What type of camera to choose

Today there are two types of cameras most of all on the market - digital SLR and conventional digital cameras.
I decided to write a small article about the choice between what you need to look at, being guided in choosing the type of camera (camera).

General view and design of the digital mirror camera

General view and design of the digital mirror camera

Key Benefits of DSLR Cameras

1. Interchangeable optics allowing you to mount any lens from wide to telephoto, allowing you to shoot in the style of "photosniper". Or vice versa - macro objects, allowing you to shoot very small details. This allows you to quickly get the right quality and artistry of the photo that is required. This is strongly related to the ability to control the depth of field.
2. Performance. Digital SLR cameras have much greater speed. This is due to the fast focusing, powerful processors and camera ergonomics, as well as the speed of turning on the camera.
3. Sensor value - that is, the very digital film with which the image will be registered. Everything is simple here - the larger the sensor, the better the final picture.
4. A million with a tail of additional details and functions - external flash units, control panels, microphones, etc.
5. Quality - in most cases, images with a central lens on any lens under equal conditions of 90% will be better than with digital cameras.
6. Sighting method - when the frame is separated by a black background, it is much better to compose it, and indeed, finding what you need through the viewfinder is easier, since the eye directly sees what will be in the picture, and not another piece of the display, the camera and the background when you aim at soap box.
7. Battery life much longer than a conventional digital camera due to the fact that it is possible to sight through the viewfinder, and not through the display. The display itself absorbs energy.

1. Weight, sometimes it exceeds 2 kg, depends on the staffing.
2. Dimensions - large, you need a photo bag.
3. Price - the price bites

The main advantages of digital cameras:

General view of the supercompact camera

General view of the supercompact camera

1. Ease, Now you can buy a Central Committee weighing with a mobile phone. The camera will not interfere and burden on travel, which can not be said about the most compact digital SLR camera.
2. Compactness (in comparison with the central lock)
3. Price, prices will be lower anyway.
4. Ability to shoot video. Not all digital SLR cameras can shoot video, but in conventional digital cameras this function is built into almost every camera.

1. The picture quality in general will be lost to conventional digital cameras, but in some cases the difference is difficult to find.
2. Convenience (although a rather controversial issue) is worse than that of a SLR camera.

Depending on what you need - you should look towards one or another type of cameras.
In general, digital slr cameras people who are determined to get very high-quality pictures are getting it, as well as amateur photographers who plan to further develop the park of photographic equipment and accessories to achieve even better photos.
Digital cameras more suitable for people who need compactness and mobility, modern digital cameras can always be placed in a handbag or even a jeans pocket.

Thank you for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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  • Artem

    Please tell me which one to choose DSLR Nikon D3300 (EP) BK 18-55 VR II Kit, SLR Canon EOS 600D Kit 18-55 DC + 75-300 DC ... or SLR Nikon D5200 Kit 18-55VR Black for home use?

  • Beslan

    Where can I report an error in an article?
    Here - "but in ordinary digital this function is built into the kidneys."
    Although it turned out cool :-)

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Edward

    Sorry, but not "external" and "register" stung the eye. The comment can be deleted.

  • anonym

    It’s better to buy a camcorder)))

  • BB

    Hee, easter eggs from Arcadia:
    the first picture with the caption “General view and construct of a digital-SLR camera” shows a Film Mirror Apparatus, even a cassette with a film can be seen there :)

  • Andrei

    typo "but in some cases the difference is difficult to find."

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Dmitriy

    Hello. I'm new to the photography path. Familiar with subject shooting on Canon 1100D (He is from work). It turns out, from my point of view, not bad enough (I attach a photo - evaluate it), but I am more attracted to macro photography of nature and landscape photography. The problem is that I cannot afford to buy different lenses for different tasks so far, so I intend to buy such a friend - Nikon Coolpix P530. It is presented to the buyer as a “superzoom”. I've been reading the difference between superzums and DSLRs for a long time, and I'm familiar with them. In principle, I am ready to come to terms with the disadvantages that I will acquire with him. I am very attracted to him that when shooting landscape photography, you can successfully zoom in, removing unnecessary details, take macro photography, or even experiment with photographs of the night sky (moon), etc. The question is - will I get what I want from him, and will I not meet huge pitfalls on my way with him? Or is it still better to plan to start this journey with a DSLR?

  • Hoopoe

    The master is the master.

  • Arthur

    Good day. I want to take the Nikon d600 or d610 or d700. Advise which is better and are there better apartments for the same price? and which universal lens to take to Nikon. Thanks )

  • Valery A.

    Similarly: "Give me water to drink, otherwise there is a hunt that there is nowhere to spend the night."

  • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    Good day. For some reason, nothing is said about mirrorless cameras. With the same functionality as SLR cameras, they are twice as light. Only the price at the level of DSLRs. Or in 2011 there were no mirrorless?

  • an256

    Hello, I want to buy a new camera, in the current Nikon the D3200 does not suit, except that it is morally outdated, there is often not enough shutter speed shorter than 1/200 sec. When shooting with a flash on a sunny day, and just yesterday I was photographing a small child, a relative of my wife, I don't know if it's called focus priority, it always works in this camera and I don't have time to take a picture, the child runs away. I am looking for a camera within 20-25K UAH. I ordered a D610 carcass, but the store was stuck with sending something. I want to look for options in other stores, maybe you can advise something else, I'm not going to shoot professionally, only a camera is needed for home. I don't want to take the BU, it was no longer a successful experience.

    • BB

      The d3200 also has focus tracking (AF-C), and there is a default release priority.
      The d610 is doing well, but the focus points cover only a small central area of ​​the frame.
      On a sunny day, it is better to use a reflector than a flash. (By the way, the flash must support high-speed sync - HSS)

      • an256

        With good lighting (AF-C), the d3200 works without problems, but yesterday the lighting was very bad, the sb 400 flash was without backlight, there was no way to highlight, the camera did not want to focus, well, at least somehow I wanted to take a spoiled child, with d610 will the same problem be?

        • BB

          On the D600, the next generation AF module - Multi-CAM 4800, 'by numbers' has the same sensitivity as the D3200 module (Multi-CAM 1000) - from -1 to +19, in fact it should be slightly better, but miracles from it don't wait - it won't focus in total darkness. For confident focusing, you need a backlight, the best backlight that I used is the Yongnuo 622 radio modules, Nikon SB-900 is in second place.
          And yet, the D600 x-sync is still the same 1/200, but it has high-speed sync.
          My experience: having cameras with HSS since 2015 (D7100, D750, D7200) I don’t remember a case when it was impossible to do without HSS. And the 'body kit' of the camera gives more buns than replacing the carcass itself (optics, flashes, umbrellas, etc.), the first DSLR is the D5100, the transition to the D7100 increased the working ISO, tracking focus works better. On the D750, the small coverage area of ​​the AF sensors is very annoying, but the more convenient AF is 70-300. Those. in some respects, I like the D7100 / 7200 more (7200 took a used one, by the way), otherwise it is more convenient than the D750. 7100/7200 x-sync 1 / 250-1 / 320

  • an256

    To the previous comment: apart from Nikon 3 series cameras, I did not have others, so can you tell me something from other manufacturers to see, maybe UZK?

    • B. R. P.

      If you do not have time for a child on a DSLR, you will not have time for a bzk.

      • an256

        Thank you very much, I have never held the UPC in my hands, and in the reviews they somehow do not pay much attention to the fact that under poor shooting conditions the focusing of the UPC will be worse. I don't have time on this mirror in bad light, I can easily do it on the street, so I ask on the D610, for example, can I take a frame without waiting for the autofocus to work or not, only the manual mode should I use?

        • Specialist

          Of course, on the D600 / 610 there is a choice of trigger priority in AF-S, AF-C in semi-auto. and ed. modes. Well, the focus area is illuminated with a lamp on the F / A.

          • Victor

            The focus area is illuminated with a lamp on any Nikon camera, with the exception of the top bricks and d850, probably.

  • an256

    Thanks for the tips, I used them, plus I processed them in Capture NX-D instead of ACR, printed the photos today, I liked them more, especially the skin color, I have the last question, does it make sense for an amateur to switch to full frame or is it better to stay on crop and buy a good high-aperture zoom , I shoot mainly on trips, I can take only one lens with me, but the dark zoom is not always enough, I shoot mainly cityscapes, nature and people.

    • BB

      I would recommend purchasing Nikon 16-80 / 2.8-4 or Sigma / Tamron 17-50 / 2.8. With your 24MP, you can easily 'crop' a picture twice during processing, and thus increase the EGF by another half.
      ... and the D3200 is a fairly modern camera, and is still a long way from being 'outdated'.

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