Built-in flash diffuser

The built-in flash on SLR cameras may not always give the desired result. This is due to the fact that the light source is very small - therefore it turns out very hard light when photographing. Diffusers can be used to reduce hardness. Therefore, without hesitation, I found a very simple way to make a compact diffuser for the built-in flash. All you need is an empty one film box... It is enough to cut a strip of the desired length in the box to conveniently place it on the flash.

Photo film jar

Photo film jar

Flash nozzle from under the film jar

Flash nozzle from under the film jar

view of the diffuser on the camera

View of the diffuser on the camera - sync with the help of a mirror.

The convenience of such a design:
1. Easy to do (if you haven't found a film box, ask your friends for it)
2. It is easy to fix (the cap from the box fixes the home-made device well)
3. Great effect for the money
4. Durability (paper boxes can bend or tear, conventional wipes are carried away by the wind)
5. Compactness (conveniently fits in a bag with a photo - I constantly carry it around)

Of course, if it’s difficult to invent something, then you can just buy one that's ready built-in flash diffuser.

Help to the project. Thanks for attention. Arkady Shapoval.

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Comments: 51, on the topic: Built-in flash diffuser

  • Paul

    The Chinese still have ready-made diffusers for one hundred rubles. different colors. And then there are shoe mirrors that give good results indoors. In rochem it is no longer homemade ...

  • anonym

    Somehow, on a picnic, I had to make a diffuser out of a napkin (I wrapped the built-in puff), and nothing, it rolled. There was no glare on the foreheads and noses. The people thought that the camera had something broken, and I bandaged it so that it didn’t fall off :)

  • Alexey

    I made myself such a reflector for the built-in flash from a manicure mirror, a piece of VVG wire and electrical tape :-) http://vk.com/wall73352996_131

  • Alexander

    The built-in flash in the forehead is indiscriminately greeted. I strongly disagree with this. My Nikon D90 flash in TTL mode works wonders. I am not overjoyed, especially indoors if I shoot against the light. And night city shots for highlighting the foreground are great ...

    • Alexander Malyaev

      Place a diffuser on it. It will be even better. For example, this:

      • Alexander Malyaev

        Ugh, I answer already on the machine, not looking at the headlines. :) I apologize, I brake.

  • Andrei

    I think it’s easier to buy for 70 UAH and not waste time)
    But the handmade theme is great. So I put together a box for shooting a subject. From pipes threw plastic)

  • Alexey

    There is such a reflector on sale https://64.img.avito.st/640×480/287244464.jpg
    It allows you to direct the light from the built-in flash to the ceiling.
    Does it make sense to take one or not?

  • Marina

    It makes sense to take a reflector if you are shooting indoors. Otherwise, it is useless. I shot children just like the link dudah. Fine. If it’s also in a ravine, then the pictures are really better. But on one condition. The ceiling should be white. In any case, this is a bunch of times cheaper than flash, and you can afford to buy such an accessory once.

  • Trueash

    (Yes, I know that 9 years have passed :)
    I confirm - such a jar works very well, better than napkins and other DIY (I tried several options). Again, it's convenient: I cut it completely and just cling to the camera strap. It is necessary - quickly removed and put on the flash.

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