In which mode are they filmed most often?

Of course, the question in which mode is most often shot with a camera is rather slippery, because different modes have been created for different purposes, but still it is interesting how many people take portraits in portrait mode or macro in manual mode.
For understanding, I’ll write the basic mode of operation of modern cameras (mainly compact and digital SLR entry-level and intermediate level), as they are called differently on cameras of different manufacturers

Different shooting modes. Control wheel

Different shooting modes. Control wheel

A (Aperture-Priority) aka Av (Aperture value) - aperture priority
S (Shutter-Priority) aka Tv (Time value) - a priority excerpts
M (Manual) and in Africa he is also a Manual - manual mode
P (Programmed) - flexible program mode
Auto - aautomatic mode shooting

Below are the votes. By voting, you can see the overall result.

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  • Alice

    The question is a little out of place - it all depends on the need. And my opinion is that most of all they take photos in automatic mode, I can't understand why there are a lot of votes for M mode, it's inconvenient.

    • Embodiment_Dreams

      Most likely there is so much for mode M, because most often it is such people who are looking for something new and interesting.

  • Vadim

    in auto mode, those who just need to take a photo as a souvenir take pictures, in the manual there are a lot of advantages - from full control over the shooting process (which is really cool;)) to the results.

    Thanks for the article, I was interested in the survey)

  • Michael

    Interesting poll. Guessed that A is the most popular mode. But, as the man said above, it all depends on the situevina. If the report - then A, if the production - M.
    My answer: M.

  • Eugene

    Most often for me - mode A. Less often S. When difficult conditions - then already M. And on the machine to shoot blasphemy with a modern digital mirror - then it's easier to buy yourself a good soap dish - and it's simple and convenient.

    • Oleg

      "A" is preferable to control depth of field. If I use a flash, then “M”

  • Vyacheslav

    Mode M. I like it so much :)

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