kuryanov

      Dear Shadow, if you buy a dandelion from Lushnikov - for all questions, please contact Lushnikov, I also buy from him. Moreover, if you come across a faulty dandelion - how will this relate to me? Everything to him, only to him, I serve my customers and check each Dandelion before shipping and program it for each of my customers.
      I repeat again for everyone, I very rarely read comments here, if you want to ask something - here is my mail:

      • anonym

        Why then write: “I am Andrey Kuryanov, the only official representative of Viktor Lushnikov in Ukraine (the inventor-manufacturer of Dandelion).
        On my page of Lushnikov's website, the whole algorithm for ordering any adapter and Dandelion is described ”???

        • Bogdan

          Anonymous +

  • Kate

    Please help me figure it out.
    Through a dandelion (the first version of the firmware, as I understand it), Meyer Gorlitz Oreston set 50-1.8 to 5DM2, but at infinity, along the way, something prevented the mirror from dropping; it stuck, if not to remove infinity. What's the matter? Is it such a dandelion or a lens, or what's the matter?
    And the second question. I want to take the last 5th firmware so that there is data in EXIF ​​and so on. But I do not want to immediately mess with programming. It will be in time. So, is it possible to put such a dandelion without preliminary adjustment, will it work adequately?
    Thank you if anyone helps to understand all this.

    • Michael

      Katya, why don't you want trouble with programming? Micro-adjustment of focus is a very useful thing. If you give it a little time and patience, there will be much less misses, but metering can be wrong if you want the data to record the actual aperture that is set on the lens. At least at 600D, 60D is mistaken, overexposure gives, if you do not enter exposure correction on the carcass. Read Dmitry Evtifeev's blog, I think I met a similar topic there.

    • Andrey Kuryanov

      Katya, the lens itself is touching the mirror so that it does not touch, it needs to be redone. Dandelion is only Lushnikov's microcircuit, and you wrote about Chinese chips ...

  • Vasya

    Maybe someone will be interested .. I have Jupiter 37. I bought a T2-Nikon adapter and a dandelion with confirmation of focus on ebay. The price for all 523rub. with delivery. I pasted it myself, from the beginning onto double-sided tape, measured everything as it should, circled it with a pencil and glued it where needed on super glue! Everything works fine, no blunders !! Measurement works fine !! Maybe you should not overpay for Lushnikov’s dandelion ..

  • Alexander

    Arkady give advice I D7000 does not see SIGMA 24-70 2.8 the screwdriver simply refuses to turn on with it. works on d300. Tell me, if I change the native microprocessor to a programmable dandelion, will autofocus work ??

  • Troadiy

    As indicated in the article:
    “Of course, there are also disadvantages of dandelion:

    ... Errors in metering with auto iris, especially at closed apertures ... "

    I wanted to reveal a little understanding of this flaw.

    At a forum specialized in Nikon technology, incl. there is a thread dedicated to this topic. And among the answers there is very important information that explains in more detail the “nuances” that the dandelion brings to the mechanical work of the carcass and the lens:

    Author: necster 04 April 2012 - 11:17:
    Lens travel not compliant with Ai-S standard

    By dimateus 04 April 2012 - 11:34
    It turns out that without a dandelion, the camera always moves the lever as much as possible until it rests against the restriction set by the ring (therefore, without a dandelion, intermediate aperture values ​​also work correctly).
    And when working with a dandelion, the carcass moves the lever by a standard-defined amount (since it now knows which aperture is set), but for Helios this shift value is not enough to close the diaphragm by a predetermined value.

    Installed aperture in the carcass - 2.0
    Real lens aperture - 2.0

    Installed aperture in the carcass - 5.6
    Real lens aperture - 2.8
    Required exposure compensation - (-2.0)

    Installed aperture in the carcass - 10.0
    Real lens aperture - 4.0
    Required exposure compensation - (-2.7)


  • Anatoly

    Andrei Kuryanov, why are you rushing at people like that?
    Can't you just say that you accompany with consultations and additional services only the goods purchased from you and not tell people about what kind of “radishes” they are, etc. because they bought from others, and you are consulted.
    Such aggression would discourage me from contacting you for a dandelion on my lens, even if there will be the smallest price and super service.

    It is very unpleasant to read your comments.
    If you don’t want to provide consulting assistance, don’t. Why bark?
    And it’s also unpleasant to read, your praises about how smart you are and how stupid everyone else is.

    Be simpler and more people will reach you.

  • Boris

    Today I bought a dandelion for Nikon from a seller from Minsk. The dandelion is original, not Chinese. There is an instruction in Russian and English. I struck the speed of sending, twenty minutes after purchase. I gave a track number for tracking the parcel. Who cares please.

  • Sergei

    Tell someone whether the dandelion will work with the Fuji S3Pro camera, I can not find the answer anywhere.

  • Skvosh_vitaly

    Recently I bought Nikon D800 (before that I shot on D80), got my supplies from Kiev, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photo on Helios 81H and Calenar 5H. Earlier, before the figure, I shot 20 years on film, so I did not find any difficulties with the management. Again, the bayonet matches 100%. I don't see any need for Lushnikov. Why? Yes, because the last 10 years I shot on the machine without hesitation, - the digital will endure everything ... but today I really felt at ease, because my new D800 with manual optics suddenly became disgracefully familiar, like Kiev 19, beloved from childhood.
    I remember trying this optics on the D80 ... it didn't work ... due to the crop, the practical use of the same paltos at home was not possible due to the tightness of urban dwellings.

  • Boyarin

    Who in Ukraine except Kuryanov officially sells dandelions? I want to buy my second chip for Jupiter37.
    The first was bought through a group in contact with Andrei himself.
    The rudeness and pride of which is simply amazing. His whole service consists of two phrases. Thank you for your purchase and successful shots. There is only one answer to all other questions. Read the topic in the group and watch videos, everything is there.

    • Andrey Kuryanov

      Eh, it's been a long time since I came here ... Why are you all so dull and angry, my beloved disgruntled customers? Email me your displeasure directly, what are you afraid of? I will always find a couple of affectionate words in response to your assaults.
      “Boyarin”, in my group all questions have answers. Since all questions are always the same, it makes no sense for everyone to write a separate answer.
      That is why I give you and my other customers links to the answers in the group.
      PS Besides me, nobody sells Lushnikov’s dandelion officially in Ukraine, although there are many different sellers.
      PPS I liked it about “pride”, burn it again, “accordion”. If it seemed to you that the service consists in a wish for good pictures, then you are mistaken, it is just a wish for good pictures, a common sign of courtesy.

  • Victor

    Fu, working with customers and such a hamlo. The first time I see.

    • Andrei

      Yes, and I'm amazed ...

      • anonym

        These dandelions do not work on the Canon 100D. And the developers write that on all EOS. Keep this in mind when planning your purchases. For all other EOS, it's full of dandelions on ebay.

  • Egor

    Help, I can’t enter the programming mode (((I take three pictures of different shutter speeds (1sec. 5sec. 1sec.) And nothing happens (((

  • Alexander

    Tell me how to change the focus from 45 to 100 for the Kaleinar 5N lens?
    Something according to the instructions from the site does not work for me (

  • Grisha

    Tell me please. Will a focusoki trap work for me with a dandelion on the D3200 + adapter m-42 + Helios 44M?

  • satimia

    Canons.Nikon .. Some problems. Yes, you take Sony Alpha (I’m 65th) and put what you want on it through the adapter WITHOUT dandelions-thread 42. She herself will draw a zone of sharpness if you turn on the outline backlight, i.e. what should being sharp, it has clear contours) I don’t even look at a distance, except approximately) To top it all off, I focus directly on the closed one, which at times adds charms to this camera)) Arkady. Please pay attention to this camera. Tell people about it

  • Vedya

    Explain on the photos NIKON D3100 and D3200 is it possible to use this dandelion L.? The lens is planned to use Jupiter-37A or Kaleinar-5N.
    Thank you.

  • Eugene

    Good day. Tell me where you can buy dandelion with delivery to Lithuania and what price in dollars.
    Thank you

    • Eugene

      I have Nikon D40 and Helios-81H 2/50 MC

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