Review of the camera Nikon D3000.

Camera Nikon D3000 Is a direct descendant of the well-known line Nikon D40, D40x, D60  Having experience with Nikon D60 I immediately realized that the review will be almost the same as for D60because the Nikon D3000 is just an upgrade D60but still there were some interesting points worth considering.

Nikon D3000 review

Nikon D3000 review

First you need to understand that in the reviews a lot of attention is paid to the technical characteristics or just the characteristics of a particular camera, in Radozhiv we will try to translate strange and incomprehensible numbers and notation in this review into a language that is understandable for lovers of high-quality photos. But this model is aimed at the market of relatively cheap and simple digital SLR cameras.

If you were looking or looking or just reading this review, then you are probably already familiar with the line of low-end cameras from Nikon, this Nikon D40, Nikon D40x, D60, D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500 All these cameras are quite similar in management, but each subsequent model has more and more functions and takes better photos and videos.

Features of the D3000 camera that you should pay attention to when buying or just when using:
1. D3000 has a CCD matrix with 10 MP... But do not forget that the megapixel race, for the most part, is not a race for quality, you can take a look at my article Battle of Megapixels. The average amateur can hardly find the difference between 6 Mp Nikon D40 and 10 megapixels Nikon D3000, even on A4 prints. The size of the matrix (physical) remains unchanged for all APS-C cameras (+ - fractions of millimeters). The physical size of the D3000 is the same as D3100, D7000, D5200. At low ISOs, the Nikon D3000 can produce a picture no worse than Nikon D7000.

2.In D3000 no focusing motor for non-motorized lenses. This is one of the most important points for this camera. It is believed that by purchasing a camera with a “motor”, that is, with a lens focusing drive, it will be possible to significantly save money. The question is quite controversial. But the fact remains that a number of lenses will not automatically focus on this camera, which will limit the choice of optics for growth or development in photography. This must be clearly understood and taken into account. For an upgrade after the whale lens, I advise you to take a look at Nikon 50mm F1.8G lenswhich has a huge aperture and will allow you to get an interesting picture with a shallow depth of field. If you need a telephoto lens to reach further, then a cheap option Nikon 55-200 f / 4-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor will be just right.

3. Matrix Cleaning System. The cleaning system really helps to avoid clogging the matrix with fine dust. This really will rarely allow real cleaning. In the camera, you can specify when the camera will clean the matrix, I recommend cleaning when the camera is turned off.

4. Compact and lightweight... Do not bother with the fact that the camera is made of plastic, and not of aluminum or composites, this gives the camera lightness and you need to understand that the amateur does not need to use the camera in extreme conditions and overload it with work as much as possible.

5. Shooting speed is an important indicator. At D3000 it is 3 frames per second, a normal indicator, the same speed and Nikon D80which is much more functional than the amateur D3000. Again, amateurs do not need 10 frames per second at all, high-firing cameras are needed only for rather specific purposes. The set speed is sufficient for 99% of basic needs.

6. Image quality. Do not believe anyone that this or that camera shoots well or badly. These are just people's prejudices. We can talk about benchmarks, but in real life, the quality of the final image depends on a dozen factors and the camera is far from the first of them. In terms of quality, I will say that it fulfills its functionality 100%, just important how to take pictures.

7. Nikon D3000 has 11 focus points cameras have the same focusing module Nikon D200, D80, D90, D3100, D3200, D5100. More details in the section on focus systems.

8. Great 3 inch display. Unlike the D40 or D60, it’s half an inch larger, but still has the same 230.000 points

9. Must be considered crop factor camera which is equal to 1.5x. This means that the camera when working with lenses will narrow the viewing angle of the lens. And if, for example, you use a lens with a 50mm focal length, then the viewing angle will be the same as that of a 75mm lens on a regular full-frame camera. This is absolutely normal for APS-C cameras.

10. D3000 now works with EXPEED processor

11. Minimum excerpt flashes 1 / 200s, Nikon D40 in this regard, 2,5 times better.

12. The function of rotating the image on the screen in horizontal and vertical position. It is very convenient when the camera is turned, all the information for shooting is turned on the display and any parameter can be corrected without problems.

In brief about the main features - it is an opportunity to change ISO from 100 to 1600 + one HI1 value equivalent 3200. On HI1 I do not recommend shooting at all. Unlike Nikon 40, it became possible to lower the ISO to 100, this will allow you to use fast lenses during the day without fear not to fit into the minimum shutter speed of 1/4000 and get overexposure. On Nikon 40, it’s already quite difficult to invest in 1.8/200 second in the afternoon on F1 and ISO 4000 in the afternoon. The camera has a lot of settings for editing the footage - from working with RAW files, to creating a movie in avi format from photos. Also at the camera, the viewfinder covers 95% of the frame, and you need to remember that 5% of the frame will still be captured on the left \ right \ top \ bottom in the picture.

What I liked when working with the camera:
Weight, the weight is really small. The camera shutter is quiet, quieter than Nikon D40 or Nikon D90. I liked the large display and ergonomics - there are no extra buttons and everything is just elementary to use. There is a great guide for beginners. And the Nikon Multi-CAM 1000 focus sensor is the same as in Nikon D90. I really liked the function of rotating the screen with horizontal and vertical position of the camera.

What did not like:
The lack of a million functions present in older models, but this is a purely subjective opinion. Also, I didn’t like that little has been improved compared to Nikon D60, by and large, only the number of focus points. I didn’t like the small size for the buffer, if you shoot RAW, then already at frame 4 the camera will slow down with a flash drive of class 6. Also, I did not like that when ADL the camera “thinks” much longer when saving a picture. The noise level starting from ISO 800 greatly affects the picture quality; you cannot do without the noise reduction function.

What is the best way to use the camera and what to configure?
The FN button can be programmed by choosing one of several options, I advise you to set the ISO quick change function on it.

To buy this else?
Preferably a pretty bag, the main thing is that it is comfortable, you can buy a bigger bag to fit an additional lens. It is possible and desirable to also buy lenses, first of all, this is a high-aperture fixture and one telephoto lens. The main thing is to remember that important how to take pictures, and not what technique to do it on.

He shared his photos Radmir Karimov:

Nikon D3000+  Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.4D.

What upgrade can I do after Nikon D3000? If you decide to change your D3000 to another camera, then I recommend switching to class cameras Nikon D90, Nikon D7000or on the camera of a similar amateur class Nikon D5100, Nikon D5200.
Nikon D3000 has proven itself by showing excellent ergonomics and ease of operation. Tips will always help a beginner to navigate the settings, and flexible firmware will allow you to quickly and easily use the camera for any purpose. Who wants to upgrade after Nikon D40, D40x, D60, D50, D70(s) - will not receive anything particularly new.

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  • Sergei 02

    Good evening everyone, I have a D600, I have a desire to take a second camera, D80 or D3000. Advise which one to choose?

    • Iskander

      Fuck a goat button accordion ...

  • Alexander Malyaev

    After the D7100, it is very difficult for me to navigate the ergonomics of the D5100 when I suddenly pick it up. The fingers themselves look for non-existent buttons and wheels, as a result I freak out and swear with obscene words. :) The D80 has the same ergonomics as the D7100 and D600, there is a “screwdriver”, the upper screen.

  • anonym

    Hello everyone! Guys, help me with the problem! I have such a camera down already for about 2-3 years, I used a carcass, the mileage seemed to be small. I immediately bought 35t AF-S. Later, the drusch gave away the whale glass, as unnecessary. Sonya was required, a wide angle, decided to wave lenses, removed 35tku, put 18-55, and it feels like the glass doesn’t completely fit into the bayonet, although the norms are shut off and fotkaet. The truth is sometimes buzzing and can not focus. The gap between the lens and the bayonet housing is decent, two millimeters for sure. I didn’t notice this before. Don’t tell me what could be zag carriage?

    • Sergei

      Answer for Anonymous: I have the same trouble sometimes. When I shoot in aperture priority in a poorly lit place, it also buzzes and refuses to focus. I raise the ISO by two points and again everything is in order with focus. I think we should not forget to set correct parameters to the camera before shooting.

  • anonym

    Sergey, answer about Anonymous (by the way, I am also Sergey): I hiked the campaign, looked carefully at the reviews and videos on YouTube, everyone has a docking slot (I somehow didn’t pay attention), the current flowed in vain. As for the parameters, I’m flashing in the car mode (jepeg) So I want to learn a little bit. Thank you for responding! :)

  • Igor

    I bought a camera from the first day of its release. Interested in the ccd matrix. I am very sensitive to the artistic picture that this matrix can display. Arkady, tell me please, how good is a matrix of this type in combination with the D3000? I'm more interested in portraiture and an artistic image. I would like advice on choosing a lens. Thank you in advance!

    • The Hedgehog

      Choosing a portrait lens is a very subjective matter. Decide on your priorities: price, focal length, aperture, autofocus availability, condition (if used) .. well, the easiest way is to start from the maximum available amount .. you need to think anyway ..

  • OlegTech

    The camera is beyond praise! Great thing.
    For those who fumble about something in photography - it is recommended.
    You can find a good store on the Internet through prices -
    Pay special attention to the equipment!

  • Igor

    Tell me, what kind of charger do you need for Nikon D3000? From D80 suitable?

  • Stas

    Hello everyone! A question. I have a Nikon D3000. Plus a whale lens and 35mm 1.8. Purpose: shooting people, portraits, growth figures and groups of people, in a word photo shoots indoors and outdoors. I’m thinking of upgrading, but not very expensive. The idea of ​​expanding functions and a screwdriver in the carcass. That is, plans to switch to a semi-profile. Thought about D80, D90 and D7000. What's better? invest in optics? wait until I mature to FF? change the carcass or not yet? or make a small upgrade and learn the functions? I heard that the D7000 is not for shooting people? and the problem with focusing ... and that on the canons, color rendition is better. Tell me lenses for these purposes with good color reproduction? Thanks!

    • Lynx

      d3000 + 35 / 1,8g is more than a suitable kit for conducting simple or medium photo shoots.
      For facial portraits, you can still take the 85th or the Soviet manual 135tku.
      Buy a pair of puffs better with a reflector and learn about light schemes.

      • Stas

        Thanks! and what can be taken in addition? 17-50mm with 2.8?

        • Lynx

          Mm ... it is possible in principle, but here it is better to look at the needs. Maybe you need 85 / 1,8g or vice versa what width

    • BB

      As Lynx already wrote - it is better to buy high-quality optics.
      But if you really want to upgrade the carcass, the d7100 is the best option for today, the d7200 is still expensive, the d7000 is a little outdated, but still quite good, noticeably more interesting than the d90, and you can find a used one with low mileage at a normal price.

  • Max

    Is it possible to install a Soviet flash on the n3000? I read a lot that it is impossible to use digital SLRs, but the instructions for the camera say that the voltage on the sync contact of the flash should not exceed 250V, which in principle corresponds to the voltage of Soviet flashes.

    • Dmitry

      Soviet flashes have a voltage of about 300 volts. Want to burn carcass electronics?
      Moreover, in Soviet outbreaks, neither a variable flash angle, nor a swivel head, nor a TTL mode are observed.
      Take a used Nikon SB-600, for example, for 2000 UAH and you will be happy.

  • anonym

    Please tell me, will go to Nikon D 3000 Sony 55-200 lens and what kind of adapter is needed

    • Dmitry

      Such adapters do not seem to exist. Why don’t you take Nikon's 55-200 native lens for Nikon?

    • Lynx

      Of course it does!
      Sony Nikon F adapter

  • Galina

    Display on D3000 can be ordered separately &

  • Novel

    Hello. I have a D3000 device and a second class flash drive (which was available at the time of purchase). Accordingly, the read / write speed is terrible. One photo in RAW is recorded for 3 sec.
    I wanted to change the flash drive - I came to the store, asked for a 10th grade flash drive for the experiment and ... nothing, the recording speed remained the same. So I think, is the processor really so weak that it cannot work faster with a memory card?
    Or is it all the matter in the card, and the store didn’t get high-quality?
    What is your card and recording speed?

    • Pastor

      I had a d3000 and it has a very sedate disposition. Writing to a card and moving to the menu there are very slow. But, as far as I remember, I shot a series of 5-6 frames, including in the rabbi. Yes, then the camera hung for 5-10 seconds and recorded, but after the first frame there was no stopping the shooting. Does your camera not take pictures after the first shot, or do you just look at the recording indicator and do not shoot?

      • Novel

        The device makes three frames in a row (under manual control) and freezes for 8 seconds for recording, while refusing to display the captured frames. After shooting one frame, he could have made two more frames in a row, but I need to quickly see WHAT happened on the first one and he “thinks” for 3 seconds (with ADL turned on, two or three times longer). Since I use Helios 81-n (that is, exclusively manual mode), I need to quickly assess the correctness of the choice of exposure on the finished image. And instead you have to “stick” for some time and lose “that very moment”

        • Pastor

          Well, unfortunately, I had about the same. There is some wildly slow transfer bus or percent costs and the recording is very slow. Most likely it will not be possible to solve the problems with cards, I put both grade 10 and 6 - the difference is zero. Well, if you shoot in a Jepeg, with the enhancements disabled, then everything is a little faster. So this is the only way to speed up the camera.
          P.S. Alternatively, change d3000 to d80, everything works faster there, and their price on the used market is very similar.

  • Dima

    Question to users of Nikon d3000.
    11 focus points are decorated as in d90 (active focus points as if in rectangles) or in d50 (active focus points in the form of red small dots)?
    And the magnification in the viewfinder is closer to what, d90 or d50? Diopter correction, as I understand it, the d3000 does not?
    Thank you.

  • hmm

    Has anyone tried infrared shooting on this unit, or does this matrix not pick up? funny, but there is no remote control at home to check))

    • vitalitysharp

      takes a picture, it’s more correct to say not * infrared shooting * but shooting from d /

  • vitalitysharp

    The camera has a useful feature that all previous models with a CCD - D-lighting - are missing. In low light conditions, the pictures are more detailed, perhaps it is correct to say that the dynamic range improves. The difference when this function is turned on and off is very clear. I recommend not to disable it. As for me, the quality of the jeep is better than in the D90, at least during the day so for sure.
    Compared to the D80, the D3000 does better metering, much better. What this camera lacks is the focus motor and shooting speed. If he were as smart as the D200 and with a screwdriver, he wouldn’t have any price))) Everything that I have written concerns pictures in jpeg format. All these cameras were used by me, so if someone disagrees, it is possible that my camera was tired (each mileage was up to 15 thousand, D200 - 30 thousand)

    • vitalitysharp

      Regarding the complete lack of ADL in older models, I probably got excited, but in d200 there is definitely not

  • Edward

    So I decided to purchase this device, I wanted it for cheaper I found on ebay
    Such a question arose. 11700 shots he already passed through himself, how many percent of matrix wear is acceptable for normal frames?

    • Valery A.

      11700 frames - of course, a small mileage, as for "how many percent of matrix wear is acceptable ..." - this is an original question, there seems to be no such thing, we can talk about broken, hot pixels (see the article on checking the camera before buying), but they should be very good a lot to affect the quality of the frame.

      • Edward

        Valera A, Thanks for the answer. I am delighted to read the article. Somewhere I read supposedly a matrix resource of 30000 frames, after which the manufacturer does not guarantee high-quality images. Thanks again.

  • Radmir

    Just a unique product, the exclusive of which is your brainchild Radozhiva!))) Good luck and patience)!
    Z.Y. It was from your site that my passion for photographs began, from Helios 44-3. Which he personally remade under nikon, and so hooked that he still does not let go!))
    A bow from all of us readers Radozhiva

  • Vladimir

    I bought a D3000 after I read the review for a long time after the P500, thanks for the review

    • Pastor

      Congratulations on your purchase. My first digital camera not on my phone was just a nikon p500. And the d3000 was also at one time - the quality of the images is much better than that of the superzoom (but the zoom, accordingly, is very small). The d3000 has very beautiful colors, thanks to the ssd matrix. Good pictures to you.

  • Natalia

    offer that such a camera for 4250 UAH .... what can you say about the price ??

    • Pastor

      I do not really understand the Ukrainian market, but for the Russian Federation the price is high. I sold my d3000 for half the price you announced a year ago.

  • Natalia

    thanks for the comment ...

    • Jury

      look at the ads on the OLH, there are many options up to 3000 UAH, more expensive, probably, it makes no sense to buy

  • Yana

    Good afternoon,
    Tell me which lens to choose as an optional? The main function for shooting indoors. I choose between 35mm f / 1.8G Af-s Dx Nikkor and Nikkor 50mm f / 1.8d af nikon.
    The same question about the flash - while I stopped at sd-700.

    • Pastor

      For premises, 35mm is more convenient, especially on a crop. However, as I understand it, you already have 18-55 or 18-105. Turn the zoom at 35mm and at 50mm - see which focal point is more convenient for your purposes. By the way, if you have d3000, then there will be no autofocus at 50 1.8d, you need version 1.8g. By the outbreak, you think all right, sb-700 is an excellent puff. There were three or four, now there is still one - a very worthy puff for sane money. sb-910 needs more for work, sb-700 lovers will have enough with a margin.

      • Yana

        Thank you! Tell me, is this lens suitable for subject shooting? Or which one is better to choose) so that both portraits and subject) cover)

        • Pastor

          As for me, 50 1.8g is perfect for these purposes. I myself took off the subject for fifty dollars. The main thing is to expose the light, correctly position the subject and hold down the aperture to f5.6 - f8. Well, it's better not to raise ISO above 200.

  • Alexandr_N

    Good afternoon. The D3000 displays an “error. press the shutter button again. ”It is noteworthy that there are no errors on a fully open aperture, if you close it at least one stop, it appears again. The lens is dressed tightly, the contacts are clean, there are no visible dirt and dirt in the mirror lifting mechanisms, the diaphragm drive with the lens removed jumps in 2mm steps. without a lens, when the shutter is released, no errors are generated. There are suspicions that there is a problem with the lens itself, there is no way to test other lenses yet. Can anyone come across such a problem? Can't find a reason

    • Alexandr_N

      The reason was found. The mechanism of the diaphragm lever in the carcass jammed. I was afraid to do it myself, I had to carry it to the SC.

  • Ravil

    Good day! A long time on your site, a huge amount of useful information, everything is clear and accessible)
    At work I used a working Nikon d50, got carried away with this business and decided to buy a DSLR for myself. The choice fell on d3000. The D50 was more than satisfying, and it looked like 3000 would be at least the same. As a result, when shooting indoors without a flash (good illumination), the photos are not clear, the edges are blurry, and there is grain. I shoot with Auto, no flash, automatic. focusing, played with ISO - nothing helps, the quality is worse than that of telephone pictures. Exactly in the same conditions, the d50 shoots MUCH better. I can't understand whether the settings are not the same, or the camera itself is worse than the old woman) Tell me what could be the matter?
    Link to photo comparison:

    • Denis

      here with a D3000 photo is much better IMHO. the noise (for ISO1600) is small and does not annoy at all when examined in detail
      in the example images, the D50 has an image of just 1,5 megapixels, moreover yellow. D3000 has 5 megapixels (you can even read the inscriptions on the bank)

      • Denis

        did not notice immediately. in the lower left corner (where the chair is), the D3000 has at least 5 dead pixels. 4 white and 1 blue. it means to shoot only in RAW (the lightroom can clean them yourself), or in the service to mask them if you shoot in JPEG

        • Ravil

          Yes, indeed, I didn’t notice any dead pixels) The picture at d50 still seems clearer to me, although of course there are no inscriptions. Well, with stronger lighting, not everything is so bad + advised a faster lens. Helios took 44-2, I will test.
          Thank you so much for the answer!)

          • Vitaliy U

            You create both frames in the same (!) Resolution, then talk about clarity. As the resolution decreases, the so-called “sharpness” increases. And, by the way, it is not recommended to shoot at ISO above 800 (and for d3000 - ISO400) with cameras with SSD matrices - the picture is noisy, the beautiful colors are gone.

  • Valera

    What year is the camera? Or is it not important? I am an amateur, and I do not know all cameras by heart as you do. You think that everyone understands this, but no, not everyone. Of course, there is Wikipedia, but for some reason I first went here ...

  • Dilara

    Good afternoon, tell me, please, after I bought the lens 50, 1,8, Nikkor, AF-S, for some reason I began to focus poorly. On whale and television, this problem also appeared. Is it still a problem in the carcass or in the lens?

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