How to photograph a wedding.

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  • anonym

    Please tell me if Nikon 80-200mm f / 2.8D ED AF Zoom-Nikkor is suitable for shooting a wedding and at which stage it is better to use this lens.

  • Dark

    It seems to me that it’s very problematic to shoot at 80-200 indoors, often the size of the room simply does not allow you to move to the right distance

  • Valentin Kalenichenko

    A wedding is an important event in life. I am convinced that it should be filmed with a “hidden” camera in the style of a reportage. I put the “hidden” one in quotation marks, since I also include the situation when the “heroes” of the shooting look into the lens, but do not know when the bird will fly out. Only in this case you can get an interesting, meaningful story about the event. The flash can only be used for custom staged shots. Most of the "professional" wedding albums, as a rule, are completely staged and for all their glamor a la Playboy are filled with deliberately standard poses, empty and empty. Naturally, the camera should be low-noise, even better - silent.

    • Novel

      As it is "low-noise", any more or less rapid-fire apparatus chirps like a machine gun ... ... ..

  • Alexey

    Arkady, can I ask a question from a budding artist? I’m shooting the ceremony in the registry office with a bunch of 7100 \ 24-70 \ 910 in mode A, a flash with a 60-degree card in the three-meter ceiling and doing flash correction within the stop to compensate for the weakness. Without preflashes, instant focus .. And what does science say? How the great take off, don’t share? :)

  • Andrei

    Hello Arkady. Such a question: it is possible to remove a full wedding in the arsenal with 2 Nikon 70-300 VR and Nikon 40mm F2.8 lenses. ?????
    Thanks in advance for your reply !!!

    • Pastor

      It is quite possible. People manage to shoot weddings for one 35-mm crop or 50mm for ff. And you have an excellent 70-300 for portraits and the street, and for rooms 40 2.8. Of course, wide angles will be missed, but this is a matter of taste. You can take the cheapest 18-55 - let it be just in case, otherwise you suddenly want to take a picture of the entire wedding table or a large group of guests, but they won't fit in 40mm.

  • Alexey

    You can if you are careful enough :))))))))))))

  • true

    DD! What is the best camera for celebrations?

    • Pastor

      Canon 1dh, nikon d4c. These are the best. Both are about 350 thousand. If the budget is limited, then specify how much money you have.

  • Iskander

    A comrade asked to take a picture of the wedding (they have been living in a civil marriage for 10 years, they finally got it), I’ve got a very good point, suddenly I’ll be taxed (the first time like this), there is time to refuse, there is a month ahead. But interesting…

    • The Hedgehog

      What do you want to hear? You will get results ranging from “successfully saved the budget for the newlyweds” to “left the newlyweds without good pictures of their only wedding” ... which result you get close to depends only on you ...

      • Iskander

        He took off the wedding, it turned out not bad, but a very big internal tension.

  • Ivan

    Arkady hi, what is the best Nikon or Canon camera for shooting a wedding? I want to buy d300s, but I don’t know which inexpensive lenses went well for it. Again, for shooting weddings.

  • Kirill

    hello, tell me please, I invited you to take a picture of a banquet (wedding) for the day after tomorrow - it is the banquet that I will shoot for the first time ... from technology: D200, Nikon 50 1.8d, 18-55 kit, external flash, tripod and 5-in-1 reflector.
    .. - tell me how best to shoot, in what form and how to apply it (but I have to 100% - indoors) ???
    thank you in advance!

  • anonym

    ... I thought about the "wedding theme" for a very long time and came up with this:

    1. The customer, as a rule, has no idea about a “high-quality picture” - he wants it to be “like everyone else”. Hence the constant copying of bad staged templates.

    2. The customer, as a rule, stupidly wants to save money: to win back the wedding and make cool photos. Moreover, what he means by "cool pictures" is not clear even to him ...

    3. And here's what gets in the way of “cool photos”:
    - tired and sad newlyweds (preparation and problems do not add a joyful mood for a photo shoot);
    - unsuitable places for cool photos (dull landscapes, ugly premises), hence the disappointment;
    - Low self-esteem of models (if a girl considers herself fat, then no photoshop will help her);
    - unimportant makeup, hairstyle, mediocre clothes (look at how much plaster is applied to PROFESSIONAL models! And how they are dressed! What props they have! That's why the photo looks expensive, and not just because of photoshop);
    - inability to pose (what to say, not all of us are actors and actresses, hence the unnatural photos);
    - time limit (you need to be in time at the registry office and for the banquet).

    4. A wedding is a reportage! If the wedding is poorly prepared, the report will be uninteresting! The photographer must convey what is happening as accurately and beautifully as possible. Catch all sincere and important emotions. And the toastmaster must direct the wedding!

    5. Down with ridiculous staged photos! Looking at a selection of such wedding photos, a surreal story begins to form in the viewer's head: “... after registration we went to an abandoned factory and there we were attacked by zombies, but we rode from them on horseback to a beautiful park, where we kissed cutely surrounded by clowns, well and then, accordingly, a banquet ... "I certainly understand what country we live in, but still, temper the ardor ...

    And remember, a wedding is an important event in the life of a young family, and not an event aimed only at receiving photos and gifts!

    • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

      How excellently presented! I am absolutely in solidarity with you. I, too, do not like the "template" "wood" pictures. Here are live, with emotions - wow!

  • Julia

    Arkady, I really liked your articles! There was already one experience of wedding photography, I want to continue in the same vein. There is only a portrait portrait 50 / 1.8, after your article I think to buy a TV set for Canon, naturally the cheapest, because just starting) Tell me which one suits me?

    • Pastor

      I am not Arkady, but I would advise 55-250is for a start. As I understand it, you have a crop, so 55-250is is perfect as an initial telephoto. I do not advise taking 70-300 from canon, all of them are either very bad or very overrated, except Elka, who so far is not suitable for you due to the desire for cheaper.

  • anonym

    Maybe someone will come in handy ... Born:

    “Wedding kit” - 2 cameras and a set of lenses (Nikkor + Zeiss)

    For daytime photography and staging shots:
    Nikon D810 + 20 / 1.8G (wide) + 58 / 1.4G (standard) + 85 / 1.4 Otus (for production portraits) + 105 / 1.4 (for dynamic portraits).

    For an evening banquet in a dark restaurant:
    Nikon Df + 58 / 1.4G (standard) - beautiful, easy, no hassles.

  • Pokekmon

    Add oil to the fire.
    For myself, I concluded that the camera and glass for wedding shooting is not the most important thing back in 2008.
    In 2008, I had a wedding with my ex-wife. The wife, on the recommendation of word of mouth, found a “cool” photographer in Moscow time, who took 35 or 40 thousand rubles for the day of shooting at that time. That at that rate was about 1500 $$$.
    At first I was indignant, but then I gave up. After the wedding, we still gave the money for a photo album (he was not part of the green mower and a half).
    And what did we get? Technical photos without a soul. All evening we were told by a photographer and a man with a video camera (another one and a half mowing greens, but at least 2 days in advance), they said look there, look here, sit here. Yes, even mother-in-law made sure that I and the (former) wife did not drink a drop. In short, the pictures turned out, but the sediment remained. Something was missing from them.
    And what exactly did I understand later.
    A common acquaintance returned from the army. And my ex sister gathered for her husband.
    This friend suggested taking a wedding. Is free. On camera and glass, lower class, which he took at the box office. The wedding was played fun. And he captured the natural emotions. And he got better pictures with a soul. There were no natural poses. Not a drop of artificiality. He did not even molest the spouses and did not dictate how to behave. Just watched and was almost always nearby. And after he paid for the print of photos and the album. My ex’s sister’s wedding pictures turned out to be lively, natural. Maybe not so technical, but very bright. And everyone agreed with me. And these pictures remained in good memory and it is still nice to watch them.

    • Valery A.

      This is not oil on the fire, but the obvious truth, IMHO. The reporting of the event, skillful and inconspicuous, will convey the atmosphere and emotions of those events, and the performance “stand there and smile” - at best, will show the acting skills of the posing. Like your friend, I never say “look here, I'm filming”.

  • Sergei

    Arkady, good afternoon! Really like your articles. But for some reason, some positions do not open, only the comments are visible. And this article is no exception. Explain what is the reason ???

  • Victor

    I join the question of Sergey!

  • Gregory

    “They wrote here:“ Wedding set ”- 2 cameras and a set of lenses (Nikkor + Zeiss)

    For daytime photography and staging shots:
    Nikon D810 + 20 / 1.8G (wide) + 58 / 1.4G (standard) + 85 / 1.4 Otus (for production portraits) + 105 / 1.4 (for dynamic portraits).

    For an evening banquet in a dark restaurant:
    Nikon Df + 58 / 1.4G (standard) - beautiful, easy, no hassle. "

    So it seems ... my friends asked me to take pictures at the wedding. I run to the store and quickly buy (almost for free) the specified set of optics and cameras, start looking for the “masterpiece” button ... But what if this button is not on the camera or on the lenses?
    Therefore, I see this:
    If I'm not a pro (who understands what and what to shoot and who knows how to use the existing good set of glass cameras) - I'll just say that I can shoot with what I have. I do not guarantee anything. If the newlyweds want to get a good result, I would advise you to find (word of mouth, the Internet, an interview with a photographer with a portfolio) prof. photographer. And what I'm filming is just as an addition, in the ideal case - not bad, pleasant and free.
    If I want to become a pro who shoots a wedding for money, I will ask for a wedding several times as a free photographer, assistant to the pros to see the main points, understand the main points of the ceremony and the organization of the shooting process. Having achieved an acceptable and predictable result for myself, I will undertake to shoot for money. The most important thing is to stop feeling like a student in time and not feel like a “master” ahead of time.
    And so - all success!

    • Onotole

      I still do not understand - in the second case, when will you stop taking pictures for money - what will you shoot for? You started with this, and the first half of the post seems to be about equipment, but the second is about a career and something they don't fit together ..

  • Serge

    Where's that? what happened to the topic?

    • anonym

      Arkady decided not to share his experience for free anymore🤣
      It is written "UNDER constraction"
      Apparently rules the topic, additions or clarifications makes

      • Oleg

        Has he been ruling for a year and a half already?

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