Helios 44m-4 Lens Overview

Reviews for the Helios-44 2/58 lenses:

  1. Helios-44 2/58 [KMZ, 13 petals, M39, silver, No. 0220423]
  2. Helios-44 2/58 [KMZ, 8 petals, M39, silver]
  3. Helios-44 1: 2 F = 5,8 cm П [KMZ with replaced lenses, No. 0007220, review of the lens from the reader Radozhiva]
  4. HELIOS-44M 2/58 [KMZ, 8 petals, serial number 7843528]
  5. HELIOS-44M 2/58 [Jupiter plant, Valdai, 8 petals, serial number 8027170]
  6. HELIOS-44-2 2/58 [plant 'Jupiter', Valdai, 8 petals, serial number 83052779] + autofocus review
  7. MS Helios 44-3 2/58 [MMZ, 8 petals, 8619437, 9167912]
  8. MC Helios-44M-4 2/58
  9. Helios-44K-4 58mm 1:2 [KMZ, 6 petals, Pentax K]
  10. MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1: 2 [plant 'Jupiter', Valdai, 6 petals] + autofocus review
  11. MC Helios-44M-5 58mm 1: 2 [Jupiter plant, Valdai, 6 petals]
  12. MC Helios-44M-6 58mm 1: 2 [plant 'Jupiter', Valdai, 6 petals]
  13. MC Helios-44M-7 58mm 1: 2 [plant 'Jupiter', Valdai, 6 petals]
  14. An article about most of the major modifications of the Helios-44 series
  15. Gallery of pictures on MC Helios-44M-4
  16. Look at modern the lenses 'Helios' can at this link
  17. A lot of Helios of all varieties can be found on ebay this link

Original 'Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2/58 ':

  1. Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 1: 2 f = 5,8cm T [17 diaphragm blades, M42]
  2. Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 2 / 58 T [12 diaphragm blades, M42]
  3. A lot of Biotars of all varieties can be found on ebay this link

Look at modern the lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can at this link.

Familiarity with the Soviet Helios brand lenses I recommend starting with an inexpensive and common lens Helios-44-2 2/58 (aka HELIOS-44-2 2/58). The following links can look at modern lenses Zenitar и HELIOS.

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Comments: 249, on the topic: Helios 44m-4 Lens Overview

  • Vladislav

    It seems like a clear lens :)

  • Elena

    People, tell me, so after all, what is the diameter of the filter for this lens? 52? I choose here http://infoto.com.ua/other/caps/perednyaya-kryishka-dlya-obektiva
    but I do not want to make a mistake

  • anonym

    I really liked Helios.
    You can make great photos.
    It works in conjunction with canon eos 1100

    • Denis

      so even the phone can take pictures

      • xp625

        really, it’s necessary to ignore backlight and drop in contrast

        • alesandro

          Contrast can be done in the editor like this, and what harbors port light poorly is sometimes even in +

      • Ilya Mikhailovich

        Enlarge the photo from the phone to a size of 30x40 centimeters and compare with the same size from Helios on the film

        • Viktre

          If you increase the frame, then the drop in contrast and flare will evaporate somewhere?

          I'm not talking about the soap in the corners, which will become even more noticeable.

  • anonym

    On him

    • Valery A.

      Interesting photo. Leaving the controversial crop, can the shadows be highlighted a little?

      • Igor

        Yes, no, maybe just add light by three or four stops

  • David Hobby

    I like the picture issued by Helios 44m-4. I bought an adapter with a chip on nikon on the aliexpress website, the chip records all the data in exif. Yes, the drawback is that it does not hold backlight, but it is a manual, but in my opinion the lens gives a picture at the same nikkor level. The sledge was blotted with a piece of plastic from the handle shaft; hands had not yet reached the endless rework. All camera settings are selected by trial and error. I fit the photo into the commentary, above my commentary there are very successful examples of Helios photos on Sonya.

  • Vyacheslav

    Hello, everybody!
    Bought a Helios 44m-4, in perfect condition. True, the focusing ring spins smoothly, but with tangible resistance (there is nothing to compare with, although it may have to rotate in this way). Maybe someone disassembled and changed the lens lubricant to a new one, does this have any effect? Or maybe you can somehow somehow ease the course of the focusing ring? And can someone tell me the sizes of the original lens hood for Helios 44m-4. I think to make of duralumin. And from the inside, cover with matte paint.

    • KalekseyG

      On the crop 4-5cm, I have from the Yu-37. Glant in the internet articles on replacing grease, a lot of them. Then you can twist with one finger.

  • Aleks

    I have two helios, they both go a little tight, I think you shouldn’t bother changing the grease, I used it at the zenith in the early 2000s, just get used to the slightly taut frustration

    • Nick

      Does religion not allow changing the lubricant? There are several good lubricants for optics. They don’t gnaw, they don’t eat lumin, they don’t evaporate on lenses. Then you twist with one finger and the bayonet mount does not break out.

      • anonym

        what, for example?

  • anonym

    There is Arsat H 1: 1.4. Is it worth taking Helios 44m4? Or can they not be compared and both are needed?)

    • Ilya

      If there is Arsat, Helios 44m-4 is not needed)
      I only dream of such Arsat

  • Nicholas

    Tell me please. There is helios-44m-7 but one petal is bent. The question is whether it is possible to put petals with 44m4. Is it worth taking a donor 44m4?

    • zengarden

      It may happen that you take the “donor” 44m-4, and it turns out to be better than the recipient 44m-7. Look not at the numbers, but at the state of a particular instance.

      • Nicholas

        Thanks. That donors come across as good will be a pity to disassemble. Thank you again.

  • Eugene

    Arkady, good afternoon!
    I have been reading your blog for a long time - according to Soviet lenses, you are always the first in search!
    What lens in Google do not forget, the first line in the search will be a review on Radozhiva.
    I wanted to ask you for a tiny consultation.
    I got hold of a pair of 44th Helios - 44M and 44M-4.
    They have visually different apertures.
    May I ask you to take a look at the photo of the two lenses nearby and advise which one to keep for yourself?
    For I don't need two ...




    • Arkady Shapoval

      Good afternoon. I recommend leaving the one that you think works best. But still, if you cannot choose, then leave KMZshny with 8 petals.

  • Vladimir

    Arkady, good afternoon. I have a canon 400d + helios 44M-4 2/58, an adapter with a chip on f1.4 50 mm. There is no confirmation of autofocus in the M, P, TV and Av modes due to the fact that the FRs do not match (programmed into the chip and the actual one)? Could this be? I tried different focus modes (Ai, Ai servo, one shot) and different combinations with shooting modes. In automatic modes, confirmation is triggered by sensors and manual focus.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Most likely due to the chip itself, its programming. Focal length has nothing to do with it.

  • Dmitriy

    How long will the review be updated?

  • Dmitriy

    I ordered a ring at these links! Bottom line: 4 months have passed, the ring seems to be sent, but the sender chose the method in which the package is not tracked.
    So be careful!

  • Glory

    there is such a lens and with enlightenment. ms gives a more colorful picture I think for that money a super lens. Super sharpness is not her hobby. Washes excellent.

  • Anatoly

    Helios-44M-4 2/58 Worthy LENS, removed the whale I go mainly with him

  • Azake

    Why is Helios' bokeh so nasty? or vice versa do people like it? it's great when the bokeh is soft like peanut butter, and not distorted in color and geometry.

    • B. R. P.

      The taste and color ...

  • Sergei

    Good day! I got Helios 44m-4. I tried to fix the diaphragm using a video on the Internet. After numerous experiments with the length of the cambric on the pin, I came to the conclusion that the spring that returns the diaphragm to the open state has weakened. I disassembled the mechanism, tried to somehow bend the spring in order to increase the force, but nothing came of it, then I took it off, straightened it a little and could not insert it back because I forgot its position in the mechanism. I suffered for two hours but could not put it back in. Tell me how to do this? There is one photo on the Internet, but I cannot understand because of the angle how it stands there. https://ibb.co/h7mFH3J... I would be grateful if someone takes a photo which will show how she stands there.

    • Sergei

      I figured it out on my own. Found a macro photo of this element on the internet. Due to the weakening of the spring, I had to make one myself from the steel corrugation. Empirically, I picked up the tension force, since it was initially too large. I also set up infinity. The lens pleases)

  • Oleg

    good afternoon Arkady! is it worth taking the 'Helios-44 2/58' lens if there is a whale lens in the canon 450 D ??? Thank you!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      yes it is worth

      • Oleg

        Thank you!

      • Oleg

        Arkady hello! took the lens, it turned out to be good! of course there was no time to do much photography, but those few shots leave a good impression. Thank you for your advice!

  • Victor

    Tell me where to find a review or information on this Accura Diamatic YS 1: 2,8 f = 35mm lens, and will it fit on an EOS Canon 600D, M42 thread, I just doubt it's worth taking such a lens, there is an adapter, thanks for reading, just not I know who to turn to, but on your site there is a lot of all kinds of useful information, I hope for an answer!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Most likely nowhere. Look for something more proven

      • Victor

        Thank you, it's a pity that there is no information on it anywhere!

  • Viktorv

    Having rebuilt MS Helios 44 M4 with Nikon F mount, focus on infinity. The prigalku was taken so that it was not. Having installed it on the Nikon D 700. Becoming photographed and getting excited. MS Helios 81N, you know better. This is my point of view, and I do not impose my thought on anyone. And if you buy a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm. F-1.8. We call the bomb. Buying not new used. Imports from Sweden, here used in industry. There is no serial number on the object, it turned out that there were signs for the military industry .... It is possible for this to be a kind of goodness, and know it miraculously. It is possible to call someone, a person sells in m Valley at a price of 2 thousand UAH. On OLX, dumbfounded. It's not advertising. I brought my own satisfaction. Another miracle lens MS Industar 5 LZ. I’ve gone a step further, but I still haven’t overhauled the attachment for the Nikon F mount.
    Who can tell, de e maistry on objects. In me, the lens of the first releases of the MS Helios 81N is also with a diameter of 49 mm filter. The number of applications for the front lens. Knowing enough, the diaphragm works, but does not transmit information about the installed diaphragm to the camera. More precisely, it conveys 2, 8 and 3, 5 and more n. Hotch on the lens and 22 installs. Feels like here, it’s necessary to drink, to read… Whoever from the cim maw had to call, write to viber 063 10678 22. For all of you, having read to the end.

  • Alexey

    Put glass on Nikon and there is no infinity. is this normal? If not, what could be the problem?

    • Rodion

      Nikon has a long working period. Either look for a lens adapted for Nikon, or take an adapter with a lens (spoils the image), or buy a camera that has fewer problems when installing old manuals from different systems.

      • Alexey

        Well, I took the Z7ii from me for artistic purposes. Will it be the same with the 81?

        • Rodion

          Oh, you have a UPC))) So your adapter/adapters are crooked. Or the lens itself.

          • Alexey

            Well, I have FTZ2 + Soviet M42 Nikon and I attached a 44m4 Helios Jumper to them. In principle, in terms of quality, it’s cool only at a distance of up to 3-4 meters +-. Should I try the Chinese M42 adapter? If it doesn’t work out, what is an alternative to Arsat? Or could it be the same?

            • Rodion

              Well, you turned a mirrorless camera into a Nikon DSLR with your FTZ adapter. You need to look for the Z-M42 adapter directly to.

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