Review of the camera Nikon D3000.

Camera Nikon D3000 Is a direct descendant of the well-known line Nikon D40, D40x, D60  Having experience with Nikon D60 I immediately realized that the review will be almost the same as for D60because the Nikon D3000 is just an upgrade D60but still there were some interesting points worth considering.

Nikon D3000 review

Nikon D3000 review

First you need to understand that in the reviews a lot of attention is paid to the technical characteristics or just the characteristics of a particular camera, in Radozhiv we will try to translate strange and incomprehensible numbers and notation in this review into a language that is understandable for lovers of high-quality photos. But this model is aimed at the market of relatively cheap and simple digital SLR cameras.

If you were looking or looking or just reading this review, then you are probably already familiar with the line of low-end cameras from Nikon, this Nikon D40, Nikon D40x, D60, D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500 All these cameras are quite similar in management, but each subsequent model has more and more functions and takes better photos and videos.

Features of the D3000 camera that you should pay attention to when buying or just when using:
1. D3000 has a CCD matrix with 10 MP... But do not forget that the megapixel race, for the most part, is not a race for quality, you can take a look at my article Battle of Megapixels. The average amateur can hardly find the difference between 6 Mp Nikon D40 and 10 megapixels Nikon D3000, even on A4 prints. The size of the matrix (physical) remains unchanged for all APS-C cameras (+ - fractions of millimeters). The physical size of the D3000 is the same as D3100, D7000, D5200. At low ISOs, the Nikon D3000 can produce a picture no worse than Nikon D7000.

2.In D3000 no focusing motor for non-motorized lenses. This is one of the most important points for this camera. It is believed that by purchasing a camera with a “motor”, that is, with a lens focusing drive, it will be possible to significantly save money. The question is quite controversial. But the fact remains that a number of lenses will not automatically focus on this camera, which will limit the choice of optics for growth or development in photography. This must be clearly understood and taken into account. For an upgrade after the whale lens, I advise you to take a look at Nikon 50mm F1.8G lenswhich has a huge aperture and will allow you to get an interesting picture with a shallow depth of field. If you need a telephoto lens to reach further, then a cheap option Nikon 55-200 f / 4-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor will be just right.

3. Matrix Cleaning System. The cleaning system really helps to avoid clogging the matrix with fine dust. This really will rarely allow real cleaning. In the camera, you can specify when the camera will clean the matrix, I recommend cleaning when the camera is turned off.

4. Compact and lightweight... Do not bother with the fact that the camera is made of plastic, and not of aluminum or composites, this gives the camera lightness and you need to understand that the amateur does not need to use the camera in extreme conditions and overload it with work as much as possible.

5. Shooting speed is an important indicator. At D3000 it is 3 frames per second, a normal indicator, the same speed and Nikon D80which is much more functional than the amateur D3000. Again, amateurs do not need 10 frames per second at all, high-firing cameras are needed only for rather specific purposes. The set speed is sufficient for 99% of basic needs.

6. Image quality. Do not believe anyone that this or that camera shoots well or badly. These are just people's prejudices. We can talk about benchmarks, but in real life, the quality of the final image depends on a dozen factors and the camera is far from the first of them. In terms of quality, I will say that it fulfills its functionality 100%, just important how to take pictures.

7. Nikon D3000 has 11 focus points cameras have the same focusing module Nikon D200, D80, D90, D3100, D3200, D5100. More details in the section on focus systems.

8. Great 3 inch display. Unlike the D40 or D60, it’s half an inch larger, but still has the same 230.000 points

9. Must be considered crop factor camera which is equal to 1.5x. This means that the camera when working with lenses will narrow the viewing angle of the lens. And if, for example, you use a lens with a 50mm focal length, then the viewing angle will be the same as that of a 75mm lens on a regular full-frame camera. This is absolutely normal for APS-C cameras.

10. D3000 now works with EXPEED processor

11. Minimum excerpt flashes 1 / 200s, Nikon D40 in this regard, 2,5 times better.

12. The function of rotating the image on the screen in horizontal and vertical position. It is very convenient when the camera is turned, all the information for shooting is turned on the display and any parameter can be corrected without problems.

In brief about the main features - it is an opportunity to change ISO from 100 to 1600 + one HI1 value equivalent 3200. On HI1 I do not recommend shooting at all. Unlike Nikon 40, it became possible to lower the ISO to 100, this will allow you to use fast lenses during the day without fear not to fit into the minimum shutter speed of 1/4000 and get overexposure. On Nikon 40, it’s already quite difficult to invest in 1.8/200 second in the afternoon on F1 and ISO 4000 in the afternoon. The camera has a lot of settings for editing the footage - from working with RAW files, to creating a movie in avi format from photos. Also at the camera, the viewfinder covers 95% of the frame, and you need to remember that 5% of the frame will still be captured on the left \ right \ top \ bottom in the picture.

What I liked when working with the camera:
Weight, the weight is really small. The camera shutter is quiet, quieter than Nikon D40 or Nikon D90. I liked the large display and ergonomics - there are no extra buttons and everything is just elementary to use. There is a great guide for beginners. And the Nikon Multi-CAM 1000 focus sensor is the same as in Nikon D90. I really liked the function of rotating the screen with horizontal and vertical position of the camera.

What did not like:
The lack of a million functions present in older models, but this is a purely subjective opinion. Also, I didn’t like that little has been improved compared to Nikon D60, by and large, only the number of focus points. I didn’t like the small size for the buffer, if you shoot RAW, then already at frame 4 the camera will slow down with a flash drive of class 6. Also, I did not like that when ADL the camera “thinks” much longer when saving a picture. The noise level starting from ISO 800 greatly affects the picture quality; you cannot do without the noise reduction function.

What is the best way to use the camera and what to configure?
The FN button can be programmed by choosing one of several options, I advise you to set the ISO quick change function on it.

To buy this else?
Preferably a pretty bag, the main thing is that it is comfortable, you can buy a bigger bag to fit an additional lens. It is possible and desirable to also buy lenses, first of all, this is a high-aperture fixture and one telephoto lens. The main thing is to remember that important how to take pictures, and not what technique to do it on.

He shared his photos Radmir Karimov:

Nikon D3000+  Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm 1: 1.4D.

What upgrade can I do after Nikon D3000? If you decide to change your D3000 to another camera, then I recommend switching to class cameras Nikon D90, Nikon D7000or on the camera of a similar amateur class Nikon D5100, Nikon D5200.
Nikon D3000 has proven itself by showing excellent ergonomics and ease of operation. Tips will always help a beginner to navigate the settings, and flexible firmware will allow you to quickly and easily use the camera for any purpose. Who wants to upgrade after Nikon D40, D40x, D60, D50, D70(s) - will not receive anything particularly new.

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  • Alexander

    Nice camera. The quality of the photo is on top. For lovers, a great option.

  • Elena

    Indeed, all of the above functions are true and speak of the convenience of using the camera, I’m just a beginner photographer and would like to somehow consolidate my knowledge in practice, but the pro is still far from the Nikon D40 and I came up very well for a start.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The D40 is an ingeniously simple camera.

      • anonym

        with a bright summer day, the pictures are dark

        • anonym


        • ASTON

          Turn on the D-Lighting option

          • Pokekmon

            Active D-Lightning on D40 ?!
            You are joking?)

            • Valentine

              Not Active D-Lightning, but D-Lightning. The person wrote it correctly. See instructions page 90: “… the D-Lightning option increases the brightness in the shadows…”

              • Pokekmon

                Then I apologize.
                To be honest, I thought that the D40 was such an ancient, simple and “wooden” camera that there is neither one nor the other.

              • Valentine

                One of the reasons why it remains valid for jpeg directly from the camera.

  • Vasiliev

    The camera loves the sun, but what are the optimal settings in manual mode for rooms? The entire range of settings is little used. A little upset by the lack of motor. The rest of the camera is worth the money. Special thanks for the review.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      For rooms, you can raise ISO up to 400, preferably a fast fix. Motility is no longer a problem due to the large selection of lenses with a motor

  • sunleo

    My brother has such a camera. Good pictures are obtained. High-quality image makes me very happy.

  • In my opinion, a worthy choice for beginners in photography! The main advantage is the simplicity of control and the ease of the device itself.

  • Hello. Thanks for the review. But it would be interesting to learn from this article about maximum shutter speed (astrophotography lovers will be interested) and how things are with video (resolution, shooting time, recording format, sound quality, etc.)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Maximum exposure 30 seconds or Bulb mode - you can buy a remote control. control, otherwise you have to hold the shutter button with your hand. There is no time limit in Bulb modes. He doesn't know how to shoot video.

      • Dim565

        Sorry, forgot immediately.
        Thank you for your reply!

  • Veettaa

    I would like to note the simplicity in management, and the lack of many unnecessary functions that interfere with the orientation in the settings.

  • Behind

    Excellent review, thanks to him I realized what this camera is capable of.

    • Irejna

      Personally, I never part with Nikon cameras! Great manufacturer, I am satisfied. The review provided answers to many pressing questions.

  • Christina

    Very nice camera! I am fond of shooting and understand such things, therefore, after reading the review, I decided that I just needed the Nikon D3000!

  • Category

    An interesting review, easy to read, clearly showing the advantages and disadvantages. I really liked this model! The friend is the same. Convenient and practical camera, with a large bright display. Quite a lot of settings, as for me. Photos are of high quality. The battery holds for a long time. The camera lives up to all expectations.

  • meggi2002

    The Nikon D3000 camera is perfect for beginner professional photographers. It’s very easy to work with it, I’ve been convinced of it. The camera is very light, the camera shutter is heard very quietly, there are no extra buttons, unlike other brands of manufacturers. With Nikon D3000, the pictures are clear, bright . I want to thank the developers. Thank you for the fact that in our house there is this wonderful device that captures significant dates for my family and leaves wonderful photographs as a keepsake.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      great for “budding professional photographers”

  • Yuriy Nikolayevich

    In this description, I was surprised by the fact that such an excellent camera as Nikon D3000, the author recommends for novice photographers. I do not agree, because I myself shoot with this camera for an advertising agency. the car is super!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Everyone knows that the photographer and his skills are important, and the camera is the third thing.

  • Excellent fotik! I bought it recently. Well, I'm just not overjoyed. During the day, the pictures are superb. It is better to buy a flash for shooting at night. The built-in is rather weak, from a close distance it is normal, and the meter is no longer visible.

  • lili

    As soon as I saw a bright clarity of the image, immediately there was a desire to purchase this model.

  • Alexey

    Yes, the camera down! I didn’t expect it! Satisfied with everything and advise everyone!

  • William

    The review is very good for its informativeness and semantic information. Everything is clearly and clearly described. It is enough to solve the problem of buying a Nikon D3000 camera.

  • antigas

    Nikon d3000 is a budget camera. For a small day, you can buy and enjoy. I have a dream to collect money for a little and get Nikon. I love to shoot. The review is excellent and instructive. Lots of information about the Nikon d3000. After such a review, I have no doubt that you need to start with the Nikon d3000.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      You can start with any camera, my advice is Nikon D40, it is no longer produced, but in order to experience the capabilities of a DSLR, even a 50mm 1.4 is enough.

  • Igor

    I have such a camera. I can say that it took a long time to collect money for such a device, but I am very pleased with the purchase. a very convenient, very necessary function for me personally in nikon - these are 11 focus points !!!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      he took this function (module) from a professional D200

      • ASTON

        Is it possible to apply 11 points for a static image (landscape), or is one enough?

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Yes, you can. The main thing is that you are satisfied with the final result in the photo.

        • ssirman

          For static shooting, you will not be able to use all 11 points at once, you have to select one of them, but for dynamic shooting you need to select 11 points and tracking autofocus, continuous or 3D


    and today I bought it and at least kill I can’t find where to do it so that I can take pictures in black and white) tell me where to get in or can there be no such function?)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Picture control mode - monochrome - black and white. If you shoot in Raw and then dump into a converter on a computer, color recovery is possible.

  • Yurets

    An excellent camera, switched to it with the Fuji S1900. The quality of the pictures is excellent both day and night. The instruction is written intelligibly, it is immediately clear that the manufacturer was thinking about people who will use this camera. The 18-55 VR kit lens is great for the novice photographer. Here are examples of photos from this camera with a whale lens

  • Eugene

    I'm going to buy a Nikon D3100, but I don’t know, the budget is limited, and I don’t know whether to take a kit or just a body, the lens is up to $ 100 can you advise some?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Then I advise you to take Helios-81N, or save up a little and take Nikkor 35mm F1.8 used.

  • what to do if the shutter sound does not work and the auxiliary backlight does not turn on

    • Arkady Shapoval

      If the sound of the shutter does not work, then the shutter does not work either - then the path will lead you to the service center.
      But if you meant that the focus signal does not work, then most likely this is due to the settings in the menu and / or shooting in AF-C mode (focus tracking mode).
      Auxiliary lighting may also be turned off and / or may not work in AF-C mode (AF tracking mode). To solve the problem, it is enough to play in the camera settings (possibly the lens).

  • Ket

    I have the same camera. I really like it, but I can't understand ... how to switch the mode in order to shoot like an ordinary digital camera, and display the picture on the big screen ???

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The Nikon D3000 does not have such a mode (called live view) to see on the display what you are shooting like in a regular camera. This mode is available only on Nikon D3100, D5000, D5100, D7000, D90, D300 (s), D700, D3 (x, s)

  • Alexander

    Thanks to the author for a beautiful review, where can I buy nikon d3000 in Kiev?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I think in many stores in Kiev, and in almost any Internet store - this is not a problem

  • Yana

    What is the difference between a whale and a body?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      A whale is a camera complete with a lens. The lens that comes with the kit is called a kit lens. From English Kit - kit.
      Body is a camera without a lens.

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