Review of the camera Nikon D3000.

Camera Nikon D3000 Is a direct descendant of the well-known line Nikon D40, D40x, D60  Having experience with Nikon D60 I immediately realized that the review will be almost the same as for D60because the Nikon D3000 is just an upgrade D60but still there were some interesting points worth considering.

Nikon D3000 review

Nikon D3000 review

First you need to understand that in the reviews a lot of attention is paid to the technical characteristics or just the characteristics of a particular camera, in Radozhiv we will try to translate strange and incomprehensible numbers and notation in this review into a language that is understandable for lovers of high-quality photos. But this model is aimed at the market of relatively cheap and simple digital SLR cameras.

If you were looking or looking or just reading this review, then you are probably already familiar with the line of low-end cameras from Nikon, this Nikon D40, Nikon D40x, D60, D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500 All these cameras are quite similar in management, but each subsequent model has more and more functions and takes better photos and videos.

Features of the D3000 camera that you should pay attention to when buying or just when using:
1. D3000 has a CCD matrix with 10 MP... But do not forget that the megapixel race, for the most part, is not a race for quality, you can take a look at my article Battle of Megapixels. The average amateur can hardly find the difference between 6 Mp Nikon D40 and 10 megapixels Nikon D3000, even on A4 prints. The size of the matrix (physical) remains unchanged for all APS-C cameras (+ - fractions of millimeters). The physical size of the D3000 is the same as D3100, D7000, D5200. At low ISOs, the Nikon D3000 can produce a picture no worse than Nikon D7000.

2.In D3000 no focusing motor for non-motorized lenses. This is one of the most important points for this camera. It is believed that by purchasing a camera with a “motor”, that is, with a lens focusing drive, it will be possible to significantly save money. The question is quite controversial. But the fact remains that a number of lenses will not automatically focus on this camera, which will limit the choice of optics for growth or development in photography. This must be clearly understood and taken into account. For an upgrade after the whale lens, I advise you to take a look at Nikon 50mm F1.8G lenswhich has a huge aperture and will allow you to get an interesting picture with a shallow depth of field. If you need a telephoto lens to reach further, then a cheap option Nikon 55-200 f / 4-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor will be just right.

3. Matrix Cleaning System. The cleaning system really helps to avoid clogging the matrix with fine dust. This really will rarely allow real cleaning. In the camera, you can specify when the camera will clean the matrix, I recommend cleaning when the camera is turned off.

4. Compact and lightweight... Do not bother with the fact that the camera is made of plastic, and not of aluminum or composites, this gives the camera lightness and you need to understand that the amateur does not need to use the camera in extreme conditions and overload it with work as much as possible.

5. Shooting speed is an important indicator. At D3000 it is 3 frames per second, a normal indicator, the same speed and Nikon D80which is much more functional than the amateur D3000. Again, amateurs do not need 10 frames per second at all, high-firing cameras are needed only for rather specific purposes. The set speed is sufficient for 99% of basic needs.

6. Image quality. Do not believe anyone that this or that camera shoots well or badly. These are just people's prejudices. We can talk about benchmarks, but in real life, the quality of the final image depends on a dozen factors and the camera is far from the first of them. In terms of quality, I will say that it fulfills its functionality 100%, just important how to take pictures.

7. Nikon D3000 has 11 focus points cameras have the same focusing module Nikon D200, D80, D90, D3100, D3200, D5100. More details in the section on focus systems.

8. Great 3 inch display. Unlike the D40 or D60, it’s half an inch larger, but still has the same 230.000 points

9. Must be considered crop factor camera which is equal to 1.5x. This means that the camera when working with lenses will narrow the viewing angle of the lens. And if, for example, you use a lens with a 50mm focal length, then the viewing angle will be the same as that of a 75mm lens on a regular full-frame camera. This is absolutely normal for APS-C cameras.

10. D3000 now works with EXPEED processor

11. Minimum excerpt flashes 1 / 200s, Nikon D40 in this regard, 2,5 times better.

12. The function of rotating the image on the screen in horizontal and vertical position. It is very convenient when the camera is turned, all the information for shooting is turned on the display and any parameter can be corrected without problems.

In brief about the main features - it is an opportunity to change ISO from 100 to 1600 + one HI1 value equivalent 3200. On HI1 I do not recommend shooting at all. Unlike Nikon 40, it became possible to lower the ISO to 100, this will allow you to use fast lenses during the day without fear not to fit into the minimum shutter speed of 1/4000 and get overexposure. On Nikon 40, it’s already quite difficult to invest in 1.8/200 second in the afternoon on F1 and ISO 4000 in the afternoon. The camera has a lot of settings for editing the footage - from working with RAW files, to creating a movie in avi format from photos. Also at the camera, the viewfinder covers 95% of the frame, and you need to remember that 5% of the frame will still be captured on the left \ right \ top \ bottom in the picture.

What I liked when working with the camera:
Weight, the weight is really small. The camera shutter is quiet, quieter than Nikon D40 or Nikon D90. I liked the large display and ergonomics - there are no extra buttons and everything is just elementary to use. There is a great guide for beginners. And the Nikon Multi-CAM 1000 focus sensor is the same as in Nikon D90. I really liked the function of rotating the screen with horizontal and vertical position of the camera.

What did not like:
The lack of a million functions present in older models, but this is a purely subjective opinion. Also, I didn’t like that little has been improved compared to Nikon D60, by and large, only the number of focus points. I didn’t like the small size for the buffer, if you shoot RAW, then already at frame 4 the camera will slow down with a flash drive of class 6. Also, I did not like that when ADL the camera “thinks” much longer when saving a picture. The noise level starting from ISO 800 greatly affects the picture quality; you cannot do without the noise reduction function.

What is the best way to use the camera and what to configure?
The FN button can be programmed by choosing one of several options, I advise you to set the ISO quick change function on it.

To buy this else?
Preferably a pretty bag, the main thing is that it is comfortable, you can buy a bigger bag to fit an additional lens. It is possible and desirable to also buy lenses, first of all, this is a high-aperture fixture and one telephoto lens. The main thing is to remember that important how to take pictures, and not what technique to do it on.

He shared his photos Radmir Karimov:

Nikon D3000+  Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.4D.

What upgrade can I do after Nikon D3000? If you decide to change your D3000 to another camera, then I recommend switching to class cameras Nikon D90, Nikon D7000or on the camera of a similar amateur class Nikon D5100, Nikon D5200.
Nikon D3000 has proven itself by showing excellent ergonomics and ease of operation. Tips will always help a beginner to navigate the settings, and flexible firmware will allow you to quickly and easily use the camera for any purpose. Who wants to upgrade after Nikon D40, D40x, D60, D50, D70(s) - will not receive anything particularly new.

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  • anonym

    Good day! I wanted to clarify. I have a camera without a drive, d3000. If I buy a lens with a drive, can I then put the lens with the drive on the camera with the drive? thanks

    • Snake

      It is possible, one does not hurt the other. On a camera with a drive, the lens drive will still work.

  • Stanislas

    Good day! I have a d3000 and two lenses: whale and 50mm f1.4. Advise what other lens to purchase for the kit, the requirements are better than this one. Not necessarily a telephoto. And which flash is better to use

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The whale replacement can be either a station wagon, type 18-200 or 18-300, or a fast analog, type 17-50 2,8, for the D3000 I recommend the SB-700 flash

      • anonym

        Thanks. 17-50 is tamron yes? Are all these lenses only for crop cameras?

  • anonym

    d3000 shoots a video I heard that already yes, is it true?

    • Taras

      It's impossible. The SSD matrix has a low data transfer rate for processing due to the characteristics of signal readout. And secondly: during long-term operation during video shooting, a matrix of this type starts to get very hot and its thermal degradation occurs with the appearance of “broken” pixels. For this reason (perhaps because of the games of marketers too) Nikon D3000 does not have a Live View mode.

  • Olga

    Arkady, hello, sorry, I duplicated the question here ... sorry .. I read the Nikon D3000 review, my husband gave this camera and plus the AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 18-300 mm F / 3.5-5.6 G IF-ED VR DX optics, and The review is still recommended to take 55-200 to him, how much did the spouse fly? Maybe, as a non-professional, I don’t need one, the standard 18-55 is enough?

    Best regards,

    • Nicholas

      One philosopher said the following - - be afraid of the Nanai who bring gifts. This is very well suited to great regret and to lenses with variable focal length. You benefit from the convenience of using the zoom - you play as an image. THE MORE ZOOM ON THE LENS IS THE IMAGE QUALITY BELOW. Objective 55 - 200 VERY NOT BAD - according to reviews,

  • Miroslava

    Thank you so much for the article.
    I would be grateful for your answer - if there is an opportunity, it is better to take an SB-3000 or SB-700 flash on the D900. In a year or two I plan to change the body.

  • Miroslava

    or SB-910

  • Katarina

    I have a nikon d3000 (I have had it for a very long time for 2 or 3 years) ... and over time he began to take pictures with interference ... and at night it is really bad ... can I buy a flash ... or is it better to buy a new camera? if so which one is better?

  • Volodimir

    Good day, please shcho vibrati: Nikon D3000, Nikon D70, Kenon 30d, Kenon 400d, Kenon 450d, Potriben in Bіlshostі for camping)))

    • anonym

      Immediately remove from the list the Nikon D70 and Canon 30D. You are lured to carry in a campaign, and even more places are eaten.

    • Lynx

      D40 / D3100 or 550D Canon.

    • Yuriy75

      Canon has the smallest DSLR 100D. If with a lens 18-135mm, for trips it is better not.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Her price is not small.

  • Makaren

    Tell me Podaluysta there is an opportunity to change D 3000 to D200 in excellent condition tell me friends worth it or not ?????

    • Lynx

      if the mileage is small, and the camera is not ushata and is in order, and I had the task of “taking more advanced equipment for more flexible use and learning further, and I would not be embarrassed by the increased weight” - I would change without hesitation.

  • Artem

    What auto focus lenses are suitable for this camera?

    • Lynx

      all autofocus lenses with Nikon F mount

      • ASTON

        and even AF-P?

        • Arkady Shapoval

          The comment was written in 2013, while AF-P lenses were not mentioned. At the moment, the D3000 with af-p lenses does not work.

  • Birkoff

    Question to Arkady. I re-read all the articles, but I couldn’t make a choice. I want to change my D3000 to a more advanced one. I studied it up and down. I understand that it’s not enough for me. I don’t want to go full-frame. Which option will be the most optimal (carcass) Money is not a question . Personally, I’m thinking about the D7000 or the D7100. And maybe it makes sense not to run for new models, but to pay attention to others? Thanks in advance :-)

    • anonym


  • Ruslan

    Good afternoon, Arkady!
    I have been using this camera for two years now and have not complained. I bought an external flash to it. Much succeeds. I have one question. I can’t manage to shoot the stage in a concert or in a theater. At maximum ISO settings, nothing comes of except noise. I thought to buy some kind of fix 1,8. Even with an external flash with a distance of more than 3-5 meters, the image is dark (exposure compensation up to +5,0). Advise what it is possible to purchase and what parameters to set to get more or less normal pictures at ISO 800. Thank you in advance, Ruslan.

    • Arrivederche

      Yesterday I was told about a man who professionally makes concerts. His way: maximum ISO, then noise reduction.

  • Lynx

    most likely you just don’t have enough flash guide for dark distances, or you’re not setting up the camera properly.

    • Ruslan

      Good afternoon!
      With a leading number is really problematic, since this is not the original flash for Nikon (Chinese copy). I use manual flash control, as TTL gives very big errors.

      • Lynx

        Well, here you can try or fast aperture + pull up iso (but on d3000 this is certainly not an option, and you need a low-noise carcass at high iso). Or buy a flash with a large leading number and risk getting face-to-face for tangible blinding puffing in the face of the actors.
        In general, the D3000 is not the kind of camera with which you can “seamlessly” shoot high-quality shots from a dark hall from the middle of the stalls.
        The other day I had a chance to discuss a similar problem - shooting scenes at festivals, and dragging it, on GOOD footage - it was bullied there for 10000-16000 (on canon 7d if memory serves), plus a high-aperture lens (about f / 2,8) plus tripod plus, standing not too far from the stage.

        • Ruslan

          Good afternoon! I also come to the conclusion that the D3000 is more suitable for light objects. I took Fix 35 (1.9) from friends, the result is better, but ISO is 800-1600. Of course, static scenes can be shot (on a tripod) at lower ISOs if they pose. This is probably why the D3000 is the initial DSLR. I have been photographing since childhood, I am 43 years old, with Zenit with a Helios 44 lens, and the Seagull flash I managed to shoot a beautiful scene on film with ISO 132. But that is in the past. We'll probably have to save up for something modern and expensive.

          • Lynx

            zenith is a FULL-FRAME camera, let's start with that.
            film is absolutely not a number in such comparisons, especially if the conversation is about B / W.
            I suspect that the seagull is also not a “built-in mini-puff” D3000 in terms of power.
            Here are the differences.
            Therefore, to look for something more serious, such as the D300 or a full frame, or which canons to look at (here I am not Copenhagen).
            + Normal modern external flash.

          • Yuriy75

            Instead of Zenith, the D3000 is suitable if you buy a 35mm fix and a mid-level flash, only Nikon. Or Canon 1100D (600D) plus 40mm and 430 EX flash.

          • Sergey Sevastopol

            I’m 52 years old. Also started with black-and-white film and printing at night in the kitchen. But other times have come and make us rebuild. I also have a D3000 with a whale glass. I bought an external flash from Metz via the Internet (41 lead), I am very pleased with the device. Of course, I want to buy some kind of light fix such as Nikkor 50mm f / 1.4G, but the price bites, so I’ll limit myself to f / 1.8G. And if you take it occasionally, but don’t make a living from it, then the D3000 is quite a worthy option in value for money.

            • NICHOLAS


              • Arkady Shapoval

                Please do not capitalize. This is a sign of bad taste and it is simply ugly and not cultural.

  • Ruslan

    Fully agree with you.

  • Taras

    Good evening. Tell me please, I have been using the D3000 for about a year, everything but the lack of a screwdriver has been bought. Buying lenses with a motor is expensive, I used Sov.optiks but recently bought Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70mm f / 3.3-4.5. Is it worth changing the D3000 to D80?

    • Lynx

      And why not? better of course on the D300 or D7000, but they will come out more expensive, but they will be able to work with the old manual Soviet optics in semi-automatic mode.

  • anonym

    I sold the d3000 and bought a d80 with a 50 1.8d for almost the same money, what I want to say: the camera control is at its best, the additional display is great. The quality of the picture is the same at low levels, but in terms of functions ... the viewfinder is very good, more convenient than that of the d3000. the rest is in the review.
    also changed due to the lack of a screwdriver. satisfied. now interested in canon 30d, looked review, super picture. I do not like long processing and therefore it solves everything.

  • Kirill

    Arkady, please tell me whether external flashes will work on such a camera through a synchro wire or a radio channel (are there any features or difficulties)? thanks for your project

  • Sergei

    Hello! I completely agree with Arkady! The article is very good. I have been using the d3000 for 3 years now, I bought a sigma dg 70-300mm 1: 4-5: 6 lens. Got a hand on this workhorse for beginners, now I plan to buy a d7100. Concerning the shooting of concerts, theaters, etc., look here, it all depends on the correct camera settings. PS: built-in puff, native :-)

  • Igor

    Good day, gave D3200 so I want to sell the D3000, if anyone is interested write
    Nikon D3000 bodi, boxed kit, purchased on 15.05.2013/4050/XNUMX. Mileage XNUMX
    There is still a guarantee, it was used carefully, it did not fall, it was not wet, it was not repaired. 2400UAH bargaining is appropriate.
    I apologize if this is considered a flood ... ..

  • Stas

    good day! I have a nikon d3000. I want to change to a newer for advanced training. there is still a portrait without a motor. which device do you recommend?

    • The Hedgehog

      D7000 / D7100, see Finance

  • Julia


    Very good article!
    I ask for advice.
    I have a D3000 for the 5th year. I bought with a whale lens. This is my first experience with SLR cameras. At this point, I realized that I needed to move on.
    Tasks for use:
    1) Travel- architecture, landscapes
    2) Children
    3) Photo indoors
    At the moment, the native flash does not work, they said on the service that some kind of board was needed, which the manufacturer stopped releasing. Therefore, I use the Speedlight SB - 400 as a standard flash. Accordingly, the weight and dimensions have increased.
    I am faced with a choice, because while limited finances, buy a Nikon 50mm f / 1.8G AF-S Nikkor lens or a new carcass, advise which one. I understand that they are not of the same “weight” / price category, but still ...
    And I also found a Nikon 50mm F / 1.4G AF-S Nikkor in my city at a markdown to the floor, but it only works in auto and macro modes, your opinion?

    • The Hedgehog

      Well, you still need to buy a lens, instead of a whale one ... so I would start by buying it, but then a fotik, when this one reaches the victorious ... half-working 50mm / 1,4zh - I strongly advise against it, 50 mm. focal length for landscapes and premises - it is very narrow, but something is within 12 ... 28 mm, or use your 18-55 for a wide angle, and buy 50 / 1,8zh, or 85 / 1,8zh

  • Julia

    I will supplement the information on the available lens with the message above, because apparently not possible to edit
    Nikon 18-55mm 1: 3.5-5.6G VR AF-S DX Nikkor

  • Anna

    Can you please tell Nikon D3000 that metz 48 af-1 does not fit? (((I bought it, but at handwork “M” with this list I get a black photo ((((What could it be ?? please tell me ?? ((Thank you) ))

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The flash should be for Nikon cameras, and even in manual mode you need to correctly set the power yourself (there may be a small power, so the photos will turn out dark). And you can’t shoot at shutter speeds shorter than 1/200 s (the camera does not support them when using the flash).

  • Oleg

    Good day. Nikon D3000 with an 18-55mm lens has been with me for 5 years. I think what to change it for.
    I don’t want to go to the full frame. I do not consider options with a matrix above 16-18 megapixels. Special bells and whistles are also not needed.
    Is it worth it to change it to the D5100 from 16-85 or 18-140mm.
    Will it be significantly higher than DD ?.
    Is noise at high ISOs significantly lower?
    Required: folding screen, bracketing, small dimensions and weight.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, the d5100 has a significantly larger DD, on my d80 the same matrix as on your d3000 and I really feel the difference between the d5100 and d80.

    • Andrei

      I wonder why some people do not want FX? Is it just for the money?

      • The Hedgehog

        Well, in this case, apparently, the cost of a full frame is simply not justified for a person for his needs, and the crop is completely (or almost completely) satisfied ...

  • Pastor

    I bought this animal yesterday. The colors on it are really quite similar to the d80, the matrix is ​​the same. But for some reason, his brakes are noticeably greater. And it records frames more slowly and flips through and generally the feeling of slowness does not leave. But maybe this is only a first impression. I took it as a cheap replacement for a cheap d80, so that it would not be a pity to use it in the forest, on the hike, in the cold, and in the heat. In my opinion, in the wake of the crisis, an excellent camera for those who decide to switch to a mirror and do not have enough money to buy a new one. For the price of a very mediocre soap dish, I bought a DSLR with beautiful flowers right in the jeep, the ability to work with most Nikon glasses and quite decent ergonomics. Having the d5100, in the hands of the d3000 it feels about the same, although it looks surprisingly even more cumbersome.

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